They tell me it’s Columbus day.

So I’m taking the day off from the post page.  Whoo-hoo!  Back on Tuesday.

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  1. carrissa

    your very welcome kim =]

  2. Marsha

    Somewhat off the subject…does your site only accept avatars that have a “G” rating at Gravatar? I found a picture of a pretty dark haired vamp that I don’t think is very sexy (it only showes a pretty face) that is not rated G. It will not show up here for some reason. I was wondering if that was the reason.

  3. carrissa

    carrissa* =]
    you can always count on me to have your back kim!

  4. carrissa

    hey kim remember when i told you your books are like therapy for me? well i ment it and i am a lesbian woman and i most deffinatly not offended my your books i absoulty love ivy and i know quite a few people from the g/l community that do as well ive discovered fancition this weekend and discovered that alot of people would lile to see ivy and rachel end up together and they create thier own spin off so thats possible. we understand its scary righting about two wemon togther and appreciate u even trying. so im encouraging you to keep your head up dont let people discourage you please it would break my heart. im kinda getting emotional about it now ivys situation is very common for younger girls and guys who are just figuering out what is going on with them and with rachel knowing ivy loves her but still lives with her and is okay with her being bi and is not a gay basher lets them know its okay to be yourself and that people will accept you for you. so again i must tell you that your rightig is very important to me and i love it just as it is you are one of my idols and fav authors of all time!
    love carriss

    • Thank you, Carrissa. Thank you, very much. I have to smile, though, when you say it’s scary writing about two women together. I had no idea I was treading dangerous waters when I followed the natural flow of the story. That was where the story was, so I wrote it. I hope I can always be that oblivious. (grin) And if someone can take what I’ve written and see parallels in their life and draw strength from it, then I have done something worthwhile. –Kim

  5. SeattleRobin

    Hope you had a great day off, Kim! I’ve been house sitting for my aunt who lives in another part of the state for the last week. So I’ve been having a lovely holiday myself, listening to the nearby cows moo and watching hawks fly overhead. The only drawback to doing this as opposed to staying in a hotel is I have to do the cleaning and there’s no room service. (grin)

  6. Nervous

    Happy Columbus Day.

    I figure there’s no appropriate or on-topic way of bringing this up so I’ll just do it here, embarrassing as it is for me to behave as a silly/blatant fan of your work publicly and telling you things I’m sure you’ll find redundant and unnecessary. I’m half hoping you won’t acknowledge this purely because I’m blushing as I write this. Heh.

    I started reading the Hollows when I was in my mid-teens, just as I finished reading the Anita Blake series (the first urban fantasy genre I’ve ever read). I was wary because Anita Blake started off enjoyable and turned ridiculous so I was predisposed to fearing anything of that genre. Not a good mindset but I started reading DWW and found myself begrudgingly enjoying the plot – until the Ivy/Rachel pairing was hinted at. That got my hackles up mainly because I myself am a gay woman and well… I was basically worried you were introducing it to titillate (and frustrate) readers. But I read the second book in the hopes that you would actually kill the relationship (haha I’m sure this was unexpected of me as a member of the LGBT community). You didn’t do that, I got extremely angry and refused to read any of the other books – I can be very mature and cool headed that way.

    I kind of forgot about your work after that and stuck to reading textbooks and classics for about three or four years. Then last month I accidentally looked up WWBC on amazon and looked through the message boards where one reader was complaining about the relationship between Ivy/Rachel. Honestly, I laughed cynically over the fact that you kept it going at all. Us gay women don’t have much going for us in the media, so we don’t take things with a grain of salt, we bathe in it lol But then it struck me as stupid that while you were offending people uncomfortable with homosexual undertones you were offending me too. And people kept talking about it as if you were taking it seriously. Hell they were taking it seriously. So I signed out the other books and read them.

    I enjoyed them greatly. The plot is well done in both pace and intricacy, the characterizations are thorough and I’m fascinated by the theories and societies you’ve created for mythological creatures. I went from tentatively accepting what you’re doing with Rachel/Ivy to being downright damn surprised and shocked. I don’t mind the men you introduce either, some of them are interesting and fun (I’m sorry I can’t take Peirce seriously as either a threat or love interest at the moment hahaha). Poor Kisten, I actually liked him a lot. I ended up buying them because I need to refresh my memory for future novels.

    I know there are other gay women who are disappointed that you haven’t had them fall in love and you aren’t promising anything. And the only reason why I’m not hiding this post in some forgotten thread instead of posting here where it might be seen is because I want to say this: Whatever you decide to do (or wherever the story decides to take you) you did an awesome job just taking things seriously. Even if Rachel ends up with some man the fact that you had the – ahem – spine, to try something so scary for many authors is amazing. It’s pathetic that I still have to find it amazing after all this “progress” over human rights, but it’s still amazing nonetheless. We’re obsessed with perfection because so many depictions of same-sex female relationship are done so horrifically. You took us seriously and I think that’s more important now than having them get under the sheets (not that I’d complain).

    So I’ll end this ridiculously long and rambling post. Opening up and venting is not something I usually do so forgive me if this was inappropriate. I eagerly await the next book. I guess I just generally wanted to encourage you, lame as this was lol

    Right, so I’m back to feeling awkward and ineloquent. I should post this now before I lose my courage. Sorry for the massive length.

    Thank you for the books.

    • Marsha

      Nicely written. I love Rachel and Ivy and can’t wait to see what “life” holds for them. I’m not a gay woman, and their relationship has never bothered me; sorry to here that it does bother others.

    • Hi Marsha. If I wrote only to please, I’d be writing See Spot Run. Whether it bothers some people or not, it is what it is. 😉

    • Lurker

      Good comments 🙂
      I think Kim has done a very good job with them in that respect so far, but then again I’m neither female nor gay so I could be completely wrong. Just my opinion 🙂

      However, as much as I would love to see them together (and I really do think it is best for both of them and the series), at this point I think that they need to make a decision about their relationship one way or another because they are both dangerously close to stopping growth. In the last book, events happened that appeared to do just that, but I get the distinct impression that is really wasn’t. At all.

      Past the third book, one can come very close to calling exactly what will happen in their encounters and the aftermath of it. That isn’t good for either character or the health of the series. But, I’m a reader not a writer – and it is Kim’s universe anyway. 🙂


    • Hi, Lurker.

      To me, the series is over when Rachel finds her happy ending. It might be with Ivy. It probably won’t be, but it might. When the series got extended, it was either slow things way down, or kill Ivy. Right. Like _that_ was going to happen. So things slowed down. Pretty much stopped. As a writer, I’ve been enjoying the chance to let both Rachel and Ivy take a break from each other and explore their options. It feel real to me, and the payoff, whatever it will be, will feel that much more solid. –Kim

    • SeattleRobin

      Nicely said.

    • Hi, Nervous. 😉 Thank you for your post. You bet I’m taking this seriously, and I would be angry with myself if I didn’t treat this relationship with respect. I have never been so shocked as when Ivy crawled over that table and almost bit Rachel in that first book. It wasn’t planned. None of it was. And that’s why I have to see where it goes, as it goes, with love and understanding. I have some ideas as to how this is going to end, but until I get there, I won’t know myself. It might not be the ending you would write yourself, but it will be one with respect and love.

      Thank you for your trust. That means a lot to me.

  7. Gwendalla

    I hope you have a great holiday Kim. I like Thanksgiving and adore Halloween but with all the snow we are getting here it feels more like Christmas! It’s a little sad for me since I like to celebrate Halloween all month but it’s the perfect day to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

    • Snow, huh, Gwendalla? I’m not ready for the cold weather yet. You have a great Thanksgiving, too. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing myself this year . . . –Kim

  8. Good day to catch up on some reading.

  9. Marsha

    Whoopie! It quit raining, for awhile at least. I’m heading to a local farm that has some great buys on pumpkins, corn and all kinds of fall/halloween goodies for decorating. Enjoy your extra day. For me, Halloween starts the Holidays, not Thanksgiving.

  10. suzannelazear

    I wish I had the day off. But I’ll have far too much free time soon enough. The economy sucks. LOL. And here I thought fundraising was recession-proof LOL. The tot and the hubby are painting today and planting more stuff. But it actually feels like fall today. I had to did out the box with the tot’s winter clothes so she had something to paint in other than her good jeans for school “jeans day” (usually they wear uniforms.)

    We had an amazing time at the huntington gardens Saturday. We went to the children’s garden, the rainforest, the Chinese and Japanese gardens, the rose garden, the herb garden (the tot’s favorite), the lilly ponds, and the desert garden (and we missed *a lot* of stuff.) They were even having a plant sale and I let her buy two plants, she choses mint and lavander. I have a little gardner on my hands, lol. But my dad’s the same way.

    I hope you had a great weekend and have a good day off.

    ~Suzanne and the tot

    • Hi, Suzanne. To be honest, I can’t take a day off this week. I’m heading out to the ARCANA conference on Thursday, and I’m trying to get a few things done beforehand. It sounds like you and the tot had fun at the gardens! That is wonderful. Mint and Lavander. Sounds like she grows with her nose. 😉 –Kim

  11. Hi Kim,

    My husband, myself and daughter love your books. Is there a new book coming out on Rachel, Ivy and Jenks soon. We are finding ourselves in withdrawal.

    Many hugs,

    • Hi, Carolyn. There sure is! February 23rd is the drop date for BLACK MAGIC SANCTION. I’m so glad that you and your family are enjoying the series. Thank you! I bet that makes for interesting dinner conversation sometimes. (grin) –Kim

  12. Rebecca B

    Have a good and “productive” day off the page! We had the transmission go out in the hub’s old Pontiac, so I’m doing chauffeur dutty. (Hoping the new preowned chariot doesn’t take long to find.) Have a good one, all!

  13. srettagliata

    Yay for holidays! I’m in desperate need, but I’m afraid I won’t be having one for a good long while. Enjoy your day off for me, too!

    • Actually, I didn’t take a holiday from my office, just the post page. I didn’t get out till almost nine, but that was my own fault. I got on a roll, and wanted to finish something. –Kim

    • Sebrina

      Ah, but you spent your day doing something I love: writing. I on the other hand spent the day learning about One-Way Between Groups ANOVA, and different Intelligence theories. Okay, the second part was awesome, and I got my geek on, but the first bit so isn’t my strong point. I’m more qualitative than quantitative.

  14. sweetiebuttercup

    I went and did that Gravatar thing. I used a picture of my spoiled cockapoo Bra’tac. :oD

  15. Mudepoz

    LOL, see you on Saturday if you aren’t surrounded by your other groupies 🙂
    I got to watch Chi’s running teacup agility and thought of your pups. Curled up in your office. Nyah.