Not that bad. . .

It’s Monday, and it’s not that bad, even though I’m up way before the sun.  (grin)  I did end up working Saturday after a call Friday had me thinking that I might have an unexpected down-time mid week, but as it turned out, commitments were moved to next weekend, so I got my Sunday back, at least, and I used it to the fullest!  Wee bit of shopping at the grocery store, made a pumpkin pie from scratch, (actually boiled a pumpkin, if you can believe it) did some laundry, and watched about three movies while baking.  The big surprise was the movie K-Pax, which I only missed about the first five minutes of.  I really enjoyed this, and liked how it lead me to believe one thing, then another, until the end when I didn’t know what happened.  Even when it was over, I was left wondering.  Great balance.

So now I’m back at my desk and ready to tie up a few ends before I settle in hopefully on a couple months of solid work.  We’ll see.  Usually when I settle in, something lands on my desk.  (grin)

Pictures are starting to go up for the Halloween contest, which runs to the second week of November.  If you send me one, and it’s not there, give me a couple of days.  Our service provider locked Guy out of his email because of the jump in volume, and he’s just now gotten back in.  (rolling my eyes here)     (pictures)



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  1. Excellent. Just excellent. Finished Skinwalker finally. Unique take. I wonder if she read Temple Grandin, since she pretty much hits the way Temple feel animals think, she’s a high level autistic.(
    (Who me, eclectic reader?)

    Thanks for the tip of the hat, I suppose I need to visit her site and bother her one more time. If your lucky, I’ll just move over there. 🙂

  2. SeattleRobin

    Yikes. I voted. Kim is back down to fourth. Two of the authors ahead of her in votes are people I’ve never even heard of. Time to rally the troops!

    I just looked at the added Halloween Contest photos. There are some GREAT costumes and pictures! Poor Miley doesn’t look like a very happy bee though. (grin)

  3. Hi Kim! I just discovered your books and I’m enjoying them immensely 🙂 I’m still a little behind (starting book 5!) but I hope to devour the rest of them as fast as I can.

    Anyways, I figured everyone likes fanart so I wanted to link you to mine:

    Keep writing~!


  4. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    I wanted to let you know I sent you a little surprise for Jenks and the family. I hope you all like it. 🙂 It should be there by Thursday I guess.


  5. Tiffany

    Aw man, unexpectedly working on Saturday when you saw the glimpse of that mini-vacation stretching out before you…it’s good thing you love what you do 🙂
    I’ve never seen K-Pax, I’ll have to check it out. My fav mind-bender movie is Memento. You might like it if you havn’t seen it already (it was made in 2000) – the story has to do with memory.

    • Cool! Thanks for the heads up, Tiffany. I’ll put it on my movie list. 😉

      As for loosing half my weekend? It happens, and I had a fab Sunday, which made up for it. –Kim

  6. Lurker

    Must be movie weekend. Wifey and I watched Apollo 13 (she had never seen it before!) over the weekend. I’ve seen it countless times and I still love it. Being the engineer geek that I am I got to give some background to her while we munched on popcorn (and by popcorn I mean Honeycomb cereal). She must have liked it, she was up way past bedtime even though she recorded it :).
    It was all good until I looked to see when it was made. Holy crap…and bday weekend to boot. The double whammy! 😦

  7. Gwendalla

    I have been thinking of making a pumpkin pie from scratch as well. I bought a Jarrahdale Pumpkin from the market the other day. They are suppose to be very good baking pumpkins. I loved the movie K-Pax as well. Your Sunday sounds like a wonderful day to me and I love the fact that you worked a Saturday and don’t seem to mind.

    • Hi, Gwendalla. It’s easy. You cut it into four to eight pieces, take out the guts, and boil it in an inch of salted water for about twenty minutes. Then use the cooked pumpkin in place of the canned, and you’re good!

      Mmmm, I can’t say that I didn’t mind working Saturday, but you do what you have to do, right? And it doesn’t do much good to complain. –Kim

  8. Kim, I just found the blog – I’m so glad you changed to this format. I had given up trying to read the drama box.

    “The Eiger Sanction” is one of my favorite Clint Eastwood movies. I hope some of the themes make it into “Black Magic Sanction”, though I don’t think there are any mountains in Cincinnati!

    I can’t wait…

    • Hi, John! Good to see you here! I’m really happy with the format, too. Hardly any spammers, and it’s flexible.

      No, no mountains in Cincinnati, but it does have some very steep hills. –Kim

  9. Kat

    I loved the movie K-Pax. The book, as in most cases, is even better. I came across it one day while browsing the Sci/fi section at the library. I had watched the movie and liked it, so I thought I would give it a try. The author is Gene Brewer. I have not read anything else by him, but I sobbed my way through the book.

    Awesome about the home made pie. I am sure it was scruptious. 🙂

  10. Judi in NJ

    Did everyone vote??? Ms. Kim has dropped to 4th? What is this??? 4th??? I don’t recognize the #1 pick’s name! GO VOTE!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Slide on over to Bitten By Books 🙂

  11. Chris

    Ms. Harrison….I discovered your Rachel Morgan series quite by accident. I was looking for a new author with a series featuring the same main characters. Yes, the Eastwood title take-off caught my eye. I read Dead Wtch Walking and was immediately hooked. I am an unabashed fan of you and the series and can’t wait for the next. It tool me about 3 hours of actual reading time over the space of a week to finish WWBC. I think it is your best to date. I love the relationship between Ivy anf Rachel, but my other favorite character for whatever reason is Al. Thank you for bringing the world of The Hollows alive in my imagination. Will you ever be coming to central PA for a signing?

    • Hi, Chris. Thank you! I’m so pleased that you took a chance on my work, and delighted that you enjoyed them! Wow, you read WWBC fast. It took me almost a year to write. (grin) Al is my favorite right now, too. He’ll be featuring more in the books to follow. Can’t wait to get it all on paper!

      PA? Probably not. It’s not on the usual travel circuit. –Kim

    • Chris

      Wow! I never really expected a personal reply. Just checked the “exit polling data” and you have surged ahead of the pack.(fist pumping). Just an side and a word of thanks–Rachel and the crew really helped during my rehab from 3 major surgeries in the space of 13 months. I don’t know if authors really know how much their work can really help brighten someone’s day. So if I may, <<<>>>. I am kind of disappointed about not visiting PA but will you be in Baltimore(about 1 1/2 hours from here) any time soon ?

    • Hi, Chris. I always appreciate knowing when my work has helped someone deal with an issue. Thank you.

      Baltimore? Mmm, probably not. I’m sorry. –Kim

  12. Kelly

    Hey Kim!

    I really love all of your Hollows short stories (the books too!) and was wondering if you have plans to put them all together in one book? It would be a must buy for me!

    • Antonio Rich

      Yeah, but beware. Ms Charlaine Harris just released just such a book, and people are hammering her/Amazon because they ordered it thinking it was “the next Sookie Stackhouse mystery”…!!!???

      Same thing with Ms Patricia Briggs and her GRAPHIC NOVEL!?

    • Hi, Kelly.

      Thank you! I’m really glad you’re enjoying the books. 😉 As it happens, there is an anthology in the works. We’re planning half new, half old, so not all the novellas will make it in there. As Antonio says down below, you can’t please everyone. –Kim

  13. Kylie Ru

    I voted! You were in third! D: Come on peeps! VOTE!!

    And yes, I did have fun with my Daddy. I saw him this morning. I won’t get to see him again till June. But I will see him.

    I think I’ll make a pumpkin pie this weekend, and a pecan pie. Mm-mm I ❤ pie!

    • Hi, Kylie. I think I’m fourth or fifth right now. I do not have the home-town advantage here. (big smile)

      I’m glad you had a good time with your dad. He’s going to miss you.


  14. (I see Kim snuck in)

    My friends thank you for the information, and hope that someday they can show you what you’ve helped with.

    (Er, Cera says her book: Human Training for Dogs may take awhile. She doesn’t have thumbs) 🙂

  15. Suzanne

    the tot doesn’t like getting up before the sun either, but we have to if we’re going to get to school on time (rolls eyes).

    Have a great week!

    ~Suzanne and the tot

  16. I love Kevin Spacey, but have not been able to watch K-Pax yet. My fave movie starring him is THE USUAL SUSPECTS. Great movie. 😀

    Good luck to everyone who is participating in the Halloween contest. 😉

  17. Indy

    Update, Bitten By Books is in the final round for author of the year. Get your votes out for Kim!!!~Indy

  18. Antonio Rich

    I read in the paper that a Northwest flight, headed for Minneapolis, flew 500 miles out of the way because the pilots were engrossed in “a heated argument.” I wonder if “Biden” is just a go-to excuse when somebody screws up flying in to Minnesota…?

    Would you ever be interested in writing a screenplay or for a stage production? I would love to sit in an audience and hear your words live. Even if it was a local stage production, i’d be there opening night…

  19. I can’t wait to see what turns up on your desk. Have great day.

    • Elie, neither can I. Something big is brewing in my head, but it’s very nebulous right now. The catalyst isn’t popping yet. It’s biding its time as I finish other projects. I’m patient. 😉 –Kim

  20. I just love Kevin Spacey’s acting. K-Pax has a great soundtrack too! Great for zoning out or long drives.

  21. Indy

    Hi Kim!!! Thanks for lending me some of that beautiful SC weather. We are actually going to be kind of warm (60s) here in Indiana. I’m always surprised by the palm trees because I just associate them with ‘the islands’. However, it gave me a small vacation feeling inbetween the work. I made sure to spend a few minutes lounging in a chair next to the pool enjoying the blue sky.~Indy

  22. I also came accross K-pax that way, and the movie had me in a mental mind spin for days. I really enjoyed it. But then, Kevin Spacey’s a very good actor, you know that you’ll find yourself drawn into his movies. 🙂
    Thank you for the comment and thank you for your great books!! I’ve been (like eating a wonderful box of expensive chocolates) reading them slowly for the past 6 months now. I’m up to ‘Where Demons Dare’. They are wonderful books! They blew my mind away. 😀 Big fan of Ivy Tamwood.
    Greetings from South Africa!


    • Hi, Alyssa. Oh, that is so cool that you’re in South Africa. Someday, I’d like to breathe the air there. But not today. Today, I write. 😉

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books like chocolate. Mmmm, nice analogy.