Kim’s Garden Spider

Yesterday I showed you Guy’s dancing dog.  Today, to celebrate the upcoming month of Halloween (yes, I celebrate Halloween an entire month) I’ve got a picture of our garden spider.


First, let me just tell you that Guy hates spiders, and at least twice a year he can be seen skulking around the house with two cans of wasp killer like a gunman from the west, hunting for these big, hairy, brown spider that we get in September.  It’s the only time they show, and they make webs that could catch a bird.  So that Guy isn’t squashing this spider is a testament to how much he cares for me.  (laugh)  Garden spiders are sort of a tie to my childhood, and he lets them live.

This one, though, has built her web a little too close.  For almost two weeks, she’s built and rebuilt her web over the back porch door, three feet from the porch light.  And for two weeks, I’ve been going in and out under her, at least four times a day with the dogs.  She’s been catching katydids, which for those who don’t know, are about the size of my thumb.  Big insects that make a racket at night.  We had a lot of them this year, and the spider is reaping the benefit.  It takes her about two days to suck one dry, and she’s gotten kind of fat.  I’ve never seen a garden spider that big.  I don’t expect her to last much longer, and it’s been fun sharing space with her.  I hope to see her children next year.

It’s finally Friday again, and wow, I’m ready for it.  The weather is finally starting to cool off.  I might have a fire in the firepit on my back porch tonight.  Ahhhhhh, the pleasure of doing nothing.



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  1. Stephanie

    Hello. I must say that I am on the fence about spiders. Some are okay (like the little one on my bookshelf) but most I don’t like though I can never bring myself to squish one. I had a bad experience with a garden spider exactly like yours. It lived outside our back door and one day I was watching my family through the screen when there was a peculier feeling on the top of my head… I took two steps back and that spider slowly glided to the floor on her web leaving me shuddering. It was swept out the door. I no longer stand in doorframes. We also get these spiders that make webs from a trre branch to the ground. We jokingly call them people webs. Ironically enough I happend to be walking our dog around the yard and I walked straight into one. Luckily I saw the spider scurrying up what was left of the web so I knew it wasn’t on me^^

    • Hi, Stephanie.
      I’m the one who usually takes the dogs out, so I’m the one who usually finds the tree-to-ground webs in our house. I know exactly the ones you mean. Guy freaks out when he runs into them. It’s kind of funny, if I can admit that here and not find tea leaves in my morning brew. (grin) –Kim

  2. trisha

    aww cool snake i love snakes i have 4 cornsnakes

  3. Rebecca B

    This is a cool story that relates to the discussion. Did Matty teach them how to do this?

    Spider Wranglers Weave One-Of-A-Kind Tapestry

  4. patricia

    Well, Kim, you could always hire yourself a good lawyer, and have them serve the spider with an eviction notice.

    • Ahhh, but a spider spins a much prettier web than any lawyer. I think she’d win. –Kim

    • Unless you got the Tall Dude. He isn’t very communicative, though he was a forensics and mock trial judge while he taught high school. Now, he is does intellectual property law.

      Oh, wait, yeah. He can spin a better web than most fiction writers. B)

  5. liatortilla

    thank you very much for telling me cant wait to read it im pretty new to reading your books and being on your site but in about two weeks i read all 7 books and just cant wait to read the next.


  6. liatortilla

    so i was thinking the other day i know that your next book for the hollows is coming out by february well i wanted to know if you have a title for it yet and if you do what is it?


  7. They have no respect, these spiders…not even for old man 😉

  8. Kneosha

    Hi Kim,

    Spiders are one of my favorite insects, when you give them a chance they are wonderful pest controllers. But some spiders just build the coolest webs. I remember at my mom’s friend’s house when I was little there was spider that would spin a web in the same place above the porch swing for several years. We would always sit outside and watch her catch bugs and spin her web. But one day at stupid hornet killed he 😦 I named her Charlotte because my mom had just read Charlotte’s Web to me. I’m not entirely sure if it was female but it was coolest spider.

  9. Tinx

    Wow thats a big bug… dont see many that size up here…
    BTW been meanin to ask what is Black Magic Sanction? I saw the name in a list of your books and i was like ahhhh i missed a hollows book! than i came here and there was no sign of the name…

    • Hi, Tinx. BLACK MAGIC SANCTION is the next full-length Hollows book. It won’t be out until Feb. I’m not pushing it yet as the mass market of WHITE WITCH, BLACK CURSE has yet to come out late November. –Kim

  10. lemonade

    Ah… Halloween! Always a good time, one of my favorite times of the year. But I’m a Nightmare Before Christmas kind of girl. We normally pass out candy to the kids and bloody marys to the grownups who have to haul them around. 😀 Since it’s on a Saturday this year, we might just have to see what we can do to make it even better.~~~~

    And that is one HUGE pet spider you have there! Pretty coloring, though. As long as they aren’t biting me and are outside, spiders and I get along just fine.

    • Hi, Lemonade. I’ve not been out for Halloween for a couple of years. Sigh. Thing-two is doing his own thing. But I remember . . . 😉 I think I’ll try to have a fire that night and listen to the darkness. –Kim

  11. jeremy

    hi kim, ive always been looking at the daily updtes, and sometimes there is a mention of Dawn Cook. Now im wondering if she is a different author or is she also you……probably sounds like the dumbest question ever, but if i didn’t ask id most likely never get an answer. thank you

    • Phil

      Yup! Dawn Cook = Kim Harrison, and vice versa … Not a dumb question, we’ve all asked her the same thing at some point 🙂

    • And until recently, all you got was me laughing. (ha!) Yes, Jeremy, that is me as well, but I’ve not owned up to it until about June of this year, so I’m not surprised you didn’t know. –Kim

  12. mudepoz

    Forgive me Jenks…

  13. charmedwarrior

    You haven’t seen a spider until you see a Camel Spider…as big as a poodle. I have a video for a Camel Spider slowly eating a hug lizard. I get to see some really weird creatures in my deployed location.

  14. LOL-at-Danger

    Hi Kim! I had to relocate a garden spider a few weeks ago. She’d spun her web partially across my front steps. Since the only people who use the front door are the UPS guy and the postal carrier, and they’re the Bearers of Cool Things, I didn’t want them to be scared off! 🙂

    Katydids. Now they’re something that I just don’t have room for in my world. YUCK! Spiders I can handle. They don’t randomly and unexpectedly fly at you out of the dark.

  15. SeattleRobin

    I don’t like spiders at all, but my general philosophy is that if a lone spider stays up and way from me I’ll leave it alone. If they come down around me, they’re toast. I think I know the spiders you’re talking about Guy going after, we get them around here in August and September. They end up as toast since they skitter all over, are big, and FAST. (shudders) You mentioned hoping for spider babies. Some other type of horrible spider had a zillion babies in my condo about three years ago and I’ve spent three years trying to get rid of the buggers! It’s amazing how one nest (not caught in time) can lead to such a horrible infestation. (shudders some more)

    I will say that spider webs (like the one in your pic) can be stunningly beautiful. (Provided you don’t walk into them unawares, then they are the creator of the Screaming Dance of Major Willies.)

    Oh, and I didn’t get to comment before, but I love Guy’s dancing hula dog. 🙂

    • Antonio Rich

      Robin. I had the same thing happen to my CAR! I came out of a store , and as i was walking up to it I noticed it seemed to be moving…I have a silver car and crawling all over it was hundreds of identical spiders. Luckily the original nest must have been under the hood and not inside the car or i don’t know what i would have done…

    • SeattleRobin

      Oh man. Inside the car would have been horrible! There would be too many instances of careening off the road because of freaking out with a spider crawling on me unexpectedly.

      Oh also, Antonio. I think you were the one who recommended Storm Born to me a while back. Just read it and Thorn Queen recently and enjoyed them both. 🙂

    • Hi, Robin. I run into webs all the time, but they are usually really tough ones that I can back out of. (I kid you not! I can back out of them, and they are mostly intact.) Some of the guy-wires to these webs are really strong. –Kim

  16. shauna

    I dont like to squish spiders- unless their lethal; i dont want one endin up in my shoe. I catch them when they’re in the house (or try to, i tend to run like a sissy when they move too quick) then I put them somewhere away from the house. Every one else in the house is all shoes ‘n’ spray when it comes to spiders so I try to be quiet when I’m trying to catch them.
    We dont really do Halloween here, which kinda sux, the decorations and costumes look so fun, some people do, but not alot.

  17. Lurker

    Guy has it right.
    Spider cannot be trusted. Plus, they are always looking at me funny.
    Our patio and garage used to have Wolf spiders. Childhood trauma sucks. 🙂

  18. Marsha

    Oh Hell no…unuh. I’m totally with Guy on this one! Can’t stand the creepy things! Must be the three years living in the jungles of Panama where half of the spiders are as big as your fist and poisonous. You know lizards are great to have around the house because they EAT spiders…my little heros.

    • Phil

      … as long as you don’t have cats, because they kill lizards 😉

    • Marsha

      You’re right. I once had a cat who brought a lizard home to me as a love offering. He dropped it in the house and it took off running with the cat chasing it, the dog chasing the cat, and my mother screaming at me to get it out of the house. It was just a tiny little garden lizard!

    • Marsha, i fI ever lived in the jungles, I am sure I’d be right there with Guy, squishing them. We try not to use chemicals on the lawn to help the lizards out here. I don’t know if it makes a difference or not. –Kim

  19. Jo

    Hey Kim.

    I can appreciate the beauty of spiders .. from far away. I like celebrating Halloween as long as I can without raising too many of my neighbors eyebrows. And since we have just moved here (2 months now) I may tone it down this year. Question for you: Were you ever scared when you were going for book publication? Probably a dumb question… but there it is.

    • Hi, Jo. That’s not a dumb question at all! I don’t know if scared was what I was feeling. Anxiety, frustration, hope . . . but not scared. Rejection wasn’t anything new, and I have never needed anyone’s approval to feel good about myself, so that wasn’t as big issue as it might have been. I’m more of a take-my-ball-and-go-home kind of girl. If you can’t see me sparkle, I’ll go find someone who can. (grin) –Kim

    • Jo

      I like that “If you can’t see me sparkle, I’ll go find someone who can.” Thanks.


  20. candace

    Holy smokes I think the breath left me when I saw that picture lol. I’m one of many arachnaphobics, and I think I’m with Guy on this one. I always call my mom/bro to come take care of spiders for me. They really truly freak me out. Anything the size of my thumb or larger stop me cold. I can spot a spider from a mile away!

    Short story of my own: one of my friends is a botany major, and he is in the botany and entomology club. One of my vividest memories of him is seeing him at the belltower on campus with a group of his club friends with a cockroach crawling around his arm. Needless to say, I couldn’t bring myself to give him a huge lol.

    • You know, Candace, I can’t really blame people for being squeamy about spiders. Eight legs? Yeah, that’s weird. Mmmm. Crockroach on his arm? That would bother me, too. Yuck. –Kim

  21. Jemma

    Okay.. that’s funny. I have a picture on my phone right now of EXACTLY that type of spider because one had built a web just outside of Jess’ front door the last few days I was there *trying hard to talk about her without getting upset since I just stopped crying* and I’d never seen one so big (I don’t like spiders but I was okey walking past that one) and the night before I left it had just caught a katydid which is yet another insect we don’t get over here so Jess had just explained to me what it was. It’s just kind funny that I’ve never seen either of those two insects until those few weeks ago and now you post about both. Makes sense though, since you know Jess lives in N.C. so not that far from you. Same general area, same bugs. /random.

  22. Gothar

    Anything creepy crawly and it’s my job to dispose of it. Spiders and the like give my wife the willies, I don’t blame her.

    As for cooling off, we have a chance for frost here tonight and it’s just turn fall 😦
    I’m up to the part in ODW where they got to roller rink before Hallowe’en.

    Have a great weekend!!

  23. I just received this link. Guy may want to arm himself with his power washer…

  24. Jenny

    My oldest daughter would side with Guy on this one but I don’t mind garden spiders.I appreciate their vampiric meals on annoying pests.Have a great weekend and enjoy your nothing 🙂

  25. Phil

    Hi Kim, i’m just a little jealous … all we get around here are little tiny spiders! i like them tho and they keep away other icky bugs i’ve heard.

    I’m actually computer-less right now 😦 not that my privileges were taken away or anything like that, just my laptop refusing to cooperate, from sheer exhaustion i’m guessing (grin) so i’m using the library computer today, but they are closed weekends so have to wait till Monday (sigh!)

    Have a great weekend! And maybe Guy will even get to like spiders … well, maybe not squishing them is enough to ask for. 😉 ~Phil

  26. Thursday

    Funny/scary story! When I was 15 and terrifyingly afraid of spiders I woke up three times in one week with glowing white-ish yellow small spiders crawling up the wall that my bed was up against in my room! After two nights of running screaming from my room like a banshee on the third night I woke up and instead I totally flipped out! I started punching every part of wall that I could screaming my head off and totally out of my mind! My mom and Dad came in and thought I had gone off my rocker! Which temporarily I had! But I digress. I dislike any kind of spider and the thought of Guy going all Guy The Spider Hunter in September made me laugh and shiver all at the same time! But you are right that garden spider is freakishly pretty and disturbingly scary all at the same time! So good luck!

  27. charmedwarrior

    we get some good size spiders in panhandle of florida…about the size of a half dollar. But on my grounds, the rule is simple….I don’t mess with them in their territory, i.e. the garden, and they stay out of my house. If they break the territory rule, then my cat Jazpurr better earn his keep! and normally does to my dismay of walking into the living room with a curled up dead spider and no shoes. shoes…got to remember to wear shoes. 😉

  28. I’m with Guy, I hate spiders but I’ve changed my ways when it comes to garden spiders. My youngest looked them up on the internet and told me how helpful garden spiders are. There is one on my front porch between my door and fern.

    The one on the porch is rather small but, there is one down alittle between two flowering bushes in front of the porch that is huge! I even took a picture of it.

    • That is very cool, Melissa, that you took the time to educate yourself. (and your youngest) When you know about something, it’s sometimes harder to be afraid of it. –Kim

  29. CLJ

    I so can’t read this post because the spider runs along side the whole thing….*shudder*

  30. Tiffany

    My philosophy on spiders is that I appreciate their role in eating up the flys, gnats, mosquitoes, and so forth…but the house and the garden pathways are mine and if they don’t get the hint with a web sweep and a non-lethal poke with the end of my mail, well then… Any spider that leaps or runs at me is dead on priciple (its plain Darwinian – am I right Mud?). But Kim, we don’t get spiders quite so huge, colorful, and just plain intimidating looking here in Los Angeles – I think if we did it would take a whole new level of resolve to let them live. You’re definitely braver than I.

    Have a good weekend!

  31. Kylie Ru

    :shudder: i am not a spider person. Although, she is rather pretty. We’ve got like a colony of spiders living in front of our garage. They’re kinda small, but they’re helping me get over my fear. There’s also this big golden one down the street that I see when I’m taking my doggie on his walk. She makes this gorgeous web.

    Have a good weekend!

  32. Chele

    Spiders.. under the size of a nickle.. get to live.. anything more.. dies! And especially the ones that chase you and raise their front two legs.. yea.. they need to die too.

    Other than that.. have a great weekend and hope you get your fire pit tonight. It is going to be raining.. again.. tonight and tomorrow. Next week though looks AWESOME. I hope it stays that way, next weekend is our Oktoberfest and I want to go.


    • Jeannie

      I’m with you on the size thing. We get all kinds of spiders. We had a huge spider eat, or suck or whatever they do, a nest of kildeer eggs. I especially do not like the “wolf” spiders that hunch when they see you coming.
      Have a great weekend and I hope you get to enjoy a fire and some well deserved relaxation from your very hectic schedule. Its very cool here in Ohio, long sleeves and close the windows at night cool. And its supposed to rain the next five days-oh well we need it and it gives me an excuse to listen to more Hollows. My friend has been buying two at a time, on my non-stop chattering about them, and is letting me borrow since I have only read not listened. Interesting, but might have made me alter what I thought they sounded like from reading. Anyways they are a great alternative.

    • Thanks, Jeannie! I had a very restful weekend. I hope yours was the same. 😉 Very cool on the audio! –Kim

    • Chele, I don’t blame you. Any spider that threatens me will be squished. I’ve never run into one like that, though. –Kim

  33. From the master of scantily or nekkid covers, my fav being a venus rising from a shell…Robert A. Heinlein Weekend Quotes:
    One could write a history of science in reverse by assembling the solemn pronouncements of highest authority about what could not be done and could never happen.
    Robert A. Heinlein

    One man’s “magic” is another man’s engineering. “Supernatural” is a null word.

    To be matter-of-fact about the world is to blunder into fantasy – and dull fantasy at that, as the real world is strange and wonderful

    The difference between science and the fuzzy subjects is that science requires reasoning while those other subjects merely require scholarship.

    And some of my favs I had no idea were his (the problem with failure of attribution:)

    Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.
    The supreme irony of life is that hardly anyone gets out of it alive.

  34. I have that same spider in my yard! They are pretty big over here too. I’m not afraid of them, but there are too many of them. And they’re huge! 😀

  35. Antonio Rich

    Fun spider fact: it’s estimated that, on average, a person accidentally swallows eight spiders in their sleep during the course of their lifetime.

    • charmedwarrior

      ok…i could have lived my lifetime without knowing that! *grin*

    • On average…thats it. It depends on where you live. Maybe people in some places in Asia or in South America swollow a hundred spiders in there lifetime…That raises the average 😉 I´m very very sure, I never swollowed a spider in my whole live. Why I know that? Because I´m still alive…My body has a natural defence system against spiders…It consists of dying right away…sooo 😉

    • Phil

      … but if you swallowed a spider and didn’t know it because your body’s natural defense system killed the spider and let you live… 😉

    • Phil

      I meant to say, if your body’s defense system FOOLED you and let you live… 🙂

    • Tiffany

      To my way of thinking, if you’ve got a spider crawling around on your face and lips …and that doesn’t wake you up….well then eating spiders is the least of your worries! *vv*


    • Tiffany

      …”So You Think You Might Be Undead? Ten ways to know for sure”. Test 1…

    • If I´m undead, and a spider walks in my mouth, I would pass away the second time. There is nothing I can do against it.

      As Vicomte de Valmont would say: It’s beyond my control 🙂

    • Antonio Rich

      I’m thinking if Kim is insisting on keeping giant spiders as pets, maybe we should help give it a name:

      Maybe Aragog? (from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets)

      Or, how about Rocky? (from it’s current residence, Rock Hill, NC)

      If she isn’t careful, it could grow large enough to challenge that Owl Hawk bird she’s always talking about – A Battle Royale for dominance!

    • Wuups, that was for Phil 😉

    • shauna

      What buisness could spiders possibly have crawling on sleeping peoples faces. What nerve.

    • I’ve heard that fact before, Antonio, and I’m just glad I live in a house with cats that eat the spiders before I do. (laugh) –Kim

  36. I used to have severe arachniphobia…but watching them eat the bugs in the greenhouse and in my garden, they are welcome. Though the ones that look like Octopi and set up housekeeping in the corners are MOST unwelcome. They may have the basement, but the rest of the house is mine. My garden spider (and hapalochlaena is right) is also huge, setting up her home (don’t you love the zipper in her web) in my tomatoes…
    I’ve been trying to get a pic of the biohazard warning on the tomato crops down at the center, but no look. It’s pretty funny.

    • Hi, Mud. I can’t say that I really like spiders, but I give them a lot of respect and don’t squish them if I can avoid it. About the only bug I like is the praying mantis. –Kim

  37. Ewww! I really hate spiders! I dreamed I was getting attacked by swarms of gnats (not a spider but still) the other night. I’m going to visit my dad in Arizona in November and I’m praying to God I don’t see a spider (or snake) while I’m out there. And I hope a spider doesn’t try to hitch a ride back home in my suitcase. Happy ‘Hallows’ween. <-I like that. ~Valinda P.S. It's my not-so-happy birthday today. My hubby is 1/3 way thru a 6mos deployment.

    • Ok, so my “not-so-happy birthday” ended up being a super awesome birthday. My husband sent me some gorgeous flowers today and my neighbors surprised me with a birthday cake tonight complete with Tinkerbell plates & napkins. Not to mention all the wonderful phone calls from my family today. How cool is that, Kim. =oD Say, any word on a possible release date for your graphic novels? My husband hasn’t read your books but he’s really looking forward to the graphic novels. I think he should read all of the Hallows books first. ;O)

    • Happy Birthday, Valinda! It sounds like you had a good one. I’m sorry your missing your hubby so much. You are a stronger woman than I, even if you don’t like spiders, and I salute you. 😉 –Kim

  38. tattoolady

    Sorry Guy! i am with kim on this one. i like having spiders around as they eat other critters that i would rather not have around. my husband has become very good at the catch-and-release way at dealing with the spider issue that seems to happen to everyone at one time or another. the only spider that gives me the willies in the HUGE bannana spiders that seem to be everywhere in florida. the webs are very fine and almost invisable so you walk right into them when you hike in the woods ,swamps or even in you own backyard as had been my case more than time than i care to admit. thank the gods i live in ct now! i hope that you weekend goes well and that you get your well deserved down time.-tattoolady

    • Hi,m Tattoolady. Today, Guy opened the screen door for me, being careful not to disturbe the spider too much. I think he’s coming around. Mmmmm. Weird webs. Sounds like sticky silk. 😉 –Kim

  39. Indy

    Hi Kim!!! I’m with Guy on this one…no spiders!!! Iris and I argue over who should kill them, and hope that the puppies would just take care of them. 🙂 In other creature news, Freddie, our backyard frog is back. He shows up on the patio in the evenings, and we try to protect him from the pups. Being an outdoors person, I have a frog question. We see Freddie in the spring and fall, so where does he go in the summer? ~Indy

    • Hi, Indy. Oh, no! Spiders are great! I’ve had two land on me while I’m working, and it scares the crap out of me, but I still get them outside. I think it’s lucky to have a spider land on you. (grin) Cool on the frog! I’ve no idea where he goes in the summer! 😉 –Kim

  40. Rebecca B

    We had a similar one out front with the irises and torch lilies. My husband called it a banana spider. She did the biggest webs. I may have a picture.
    I’m glad your weather is cooperating. It has rain, rain, rained most of the week here in Latonia, and we’ve switched to our long-sleeved shirts. There are a bunch of kids out of the local schools, so something is making the rounds (flu?). All of my composition students showed and the computers all worked for the first day of class Thursday, so life is good here. Have a terrific weekend and enjoy the cooling off! Oh, and happy Faulkner’s birthday today.

    • Hi, Rebecca. I’ve never heard it called that, but I bet it’s the same thing. 😉 We got rain here, too, but we needed it, so no complaints. We have flu going around too, but I’m being careful. I hope you had a great weekend, too! –Kim

  41. Jennifer Sparkes

    Hello Kim! Haven’t wrote to you in awhile. I’m glad someone else celebrates halloween for a month too. My entire family and all my friends think im a nut because im so excited for halloween! I already have most of my fall stuff and pumpkins out! That spider is beautiful. I havent seen any in awhile. England doesen’t have anything really pretty here. Big brown and black spiders with no color… I can’t wait to get back to the States to see our wide veriety or creatures! Hope you have a beautiful cool weekend. Jen UK

    • Athena

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who celebrates halloween the entire month. My mother and I LUV halloween and since my birthday is in october I have a complete ball. yeeeeeeh halloween! We don’t start to deck out the entire house until the 1st of Oct. we can barely wait!

    • charmedwarrior

      Athena – ditto….what’s your favoriate part of decorating for Halloween? Mine is the artist concept to ensure it’s a little different every year.

    • We never have anyone come to the door, but I still decorate. And buy candy. (grin)

    • Thanks, Jennifer. I hope your weekend was nice, too. Mine was fab-u-losa! I still don’t have my Halloween stuff out, but I did buy a few things already, and carved a couple of fake pumpkins to use as a display for my mums. –Kim

  42. Cool. 🙂 I think it may be Argiope aurantia (full size picture). The ornamented web structure is characteristic of the genus.

    We have a relative here in Australia: The St. Andrews Cross spider.

    • Er, here’s the correct link for the spider picture.

    • Antonio Rich

      I think i read that Australia has more poisonous spiders than anywhere on earth. Is that true? I shouldn’t have said anything, probably Linda(Germany) had vacation plans…

    • Phil

      scratch MY vacation plans!! 😦 thanks, Antonio! Whew! 😉

    • I’ve heard that Australia has more poisonous, venomous and downright deadly anything but I can’t prove it and have no cites. 🙂 I guess the fact that most of us are still here and talking to you means we’ve learned to live around these things.

      Plus, we also have a lot of weird and wonderful creatures which are harmless and cute.

    • Phil

      i’ve heard that, too, Australia has amazing creatures, and i’m hoping to visit someday and see the koalas, etc. … and hope the venomous wildlife don’t have an appetite for tourists from the US 😉

    • Linda (germany)

      Yeah. My uncle is living in Australia and I actually wanna meet him. But now…ah shit. 😉

      But they actually won’t kill me, right? It’s not like in the movie arac attack?!

      Hey Kim. Does Ivy like spiders? Or does Rachel? Or Jenks?

      I mean, they living in a church. The small ones are…uhm…okaaay…but the big ones….god. The only spider I like is the Black Widow. Latrodectus.
      I mean…she’s great. She knows how to survive in the Manworld. 😉

    • Hi, Linda. I’d imagine that Jenks and his kids don’t like spiders and keep the church pretty much insect free. 😉

    • Hi, Hapalochlaena. I think that’s exactly what I’ve got. I’ve also heard them called writing spiders. Thanks! –Kim

  43. Linda (germany)

    Jeez. I don’t like spiders. I’m afraid of them. I always start crying and jump up and down when I see one. Evene on a picture. 😉 So guss what I have done when I saw that pic.

    Do you know Cheap and Cheerful from The Kills?

    It remainds me a bit on the Hollows. Don’t know why. Maybe you want to listen it up.

    cheap and cheerful the kills