No post today. I’m in transit!

And tomorrow’s post might be late, but I’ll try to get pictures up of the signing on Thursday at DreamHaven as soon as possible.  😉


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  1. James Fox

    Hi Kim, It’s Jim from Younsgtown. I’m gonna make your day!. According to the news the city of Stokholm in Sweden burns bunnies in the city heating plant. A new use for Burning Bunnies! Don’t worry, they kill them first. It’s because of global warming, the city gets over run by northern rabbit because their food supply lasts so long that that have time for extra litters before they have to hibernate

  2. Gothar

    Safe journey, avoid the loonies and watch the snow and ice.

  3. Linda (germany)

    okaaay. I think I know the title of the new book. Uhm…maybe I’m just not on the big news. Hanging on…;-)

    But: Black Magic Saction.

    I’m haning. I’m pretty shure.

    Wow, and something else. Book number 6, in the kitchen, when Ivy has bitten Rachel, if Jenks wouldn’t have come into the kitchen….

    aaaah. It makes me crasy over and over again.

  4. Uk Kate

    Hiya Kim, Been lurking for a while again as I am still mega busy with ‘proper’ work and my writing edits. You’ve had some lovely photos on here recently though. Just thought I’d post today as I saw a woman wearing a ‘Team Edward’ shirt in town. I know it’s Edward vs. Jacob because of the New Moon film coming out soon, but I just thought it would be cool if you had a ‘Team Kisten’ shirt in the Vamp Charms shop! In a baseball style like the Aniston vs. Jolie ones the Hilton kids were wearing a few years ago… Anyhoo, hope you have a great time on the road, all the best to you and the Harrison household. Uk Kate 🙂

  5. Suzi Lazear

    Have a safe trip, Kim. As someone with kiddos, I thought you’d appriciate last night’s tot-isms. “I don’t like him, mom, I just want to go to his party.” and “I do what she does and she does what I do–we’re best friends.” Um, she’s *how* old, lol??

    ~Suzanne and the tot

  6. Oh, and book with magnificently scary vamps I’m listening on audio:

    The Children of the Night: Dan Simmons
    He manages to turn the Count Dracula story down a completely different path, and in this case, Vampirism is caused by a double recessive gene. It is set during the Nicolae Ceauşescu years. A little slow at the beginning, a lot of info dump, but man, this is dark and nightmare inspiring. I love the merging of true science with legend.

    But, I don’t like nightmares. What does that make me? Old.

    • I am losing it. I don’t even get into the shipping aspects. But while taking a shower, I had a weird thought.

      If Rachel REALLY wanted to prevent a demon child, she could be with Ivy, and adopt. Now obviously, when previous witches, like her mother, were married to humans, they would seek a ‘sperm donor’ per se. But…it is a possibility.

      Another might be…how does anyone even know she’s fertile? Would there be any effect of having Rosewood’s Syndrome, or the accompanying gene therapy.

      And why the heck am I thinking these things. *Shrug* back to pomes, druses, aggregates.

    • Gothar

      Could find a curse to become infertile, but Trent said he said could make more. Or Rache gets unwilling knocked up – will just leave it like that since I don’t want to discuss that can of worms. infertile would be good 🙂

    • Shanda

      I do wonder about whether Rachel will end up pregnant later on. Will make for some interesting dynamics. I can see a whole power struggle going on over her resulting “demon” child. And witches can only breed with witches right?

    • Mud, this is the kind of thing I think about every day. (laugh)

    • Jeannie

      Maybe she is more fertile with various species due to the gene manipulation. She has been effected by vamp things(sugared,saliva..), elf things(ea light, headphones) and were things(aretha?). Being able to hear Jenks.. Maybe she was given some of all and has therefore experienced things from each species that she would not have otherwise known about?? Don’t know just a thougth. Maybe the perfect “warrior” (Ceri’s words) or like a goodwill ambassador for the inderlanders. Wow! Sorry thinking out loud. To many ways the story could go. A million maybe’s to be had by all. February here yet??

      p.s I think Ivy can find love and acceptance for her whole package with the right person, helping her to see she and her bloodlust are okay and that it doesn’t have to be a painful, well timed and thought out struggle-I just don’t think its Rachel. Maybe Al(and let’s not discredit Newt, when shes sane again)(she likes/liked Rynn, Glenn and David), they all seem to like and accept what they are, maybe one of them can show her the way?

      I read another series(I think Armstrong’s), where there was a chaos demon. Sounds similar to Rachel’s need for excitement and adrenaline –“to keep her alive”?

    • Kim, YOUR Universe, NOT mine. I have other things to think about. Unless you are thinking about my Universe of Pomes, druses and aggregates…. 🙂

    • Hi, Mud. Mmmmm, that sounds fantastic! Thanks for the heads up!

  7. webbjm

    hey kim, been awhile since I’ve posted but I thought you would get a kick out of this
    [link removed as the site has some issues]
    I instantly thought about you, when i saw the title, lol. hope you get a good chuckle~ Justin, VA

  8. Shanda

    Have a safe and fun trip Kim!

  9. Kristin

    Have fun Kim….. Watch out for the crazies…… They are all around us..

  10. linda (germany)

    Oh yeah. Sounds great.

    Have a nice day Kim.

  11. Kim, about “the focus” in Book 4 and 5. In “A Fistful of Charms,” on page 482 Rachel puts the focus in her freezer. In “For A Few Demons More,” the focus is in David’s cat box on page 44, but then it’s in David’s freezer on page 63. Is this an inside joke?

    • charmedwarrior

      ya i noticed that too. i saw it as last rachel knew it was in the cat box, but david relocated it…maybe due to the smell? LOL

    • Hi, Shoyu. I’ve had a couple of people ask me about that, and to tell you the truth, I did have some method to my madness. I always thought that the focus gave out some kind of field, and the thick walls of the fridge help block it. Not an inside joke, no.