Scary rides

I got a lot done yesterday in my semi-enforced holiday from the Internet.  (Ha!  Like I could really stay away completely!)  I’ve got the conference out in Minneapolis at the end of the week, and since I’m going out early for a signing at DreamHaven, my schedule is a little scrunched.  My rewrite for book nine is almost done, and I want it finished before I leave.

Not meant to be a teaser, but . . . I finally got to the end of it yesterday, and was surprised at how I ended it.  (Yes, I do tend to forget between rough draft and first-submission copy, especially if there’s twelve months in between.)  It looks like when I wrote it, I left it open so I could go one of three ways, and now I have to go back a chapter or two and trim out the possibilities to make it clear and unconfusing.  I went to sleep with this on my mind, giving my subconscious all night to mull it over.  Today should be interesting as I go back and spend eighty percent of my freaking day on six pages, tightening, tweaking, finding closure, and yet leaving enough open spaces to be excited about the next book.

OMGosh–I’m going to start book ten next month.  It’s like standing at the top of the line at the first car in the roller coaster when the people ahead of you are all buckled in, and you see the excitement on their faces, knowing you’re next.  And then they leave and your car pulls in, and you see the exhilarated exhaustion on the people you’ve never seen before.  And then it’s your turn, and you’re getting in the car and pulling the safety strap down, knowing you’re in for it?

Crap, I’ve got to do it again?  (grin)  Good thing I like the scary rides.



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  1. trish

    I just pre-ordered Black Magic Sanction online here in Australia and they have 23rd Feb, 2010 as the release date, too. I don’t know if that is when it gets released here as well or they are quoting the release date in the US. Can’t wait for it!!! I have also got another of my friends onto the Hollows series (she’s hooked and reeled in like me, hee hee!) and when she bought them they said they are very popular and only had a couple on hand as they are selling well. I also love roller coasters and my 18 yo daughter thanked me the other day for hassling (forcing!;) her into going on rides her whole life (I called it training) as she was the only girl in her group to go on everything at a theme park recently and it impressed the heck out of her boyfriend!! Nice to know I’ve done something right! Lol. Have a great weekend.

    • Hi, Trish. Wow! I hope that you guys do get it the same week, but don’t be surprised if they change it. That is so cool that you are getting others hooked. Thank you! I really appreciate that!

      That’s fantastic about your daughter. Sometimes it’s the small-seeming things that make the most impact on our self-impressions. Good for you.


  2. Brianna Mae

    Oops, I meant the first 7. Geez, I sound like a pre-teen girl in my previous post, my bad. 🙂 I think it may be the teasers you give in your blog…

    You’re a suspense practitioner.

    Brianna Mae

  3. Brianna Mae

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HURRY!! I can’t wait for the next book. I just keep reading the first 8 over and over again, trying to remember everything before the next one comes out. You have to hurrt and release it, I’m dying here woman!

    😀 so excited.

    Brianna Franey

    • I’m excited, too, Brianna. And I’m writing as fast as I can. Somedays, though, it’s hard to get to the keyboard with all the stuff I have to do. They didn’t tell me that being a writer meant more than writing. 😉

  4. Greg

    S0 I know you can’t talk about your plans for book 10 so how bout just eight and nine that seems fair… 😉 can’t wait to read them all have a great creative week.

  5. Nervous

    All these little teasers. I wish we had a forum to talk amongst one another about the books. I tried looking online but came up with nothing.

    • Marsha

      There is a web site Nervous. If you go to Kim’s home page and click on “Links” there is a link to “The Hollows”group. : )

  6. Thursday

    I’m deathly afraid of roller coasters! I once freaked out so bad on a Ferris wheel that I tried to climb out at the top! My parents had to hold me down by sitting on me! But some day I’ll face my fears and ride one of those dang rides! I’m such a scared-y cat! tee hee hee

    • SeattleRobin

      I was terrified of “big rides” when I was a kid and refused to go on any of them. Finally in high school a couple friends somehow managed to get me to go on the roller coaster type ride at Seattle Center (back in the 70’s). I screamed through the whole ride and when I got off my legs felt weak, but I also had the biggest adrenaline rush of my life goind and immediately said, “Let’s go again!”. So sometimes it’s worth trying it that once. 😉

    • Tiffany

      I had an embarrasingly scary ferris wheel experience a few years ago that your post reminded me of.  I’ve always loved rollercoasters, and at the carnival I was one of those kids who would try to lock themselves upside down on the zipper.  So I’d always kind of thought of the ferris wheel as along the lines of the carosel. So a couple years ago some family was visiting from out of town and I suggest how fun it would be to go to the Pier and ride the ferris wheel overlooking the ocean and the city.  So we go and we get on the ferris wheel.  I’m sitting on the edge of my seat looking at the view, enjoying… That’s when I notice how huge this thing is.  Did I mention I’m a little afraid of heights?  Nervous, I go to sit back and now I notice that the seat backs are slanted outward!!  With another person on MY side of the basket and only 1 person on the opposite side, the whole freaking thing seemed to tilt backwards when I sat back, as if to dump me right out!! (it was probably a slight movement but my stomach twisted anyway).  There were no enclosing sides on this sucker – just a lower-back-height outwardly slanted seatback!!  Long story short, I ended up spending the whole ride trying to plant myself in the dead center of the basket feeling like a total dork after talking up this very ferris wheel.  Yeah, I’d even been on it once before.  (Is it a good enough excuse that I was on a date that first time?).  Well, at least I can say I entrertained my guests 😉

  7. Gwendalla

    I’m with everybody else on this one. I think a special shirt sounds good. Maybe you could do a basket order of the book,coffee mug and shirt all together with a tote bag or something. Sorry you already do so much for your fans I don’t want to seem unappreciative! Maybe your publishing company should buy you a trip someplace relaxing and warm instead.We’ll see how that goes.

  8. Jeannie

    Wow, book ten. That sure does seem like a long way off, but I’m sure you will drop hints to keep us guessing. lol.
    Had a short story for you. Was leaving work last night, an RN at a hospital, and seen a Hamilton book on the table as I gathered my stuff. Asked whose it was (have read her work), began talking to her and she asked if I had read Kim Harrison’s series. I had the biggest smile on my face and said I have. Turns out she felt lost after finishing wwbc like I did. Both of us not picking up any new reads for a while, knowing they wouldn’t measure up to what your writing pulled from us. I did tell her about this site and she plans to visit.
    On another note. Can anyone tell me the origin and meaning behind “sahan”. Trent and Rachel both have been called that and all I can find is it is a “dish”. Well unless dish has a meaning I do not know about I’m lost. I even looked in latin, thinking it did not sound latin.
    And, boy I’m long winded, I went to gravatar and signed. Then found some pics on the web I liked, but do I need permission to use the pic?? I know you said we could use one if we were long time bloggers but couldn’t help myself. Sorry for the stupidity, but this is the only site, besides health related research/academic, I belong too-had no one I’d thought to ask.

    Hope you enjoy your trip!!

    Maybe your fans can get together somehow(web) and design/find/make a token of our appreciation for your 10th release and send it?? Anyone? Maybe presumptious, but just a thought.

    • Hi, Jeannie. That is sooo cool about finding another Hollows reader! Thank you for telling me. I love those stories.

      You asked about Sa’han. That is a word that I believe I made up, trying to play up on the Indian term of respect that sounds about the same. So you wouldn’t find it in any dictionary. Very cool on the dish referance, though.

      As far as gravatars go? Most pictures on the web belong to someone else, and most people don’t mind if you use them casually, but I’d stay away from clearly copyrighted or trademarked things like Tinkerbelle. 😉

    • Kerry

      Hi I know how you feel about being scared of starting other books because you are concerned that they will not live up. After finding and reading all 7 hollows books in quick sucession I was in exactly that position. So if it helps, Skinwalker by Faith Hunter was one of the few books that could compete with hollows withdrawl. Hope this helps!

    • Jeannie

      Thank you, will check it out.

  9. Emily

    your post makes me want funnel cakes

  10. Niki

    Hi Kim,
    Mmmm, haven’t been on a roller coaster since spring last year. I’ll need to fix that *grin*.
    Congrats on finishing, even with the six page tweaking! Have fun at the conference and starting book 10!

    • Thanks, Niki! I’m hoping to have a lot of fun at the conference, too. I’m afraid I’m a little rusty, though. –Kim

    • mudepoz

      Looking at packing list: Dog, Cera Check. Dog Food, Check. Gear, Check. Wallet, Check, assorted clothes, rain, sleet, snow, t-shirts, Check.

      WD-40…guess I need to get some.

  11. rainswater

    Hahaha… I finally have a gravatar. Muahahahaha….

    If you continue to talk about book 10 and Black Magic Sanction doesn’t come out soon, I might have a coniption and die… It would be awful and I’d pull a Pierce and haunt you.

    Wait on the plus side I could read the books over your shoulder… there is a silver lining….

    • rainswater

      Darn… my gravatar didn’t work…. Boo…

    • Hi, Rainswater. The gravatar came through! Sometimes it takes a while for it to register is all. 😉 It won’t be long before BLACK MAGIC SANCTION is out. You can almost count the weeks, now.

      Please no haunting! My house is clearly defined as a no-haunting zone. Nope. Nada. Nothing. 😉

  12. Gothar

    We just had some freezing rain this afternoon. Frost warning for tonight and low teens for temps overnight for the entire week BOO!

  13. Sarah

    Hello Kim

    Since one month I read 5 of your books (Unfortunately here in Switzerland just nr. 6 came in octobre), but is really, really good to hear, that there will be more than 6 books 🙂

    I love your books very!! And is really great, that this serie has so much books, I just can’t wait for the others (but it seems i have to…..:).

    I just want to thank you for the hollows and the characters (I’m very sad of Kistens dead… but hey….real life is also no happy end in every history…I will miss Kisten very much), it was a long time ago, since a had a book serie, that I love so much. Thank you!! (p.S. Sorry for my english for dummies:):):))

    • Man Sarah, I wish I could speak YOUR language as well as you write English. *Sigh*

    • Hi, Sarah.

      I’m agreeing with Mud that your English is very good. I’m impressed! I’m so pleased that you’re enjoying the series. Thank you! I didn’t know that they had up to the fifth one out already. Yay! 😉 I hope they translate the rest just as fast for you.

      I miss Kisten, too. Sigh.


  14. Kristin

    Fun times Kim!!! Can’t wait for book ten… But while we are all waiting maybe you can drop us a sneak peek???? Just asking, cause you never know until you ask…..Anyhoo guess i’ll go and enjoy this hot Texas fall..
    You know anyone who has ever thought about moving to the Gulf Coast…
    Don’t….Trust Me….

  15. Jessica

    Hi Kim! It may sound trite, but I love your Hollows series! My favorite aspects are the well-developed characters and the fact that I can never really predict which direction you’re going to take the story. Your plot lines are always so intricate! In many of the other series that I enjoy, there seems to be a consistency in character interactions and a convenience to certain concepts spurring the next line of action – very predictable. It’s so refreshing to be continually surprised!

    I’ve read the FAQs so I won’t ask you for the millionth time when the next book comes out, but I am curious as to whether or not you will release information about the next book (basic premise, etc.) prior to its release? As with all of the other readers, I’m going through withdrawal awaiting your next installment! I’m particularly interested to learn if some of my favorite characters will garner more page time in this next book (*cough…Trent and Al*)? I apologize if this has been asked before!


    P.S. I’m also originally from the Midwest (IL, near Chicago) and have since fled south (NC, near Charlotte) and have become spoiled by the milder weather!

    • Hi, Jessica.

      Mmm. I should have an excerpt right around the end of the year, but I can give you the character list sooner. I’ll make it a regular post, though, so everyone sees it.

      Don’ t you love the weather down here? I’m in Rock Hill, myself. 😉

  16. suzannelazear

    YAY! Book 10! What a milestone. I think we need a special shirt for book 10. Maybe something with rollercoasters? OMG its cold today. Someone told the sun it was fall. Have a good day!
    ~Suzanne and the tot

    • Hi, Suzanne. I wasn’t thinking about it in quite that way, but you’re right that it’s special. Maybe Rachel and Trent in the front car, Ivy leaning forward between them, and Jenks adding some sparkle. Rachel saying, “Put your hands in the air, Trent!”

      Thanks for the visual. 😉 You have a great day, too.

  17. I just found your blog and I love it 🙂
    It’s nice to read what you share, and be teased about upcoming books!

  18. Sara

    Congrats on chugging along on your work, Kim! I swear you’re the most disciplined person I know when it comes to getting work done. And since I don’t technically “know” you, that says a lot! 😆 Book 10! I can’t wait to read your snippets of progress along the way.

    So, I’m still sitting around here minus my first three books of the series and reread (for like the millionth time) bits of FoC and wondered if after your reread of your work, it was still your favorite? I remember you saying how you loved that it took place outside of Cincy, plus a few other fun details that made it stick out, and it was your favorite. So, does it still stand that way, or maybe did one of the unreleased ones with the road trip nudge out FoC?

    • Hi, Sara. I don’t know if it’s discipline or pure fear, but it works, and I’m sticking with it. (grin)

      You asked is FOC still my favorite? It will be until book nine comes out. I _really_ like nine. Lots and lots. –Kim

  19. Kat

    Teasers….teasers….teasers. Can you release both books 8 and 9 in Feb? Kidding! 🙂 I love that you are so organized and that you write so far ahead. I also love the teasers! 🙂

    • Hi, Kat. Release 8 and 9 together? Absolutely not! It took me four years to get this much space between books. I’m not about to lose it! My work is sucky when I’m under pressure. 😉

  20. linda (germany)

    You are evil. Really. That’s not fair. Ok. Maybe I’m a freak. I’m shurly a freak.

    But how can you tell us that you finished book nine and start with book ten and we can’t even read book eight?!

    The thought of what could happen to Ivy is killing me. I want her to survife. Please don’t kill her. Please.

    Okay. I’m overreacting. But shit. That’s really a pitty.

    Keep doing your job. I loooove it. But that do you already know. 😉

    • Hi, Linda. I am sorry, but when I’m excited, I just have to share! It won’t be long until book eight is out, and ten isn’t done yet. I’ve not even written the outline. I should take the opportunity to make a real diary of how it falls into place. Maybe.

    • Ashley

      Im sure this is incredibly silly of me to ask, and it has probably been asked many times, but do we have any hint of an idea as to when the 8th book will be released? Im DYING to read it, and my boyfriend (who I got hooked as well) is also asking me about it! Any hints at all???

    • Antonio Rich

      feb 23rd, 2010 – in the states(i think i got that right…)

  21. Kylie Ru

    Sweet! Book 10? That’s pretty amazing!

    Okays, remember that “demon treats” comment tattoolady said a week or so ago? Weeeeellllll, I drew it. He’s the link:

    I hopes you likes it.

  22. Antonio Rich

    I’m surprised you would ride a rollercoaster! Or, even go to an amusement park(what with large crowds “pushing buttons in the back of your head/brain” thing…)

    “Guy” sent me the Gazette yesterday.

    Thanks Guy!

    In answer to Mr. Crabby’s advice column: “Do you always need your belly rubbed? ears scratched, butt sniffed?”

    The answer: No, not always, butt it does it help pass the day.

    • Actually, Antonio, I used to love rollercoasters. Not so much anymore, but yeah. We’d sail to Cedar Point and stay in the marina. I could watch the park wake up and usually get three or four rides in the span of twenty minutes before the park got busy. Mmmmm, good days. –Kim

  23. Indy

    Wow!!! Book 10. That’s awesome!!! We have to have a 10th anniversary party.~Indy

  24. I love the insights to your writing. I have a few non fiction things going on. Even though I know the story, and so do all the people involved, I just want it to be completed and get to the next project. I hate hate hate edits, but– having multiple projects and leaving them open makes me nertz!

    ‘Defy the World Tomatoes’…my only comment.