And somedays, it all falls into place

If you read yesterday’s post, you will know that I was having a bit of motivational trouble with something Al wanted to do.  I think I spent about twenty hours on this chapter, trying a few things until I pulled an element from each “version” and melded it into something I liked.  Al is Al.  Rachel is Rachel.  It’s all good.  It was an unexpected slowdown that I tend to get impatient with myself with.  I’m getting better at taking them in stride and playing with them to see what happens.

And the payoff?  OMGOSH!  Once I got past this point, I fell in love with this book all over again.  I wrote the rough draft almost a year ago, and then set it aside like I always do, already knowing that this was going to be one of my favorites, but then I get back into it, and it’s like, wow.  I was going to quit yesterday at about six, but I got caught up and didn’t stumble out of my office until almost eight.  Yeah.  It’s got a big rollercoaster end.  I’m back to the happy endings, baby!  Whoo-hoo!

This was not meant to be a teaser, but somedays are better than others.

Have a great weekend, guys, and see you Monday!



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  1. Kat

    Hi Kim~I am glad that you sorted it out and that you are happy with the outcome. I think sometimes because Al has become such a likable character we forget that he is an amoral demon. I have to remind myself of the awful things that he did without a second thought when killing the witches. Since he is an amoral being…he does not think killing humans is evil. This is just my take on it and I of course could have it completely wrong.

  2. I cannot wait to read this next book! I sometimes think that in the end Al will become decent and there will be a romance between him and Rachel heheh…Weellll….Anything goes!

  3. Tine


    I read you post a while back about reading all of your books since you had not done that before. It inspired me to go back and re-read them as well. I now only have one burning question…when did Jenks stop having 54 kids to only now have close to 4 dozen? What happened to 6+ kids?

    • Hi, Tine.

      Thanks! I’m glad you’re enjoying the reread. I don’t always use exact numbers, so saying “close to four dozen” is close enough to me for 54. There are a lot of other, genuine errors in there. I’m sure if you look hard enough, you will find them. Happy hunting! –Kim

    • Tine

      Hi Kim;

      I have happily ignored the errors that you say are in the stories, I was just worried that I had missed something about the kids other than Jih and Janx.

  4. Linda (germany)

    Gosh Kim. That sounds great.
    I love Al. Well, sometimes. Sometimes I could kill him and somethimes I could marry him. 😉

    I’m reading book 6 again and I have to say it’s one of my favorite beginnings. Rachels mum reminds me soemtimes of my own mum.
    And I love these scene when Rachel is sitting on the pooltable and realise what Ivy has done on it. She’s like a lillte girl when she is ashamed.

    Have a great weekend, too. 🙂

  5. Brian

    Speaking of Al, my comment centers around him. In the spirit of Halloween I am currently watching Silence of the Lambs. This is my second viewing of it. And it just hit me that Agent Starling is very much like Rachel Morgan. Lost her father at a young age. Wanted to become like him; joins the police and moves on to something bigger. Then of course there is Al. Al is very much like the dear Doctor Lecter. He enjoys getting inside the head of his victims/summoners. I think he gets a certain joy out of seeing them affected by him, simply because he finds letting someone into your head is trivial. He enjoys being other people, wants to be others in order to inspire fear into them. And, just like Hannibal, he knows the value of information and seeks it out, holding onto it until such times as it could benefit him.

    Just thought that it was amazing that there were so many parallels that I had never noticed before.

    • Hi, Brian. OMGosh, you are so right! I never noticed, but you’re right! Now I’m kind of squeeamy! –Kim

    • Brian

      NOOOOOO! Don’t be squeeamy. I just hadn’t picked up on it until I saw the movie again the other night. I think that it’s amazing you have a character that can parallel Lector while holding his own as an individual character. Al rules!

  6. Jeannie

    Sorry, I didn’t realize that was going to be soo long. But I forgot something. I received the Gazette, it was a blast. I hope Rachel slaps that reporter or maybe Jenks can puts slimey slugs in his slippers. Thanks Guy!!

  7. Jeannie

    Glad you were able to fix your problem with something that makes you happy. Al doing something despicable does not surprise me, but I bet Rachel’s reaction will. My friend and I are still listening to your books, we are on FOC (yummy Kist). He listens first then I pick them up and listen after, fun to have another person(besides my daughter) to talk to about them. I do have a question, how long after the book comes out does the audio version come out? Or do they come out a the same time? I seen WWBC came out paperback-it doesn’t have a short story at the end that wasn’t included in the hardcover does it? I also looked at the covers for Germany and UK. I loved Germany’s, how appropriate-my minds eye. I have been so flabergasted(in a good way) that you have been teasing us with book 9, when I can hardly wait for book 8, that I couldn’t even respond to the blogs- I didn’t know how to comfort myself or anyone else on here. haha But now that I tamped my excitement down to a managable level, I can join everyone again. Lastly, thank you for taking the time to keep contact with us on here, I for one really appreciate and enjoy it. Although I was n’t much help with your fork in the road(no writers mind here), I hope everyone elses encouragement helped you-if nothing more than for a sounding board. I’ll do better next time. lol Have a great weekend, I hope you get time to relax a little.

    p.s. I seen that you said you couldn’t see Rachel and Trent becoming romantic-I hope you change your mind, they are so fun together.

    • Hi, Jeannie. Very cool that you’re listening to the audio versions. I’m glad you’re all enjoying them. Thanks! They usually release the audio and the paper, and the electronic all at the same time. WWBC won’t have a short in the mass market, no. I got too much flack, and it wasn’t worth people griping at me for. Imagine that. A writer getting flack for writing. (mmm)

      Keeping in touch with you guys has been a true pleasure. I hope I can continue to do so for a long time yet to come.


  8. Stephenie

    Ok… Happy endings are fantastic! But I’m not going to have a good nights sleep again until I can tell my family when they need to go out and buy me book 8! Much less book 9! Sometimes I wonder if I set my head against the computer and yell “POWER OF OSMOSIS!” if your books will just stream into my brain.
    May I also thank you for taking the time out of your life to answer all of us? It is such a rewarding experience being able to kind of ‘be a piece of furniture in your weird life,’ to quote Juno. If I ever manage to publish my novels I hope I’m able to do the same thing for whoever might enjoy my work.

    • Hi, Stephenie. The power of osmosis! I love it. Wouldn’t that be nice. (grin) That Juno quote is like the one my family has about wanting to be a fly on someone’s wall. 😉 I hope you keep working on your novels. It’s not easy, but when it comes together . . . wow. –Kim

  9. Jo

    Not a teaser – really? Mm-Hmmm Ms. Kim 🙂 Happy endings are good. Happily anticipating the next book. Happy to read that all is going well. Happy to see that you are excited about the book again. Okay I’ll stop that now. October is turning out to be interesting all over it seems. Happy weekend to you, Happy weekend to you! (couldn’t help myself)

  10. great, im soo glad youre ghetting through the chaters because im dying to find out what happens next !! im hoping that to see more progress with ivy and rachel, i mean dang the tension is killing me, u and ur cliff hangers ;p lol. oh and i just the saw the book cover art a few mins ago and i loved it, i hated the hair though, i wanting to see the famous mass of unruly curly hair . have a great weeken Kim

  11. Great, Kim. Glad you got out of that slump. 😀 You have a great weekend too! I may go buy some more books! 😀 And a few bookshelves. LOL.

  12. Phil

    I knew you’d work it thru, Kim! 😉 It was fun tho for us trying to “help” you thru it (grin) and getting everyone’s opinion of Al. He’s still a baddie I’m guessing no matter if we like him.

    Hope you have a relaxing weekend now that you’re on a smooth track with book nine. 🙂


  13. carrissa

    Im super excited for book 8 to come out but this post makes me want to read book nine like today hehehe have a wonderfull weekend kim =]

    • Hi, Carrissa. OMGosh, book nine is my favorite. It really is. But what I like and what readers like isn’t always the same, so it’s one book at a time. You have a great weekend, too! –Kim

  14. Thursday

    I’ve got to say that you really threw me for a loop on the last surprise you brought into your books. The “Candy”, if you know what I mean, really kind of shocked me! I haven’t been that surprised since the Ceri intro! To be honest i felt the same as Jenks did about the “Candy” at first then I remembered the possibilities for it to get Rachel in and out of even more trouble! So I’m bracing myself for the next surprise! I can’t wait! You are made of Awesome!!!

    oh PS, I find my reactions to what Al does a mix of “Omg! That was so mean!” and “Omg that was friggin’ awesome!” most of the time its both at the same time! Sometimes I yell at the book going “No Al! Bad Al!” hahaha

    PSS, I wont know the sex of my baby untill the 18th of oct!

    • Hi, Thursday. Candy is dandy, but it’s giving me trouble even now. I don’t know what’s going to happen there. Something kind of slipped sideways in this last book, but that’s okay. I’ve got something cooking. Oh, Crap! You almost made me drop another teaser! 😉

  15. Chrisy

    You know it’s very cool to see or read about your excitement. Looks like a very cool job to me. Although I want to travel a lot. And I think I am as creative as… I dunno… as a waterbottle or something. Huh… *does thinking* Have a great weekend. Vacations for me so I’m happy. 🙂 – Chrisy

  16. Marsha

    Great! I love happy endings. I read the post yesterday but couldn’t think of a thing to say that might help you, but you worked it through yourself. Hope you have a great weekend…we get Monday off! (happy dance)

  17. suzannelazear

    Yay! I love it when stories do that, lol. Tomorrow is “sleep in fun day,” LOL. What are you going to do? I promised the tot that if we have the car then I’d take her to the Huntington Gardens. They have some amazing gardens including a kids garden where they can touch, smell, and get really wet, a Japanese garden, and so much more (I can’t remember, lol.). I haven’t taken her in ahwile and since she loves gardening so much I thought she might like it, lol. Maybe we’ll even have tea in the rose garden…

    Happy Weekend!

    ~Suzanne and the tot

  18. Frotee

    Aaarrrg the suspense *faints*
    … I’m glad you came to a conclusion that works so well with you Kim 🙂
    Greetings, Carina

  19. Lurker

    Usually, the harder the puzzle is, the better the payoff. 🙂
    Speaking of puzzles, I’m wondering if we are going to get answers to some of the questions posed in the books that you threw in them and have yet to answer! I’m with mud on this one, such the tease!

    • Hi, Lurker.

      I’m with you on the puzzle issue. We will be getting some answers, but nothing is fast, and I’ve got a couple of new questions to take their place. Ah well. –Kim

  20. Kylie Ru

    Woohoo! So was it like the invention of chocolate chip cookies?

    Anyway, have a fun weekend!

  21. Antonio Rich


    That’s a relief. I was so worried that you wouldn’t be able to finish your chapter…


    Seriously – It is so cool to get a peek into your creative process. It made me think a little bit about Al and the Demons. And, it was interesting what everybody else thought about Al as well…Hope the weekend went well! I’ll be in Cincinnati tomorrow actually (Sawyer Pointe) for a charity thing…B Good.

  22. I am most definitely no teased, no i am not. Rachel is Rachel, Al is Al, and all is well with the world. Except for not-teased fans.

  23. Shanda

    Whatever Al did is already sounding pretty juicy and we won’t see it for 2 years LOL! The Outlaw Demon Wails is still my favorite RM book up to this point. I loved how we finally got a small piece of the culture that greatly intrigues so many of us: Demons. White Witch, Black Curse, while a good character development arc, was too much of a slowdown for me. I hope the next book, Black Magic Sanction picks up the pace!

    • Daniel

      White Witch, Black Curse is my favorite so far. Different strokes for different folks….

    • Antonio Rich

      ODW is my favorite too. I think A Fist Full Of Charms is Kim’s favorite(until this ninth book, that is)…I need to start re-reading the series – Black Magic Sanction is only 4+ months away!

    • Hi, Shanda. It’s awful, isn’t it, how long it takes to get these out? Sigh. Part of that is my fault, though. I write them early and let them sit for a long time. –Kim

  24. Greg

    I’m with mud on this here we are being good waiting for book eight and your teasing us with book nine bad kim 😉 I thing we deserve a small peek now for that have a great weekend

  25. How wonderful that you finally worked through a tough time to come out on the other end rejuvenated and happy with your work. Well done. Here’s hoping you have more successess like that. We all benefit in the end. Thank you!

  26. N O T meant to be a teaser. Uh huh.
    You sure you weren’t Gypsy Rose Lee in a previous life? 🙂 Happy Weekend!

  27. Kristin

    Can’t wait until it comes out!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sure it will be great and you know Kim not everything in life has a happy ending… Even though it shouldn’t life sometimes plays means tricks on you, but it always works out in the end… Anyhoo thanks for the teaser and have a Happy Friday!!!