Hollows Gazette is out

This weekend, Guy sent out a Hollows Gazette, so if you’ve signed up for the newsletter and didn’t get it, check your spam folder!  😉  We send them out about four times a year, and the fliers out about twice as often as that.  It’s a great way to keep up with me if you’re not wanting to check the website frequently.  If you want to sign up, here’s the link.  Hollows Gazette  If you want the latest, email Guy and ask him!  (You won’t be on the mailing list, but you can see what the fuss is about. vampcharms at comporium dot net )

I had a great weekend, spending Saturday decorating for Halloween, and Sunday in the kitchen making sugar cookies in the shape of leaves and frosting them orange and red.  It’s starting to get cold at night, and I’m loving it.  Sigh.

Ms. Spider and eggs

I know most of you don’t like spiders, but I couldn’t resist taking this shot of my garden spider and her egg sack.  I don’t think they live through the winter, and Guy is going to move the sack as soon as he gets brave enough.  He does NOT want hundreds of little spiders on the deck  in the spring.


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  1. Chastity

    I have a spider just like that hanging out near my back door. We call him Spike the guard spider. He was at the front door and he scared the crap out of a friend of mine (I’ve never seen her run so fast!) and since I wouldn’t kill the ‘big bad spider’ she started using the back door, boy was she surprised when a few days later Spike showed up by the back door!!!! (HA HA) I think Spike might have a crush on my friend!!!

  2. cris

    hey kim let me first say i love the hollows =]
    i relate to Ivy the most and its comforting ive had a rough couple months and your books are like therapy for me so i thank you. but i signed up for the gazette and havent got it yet is there a time limit or did i just do it wrong?


    • Thank you, Carrissa! I’m so glad that you’re enjoying the Hollows and that you have found some healthy escapism there makes me feel good. Thank you.

      Mmmm. It might be that your name got in a little late or that your spam filter caught it. You should have gotten a confirmation email when you signed up. The newsletter will be coming to you under the email mlharrison at comporium dot net. If you still can’t find it, you can email guy at vampcharms at comporium dot net, and he’ll send you the latest and make sure you’re on the list.

  3. Barbara

    I don’t blame him for wanting to move the egg sack. I appreciate nature’s design but don’t want it staring me in the face when I exit out the back either. 🙂

    • That’s just the thing, Barbra. It’s right there in your face and over your head. We have a second door to get out on the deck with, but as soon as Ms. Spider is gone, that egg sack is being moved. –Kim

  4. Hi Kim 🙂

    How long did your spider take to weave her eggball? It looks perfectly spherical and I wonder if it’s soft to the touch.

    A skink came out to play yesterday morning, so I got the camera and took a few pictures. In the top photo there appears to be a profile of a nostril flap; I’ll have to do some research into whether 1) such a thing exists and 2) it closes.

    Will your sugar cookies last until Halloween? 😉

    • Hi, Hapalochlaena. It took her a night, and if I remember correctly, it’s soft at first, but it hardens as it ages. I’ll let you know when I move it.

      Wow, you take some majorly professional pictures! I like! And no, my cookies won’t last untill Halloween. I will have to make more using my pumpkin, ghost, and cat cutters. Jeez, now I’m sounding all domestic . . . 😉 –Kim

  5. Marsha

    Poor Guy…I hope you appreciate him. Any man who will move spiders and their sacs full of crawly offspring must truely love you! I love the “month of Halloween” as well. If the rain would stop things would be great. I baked this weekend too(apple spice cake and whoopie pies) because it was too ugly to do anything else, and I have a reputation to keep up with the neighborhood kids : )

    • Turst me, Marsha, I appreciate him, but I’ll likely be the one who actually moves it. We’ll see . . . 😉 Mmmm, I bake when it rains, too. Sounds good to me! –Kim

  6. Sara

    I’m not a blogger, and am not versed in the rules of replying to your post if it doesn’t involve the actual subject so please no one hang me for this!
    Am I a terrible person for feeling heart broken that there are no announced Dawn Cook books coming out? My poor local books store. I’ve been pestering them for years – like that will bring about the next book O.o

    • Hi, Sara. This is exactly the place to ask me, so you are good!

      You asked about no more Dawn Cook books? Yup. I’m afraid that is true. I might go back someday and write something with Dawn’s name on it if I write another epic fantasy under Kim and it flops (because Kim readers are looking for fast-paced urban fantasy) But we’ll see. I am lucky enough that I can write what moves me, and epic fantasy might move me again someday.

  7. Kylie Ru

    Yup, still not likin’ the spiders, but it saddens me that she won’t live to see her babies . . . but I guess that’s better than her gettin’ eaten by them, heh.

    I don’t know if I have leaf cookie cutters. But I rarely use cookie cutters, anyway. I do have a coyote, though!

  8. The tot planted pumpkins and cauliflower on Friday. She’s going to plant tomatos next. Her school has a garden and her class will be doing a project. Aparently Daisy scouts are all about gardening–good thing she likes gardening–and squirl chasing, lol.

  9. Jessica

    I don’t blame him! I’m not a fan of spiders either. That one looks huge! I’m surprised Guy didn’t spray it down dead! A nice way to decorate the deck for Halloween, with spider corpses. 😉

  10. Jenny

    About 30 minutes from where I live there is a town who every year has
    a Neewollah Festival (Halloween backwards). It’s something to keep kids off the streets and hopefully too busy to pull mischevious pranks. There is a parade , booths for food and crafts, entertainment and carnival rides.They pretty shut down the entire downtown area for it.Just a bit of Mid-west fun for Halloween lovers 🙂
    I have Christmas shaped cookie cutters and even a turkey shaped one, but no leaf shapes.I’ll have to keep an eye out for those.

    • Hi, Jenny. They do a lot of that where I live now, but when I grew up, it was wall to wall kids and deviltry.

      I love my leaf cookies. I make a batch of yellow frosting, and one red, and I swirl them together slightly before I frost my cookies, and they turn out really pretty. –Kim

  11. Chrisy

    Hmm.. did you first write those kind of books or had a fable for spiders, graveyards and stuff? Seems to me like there is a connection somewhere…

    • Hi, Chrisy. There is a fable about a spider saving a royal prince that sticks in my mind as the turning point for me in liking spiders. I think I was seven. 😉

  12. Greg

    Finally done with WWBC that was fun now to play the waiting game for the next. So I’m happy that she didn’t end up with Marshal I don’t know what it was but I never liked her with Nick or him. I also have always found that I liked Al but now I love who he’s turning in to he’s so cocky. Well have a great week kim now to go wait.

  13. Indy

    Ah Kim!!! No more scary spider. 😦 If you are posting animals/creatures, balance out the scary ones with some cute ones…like puppies or bunnies or even little frogs. :)~Indy

  14. Antonio Rich

    Hmmmm…didn’t get Gazette(maybe i signed up late – fri) and it wasn’t in spam folder either…

    It’s possible i didn’t sign up correctly. It HAS been an eventful weekend, what with travelling, sitting in the rain for four hours, the beer, giving my favorite author a second pen-name (I could see the benefits. People come into the bookstore looking for the newest Laurell K Hamilton and pick up the latest Kim Hamilton by mistake…Maybe you could try Kim Grisham or Charlaine Kimberly Harris as well…)

    • Antonio Rich

      Question: I know that flexible zip-strips(lined, i think, with silver) are used in the Hallow’s to secure magic users. I was wondering – would they work on Al or any other Demon? The reason i ask: I wonder with Rachel’s changing powers/blood if they are going to work on her in the future as well?

    • Hi, Antonio. Mmmm, I don’t know. I think it will negate their ability to reach a ley line, but magic that isn’t dependent upon being connected to a ley line would still work. Good question. I don’t know. –Kim

    • Hi, Antonio. If you still can’t find your gazette, you might want to make the following address one of your friends. mlharrison at comporium dot net That might smooth things out.

      Kim Grisham, eh? (grin) It has a nice ring to it.

  15. I have a bunch of very cute (I think) pics of my dogs in assorted costumes over the years. I’ll try to get them posted…you might enjoy them. I think I was a crackerjack box and the dog the sailor…in a real sailor suit I found in a thrift store…

  16. candace

    You truly are the only woman I know who really likes spiders!

    HOORAY for Halloween! I like the dressing up and the candy part of it. And that’s about it- I don’t visit haunted houses or anything like that because I scare very easily. But I’ve got my costume all put together! Now I just need to acquire a pair of fangs so I can be a vampire- I’m very excited, I haven’t been a vampire since I was in the third grade lol.

    • Hi, Candace. It’s not so much that I like them as it’s that I don’t dislike them. Well . . . okay. Maybe I do like them. My mother is to blame for that. 😉 Very cool on the costume prep. Be sure to take a picture for the contest! –Kim

  17. Corpse1001

    Hey Kim. We had one of those spiders make a web and egg sack on our front porch last year. It was a great chance to teach our son about spiders. Mamma will die with the first frost and the spiders won’t hatch until spring. We safely moved the egg sack to the small woods and river behind the house.

    Thanks, -Thom

    • Hi, Thom. See . . . I figured she was not going to make it past the frost, but now I know for sure. That’s great you moved the egg sack. Much better than squishing it. 😉 –Kim

  18. Hello Kim! Jenny from the UK here. I love, love, love your hollows gazette! And i was really suprised that you used one of the pictures i sent you last year. Its of my brother cousin and their friends. My brother feels very famous after that. So thank you. Im sure you didnt put it up on purpose, but im glad you did! That is one of my favorites of them. And with the spiders. I’ve never actually seen an egg sack that big! Geeze, i love spiders but i dont even think i could move that thing! Anyways, thanks again and enjoy your cool fall evenings. Jen UK

    • Hi, Jen. Thanks! I’ll tell Guy how much you liked it! Is that one of your pictures that I used? Cool! I picked one at random, not even knowing that. 😉 Tell you brother he’s famous. (grin) As for the egg sack? Yes, that is a big one. Yikes! –Kim

  19. Sebrina

    This year I’m doing something new to celebrate Halloween each day. Yesterday I took the train into York to see a couple friends, and gave them two plastic jack-o-lanterns filled with sour candy. They loved it! I’m kind of sad that Halloween isn’t bigger over here in England. My friend had gone trick-or-treating once in her life, and it wasn’t that great, because not many celebrate the holiday it seems. Not sure what I’ll do today. I think I might make some Halloween icons, or something of the like.

    Your sugar cookies sound great! Also? I want flaming bunny earrings.

    • Hi, Sebrina. That sounds like a cool idea, doing something Halloweeish every day of the month. I bet Halloween will become more popular as time goes on. (shrug) Till then, you can always enjoy the costumes that will show up here! –Kim

  20. Heya Kim, just wanted to drop in and tell you that I like the new Madison title. And Bunny earrings? How cute! You guy(s) are best! 😉 Really looking forward to the new year, new charms and new freebies! Here in Germany Halloween got kind of lost this year and I’m already in the mood for CHristmas- cookies and the tree. yay. Have a great monday *rofl* Aimée

    • Hi, Amy. Thanks! I’m looking forward to seeing it on the shelf already. Mmmm, don’t look for the earrings anytime soon. With the economic crunch, it wasn’t prudent to have something that expensive. Maybe in a few years. Have fun with the cookies! –Kim

  21. Dina

    I am most definitely not a spider/snake kind of girl! I will admit that picture made me cringe just a bit. Though I will say that I do enjoy pictures of them… if I saw anything that looked like that in or near my house it would be dead.

    On a side note: I love reading your blogs and spend every Friday/weekend catching up with what you’ve done through the week.

  22. Viv

    Great shot of the spider. We have several, large orb weavers hanging around the porch. Very Halloweenish

  23. Eewww! Kim, spiders are not suppose to be girls best friend. If I ever saw a spider that big up close I think I’d pack up and move to Antarctica. Although North Dakota’s temps lately kinda feel arctic. Hope your weekend was relaxing. :o)