Today after waking up from a _very_  odd dream about being a vampire in high school . . .

(which is another post entirely in itself.  There was no blood, there was no serious light restriction, and there was no outward sign you were a vamp besides wearing black.  It was almost exactly like my real highschool experience.  Ha, ha. What’s the point of being a vampire if you are ordinary? )

. . . I’m prepping for ARCANA this weekend.  I’m heading out a little early to do a signing at DreamHaven on Thursday from 6:30 to 7:30, so bring your books!  There will likely not be a whole lot of people there, so I may be able to dispense with my policy of personalize-two, sign-the-rest, and just personalize all of them if you like.   Going to have to play that by ear, though, and no promises until I get there and see what’s what.  I’ll sign the Dawn books, too.

Mud asked if I had a schedule.   I don’t have a full schedule, but I have some idea of where I’ll be.

Opening ceremonies on Friday, 7:30 to 8:25 where I’ll be interviewed.

Reading/ autographing Saturday 4:00 to 5:15

Auction on Saturday 8:00 to 11:00, where I’ll be donating several things, a signed, limited edition mug among them.

Closing ceremonies on Sunday 4:00- 4:15

I’ll also be at a couple of panels and probably sneak down and watch a couple of movies.

So what does prepping mean for me?  Charge up camera and phone, assemble the freebies that I give away at signings, check out my signing clothes and be sure I can still fit in them.  Polish my boots.   Mess with my hair a good four hours (I got it cut.  I’m trying to go short hair again.  Can you imagine?!!  And I don’t know why I’m messing with it–it’s raining.  It’s not going to hold a curl.)  Go to the grocery store with my mom who is watching the puppies, the house, and Thing-Two (likely in that order)  Talk to NY to make sure they know I’m out of the office, my cell is on, and that my email might be slow.  Continue my Echinacea tea to prep for the airplane.  Go to the bank.  Pick up my last framed Princess Book covers from the framing place.  Wow.  I think that’s it.  Oh yeah.  Do my nails.  (rolls eyes)  Put stuff in the suitcase.  Must not forget that.

Hey!  I can do this!  And when I get back, I’ll have the info ready about my annual Halloween Costume Contest! Whoo-hoo!  I can’t wait!  –Kim


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  1. Okay, not related to this thread, but….I hung up a bunch of those fake, cotton spiderwebs all over the house, complete with plastic spiders, because the kids like them. This morning I look at one and realize, one of these things is not like the others. A real spider decided I had made such realistic webs that he made one his home. And you know the first thing I thought? Kim would like this….not kidding…I see spiders…I think Kim Harrison.

  2. Raistlan

    Hey Kim, I love your books. I think I might be the youngest one to read the Hollows series. Its the most amazing series i’ve ever read. I’m kinda sad cause I dont think you’ll come to Boise, Idaho anytime soon (or at all for that matter, but I gotta keep thinking positive). Have fun at Arcana. Hehe… Have fun in the snow!!!

    • Thank you, Raistlan! I’m so glad you’re enjoying them. Mmmm, Boise Idaho probably isn’t on the publisher’s list of stops, no, but maybe I’ll get close enough someday. 😉 –Kim

  3. Marsha

    I wish I coulds be there. I hope you have a great time and get to me some nice people.

  4. Joy

    Have fun in Minneapolis! Stay warm. We are in a winter weather advisory with a possible accumilation of two to three inches of snow!! Yay! You will get to see your first snow of the season. Gotta love the northern plains. Travel safely. Joy

    • Kylie Ru

      What is this snow that you speak of? asks a girl who lives in Mesa, Az.

      Wow, I haven’t seen snow since I was a tiny one. Wait, I take that back. There was a bit of snow over on Red Mountain (don’t quote me on the location, it’s the little pseudo mountain by my house, could be Superstition, actually) last year. I haven’t had physical contact with snow since I was a tiny one.

    • Antonio Rich

      Hey Ninja Friday!

      You live in Arizona? I got a book/author reccomendation for you: Richelle Mead: Storm Born and Thorn Queen. The heroine lives in Tucson…it’s called the Dark Swan Novels and it’s my favorite “new” series…B Good.

    • Joy

      I LOVE SNOW!! I was destined to be born in North Dakota. I have reverse SAD (seasonal affective disorder). I truly miss the cold weather, snow and bitterly cold winds in the summer. I spent four years going to college in Iowa where there really is not winter. It was a HORRIBLE four years. I am sad that you have not seen snow in such a long time. Maybe a trip to the mountains this weekend is in order?

    • Antonio Rich

      Joy, that’s not unusual at all. I have a cousin who moved from Dayton, Ohio to Columbia, South Carolina…well, HER daughter moved to Salt Lake City, Utah because she preferred the snow and mountains! I’m imagining a day in the future when HER daughter decides to move to Hawaii or Australia…

    • Kylie Ru

      :laugh: I never thought I’d see “Ninja Friday” again, Antonio!

      Richelle Mead? I’ll have to check it out!

    • Hi, Joy. See . . . I though October would be safe enough, but no. (sigh) Time to find my winter coat. . .

    • Mudepoz

      No. No snow in Minnesota or the adjoining border. No. I have to work my dog OUTSIDE, finding lost things. I spent a fortune on this weekend, we want a CHANCE.

      Sigh. I remember in the early ’90s being up there and getting a three foot dump on Halloween and another three for Thanksgiving. It’s why I left a dream job, where the city girl from New York got to ride a tractor at a university to return to the moderation of the lake. NO SNOW

  5. RebiNkc

    Hi Kim-
    I’m laughing b/c your post yesterday said you would go to bed and let your oh something about your brain mull it over and you dreamt about being a vampire. Too funny. Dreams can reveal those burning bunnies(personal experience). Have a great trip to Arcana! Do you ever get to the Kansas City area?

    • Thanks, RebiNkc. I’m hoping for some smooth travel tomorrow. And it is odd how the mind works. I don’t think I’ve ever been to Kansas, and that’s a shame! –Kim

    • RebiNkc

      that is a shame because Kansas is beautiful despite popular belief. We have rolling hills and gorgeous sunsets. It’s Hawaii without the ocean, and mountains, but it really is beautiful. Somedays I feel a little land locked, but than I go for a drive out in the Flint Hills and enjoy the quietness and huge blue skies.

  6. Amanda Doffee

    I just wanted to thank you for signing my copy of Once Dead, Twice Shy, the freebies and sending it back so quickly. Have a fun and safe trip.

  7. Gothar

    I saw this and thought as a public service announcement to warn Kim that someone is still her IP.
    [link removed as it’s dragging a virus]

  8. Kim, cool dream. Have fun at Arcana. And congrats on being the guest of honor. 😉 Wish it was closer. 😀

  9. Kylie Ru

    That’s a pretty packed schedule. I think.

    For Halloween I would loooove to be Ceri, but I don’t think any one would get it. One, I’m tan. Two, I have dark hair colors. Three, I ain’t exactly small . . . I’m cursed with big bones. I’ll never break a bone! However, I do have a lab coat and goggles, so I’m gonna be a MAD SCIENTIST! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

    Ahem. Anyway, thank you sooooo . . . . oooooooooo much for, um, loving the drawing! I totally fangirl screamed. SQUEE!!

  10. Dina

    What a dream! Ordinary vampires blah! I had a dream last night about putting on a play…

    I hope you have a wonderful trip and stay safe!

    As for the Halloween contest… I’m a witch this year! P: yaaaaaaaay! ❤ I've also been considering dying my hair a red. In my heart I'll know I'm Rachel. To everyone else? A witch ❤

    • Someday, someone will have to explain to me why so many witches are described with red hair. I assure I am no witch. Errr. Alpha bitch, maybe, but…

      I guess I could dress as Rachel, but then I’d have a lot of people gagging… 🙂 When things went south, my outfits went north!

    • Kylie Ru

      I always figured they had black hair, actually.

    • Antonio Rich

      A better question, is why so many urban fantasy heroines are redheads? Hell, i even found one recently that was named Rachel(NOT KH, i mean). I guess it’s kind of flattering to Kim, but it strikes me as uninspired every time i read about a new one.

      You donated your clothes to a Canadian charity? That’s nice of you…

    • RebiNkc

      Mud, I think because of the Celtic or Irish connection to witchcarft? I could be wrong.

    • Marsha

      I know exactly what you mean. maybe I could pass for the old witch instructor that hated Rachel and went to work for Trent…what was her name?

    • It goes back to the red-headed child being known for making trouble, I think. Irish folklore? I picked red for Rachel because I’d already had a blond and dark haired protagonist and wanted something different.

    • Thanks, Dina! I’m looking forward to the down-time from the computer. I can’t wait to see your costume!

    • Sorry Dina, we already decided that geek was me 🙂

  11. You know, There almost was an antivamp law in Wisconsin (and I hope this doesn’t post twice. There was a solid reason for the law, but other laws covered what they wanted already.

    We are also the home of more hauntings than any other state, as well as sightings of cryptid animals, including Weres, the Devil’s lake sea monster, The Thunderbird, Kangaroo sightings in the 17 and 1800’s (though we had some recently, but they caught it) and a lot more. Probably due to the location and Native American story sharing. Maybe.
    I hate the weather, but I do love the state.

  12. Heya Kim. Odd dream, hu? You didn’t look fabulously good and got every guy you wanted? Could it be you watched Jennifer’s body one too many times? Hope you have a great weekend! aimée

    • Antonio Rich

      LOL! She said she didn’t bite anyone in her dream, now you have her eating all her classmates!

    • That’s just it, Amy! We were all vampires, so no one was unique anymore. It was like a club. Mmmm.

    • Club Vampire. Sounds like a series to me. (laugh)

    • Okay, i guess for “Club Vampire” has Sookie Stackhouse a pretty good chance, hu? Or…Kisten and Rachel doing Linedance! my favourite scene of all times! I went to a goth party a week ago and everybody danced in circles. That was weird and when I thought about Rachel fainting I had to leave, because I laughed so hard… xD

    • Club Vampire was already used for the Omnibus Edition of early Anita Blake stories.
      Go Figure 🙂 And…why the hell do I know that?
      Mud, returning to writing a botany lab. Anyone want a copy. Sigh, Nope, I’ll never write a bestseller 🙂

  13. Tiffany

    Hi Kim,
    You’re cracking me up with your dream description. That would so happen to me – having a potentially cool dream about being a vampire, but then just walking around wearing black (“just like my real high school experience” LOL). Did you wake up wondering why you didn’t bite someone?
    Your comment about what’s the point of being a vampire if you are ordinary kind of sounds like what Ivy is contemplating right now (well right now for us), as Rachel has just ask her if she would become human if she could take away the vampire virus.
    Have fun at ARCANA!

    • They were trying to pass an antivampire law here in Wisconsin. This state has the most cryptozoological sightings in country, as well as ghosts. Why not an antivampire law?
      It wasn’t passed, and it was more about drinking blood of a child. Eeyew…

    • Marsha

      Oh yuck! I would definitely vote in favor of preventing people from drinking the blood of a child. Do we really have to tell people not to do that?

    • Yeah. What Marsha said. 😉

    • Antonio Rich

      Tiffany. I’ve been wanting to ask someone (and everyone,of course) this:

      It was presented to Ivy that she could become something other than an Undead Vampire thru a curse.

      Should she choose to become:

      a) Human? b) Witch? c) a Were? c) None of the Above

      My vote: None of the above. To me, that’s like asking someone to change the color of their skin, their race…who they are. There’s got to be another way.

    • Thanks, Tiffany! I’m looking forward to it.

      Mmmm, you’re right about Ivy. Maybe that’s what triggered it.

    • Hi Antonio – ooh I love your poll! Ok – my thoughts: I totally agree with you that it would be like changing who you are, and on general principle alone I’d say “be who you are”. BUT Ivy is miserable because she doesn’t want to share blood casually – for her it is intimate, and based on what she shared with Rachel I agree. It can be beautiful and she wants to share it like that – to have intimacy and beauty with her physical fulfillment. That is part of who she is also. So assuming Ivy CAN find a relationship where she can channel her bloodlust into an act of intimate love and can also give other kinds of love and comfort without the uncontrollable urge to bite THEN I’ll vote for Ivy to stay a vampire.
      BUT here is the scene that gives me pause: the fridge blasting scene when Rachel felt hurt and alone and Ivy couldn’t comfort her. A related question: Why couldn’t she if the vampire instincts are to protect the injured? Now we have person who IS a loving person who can’t give love to the person they most want to love. …So if who Ivy IS as a vampire is not compatible with who Ivy IS as a person, then maybe she has to choose. If “vampire Ivy” is not compatible with “inner Ivy”, then I vote for Rachel to spell her into a witch. Strong – check. Powerful – check. Able to meld and chime auras with Rachel – check!! 😉 (I have to say that I got excited wondering if we’ll find out if their auras would also chime in a power pull).
      So another related question: Does Ivy have this conflict with everyone she loves? If Ivy is only conflicted about these things when it comes to Rachel… Well, then maybe the problem has less to do with her being a vampire and more to do with whether she and Rachel feel the same way about each other. In other words, maybe the conflict stems from not knowing where she wants to put all those emotions (let them flow out? Hold them in?) and so they get a bit unruly. If that is the case, then she doesn’t need to become something else to fix this. If they do feel the same way, maybe instead Rachel can find a spell to prevent herself from being bound. Or what was that which Rynn Cormel said – that there was a way if Ivy would be “second” – I don’t get why Rachel rejected that right off the bat – whereas Rachel wouldn’t be Rachel if she was a shadow, how would Ivy not be Ivy if she was “second” to Rachel. For one Ivy already seems to put herself second. Also, Ivy has a master vampire and has already said that she kind of sees Rachel as “like master vampire”. I don’t get why Rachel didn’t ask for more details on that.

      OMG – sorry for the shockingly long essay!

    • Antonio Rich


      That’s a well-thought out response. I always wondered about the two things you brought out as well: 1) Why Ivy couldn’t comfort Rachel when she was hurt(they had been in similiar circumstances before?) and why Ivy couldn’t/wouldn’t want Rachel to be dominant(i thought she had already confirmed that. I thought, actually, that’s what she wanted!?)
      I’m kinda on “double secret probation” for asking too many Ivy questions so i’ve never asked! LOL!
      Since Kim isn’t going back on previous posts anymore,(famous last words!) i’ll say this: I just think she’s talked herself into a certain HEA and she’s just “piling on the rationale” for why Ivy and Rachel are NOT going to happen romantically. Plus, Urban Fantasy writers are prickly to anything that smacks of what their Supernatural Ramance sisters write about. Which was a breath of fresh air 5 years ago, but now i’m thinking the UF writers need to ditch their hangups and write at least a little more romance and happy.

      My guess on the original question: Rachel finds a way to save Ivy using her aura/love in some magical fashion that keeps ivy…ivy.

      ps have you read “ley line drifter” ? i’m the only one, but i think Daryl could be ivy’s HEA…stay tuned!

    • From Ivys point of view, I would always ask myself: When I become anything else as a vampire, would Rachel still be interested in a relationship or is any chance gone then?
      I mean, maybe Rachel just stays “in touch” because of the subconscious desire to get bitten, and if Ivy turns into something else….bing, thats it…

      I hope thats understandable 😉

    • Antonio Rich

      Yep. I know what your saying, Juliet. And – it’s sad that Ivy might think that…but, i think every day that they are together, every day w/o Rachel jerking her around with feelings of fear/desire, every day that the scar Al originally left loses it’s potency…I think Ivy knows Rachel really does love her…

    • Marsha

      Antonio I’m so afraid you’re right. I noticed the mention of the two looking into each others eyes and seeing “something” in Ley Line Drifter. I’m going to be devastated if Ivy and Rachel don’t wind up together, and it’s beginning to look very much like the will not. But then I’m going to be devasted when the series ends anyway.

    • Tiffany

      Hey peeps – I’m with you all. But I love that we don’t know, that the ending plot and character arcs are anything but predictable. I’ll be just as surprised if the ending I hope for happens as I will if some other ending happens.

  14. Stephinie

    In my dream last night I was trying to catch a rat and it bit me through the bubble wrap, no blood, just a crisp, clean bite…
    Have a great weekend at the conference! Do you ever make it up to Canada? *grin*

    • Tiffany

      You had me at bubble wrap ;). A – I love everything about bubble wrap. B – it’s just too interesting you dreamt of being bit through it.

    • Hi, Stephinie. Okay, you win the odd-dream contest. I’ve not yet been to Canada, but I’ve got my passport. Maybe next year. –Kim

  15. suzannelazear

    Have fun! Costume contest! Yay! The farmers market was closed yesterday because of the rain (okay, it wasn’t actully closed but there was no climbing wall, no bouncy castle, and no hawaii ice van, therefore, according to the tot it’s closed) so we went costume shopping. The tot wanted to be a teen titian (the purple girl, lol I don’t know what her name is, lol) and they didn’t have it so instead she chose to be…minnie mouse. With all the awsome fairy and vampire costumes, she chose minnie mouse. Sigh. But that’s a five-year-old for you, lol. Last year she was Elizabeth Swan and the only non-princess among the girls in her class (okay, there was one tinkerbelle.) I have a feeling it will be similar this year. somehow Disney’s cornered the little girl’s costume market, lol.

    Have a great time! Save travels.

    ~Suzanne and the tot

  16. Antonio Rich

    “Have fun storming the castle!” (I’ve never been to Minnesota myself)

    You used to sail from Michigan to Cedar Point!? I’m not scared of rollercoasters at all, but being on the open water in a boat DOES scare me!

    The CW series Vampire Diaries(about high schoolers and vamps) was on last night. Maybe you saw a promo or something that spurred your dream?

    • Hi, Antonio. I love sailboats. Love them. Comfortable. Sigh.

      See, the dream I had was so much like the YA vampire stuff on the shelf right now, I can’t even use it as fuel for a new series. It’s already been done! Gotta find something new. I think I got it, but it’s going to be different. Really different. 😉

    • Antonio Rich


  17. charmedwarrior

    Kim – enjoy the “break of doing something different.” me i’m excited and joyful…today is my bday and i FINALLY got my care package here at my deployed location…it only took 2 1/2 weeks to reach me (sometimes it’s quicker/sometimes it’s not *shrug*). the guys i work with asked me why i keep fidgeting and staring at the box…i told them ‘cause i know there are 2 books i can’t wait to get my hands on in the box…they’re the hollows’ book 5 and 6 that i’ve been waiting impatiently for and now drooling over through my shift; counting down the hours until i can open the package. i just wanted to let you know, i really enjoy your novels. they have such fascinating characters with realistic emotions and responses. your books enable my mind to escape…even if for only a little while a day. thanks for giving into the desire to write. 😉

  18. Jeannie

    Have a good trip! Hope the weather is kind to you.

  19. Looking forward to be with one of my dogs all by herself, and seeing you. Sorry, yes, in that order-my dogs need one on one time too 🙂

    Serendipity is a wonderful thing. The tall dude said his god was Samuel Beckett as we quote Endgame and Godot (hey, we discuss time travel and physics over morning breakfast too). Mind is Serendipity 🙂

  20. Bob J

    Dear Kim,

    Have fun at arcana, wish you were coming to Dayton.

    Best Regards,

    Bob J

  21. Kristin

    I meant Halloween…. Duh..

  22. Kristin

    Sorry meant Halloween,not Holloween…. Duh big red truck…

  23. Kristin

    Hey Kim have fun times on your trip…. Can’t wait for you get back and dish out the details on your Holloween Contest i’m going as Rachel this year….Always wanted to be a bad a** bounty hunter, never really could picture the whole thing put all together.. But after reading your books I have a pretty good idea… Anyhoo do you have any pointers on how I may pull off the best Rachel???? Well enjoy your trip and i’m going to sit here and enjoy this 90 degree fall day in the great state of Texas. Oh yea speaking of bad weather we finally have a good cold front coming this Friday so YEA ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Antonio Rich

      I think i may have a friend take a picture of my ass and enter the contest as Trent.

    • Sebrina

      Brilliant Antonio!

    • Marsha

      Does anyone else think he’s really Donald Trump with a real hairdo?

    • Antonio Rich

      Oh God! Even “The Donald” hasn’t murdered…what? 3 people plus trying to kill Rachel…? (although if he HAD killed Joan Rivers, I don’t think anyone could have blamed him) . I think some of our friends believe that he’s misunderstood and just “needs a good woman to change him.” I don’t know why women want a project anyway, how about a man change his own damn self?

      (Can someone help me off this soap box? I gotta bad knee…old football injury)

    • Kylie Ru

      I don’t think he’s misunderstood! I think he’s perfectly fine. Although, I was angry at him for killing Brent, I think his name was? The other were. Course, I can’t really remember what happened in the first book. I read it a long while ago (then the next book came out and Mom read it, and i was like can I read it?! and she was like No, not a Kylie book, and I was like NOOOOOOO!!!!!) so I can’t remember if he did stuff in that one I didn’t like . . . besides the putting MinkRachel in the rat fights. Where was I? Oh yeah! I think he’s fine! If he asked me to work for him, I’d be like HELLS YEAH! And it’d work out great! Seeing as i want to be a geneticist and all.

      Oh, little tidbit contributing to my Trent-fangirl-ness: Whenever Mom read the next book, I would ask: Find out what Trent is yet? Is Trent even in that one? Mom, mom, what about Trent?!

      Yeah . . .

    • Hi, Kristin. Oh, very cool! I can’t wait to see your costume! You asked about pointers? The hair is a big thing, and leather! (grin) The smile is the most important part. 😉 Have fun!

  24. Stacie

    Sounds like you did have an interesting dream, and it also sounds like you have a very busy schedule. Hope you have a good trip, signing, and conference!

  25. Dana

    So you will be doing signing at the convention on Friday? That would be fabulous since then I won’t have to send someone else to DreamHaven for me while I’m at work. I’m so happy you’re coming to MN. 😀

  26. Indy

    Hi Kim!!! Have fun!!! Its a bit far to drive for me here in the mid-west, but it sounds like a good time. I’ve never made it to a conference. its on the list of things to do. Any recommendations?~Indy

    • Thanks, Indy! I’m looking forward to it. The snow . . . not so much.
      As for a conference recommendation? Mmmm. There’s a lot of good ones out there. I don’t have a favorite, though. –Kim