And so the rewriting continues

Worked a little on the graphic novel yesterday, trying to fine-tune the character looks, (Ivy is being difficult) but mostly it was Rachel and Trent in her backyard discussing things in book nine.  I’m liking this book a LOT, but I find I’m in a quandary.  Over book eight, Trent and Rachel start to redefine their relationship.  (Relax, there are more kinds of relationships other than hate and sex.)  Trent has shifted his focus and some of his reactions are still based in his old frame of mind.  I’m torn between rewriting what he does to keep him true to his new outlook, or work with his character shift and have him realize he’s making old decisions and have an “ah-ha!” moment to highlight that. 

I think I decided just this moment to have an “ah-ha!”  That would work _perfectly!_  Why didn’t I see that before?!?

And now my day is tons better.  Thanks guys.  😉  And that’s what it’s all about–taking a trouble spot and making it the highlight.  I wish all of them were this easy . . .  😉

This week is also the release of Jocelynn Drake’s DAWNBREAKER, number three in her dark day’s series.  If you’ve read Drake, you know how deliciously bloody her vampires are, and if you’ve not yet found her work, you’re in for a treat.  There’s more info at our publisher’s blog, The Next Chapter

And . . . for those who like contests, Bitten by Books is having another one to find their favorite paranormal author in 2009.  They are giving away stuff, and you can vote for two people in this round.  Voting ends Saturday.  If you want to vote, here’s the link.  Bitten by Books  You’ll have to scroll down to find it on the right hand side, but it’s there.



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83 responses to “And so the rewriting continues

  1. V

    Kim, I found this today and it not only reminded me immediately of Rachel, but of this post. I am sure they will look great, no matter what.

  2. Maria

    Hey there! That’s the cruelest thing! Telling us something from book 9 when we’re desperately waiting for book 8 to come out.. *grr

    “Relax, there are more kinds of relationships other than hate and sex” well, sex isn’t love, is it? That’s a statement that really got me thinking 😉

    I really like this blog, I’ve just discovered it, and the German participation is huge – who’d have guessed 😀

    Maria (yup, from Germany)

    • Hi, Maria.

      Oh, it’s going to get worse. I’m going to be writing the rough draft of book ten in a few months, and that won’t come out for years. (grin)

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog, and yes! There is a strong German participation. I love it!! –Kim

  3. Of course I voted for you too. Glad to see you’re coming out on top 😀 I have to admit, I have this twisted wish to see Trent and Rachel get it on…cough.

  4. Rebs

    Hey Kim, this is off topic but i have a question. I love the Rachel Morgan series and there’s one thing that has interested me about them. Werefoxes. You’ve only mentioned them but haven’t really gone into depth. Nor has there been any characters of that race. i was just wondering if in your books to come will there be any werefoxes? Keep up the good work, I can’t wait till the next one is out!

    • Hi, Rebs. I’ve heard that complaint before, and I might see them again. There aren’t very many of them, and I’m trying to decide if their origins are elven or witch. I’m glad you’re enjoying the books. Thanks! –Kim

    • Rebs

      Awesome! thanks for replying :-D. i was just wondering because my favorite animal is a fox lol

  5. ScienceGeek

    Glad to hear Trent’s growing a bit. I have hopes for that guy! Although, I must say that I hope he has his Ah-ha moment in front of Rachel because I just love seeing Trent humbled by Rachel or with Rachel as witness.

  6. Phil

    I voted, too, hoping I got my vote in before the polls closed. 😉
    Kim, I was wondering about the ley line witch mentioned by another reader … Is she dead as Ivy thinks? Or working in Trent’s basement like Rachel says? Wait. Maybe she’s dead AND working for Trent! 😉

  7. elise waxler

    Hi Kim,

    I’m glad to hear that you are working on the next book in the Rachel Morgan series. I eagerly await its completion. I want to know what is going on with Ivy and Rachel (they feel like family to me…ha. ha.ha ). I am also glad that you were able to talk yourself through the trouble spot. Sometimes talking about it does help. I like to work things out through journal writing and as a teacher I try to teach my kids to solve problems out that way as well. Keep those creative juices flowing. You are amazing and I can’t wait for the next book.

    • Hi, Elise. Thank you! I’m so pleased that you’re enjoying the series so much. I can’t wait for the next one to be out, either. Good luck with the kids! –Kim

  8. Marsha

    Hey, I didn’t even know about that site! You got my vote of course and you’re pretty far ahead right now.

  9. candace

    I’m glad you went with the ‘Ah-ha!’ idea because that was gonna be my vote 😉 There’s just something so amusing and endearing about trent and rachel’s relationship. I know it’s an interesting way to describe it, but that’s how I see them. I love how much they have both evolved and grown as characters over the span of these books.

    And I just finished Jocelynn Drake’s newest, Dawnbreaker, and it was AWESOME!!

    • Hi, Candace. Yay! I’m so glad you liked it! You should go tell her so on her blog if you haven’t already. (link is above in the sidebar here)

      Trent and Rachel. Rachel and Trent. Too much fun. 😉

    • candace

      Hehe, I am a frequent haunter of her blog and discussion board. But I sent her a tweet (twitter message) the minute after I finished to let her know I enjoyed it!

      And yeah, Trent and Rachel are just… 😀

  10. Jeannie

    Just voted and your #1 with 249, next place has 195. Can we vote daily or once? I love Trent and Rachel’s “relationship”, they compliment so well. He is the brains and she is the muscle. Their banter and chemistry seems unquestionable. Can’t wait to see where it leads. Although I guess Nick was brainy too. I still believe there is good in him and he really does care for her and her him. Not sure about Pierce yet. Ivy? I can see your problem, it would be hard to capture all or even part of what she encompasses. Oh well I love all the characters, so I better stop already.. Isn’t it Feb. yet?? I have to say this morning in Ohio it might have felt cold enough to be. I’m a cold baby though!

    • Hi, Jeannie. Mmm. I don’t know if you can vote more than once. Thank you for your vote, though. I appreciate it!

      I have no argument with you about Trent and Rachel having some kind of chemistery. I love writing them.

      We’re cold here, too. My fingers are freezing as I type this, and that hasn’t happened in months. sigh . . .

  11. Lucie

    I of course visited the poll and voted. It informed me I could vote for two authors! And then I discovered I couldn’t click the ‘Kim Harrison’ box twice; lame. I am vaaaguely familiar with some of the other authors, with the exception of L.K. Hamilton. But err…umm…*shrinks* There’s only so much suspension of disbelief I can give!

    But wow. Ivy…it’s the representation that’s gotta be difficult as I am certain we all have different ideas of how she appears in our minds’ eyes. Personally, it’s not too hard for me to picture Ivy’s almond eyes and subtle Asian ancestry mostly because, err…that’s me lol. I’m half Asian, but it seems only the Asians are able to tell that I’m not…completely…Caucasian lol. But Ivy’ll be sexy no matter what–of that, I have no doubt :p

    • Hi, Lucie. Thank you! I appreciate the vote. 😉

      I’m almost cringing at the feedback I’m going to get from readers who see Ivy differently than I do, but hey, maybe more armor is a good thing. –Kim

  12. Kylie Ru

    Trent’s so fun! Him an Al have tied for my favorite dude . . . although Al might have a slight advantage since he’s the one with the “so softly it starts” line, which is my favorite quote OF ALL TIME! even though I have no frickin’ clue what it means –.–‘

    Um, I just voted and you are leading with 217 (or was it 213 . . .) votes!

    Also, just got the mmpb version of ODW for the the Al/Ceri short. Library didn’t have it and I didn’t want to wait, haha! Lots of butterflies in that. Love it, btw ^^

    • Hi, Kylie. You should have seen me just melt when I read “so softly it starts . . .” Al is my favorite. Used to be Trent. Before that, it was Ivy. It seems I like the character who is changing the most.

      I’m glad you liked the Ceri/Al short! Blue butterflies. So softly it starts. Mmmm. I see a link here.

    • Rebecca B

      Maybe it’s the Ken Burns documentary vibe from watching PBS or my son’s new butterflies and moths book, but I keep thinking of Gettysburg swarming with blue butterflies. (Mental note to self: Get to Borders early enough Saturday to read Ceri/Al short story before Jocelynn’s appearance.) Favorite Yeats quotation: “A terrible beauty is born.”

  13. trisha

    i am having the same problem with one of my characters but i think its more me than her i got my fisrt rejection and it hurt so i think its me

  14. Dawn8226

    Hey Kim, I am sure everyone on here is happy to help you with any plot issues you may have. Make sure you give us a detailed description of the problem and where it fits into the story (put it in context), so we can give you detailed feed back and opinions. So are there any other problems you need help with? Ha ha ha.

  15. Indy

    Hi Kim!!! I’m glad you saw the vote at BBB. I just checked, and you are in first. You know you got my vote.~Indy

  16. Suzi Lazear

    Morning, Kim. I wish all trouble shooting was that easy too. I like the idea of an “ah ha” moment (but won’t be sad if Rachel slaps him upside the head as well, LOL.)

    So, aparently the tot’s imagniary Bobo the vampire bounces….and flies…and sucks popcorn out of his fangs….

    My imaginary friend was a muppet, lol. Clearly, she’s more creative.

    ~Suzanne and the tot

  17. Lurker

    Wait! HOLD THE SHOW!
    There is more to relationships than love and hate?

    Personally, I am more interested in Quen than I ever have been by Trent. I can’t figure out why mr elf bad ass follows Trent’s lead so much. He is clearly more mature, practical, and seems to have a better sense of awareness than pretty boy. There is definitely much more to that story than meets the eye.
    Then again, I can’t figure out why all you chicas loved Kisten so much either. Even the viking princess does, which is strange because I thought I had wifey figured out. Perhaps not!

    (PS: I prefer the ‘ah-ha’ moments too)

    • Daniel

      Right there with you, Lurker. Trent’s a jackass, but Quen is fascinating. I hope we get to see more of him and Ceri.

    • Chrisy

      Hey wait! I never liked Kist much. I dunno why… maybe because ‘perfect’ guys like him kinda bore me. In books I mean (cough). Ha! I’m so cool, I’m different. (double-cough)

    • Gothar

      I have either “ah-ha!” with a forehead slap/bang-on-desk-wall-etc or the “ah crap!” which means i have to get flowers and a comfy pillow for the couch 🙂

    • Flowers? Häää? 😉 I.don´t.understand… 😦

    • Sebrina

      I kind of viewed Kisten as Rachel’s way of easing into being comfortable in a relationship with a vampire – maybe even Ivy. He was also a nice distraction, because he amused me, but I didn’t find him particularly attractive exactly. A fun character I was sad to see go. I’m far more interested in Pierce.

    • Hi, Lurker. Yup! (grin) All sorts of relationships other than hate and sex. (bigger grin) Quen is one of my favorite characters, too. He’s got it, and he knows what to do with it. As for why he does what Trent tells him? I think it’s because he feels responsible for Trent, and that’s the best way to keep him out of trouble.

    • ScienceGeek

      He doesn’t always do what Trent tells him, either. I think that there have been hints of Trent feeling locked up (the car ride, anyone?) by Quen’s security measures and also Quen has hired Rachel on several occasions without Trent’s permission, which is always hilarious.

  18. Antonio Rich

    I’ve already got Dawnbreaker on order. I think alot of “Ivy Lover’s” here on the drama page would really like discovering Jocelynn’s series: told from a strong female vampire’s perspective. She’s quickly become one of my favorites.

    I traded e-mails with Jocelynn the sunday after the radio interview(she’s very accessible to fans too) to tell her i asked a question in the chat and that she had alot of fans who wanted to say hi, but it was just so crazy with FIVE bestselling authors in only 1 hour. She said she totally understood, had fun, and appreciated the love.

    • Rebecca B

      Hey, Ms. Drake will be at the local bookstore here in Northern KY this Saturday:

      2785 Dixie Hwy, Crestview Hills, KY
      (859) 331-8200
      October 3, 2pm EST

      I liked her story in “Unbound.” I guess I better go buy some books while waiting for Kim! ;-D Thank God it’s payday.

    • Antonio Rich

      Hey Rebecca. I’d love to meet Ms Drake one of these days(we live pretty close to each other), but unfortunately i’m going to be out of town this weekend(South Bend,IN-Notre Dame campus). I haven’t even met Kim/Dawn yet, even though she comes thru town practically every year(shame faced)…B Good…

    • Hi, Antonio. I have always liked Jocelynn’s work. It’s lyrical and bloody. What a mix! –Kim

  19. I already voted for you and Faith! 😉

  20. Sebrina

    As much as I love Rachel, Ivy, & Jenks, I think I am most intrigued by Trent. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m currently working on my degree in psychology, or simply because the character is *that* fascinating, but I really find myself questioning Trent’s motivations. I would love to see a short piece from his perspective. What sort of thinking pattern leads him to the decisions he makes. An in depth piece. We sort of see, and understand where he’s coming from in some instances throughout the books, but I view Trent as being very complex.

    • Hi, Sebrina. Trent used to be my favorite character for just the reason you said. He’s complex and I didn’t know all his motovations. Now it’s starting to become Al, believe it or not. He’s doing something I never intended him to do: grow.

    • Sebrina

      Al is all kinds of awesome! All has this lovely way of evoking such strong emotions, and messing with people. I think I can see how he would grow, but what I liked about Al was that he was the epitome of be careful of what you wish for, because it will always come back to bite you on the butt. Or that there’s a price for everything. I’ve enjoyed all of the demons thus far.

  21. Stephenie

    Yay! I LOVE Trent… Elf-boy is possibly my favorite character apart from Rachel. I love their relationship. I was very sad about him missing from most of book 7.
    Ivy… ah… Ivy is hard on an artist… though surprisingly not as hard as Trent… maybe it’s because I’ve been influenced by too many yummy older blonde men?

  22. Cespy

    I’m so excited! Trent is my favorite.

    Voted. :]

  23. Linda (germany)

    Goooood god. I can so imagine how hard it is with Ivy. I can hardly imagine her look in mind. Especial with short hair.

    When do we get the first chapter from book 8? I can sooooooo not wait. Damn it.

    And I want a part from your GN.

    Yes, you heard it. I WANT. 😉

    Back to math, now. I hate math. It’s so boring. But the good thing is, nothing changes. 1+1 is always 2.

  24. Frotee

    Trueblood really did raise awareness for Mrs. Harris, didn’t it? (Although tehy did some weird things to the characters…)

    Phew…why do you torture us so Kim? I can’t wait for book 9, and 8 isn’t even out yet >_>
    *note to self: bribe editor to receive manuscript*
    Aaaannnd back to diploma research…

    Greetings from Germany, Carina

    • Hi, Carina. Trueblood raised awareness for the entire genre! And it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person.

      ARCs for book eight should be coming out soon. I don’t think many get to Germany, though. –Kim

  25. Kim’s up to second only behind Charlaine Harris, who would make sense due to alphabetical placement as well as Trueblood…

  26. Corpse1001

    Looking forward to the new Trent Rachael dynamic also to Trent’s growth. I love how your characters grow and change over the course of the books.

  27. Judi in NJ

    Hi Kim – Thanks for the heads up about Dawnbreaker…very cool! Is time flying or did Dayhunter (#2 in the series) JUST come out? Brb….checking….yup, Dayhunter came out in April! Wow! 2 releases w/i 6 months? hmmmm….perche? (my son is taking Italian in school). Anyway…glad you were able to work out your spot for book 9. Love that your dear readers could “help”! 🙂 Have a good one! Judi in NJ p.s. Have you read “Wicked”?

    • Hi, Judi. No, I’ve not read WICKED, but I hear it’s fabulous. I hope you give DAWNBREAKER a try. Jocelynn is on a rough schedule right now, trying to build up her readership. It’s agressive, but I think it’s going to pay off.

  28. I fell in love with Jocelyn Drake’s work in Unbound. For which I may learn to despise you.

    The tall dude says NO MORE books unless they are signed or for research. Think I can convince this IS research?

    By the way, please consider starting the Kim Harrison Pairing up service. I’ve found my soulmate in a vet who collects orchids in Tennessee!
    She might be my long lost daughter 🙂

    • Mmmm. No books unless they are signed or for research? Do you have to have them signed right then? Or can you buy them on speculation? (grin)

      Very cool on finding someone to share orchids with!

  29. Rebecca B

    I’d have voted epiphany for Trent. A few dope-slaps wouldn’t hurt either on occasion, heh. I love the character but wish he’d associate more with his better angels.

    I put in my vote for Kim (#122) and she’s in third as of two mins. ago. Get voting!

  30. So, you´ll write us a good book and we´ll push you up in that poll. That is what I call teamwork 🙂
    Great day to everyone…

  31. Janis

    I’ve found that the best way to figure something out is often to write about how you’re not sure about it. You write it down and somehow your brain puts things together and realizes “Hey! THAT’S what I should do!” I think that this is the entire purpose of a journal/diary!