Polish Edition just out

DWW Polish EditionThis morning, I found this little gem in my mailbox thanks to my Polish translator.  (Thank you, thank you!)  I don’t think she was impressed with the short hair that the cover artists gave Rachel, but I kind of like it.  (grin)  This came out in about two weeks ago, and the reviews are good, but mixed as usual.  Rachel is a different kind of girl, and she takes a little getting used to.  (laugh)  I’m told they went with the title,  BRING ME THE WITCH’S HEAD, that goes with the movie “A Man for All Seasons”, that translated in Poland as “Here Is the Traitor’s Head”. 

I am impressed with the attention that went into the title, and I’m happy. 

So here is the new cover.  You’re the first to see it as I’ve not yet got it up at the website.  Enjoy!


P.S.  Rain is gone, and the windows are open.  It’s warm behind the front, and windy.  It’s like Winnie The Pooh and the Blustery Day out there.  Dead tree limbs crashing down everywhere, but I like it.


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74 responses to “Polish Edition just out

  1. SeattleRobin

    I like the Polish cover. The cover design and title are really good compared to a lot of the foreign editions. Author Vonda McIntyre claims to have had the worst foreign cover ever for her book Dreamsnake (Droomlang in Dutch). It was a completely naked woman lying down in the desert sand. The book didn’t have anything to do with completely naked women, in or out of sand.

    The new Hollows cover looks greally great. I love the gargoyle. But there’s too much boobage. Good for marketing I know, but it bugs me since it’s not right.

    I just got done watching Two Mules for Sister Sara on TV. Of course it made me think of the Hollows book titles. 🙂

    • Hi, Robin.

      Ouch. That is a bad cover. I would be really upset, but I don’t have any say at all on my foreign edition covers. Actually, I feel lucky when I can find them on line. No one generally tells me about them, which is kind of sad. That’s why I appreciated it so much when my translator volunteered the information yesterday. There is care here, and it makes me feel like my work is appreciated, and I appreciate that in turn.

      Oh, about the boobage? I’m _not_ complaining. One of my author friends got a truly boob-a-licious cover for her next release. I’m sure it’s going to sell a lot of copies, but mine is tame in comparison. –Kim

  2. crimson-crimps

    about this cover….

    I also think that it looks like her hair is taken back in a ponytail, or somethink… and pleeeasee don´t cut Rachel´s hair… cause I´m waitiing for that few sentenses describing Rachel´s hair covering her eyes and moved by ” the wind that always semms to blow in the ever- after” and that she´s worried abaut her hair (whiile standing next to a demon…). After readyng all of your books of the hollows series I´m really waiting to read this sentences like waiting for a runninggag…

    eehm… what did I wanted to say?…. yeah, cutting Rachel´s hair would be a possibility to get rid of thr frizz (this really works, I know cause I´m a curly read head myself and had it reaaally short 5 years ago..) and Rachel could be thinking something like… that it was such a good idea to cut her hair because finally getting rid of the frizz and straitening charms to hide the waves and curles… and this could start a new running gag… I LOVE this frizz!!!
    Rachel was the first cool charekter I´ve heard and read of with her like this- hair like mine- whome was really cool (usally charekters with hair like tbat are kind of nerds and geeks … or maybe it´s just like that in europe?)
    … and I don´t remember who said it, but yeah, the polish title is waaayyyy more creative like the german ones… oh, ehm , I have to runn know, I´m really late after writing this much… I have´t meant to write this much when I startet…

    kizz- kizz!

    • Hi Crimson. Rachel’s hair is like her relationships. I can’t control them, and she does what she wants. So is her hair. I tried cutting it once, and it grew back long. I like it when she braids it out of the way, because then little stray pieces tickle her neck, but I don’t script her hair. It does what it does. (grin) –Kim

    • crimson-crimps

      hmmm… heyy- it´s kinda cool to think of it that way, that she isn´t under sonme kind of control…
      naaa, and short hair isn´t that bad- i liked it- but you always have to stye it somehow- it lookt too bad when you don´t..

  3. James From Cincy

    I’m not terribly impressed with that cover myself. Rachel looks like a female Michael Myers IMO

    Speaking of Halloween, have you seen “Trick R Treat” yet? This is the greatest horror movie I’ve seen in a long time.

  4. Marsha

    I’m not too crazy about the Polish cover-I think Rachel looks too tough and not “girlie” enough. Where is our Rachel who thinks tube tops, leather pants and vampire designed boots are everyday clothes?

  5. Ember

    I think Rachel looks more like trouble and a rebel on this cover, I kinda like it. As for her hair, it’s really cool, but I still prefer the long, though she looks more likely to kick your butt here!

  6. Chrisy

    Languages rule! .. What do I get if I read one of your books in french?

  7. Greg

    If that’s the cover for the next book that I think jemma put up it looks totally sweet and I can’t wait to get it

  8. sarah

    I though rachel had short hair in the book where Al cut it in a fit of rage. I remember she said it tickled the tops of her shoulders when she turned her head.
    How many books do you have published Kim? Not just the hallows books.

    • Antonio Rich

      I think she tried to cut it shorter herself, but then she took a curse to turn into a wolf and BAM! her long, frizzy hair was back…Of course, she got clearer skin and her teeth were in better shape – so, not a bad trade-off.

    • Antonio has it right, Sara. She had it short for a while, but then she went wolf, and it came back as long.

      I’ve got six books out under the Dawn Cook name, (traditional fantasy) and then the seven Hollows books. There are some anthologies in there, too. –Kim

  9. Antonio Rich

    I’ve always like Olivia Wilde(tv’s House) for the part of Ivy in a “someday, maybe Hallow’s movie.” But, I’ve always really liked Zoe Saldana(movie:Star Trek) as well. What do you think?


  10. I love the cover! 😀 It’s so cool when one’s work is translated. 😀

    • Thank you, Tyhitia. I think so too. I used to say I liked my work being better traveled than I was, but now I’d like to see the places that my work is shelved and meet the people who read them. –Kim

  11. Phil

    I really like the Polish cover, Kim. I kinda like the short hair tho i probably shouldn’t mention that to my girlfriend, hers is shoulder-length. 😉

    It’s so windy here this morning, kinda like hurricane type winds so if you like dead tree limbs crashing down as you said you did, well as long as they don’t come crashing down on anyone’s head … 🙂 ~Phil

  12. suzannelazear

    Love it.

    From the tot files “mommy, is tomorrow sleep-in-fun-day?”
    Me: “So, sorry, tomorrow is Wednesday, you have to go to school.”
    tot: “Is the day after tomorrow sleep-in-fun-day?”
    Me: “Nope, sorry. That’s a school day too.”
    tot: “Well can we just stay home and *say* it’s sleep-in-fun-day?”
    hehehehe, sounds good to me…

    ~Suzanne and the tot

  13. Kat

    Hey Kim! I really like it! Thanks for treating us.

    I loved the pic of your dogs from yesterday. Soooo cute! My son would love a chi, but he’s allergic so we have to look into poodles.

    I received my Hollows Gazette over the weekend….so funny! That reporter really does not like Rachel!

    • Hi, Kat. Thanks! I’ll be sure to let Guy know you liked the Gazette. He loves putting those together. I hope you have good luck with the poodle. Don’t get a standard if you don’t like big dogs. They are HUGE! –Kim

  14. Antonio Rich

    I’ve had this reoccuring vision: Rachel entering a crowded church in a beautiful dress off the shoulders, freshly shorn, very short hair, and accompanied by hundreds of gargoyles and pixies…That Polish cover reminded me of it again…

    The first 2 Kim HARRISON books i bought were Sci Fi book club omnibus editions w/first 4 novels. What do you think of those covers? Dead Witches Tell No Tales has Ivy and Rachel on cover…Ivy looks SCARY.

  15. Jemma

    Okay, so I just went and did a google search for your covers to see if I could find a slightly larger version of the polish one and came across this.

    Um, is this the cover for the next book and if so, have YOU officially shown it to us yet or is this as odd for me to find as I think?

    • Antonio Rich

      Kinda busty for Rachel…But, me likey…

      Looks like Viccki Peterson!

    • Phil

      i just checked that site, Jemma, very cool!! Rachel … i’m assuming that’s Rachel, looks fantastic … deadly AND sexy!! 😉

    • Antonio Rich

      Jemma. That cover is NOT up on amazon here in the states, so i have a feeling Kim is going to take that down pretty soon…

      Bad Jemma! (Grin)

    • Phil

      I hope Kim keeps it, Antonio … Rachel looks like one bad a** witch on this cover!!

    • Jemma

      Hey man, it’s not my blog. I didn’t post it, I just found it. lol

    • Kat

      Love it. Thanks for posting.

    • Sabrina

      Hmmm, nice one. Too busty, that’s right, but that tummy looks great! And we finally see a face. If that’s going to be the next cover i reaaaaly like it.

    • Marsha

      Oh I like this one much better. She looks more like our sexy Rachel with the long legs and of course boots.

    • Jemma, you bad girl you! I wasn’t ready to release that, but since it’s out there and I’m tired of taking it down, I’m going to leave it and have a party later. (grin) –Kim

  16. Jemma

    I’m impressed with that cover. I’m not too bothered about them giving Rachel shorter hair even though in a perfect world it would be completely acurate but I feel like they did a good job on her body, i.e. giving her a small chest as described in the books and not making it bigger for marketing purposes. Also that is great they tried to make the title fit with how you title the U.S. books.

  17. about 4.456 km 😉

  18. Hm, her hair might be just back. I like it, then again, my stylist charges me big bucks to make mine look like that. Go figure:) Stylist is Turkish…how far from Poland IS Turkey?
    Dead fall is good, Ma nature’s way of pruning!
    Off with her head! Um, no, uh, that would be The Queen in Alice in Wonderland or sumthing… nevermind.

  19. Thursday

    oh yeah I’m going in today to see what my gender my second child is! Wooo hooo! I can’t wait!

  20. Thursday

    it looks like she has her hair in a braid or something from the small pic you gave. Maybe it’s not short! Please don’t cut her hair Kim! What would we do without the frizz!! All hail the Frizz!

    • Kat

      you’re right…It does look like a braid or low pony tail from that picture. I did not notice it until you mentioned it. Let us know about the baby!

    • Hi, Thursday. You know, you could be right there. Long, just pulled back. Long live the frizz!

    • Janis

      I’ve been fighting with frizzy red hair for my entire life, and trust me on this one: Short or long, the frizz won’t go away if you WANT it to! Not without copious amounts of hair goo, anyway. +^_^+

  21. Maria

    I like the cover AND the title and well, it fits – if you knew how the majority of the Polish female population looks like, you would totally agree with the cover. Change the hair to blonde and it would look just like my sister-in-law (who’s polish) .. which reminds me to recommend it to her 😉

    It’s a lot more creative than the German translation!

  22. lisa mulder

    I’m not liking the Polish cover either. I think Rachel looks better with longer hair. I know nothing about the writing business. It seems authors have no say in what their covers are going to look like. That would drive me nuts. How much say do you have in it?

    • Hi, Lisa.

      Authors that have a smaller publisher have a better chance of having a say in the covers, but really, I like this cover! For me, I usually have quite a bit of say in the US covers, and zero in the foreign editions. –Kim