Kim Harrison’s Halloween Contest 09

It’s that time of year again, and I’m hosting my 3rd annual on-line Halloween costume contest.  If you’ve entered before, the submission guidelines will be familiar, but even so, please take a moment to check them out so Guy won’t have to try to track you down to find out little details like how you want to be identified, and as always, don’t send me a picture unless everyone in the shot agrees that I can post it online with an identifying name. You can send me pictures from previous Halloweens, but not if you’ve entered them in previous years.

Categories are:

Pets and Babies  If your child can’t say Trick-or-Treat, please enter them here.  There is no winner for this category.  They are all too cute to pick one.

Best Kid’s Costume

Most Intricate This is for the really elaborate ones that are good enough to find on a Hollywood set.

Most Amusing.  (I’ll give you a hint.  Men in fuzzy outfits seem to win a lot.)

Most Gruesome or Scary.  (blood, missing parts, you get the idea)

Best Group Shot for if there are three or more.

Best Hollows Shot.  for those Rachel’s, Ivy’s, Jenks’s class=”mceItemHidden”> and Rynn Cormell’s out there.  I’ll take a group shots here, too, if you have more than one Inderlander in the picture.

New category this year for those who don’t dress up.  Best Carved Pumpkin.  If we get a lot of entries, I’m going to have two winners, one for ten and under, one for eleven and older, so let me know which side of the decade line you fall on if you submit for this.

Best Smile category winner will be picked from me from all entries.

How to submit?


If you can crop your picture down to about 300 X 400 pixels, I will love you forever, and a file size of near 100 KB will get you a virtual hug from me.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, just send me the picture and I will deal with it. One picture per email address, please, and if you tell me what category, it would be appreciated.

Category winners received a signed cover flat of a Hollows book, so please make sure your email is going to be valid through November.  Grand prize winner is pulled from the category winners, and will receive a signed ARC of BLACK MAGIC SANCTION.

There is no cash value for these prizes, and there’s no need to purchase anything to enter.  Odds of winning depend upon the number of entries received, and I pick the category winners depending upon my mood and the orientation of the moon.  Submission indicates permission to put your picture up on the Internet.  If you don’t tell me how you want to be identified, I will use the name associated with your e-mail.  (first name only)

There it is, guys.  Have fun!

Oh, and send the pictures to “Guy” at



last year’s winners


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42 responses to “Kim Harrison’s Halloween Contest 09

  1. Anna

    Hubby and I are going as characters from Repo! The Genetic Opera. If you haven’t heard of it, you should check it out. This is another place where the “Ugly. Beautiful. Passionate.” trifecta apply.

    I will be Blind Mag, and he has made a full Repo man costume – complete with glowing blue eyes. Actually, my eyes will be radiant blue as well, but mine are from contacts while his are from led lights. 🙂

  2. I was reading through this and got down to the “virtual hug” and it reminded me of something at work. My boss and I aren’t huggy people and one day I said, “Aww… If I were someone else, I’d give you a hug right now.” She laughed and said, “You can give me a mental hug.” Not long after that we both laughed, made the bunny kiss-kiss sign and said “Mental Hug!”. We thought this was so funny that we still do it. I did one the other day and realized I was making the kiss-kiss sign from your books. Ha ha! ^_^

  3. Frotee

    Glad to see the contest’s back 🙂 I entered my (agreeing) boyfriend, since he has some wonderful zombie outfits…is that ok? (Diploma doesn’t allow for me to make a costume this year ;_;)
    The cookies are awesome btw ^-^

    Greetings from Germany, Carina

  4. Suzanne

    The tot wants one of the cookies if she wins. Grin. We made pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip dried cherry walnut cookies on tuesday. yum.
    ~Suzanne and the tot

  5. Stephenie

    Yay! I’ve been looking forward to this contest ever since I decided to be Rachel. About a week ago. 😀
    I’m hoping I can get something together… If not all I’ll have is hair. Big… frizzy… hair. Thank god my mother went to high school in the 80’s.
    I can’t wait to see everyones costumes! I love seeing everyone’s ideas of the Hollow characters. I wonder if I can get m friend with the funny little round glasses to dress up as Al… muahahahaha

  6. Kylie Ru

    Mmmmmm cookies! They look so tasty! Sooo when you eat the cats and the ghosts, do you eat the heads first? 😀 sorry, I had to ask!

    Hmmm, I think I just might enter this contest shindig. . .

  7. Phil

    I’m reading Melissa Marr’s story in the Anthology, Kim, and I think it’s great! She’s created a fascinating character in Eavan, and the story is captivating!

    Holloween is my favorite holiday and your cookies look sooo good I’m heading straight for the local bakery hoping they have something just as good! 😉 Then it’s off to my photo albums to find a pic to send to Guy … if it’s a picture of me in costume I may be too embarrassed to actually send it (grin) but I sure to find something.

    The MN convention sounded so cool. Thanks for sharing the pics! ~Phil

    • Phil

      PS ~ Kim, I noticed there’s a WordPress Mobile Edition so we can visit your site and the blog from a cell phone. Do you know if it’s available for your blog or when it will be??

    • Kerry

      Hi Phil, Yep I am already receiving in the new format on my phone and also I really loved the Melissa Marr short as well!

    • Tiffany

      Hi Phil,
      if you are already viewing this page on your mobile device, go all the way to the top of the page above the header…on mine I have the options “mobile site” or “full site”.

    • Tiffany

      Phil – i just realized I probably didn’t help you at all. I’m pretty sure you need an iPhone, Blackberry, or something that runs Symbian.
      On the iPhone and the Blackberry, use the browser and the tip I left above to try the mobile site (I like the full site personally).
      Symbian info is here:

    • Hi, Phil. I didn’t know there was a mobile edition. It must be something that the phones are doing on their own. Tiffany has some thoughts for you that might be more helpful. (grin) –Kim

    • SeattleRobin

      I really liked that story in the anthology too, Phil. It was fun to read something with a new kind of paranormal creature/person. Wow I’m chatty today…

    • Hi, Phil. I hope you send your picture in. It’s a lot of fun for me seeing them since I don’t get real trick-or-treaters. And who knows? You might win the signed ARC of BLACK MAGIC SANCTION. –kIM

  8. Kristin

    Great Kim just what i’ve been waiting on my Rachel outfit is gona rock…
    I’m getting the rest of it together this weekend.. Can’t wait till the 31st.

  9. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am/

    In your contest post you said, “New category this year for those who don’t dress up. Best Carved Pumpkin. If we get a lot of entries, I’m going to have two winners, one for ten and under, one for eleven and older, so let me know which side of the decade line you fall on if you submit for this.”

    How do we know how old the pumpkin is?


    PS Yes I was joking.

  10. Jenny

    Your cookies look gorgeous, like they came from a bakery. I don’t suppose I could flatter you into sharing your icing recipe? Mine never look that pretty. I did find a leaf cookie cutter though, so I’ll make them anyway ,even if they look sad. 🙂
    I just finished Unbound and I really enjoyed all the stories but as as always yours was my favorite.Was that a bit of foreshadowing there with Jenks lighting the fire on his own? (No answer neccessary as you usually dance around it anyway lol )

    • Thank you, Jenny! I’ve been working on my cookies for a long time, and every year they get a little bit better. The frosting recipe is really easy. 6 TBS of softened butter. Add slowly about two and a half cups of powdered sugar until it’s crumbly. Beat in about 2TBS of milk and 1 1/2 tsp of vanilla, then add two and a half cups of more powder sugar, followed by enough milk to make it the spreading consistency that you like. For cookies, I make it a little thinner than for a cake.

      Mmmm, yes, about Jenks. He was thinking about it, yes. I’m glad you liked the story. Thank you!


  11. SeattleRobin

    Those cookies look almost too good to eat! Almost.

    I eagerly await seeing the winning entries for the contest! (The last time I dressed up everyone was still using film in cameras and the pics are packed away somewhere after a move. I was a vampire though!)

    • Antonio Rich

      Hey Robin. Did you reccomend Lisa Shearin to me?(or was that Antonija?) Anyhoo – I’ve read all 3 and really like them. I’m glad you liked the 2 Dark Swan books…I just finished Ilona Andrew’s newest: The Edge (I’m describing it as “Rustic” Fantasy meets High Fantasy!). It’s more Romance than her Kate Daniels series, but I think you would like it. Did you ever get a chance to read Jocelynn Drake?(It’s not as “scary” as Kim makes it sound;she’s kind of a scaredy-cat, (Grin)) B Good.

    • SeattleRobin

      Hi Antonio! Yeah I think it was me who mentioned Shearin. Glad you liked the books! I love the humor in them. I think I heard about the Edge but it wasn’t out yet, then promptly forgot again. So I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for mentioning it. The only Drake I’ve read yet is the short she had in the Unbound anthology, but I’ll get around to starting her series at some point. Since getting my Kindle I’ve been reading more than ever, and have been reading outside of my normal genres. Especially quite a few independent authors because a lot of their ebooks are available for under $2. Helps extend the book budget. 🙂 But it does slow me down on keeping up with my favorite genre, fantasy!

      I can’t remember if it was you or someone else who said they were a Tanya Huff fan. I am. She’s up for voting at Bitten By Books now in the poll they were holding over 5 parts where Kim won the first part. (Way to go Kim!) The finals will be next.

    • As good as they look, Robin, they taste even better. OMGosh. Mumble, mumble–crumbs falling–dogs scavanging.

  12. Antonio Rich


    Be on guard: I read this morning that a “dog flu” (H3N8) is hitting dogs in Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic states hard and making it’s way west. Another thing to worry about…

    • It’s here. People aren’t realizing it isn’t kennel cough. We’ve lost one dog already, and two dogs of my breeding are sick in Michigan. One is Pixie.

    • Phil

      Oh, no! I’m sorry to hear that, Mud. I hope Pixie and the others recover quickly!

    • Thanks Phil. You did help me generate a great discussion on my spanielgenes list. Gee, if I didn’t out myself months ago, I guess I have now. It’s a good discussion with our breeder vets discussing whether to vaccinate or not. And to keep this on track, they are using PCR (a way to genetic test sort of) to isolate the virus.
      Yes. I AM a professional geek.

    • Antonio Rich

      The article i read says the local SPCA had vaccinated all the 70+ dogs in it’s care and were offering to the public the 2-shot vaccine for $45(Norfolk,Virginia – The Virginian-Pilot paper). Apparently it’s fatal in 5% of cases…

    • Oh no, Mud! That’s awful! I’m so sorry.

    • Oh no! I don’t mind risking myself, but when it comes to my dogs, I tend to err on the side of caution. I think I’ll curtail the dog park for a while and use isolation as much as I can.

    • You may want to contact your vet. One of the breeder vets commented it seems the couch spud dogs are at a big risk, not just our out and about dogs. It travels on shoes. If your dogs present as kennel cough, CALL THE VET.

      And eat lots of cookies.

  13. Ink stained wench: Gorgeous fall cookies. No matter how I make my frosting, it always comes out…brown. And all I have are cow or dog bone cookie cutters.

    Since Quark has been gone from this Earth for many years, I won’t be able to get his permission for using his image. I guess I could crop him out 🙂

    I guess I need to carve a pumpkin or something…