Because you’ve seen enough spiders

Enough with the spiders, right?  Here’s a picture of my two dogs, Aleix and Xander in the sun.  Something fuzzy and warm to make up for the snakes and crawlies.  (grin)

Aleix and Xander

It’s raining again today, which I like.  It seems to dampen my pace and slow me down a little, not depressing me, but just giving my work pace a well-needed downshift.  unfortunately it’s a little too chill outside to have my window open too, or I would listen to it as well.

I also passed a milestone this weekend, though it won’t be official until the 14th when I go pick the last two up.  I will soon have a picture on my wall of each original cover of each original title.  Oddly enough, it was my more recent covers that were framed and matted first, several of them gifts from my editor.  I think the Dawn titles were slower in getting on my wall not because they were any less of a commercial success (I’m still fricken proud of them.) but because money was tighter when they came out and I was more inclined to buy a new printer or tower.  Come the 14th, though, the Princess books will take their rightful place to either side of the Truth books, and it will be official.  It’s a quiet satisfaction.  Kind of like the rain.



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43 responses to “Because you’ve seen enough spiders

  1. Denise

    OOO very cute! And I love that you have your Truth and Princess books up! I LOVE the Princess books and I am really really bummed that you are not writing in that world at this point. It is such a fantastic story and such a great world and it ended with so many more things I wanted to know I was just sure there was another one out there so I’m sad that there isn’t!
    I finally got hold of a copy of the first Truth books and am looking forward to that story.

    • Thanks, Denise. I’m sorry too, that I’m not going to be continuing the Princess books. There was a lot of things I could have done there. Ah well. Maybe some day. I hope you like the Truth books. They are a different kettle of fish compleatly! –Kim

  2. Sharon T

    Hi, you’re dogs are so adorable. The brown one looks similar to my George! He is a daschund/chi mix.

    Pic of George.

  3. Scott S, Clovis CA

    It’s good you’re putting your covers up — a “wall of fame” as it were. You’ve invested a significant portion of your life in birthing those books and if you should have a time here or there where you feel uninspired, just look at your wall and remember all that you’ve done so far . . . and know that there is much more of the same within to bring forth.
    My inspiration (which is taped across the top of my monitor) is the most important ten two-letter word sentence: If it is to be, it is up to me.

    • Hi, Scott. That’s exactly what it is. I’ve also caught myself using them as a memory trigger for what happened in any given book. 😉

      I like your inspiration. A lot.


  4. Hi Kim!

    Aleix and Xander are such sweeties. How old are they, and are they littermates?

    I hope you’ll post a picture of your cover wall soon. Do the covers include the front, back and flaps (HC), or just the front?

    • Hi, Hapalochlaena. Aleix is about two, and Xander is just over one. They are not littermates, but they did come from the same breeder. (I think . . .)

      I’ll see what I can do about a picture of my cover wall when I get the last ones up. I only had the cover art framed, not the back and flaps.


  5. What you need now Kim is a picture of all your framed covers, with a spider at the corner of the shot and your pups snuggled on the floor. That ought to cover it all for everyone!

  6. Jo

    They are soooo cute. It’s overcast here and threatening to rain, but around here you just never know. What inspires you the most as a writer? I went to an art show with my mom this weekend and I was just about overwhelmed with inspiration by some of the paintings. And congrats on the book covers. Thank you for continuing to give advice about writing. I have gotten inspired by some of your posts, again Thank You.


    • Thanks, Jo! My puppies keep me grounded.

      You asked what inspires me? Gosh, I don’t really know how to answer that. Just about everything, but I understand compleatly what you’re talking about. Being around creative people inspires me. That inspires me a lot. –Kim

  7. cris

    The puppies are soo cute! i have a chihuahua as well her name is Lady =]
    congrats on the covers and im really looking forward to the GN coming out ive pictured evry1 in my head for so long i cant wait to see them on paper

    • Hi, Cris. Give Lady a little scritch for me. 😉 I’m looking forward to the GN, too. We’re looking at about a year, now, but I’ll have little snippets for you far sooner. –Kim

  8. Susan H.

    Adorable pic of your furry babies!! Too cute!! Enjoy the rain and the chill in the air… it’s still stinking HOT and HUMID down here in sunny Florida! Blech!! :0)

  9. Marsha

    Very cute babies. I was the babysitter for my neighbor’s chihuahua this weekend. Like most dogs he attached himself to me for the entire stay, hard to type on a computer when you’re nearsighted and have alap full of dog. You should be proud of all your covers…may they take up all of your walls!

  10. Indy

    Hi Kim!!! Thanks for the puppy pics…much better. 🙂 Very cool on the covers. I was wondering, did you ever think about putting all the covers for the Hollows books on a poster. I was picturing the covers around the edges and like a picture of the fountain(more like an artist rendering) in the center. It would make an awesome print. Might be more doable with the material from the GN. A cool montage. Just thinking out loud.~Indy

    • Hi, Indy. I put them up just for you. (grin) That’s a good idea about putting a poster together. I don’t know exactly how that would work, seeing as I don’t have the rights for the artwork. I think it would have to come from the publisher. –Kim

    • Indy

      Thanks!!! Can never have too many puppy pics. 🙂 I thought the artwork was just part of the book like you bought it from them…interesting. Maybe the publisher could do it as a promotion for the Hollows.~Indy

    • That’s a great idea, Indy.

  11. Kylie Ru

    Oh, such cute puppies! I got 3 mini schnauzers. That’s way cool about the book covers!

    Sigh, I wish it was raining. Nope, we gots sunshine here in Az! [sarcasm] woohoo [/sarcasm]

    Oh, question! Um, what color is Al’s hair? I can’t remember and we don’t have the first book anymore. I keep picturing him with either blond or black.

    • Hi, Kylie. We have a neighbor with a schnauzer, and he’s very well behaved. Have fun in the sun today. I love the landscapes you have in AZ. Truly. Sigh

      You asked about Al’s hair. Funny you bring that up. I’ve never, ever given him a hair color, but I did say once that it was dark. Odd that. 😉 –Kim

  12. Chele

    Great about your covers! Hope you take a picture of the wall so we can see it. Thanks for moving on away from the spiders..though picture spiders aren’t so bad.. I don’t have to scream and stomp on them! 😉

  13. suzannelazear

    Yay on the covers! That’s very cool. So it is the original art or the cover mock-up (or whatever it’s called) or is some book out there naked…
    The hubby puts framed posters of his movies on the wall. The tot just colors on the wall.
    Have a great day!
    ~Suzanne amd the tot

    • Thanks, Suzanne. I’m pretty excited about it, too. For most of the pictures, I used cover flats, but for two of the Truth books, I had to sacrifice an entire book. Ah well . . .

      You have a great day, too! –Kim

  14. Antonio Rich

    Some characters have left the storyline permanently, and some have faded out of the current storyline, but i was wondering about Keasley (Leon Bairn). Given his past, i always thought he might play a part in a storyline before his character moves on or fades from the story…

    Do you have any plans for Keasley?

    • Hi, Antonio. Keasley? I’d like to see him come back, but he got kind of spooked when Rachel admitted she knew who he was, and he’s AWOL. We’ll see . . . –Kim

  15. Congratulations on getting the covers on the wall, Kim. I’m sure you’re more than proud. I’m happy for you. 😉

  16. Do Xander and Aleix (Different spelling, but what do I know, I name my dogs after Quarks) have costumes. I see a Zorro costume and perhaps a spider.

    Check your mail the next few days. It’s something I got with other things, and it is too perfect for you. It’s paper, so won’t take up any space at all…if you don’t want. In trade, if you’re ever close to Milwaukee for a signing…you can sign my new hardcover omnibus editions. Tall dude put my pb’s in the attic.

    • Hi, Mud. Xander would let me put a sweater on her, but every time I try with Aleix, she just stands in the middle of the floor and stares at me until I take it off, which is too bad because she’s kind of thin and could use the warmth. So no costume for either of them. 😉 I do get a scarf around Aleix’s neck some times, though.

      I’ll be watching my mailbox! –Kim

  17. Brandi

    Hey Kim! I know I dont post much, but I like keeping up with you (since you are one of my favorite authors!). I just wanted to pop in and say that I started a new series that had a review of yours on the cover, and I thought that was so cool! Not that I know you of course, but since you are so gracious with your blogs it seems like you are more real than other authors (I hope that makes sense). Anyway I just thought it was neat to see your review and it prompted me to try the series, which is really good so far! Its the Zodiac books by Vicki Peterson 🙂

    • Hi, Brandi. Oh! Vicki’s work is fantastic! You’re really going to like it. Enjoy! –Kim

    • Lurker

      Yes, that is a good series so far. I read or heard Kim talking about, so I picked them up and started reading. Good stuff. Like the Hollows better tho :)-

    • Brandi

      Yeah its hard to follow the Hollows for sure! I’m only on the 2nd one so far, but I picked up another series that Kim had reviewed but I cant remember the title right now….its about this lady who is half vampire half werewolf…I read the first one and liked it.

  18. trisha

    its raining here too i just got home from getting the kids on the bus and i am soaked lol so stay warm and dry

  19. Jessica S.

    Cute. We have 2 dogs too, but they are monsters! BIG dogs. I’m not really the dog person in the family, my mom is. I guess I’m antsy with dogs because I got bit by a little one when I was a kid when I was trying to play with it. It was an accident, but it still hurt and for some reason, I’m just nervous with strange dogs now. Even ours every now and then, especially when they get wild or round up–and they get like that a lot! 🙂

    • Gothar

      I got dog bit once was P.I.T.A. After that the dog was nice to me. I love dogs – I want to get a wiener dog but not the ideal dog for Canadian winters.

    • Hi, Jessica. I grew up with big dogs, and they are cool, but little dogs fit my lifestyle better these days. (shrug) –Kim