DreamHaven 09OMGosh, I could have flown to the West Coast yesterday with the time I spent in airports yesterday!  I spent the day with Guy, so it was a good day, but between canciled flights and circling the airport because of VIPs needing the entire airport to take off, I didn’t get to my room until almost eleven that night.  Man, it was a long day.  I felt so bad for the people who were waitng for me at DreamHaven.  They looked so tired when I finally walked in and spent some time with them.  😉  Thank you, guys, for coming out!

More pictures at the website.



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  1. Shellie

    Hi Kim! It was great to see you in MSP at Dreamhaven. I hope you got some rest after the airport debecle. The Q & A was short and sweet. It was great visiting w/ Guy, too! Can’t wait to see you again if your next tour brings you back to the frozen north.

  2. Rude

    Kim I can’t wait to see you in the Minneapolis again already looking forward to trip number three.

  3. Linda (germany)


    Soemthing I hate as much as I hate spiders. We don’t belong to the heaven. We’re belong to the earth, just were God want us. ^^

    So respect…after that long trip, still friendly and stunning look…I bow for you. 😉

    • Hi, Linda. It’s all part of trying to be the professional, but you guys, the readers, make it easy for me to keep my cool and stay happy. You’ve been great to me. –Kim

  4. mckinley

    it was totally awesome to see kim and get some books signed, hoping you have a shirter flight back Kim!

    • Hi, McKinley! Hey! Look! I got your name spelled right this time. (shaking my head at myself) It was great seeing you, too, even if I was a little brain-dead at the time. Thanks for coming out and seeing me. 😉 –Kim

  5. mudepoz

    🙂 No matter what happens tomorrow, today makes the weekend.
    I’ve been to cons where I so didn’t fit in.
    This one was wonderful. Cool people to talk to, and very laid back. The auction was hysterical, I finished a lot of holiday shopping, Kim you are awesome and Guy is VERY funny! Once again, you introduced me to something wonderful.

    And the fact it was Cera friendly, what can I say. It was worth the drive and my Garmin firing me for not listening to directions.

    Mud, laughing her way to sleep.

    • Hi, Mud. It was fun, wasn’t it? And Cera was so well-behaved. ARCANA is a very comfortable conference. I’m really enjoying myself.

      You’ve got me beat, though. I can’t imagine being fired by an electronic road finder. (ha!)


  6. Tiffany

    Aw man – teasing us West Coasters 😉

    By the way your new ‘do looks great!

    • Hi, Tiffany. Hopefully I’ll see you this spring, right? 😉

      And thank you! I’m really liking the new length that I’ve got. It’s not tangling nearly as badly as it used to.

  7. A.N.

    Favorite Halloween pumpkin project

  8. jamie, from Nashville

    Wow, Kim! We were kinda’ in the same boat yesterday – I was trapped in the middle seat of a plane in Reno, NV, waiting for VP Biden to take off… I didn’t get back to Nashville until almost witching-hour! It’s well in the afternoon and I’m just starting to stir-around a bit. What a trooper you are, making it to the book-signing for those guys!! This is one of the many reasons I’m such a loyal fan, because you’re so loyal to US! Blessings to you and the family – puppies, of course, included – and hoping you have wonderful adventures on your trip! VvvV :->

    • Hi, Jamie. Oh, that is toooo funny! I feel so much better knowing that Biden is messing up _everyone’s_ air travel. (laugh)

      I can only give you guys what you give me, and you’ve been good to me.


  9. Jade/Third Coast

    I hate flying. I am definitely a white knuckle flier. I didn’t use to be. I was all right with it until many years ago when the pilot warned of turbulence and to strap in. Everyone did except a stewardess who was trying to help the customer next to me about something. Out of the blue we dropped I don’t know how many feet and that stewardess went straight down on her knees (and the passengers hearts went straight into their throats). She was very young and you could see the tears forming in her eyes but she kept a stiff upper lip, to her credit. The passenger she was helping was oblivious to her predicament and I leaned across him and asked if she was all right (pay attention here guy, she is tearing up!). She nodded she was, but it was apparent she had been stunned. She gathered herself together and went back and strapped herself in. We had a few more rough spots before we landed. Everyone was in various stages of shock. When we did land, everyone applauded.

    Then, I had to get on another plane. Oh crap!! The weather was the problem and the passengers sat in the departure area with the crew (it was a small plane making a short hop) waiting for clearance to take off. I told one of the stewardess about what had happened on the previous flight. She had no sympathy for the stewardess. She said she should have strapped herself in when the captain made the announcement and her fall wouldn’t have happened. Of course, she was right. I have never forgotten that flight and never will. At that time in my life I had no idea planes could do that. What an eye-opener!

    • Hi, Jade. Dude! Why are you telling me your horror stories when I have to get myself back on that plane and fly home!!!! Let me believe my fantasy that all planes are super-duper flying machines and nothing can ever go wrong. It’s the only way I can keep getting back on them!!!
      (big smile)


    • Jade/Third Coast

      I am so sorry, of all people I should know better. I hope I didn’t give you any nightmares!

    • No worries, Jade. I’m good with air travel, but bad stuff happens, and you just live your life. No nightmares here.

  10. Lurker

    yes yes. Cancel that trip immediately and come fly to the west coast 🙂

    (Hopefully your weekend will get better)

  11. Kurt

    We were all more than happy to wait for you. We’re sorry you had such a long day, but glad you still came and chatted with us. Have fun at the con.

  12. Marsha

    Your hair looks great! If I’d had that long a day I would look like a walking zombie, and probably be really, uh, “not nice”. I hope you enjoy the rest of your time on the road.

    • Hi, Marsha. Thanks! I did get ten minutes in the bathroom. (grin) It’s hard not to be happy to see a room full of people who have been waiting for you. I’m honored that they even came out! –Kim

  13. Suzi Lazear

    I feel you. Yesterday was long for me as well with work and all. I am looking forward to some sleep. But there’s too much to do with making the new place habitable.

    The tot had a boyfriend yesterday–they got together at recess and it over over by lunch. He was devistated (so says his mommy, lol). Aparently, I have a little heartbreaker.

    Have a great weekend and a safe trip home.

    ~Suzanne and the tot

  14. Well. Crap. You just knocked out what I was going to wear tomorrow. I have a very similar jacket from Coldwater Creek. I use it to judge in…I have very few ‘human clothes’. (That means not dog or work related) That was one of them. I wear it with an olive camisole though 🙂

    Must be the haircolor thing…

    • And I remember why I don’t like teaching anymore. I was supposed to leave early for the drive today. Of course, everyone needs their tours and information…late this afternoon. My Friday motel…has NO stars. Hopefully the BW is better.
      Cera better be good on Sunday. And Arcana better have cool things to buy… You are always cool. To the best of my knowledge. LOL

    • Hi, Mud! It was great to see you yesterday!! And your pup. She was very well behaved and silky. 😉 Aleix and Xander are going to love the squeaky toy. Thank you again. 😉

      Wasn’t the auction something? I handn’t been to one in years.

  15. Dana

    You mean you were late to DreamHaven and I could have made it anyway after work? Damn, the world seems to not want me to get your autograph. 😦

    I hope you have fun in the Twin Cities this weekend.