Happy Friday!

Yay!  We made it to another one!  I don’t have much planned for this weekend, but that in itself is a good thing.  The leaves are starting to look good here, so I think a walk with the dogs is in order, but otherwise . . . it stretches like a mini vacation.  Ahhhh. . .     I think I’m going to bake something.

But that’s tomorrow.  Today is bunches of work.



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  1. trish

    Hi Kim. I just thought of a perfect “treat” for Rachel, I wonder why I didn’t think of it before and don’t know if anyone has suggested it before. Afogato!!! The perfect thing for coffee and icecream lovers out there! Can’t go wrong with a shot of espresso coffee over really good vanilla icecream! Yum!!! Just made myself one (just love to play barista with my coffee machine!) and thought of Rachel and her love of coffee and icecream and thought she’d love it. 😉 Hope your weekend was great (it’s mid afternoon on Monday here in Australia) and hope everyone has a great Halloween, something getting more popular every year here.

    • Hi, Trish.

      Wow! That does sound good. I’ll have to see if I can work that in. 😉

      I hope you had a great weekend. I’m kind of sorry to see mine end. I shouldn’t have worked on Saturday. I should _not_ have worked on Saturday. –Kim

  2. when publish madison avery in spanish ?

    (my english is very bad, sorry)

  3. mudepoz

    I hope you pardon my indulgence, but I have a few questions concerning your writing. If I can remember them. Darn CRS.

    1. Did you know that the Truth series was going to be multiple books, and if so, did you have them all written prior to marketing them?

    2. Have you ever run into wondering how to break off a chapter and start a new one. It seems the YA chaps must be difficult, they are so short!

    Mud, back to the bathtub.

    • Hi, Mud.

      Mmmm. I planned the Truth books out for four books right from the start, yes, and I only had the first two written when I got that first contract. I would have written the third whether I got a contract or not, and likely the fourth, as well. (I had no doubt that I’d eventually get them published, a sentiment I now look back on and both laugh at and thank my lucky stars for. Naivety is a wonderful thing, sometimes)

      As for breaking chapters? Sometimes it’s determined by length. For my adult, I like to keep them 15-20 pages long, YA closer to 15. No reason except that seems to be a good amount to get in enough stuff to move the story along, and I like to keep the YA moving faster.


  4. Wasn’t quite sure where to put this bit o’ praise. I noticed at the bottom of your page that you asked for only business emails at your actual address, so I figured this was the best place to put it. 🙂 Just had to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your Hollows series, Ms Kim. I’ve always been pulled to the magical fantasy type books, and yours are, by far, some of the best I’ve read. My mother told me, about a month ago, that there was a writer by the name of Kim Harrison, that I just had to read. A witch set in Cincinnati, she said. Well being a Cincy girl myself, I had to check it out. In less than a month I’ve read every main book of the series, I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, and I’ve been unable to set the darn things down! I orginally tracked down your site to find out when the next book would be released. Imagine my broken hearted-ness to find that I’d have to wait till next spring! (hang me now!!lol) Of course, I’m pleased to see that you also have the mini-stories, which will be my next reading adventure. And maybe even some Dawn Cook book, also. Who knows? Here I’ve written a whole paragraph, excited to talk about my new favorite books, when all I meant to really say was thank you, keep up the great work, you are currrently kicking some major butt to make it so quickly to the top of my fave authors list :-p I love it! Thank you so much for creating such a fascinatingly wonderful story, I can’t wait to read more

    • Hi, JulieAnn. This is the exact place to talk to me, because a private e-mail won’t be answered for weeks, if at all. 😉

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Hollows. Thank you! I’m honored that you have read through them so fast! Yes, no new book until spring, and then, it will be almost an entire year for the next. 😉 I can only put out two books a year, and I don’t want the YA series to falter.

      Thank you, again. I hope the Hollows continues to keep you entertained. –Kim

  5. PlayStationGal

    Hey Kim it’s been quite a while since I’ve dropped in! Not quite sure what to think of the new format :~) School and work and (new and different) health issues have been keeping me busy and sleep-deprived. I went to the ladies lounge at work today and laid down one of the couches – it’s a very busy place and I didn’t figure I would get any shut-eye but I actually snored myself awake 3 times!!! In 36 minutes! And this is from a person who has to have sleep meds at night!!! It’s a good thing I have an understanding boss . . . Thought you might like to know, we are to submit a web site for customer service in my “Customer Service for IT Majors” class and I’m submitting yours because you answer our questions, give us teasers and freebies, etc. Hi to Guy and the pooches and Happy Halloween! <|:~)

    • PlayStationGal! Great to hear from you! It has been a while. 😉

      I’ve been enjoying the new format, and it gives readers a chance to chat between themselves. No spam, either, so my life is a lot easier.

      That is very cool that you’re using my site as an example! Thank you! I’ve been working on it a lot this last week because of the costume contest.

      You have a great Halloween, too! –Kim

  6. Ah, baking. I baked a cookies and cream cheesecake yesterday for my cousin’s birthday. I have gotten requests to bake cheesecakes for the holidays too. 😀

    What are you going to bake, Kim?

    • Hi, Tyhitia.
      Oh, no cheesecakes in our house. They give Guy migranes. (They really do!) I made pumpkin pie from a pumpkin. Yummy. I had some left over, so I’m going to treat it like squash and have it for dinner tonight. –Kim

  7. Dina

    Leaves don’t change color much here but I am excited to say it’s finally getting cold in South Texas! ❤

    I wonder what you will bake? My sister and I are getting together today to bake rocky road cupcakes for the first time. Let's hope we don't burn the house down! Have a great weekend and stay safe! ❤

    • Hi, Dina. Mmmm, cupcakes sound great! I made pie. Took me almost two hours, but that was the entire point–have some fun in the kitchen. I hope you had a great weekend, too! –Kim

  8. Stephenie

    Oooh! Exciting, the leaves here are looking good too. I loves me some sumac!
    And baking is awesome. I’m making chicken and stuffing now…

  9. Marsha

    Fall is the perfect time for baking, but terrible for dieting. It is cool enough down here now for me to get out and power wash the brick and the concrete, then I’ll bake something nice for the neighborhood kids. There is a place for bribes in the world : )

  10. Oooh baking! The voyeuristic part of me wants to know exactly what you are baking lol. What about apple cider? I always feel like making hot, spiced apple cider is what truly ushers the holidays in!

    • Hi, Candace. It was pumpkin pie, mostly. One for me, one for the neighbor. (grin) Apple cider . . . now you’re going to make me cry. I pine for hot apple cider and fresh dogunuts this time of year. It must be a northern thing, because they don’t do it down here, and look at me funny when I mention it. Ah well . . . I’ll get my cider one way or another.

  11. Thursday

    well this week is going to be miserable for me I just know it! My husband has bronchitis and I have the flu! I also am trying to keep my 1 and a half year old from catching anything from us and it’s hard! The only time I feel better is when I wrap the heating blanket around my neck and don’t eat anything but toast and crackers! I can’t even hold down juice so its just water and pedialite for me! Well that’s what happens when your 4 months pregnant and have the flu! I’m just glad I caught it early! My husband wasn’t so lucky! Poor thing! But I have been babying him like crazy! I’m sad we wont be able to enjoy the fall weather.

    Speaking of baking! I’ve been cooking like crazy! But I’m sad cuz I couldn’t eat much of the roast I cooked last night! Wah!!! I don’t feel like writing and I’m just going to laze about until I feel better! I know I’ll re-read Fistfull of Charms again! That one is my favorite! Cause Big Jenks is the best Jenks! Remember Married Pixie with a wife that will kill you in your sleep! hehehe! Love it!

    • charmedwarrior

      yikes. i do hope you and your husband feel better. hopefully this will be the only one that ya’ll get this year.

    • Thursday, you have it rough! I know my week isn’t going to be that pleasant, either, but at least everyone in the house is healthy! I hope you’re feeling better soon. Roast sounds good. Mmmmmm, and I wouldn’t burn it if I forget about it for an hour or so. (grin)


  12. Shanda

    Hi Kim. It’s getting pretty cold in the South right now. Got to take better care of your plants so they don’t die off in the winter. Oh, for the ARC, could you(as the original writer) make any editorial changes or is BMS “finished” as far as the final version of the book goes? Enjoy your day and weekend!

    • Hi, Shanda. I pulled my plants in last weekend. Just in time, I think. 😉 Here’s hoping they make it through the winter.

      You asked about the ARC. Yes, I can make changes at this point, but if they are anything more than the occasional word change, typo, or if I find a boo-boo in continuality/logic, they might charge me for it. So it’s little changes only. I’ve caught big mistakes several times at this stage, though, so I read them carefully.

  13. Phil

    Hi Kim, THANKS so much for your answer about the Truth books! 🙂 And Mud’s description was so awesome it could be a cover quote 😉 I really like the premise of a coming-of-age in the midst of the two societies in conflict, and the pre-industrial (pre-technology) setting with magic is very imaginative (obviously, we’ve come to expect such amazing stories from you, Kim!) I’m guessing you’ve already figured out that I’ll be reading FIRST TRUTH when it’s re-released (smile).

    Oh, and I’ve just finished Melissa Marr’s story in UNBOUND and really enjoyed it! Have a great weekend!! ~Phil

  14. Chrisy

    Hey Mrs K! Woo that rhymes! Thanks for teaching me English! Had to be said sometime. It’s nearly Helloween! Can you feel the excitement? I’m jumpy! Exclamation marks!!!
    – Chrisy

    • Hi, Chrisy! Your English is very good! I’m starting to really become excited for Halloween, yes. We don’t get many people at our door, so seeing all the costumes coming in through my email is wonderful. –Kim

  15. Linda (germany)

    Oh jeez. I so can not cook or bake. Once I tried to bake a cake, but in the end, it actually become to bread.

    Well, these puppy love Ivy has for David. Do I need to worry about it?

    • charmedwarrior

      i wouldn’t worry about Ivy and David….David won’t mix species. And Ivy just looking for something, since Skimmer isn’t there and Rache’s and her relationship is….wait since I just finished “For a Few Demons More” and have two more to read to catch up…I’ll shut up. 😉

    • Linda (germany)

      yeah that’s right. i just can’t imagine a man on Ivys side.
      Oh enjoy the two boos. They’re really good. 🙂

    • Hi, Linda. You ought to try it again. I _always_ have to add a 1/4 tsp of baking soda to my cakes to get them to rise properly. Never works for me. 😉 Don’t worry about David and Ivy. I think everything will work out fine. –Kim

  16. Kylie Ru

    Ninja Friday strikes again! Seriously, where did the week go?! I highly doubt I’ll be baking this weekend. Today I have school (chem, yuck) and hopefully I won’t have to work, but you know what they say about hatched chickens. Tomorrow I’ll probably work, again hatched chickens, and I’ll be doing homework so I can spend all of Sunday with my daddy since it’s his last weekend here. He’s in the military, and they’ve finally managed to send him to Afghanistan . . . I think I worded that wrong. I mean to say his luck ran out.

    Anyway, have a good weekend!

  17. Scott S, Clovis CA

    Now that the cold weather is creeping up on us, a warm kitchen is most welcome. I’ll be baking Saturday, too. My wife wants cookies but I’m leaning toward bread, something savory like an herb-olive or a onion-cheese. Yum. We’re probably better off with the latter, though, don’t you think? Let us know what you make (and be sure to make enough for all of us).
    Enjoy your mini vacation.

  18. Mmm, I love to bake. Enjoy your weekend.