Guy’s Dancing Dog


You asked for it, and so here it is.  This is Guy’s “oddest” desk thing.  I had to sneak up to his office to take it.  (grin)  Honestly, I didn’t stage it with the book and the mug.  He’s got some sort of a collection going.  How the dog fits in there, I don’t know.  I gave it to him about five years ago, and it’s been glued once, so he must really like it.  (bigger grin)

As for me?  After a couple of weeks of cramming, I’m ramping down to a more reasonable work load.  I’ve got page proofs for Madison II to finish up and the third volume to print out and turn in (today and tomorrow)  Then I’m back in the Hollows rewriting book nine before I send it off before the end of the year.  I’ve got to start the rough draft for book ten in there, too, hopefully getting 200 pages under my keyboard before the first of the year.  This post is sounding a lot like one I did a few weeks ago . . .  I’m sure there’s going to be some GN work in there somewhere, and now that the prelim work for the world book is done (hence the cramming last week) I can get started on that.  (Dudes, this world book is going to be so fun.  I will be able to really cut lo0se on the creativity and just go nuts.  (smirky grin))



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  1. Nicole

    Hi Kim!

    Wow. I haven’t even gotten to read wwbc yet! (Groan) I feel so left out. Lol. Im going to be getting the kindle so that it doesn’t cost as much but i can’t WAIT to read it! 🙂

    • Hi, Nicole. Watch out for the spoiliers! Kindles are great, but the mass market will be out in a few months if you want to go that route. I hope you enjoy it! –Kim

  2. It’s a Hawaiian dancing dog, right? Lei, grass skirt, gesture?

  3. Janis

    I don’t much like those wiggly, dancing hula girl figurines, but that dog is just adorable! Does it shake its “grass” skirt around?

  4. Greg

    That’s just funny. Now I have a question what is the world book about I’ve seen a few posts about it but never heard what it was about? Sorry if you already answered this.

    • Hi, Greg. I’ve not said too much about it because it won’t be a reality on the shelves for a couple of years, even if I’m going to start writing it within the next six months. I don’t want to say too much about the format because it’s a really cool idea I don’t want to share just yet. (happy sigh) I can’t wait to get started on it, but I’ve got a book to write first. But basically, it’s going to be like a Hollows Bible, for referance and whatnot. –Kim

  5. Bob J

    Dear Kim & Guy,

    Guy, that is very cool. Real life is always more surprising than any set up.

    Kim, I am looking forward to all the new project. I was watching my X-files DVD’s this week and it got me wondering. Is their a Mulder and Scully, in the world of the hollows. How would Ray, Ivy, and company match up against them in a case. Which group would come out on top?

    Best Regards,

    Bob J.

  6. Shondrea


  7. Emily

    Silly random question…

    Was the virus during the turn spread by injesting infected tomatoes, or did said fruit play host to the virus long enough for it to make the jump to airborne etc.? I’m such a nerd.

    • Hi, Emily. The way I’ve set it up, you had to eat it. And then you died. 100% lethal. So the only humans left didn’t eat tomatos over the weeks that it took to figure out what was going on. –Kim

  8. Marsha

    O.K. Once again I went to the two bookstores in my area, BAM and
    B & N. Neither one of them had the new release yet! And why in the world does BAM have you in the Romance section? And just since I would’t waste my lunch time trip today, I bought three new books to add to my pile…I am so addicted. Do they have a program for book store junkies?

  9. Phil

    Hi Kim, i’m so happy you’ve come thru your grueling work schedule to a more reasonable one tho it still sounds really demanding … awesome tho that you have lots of exciting projects ahead!! 🙂

    • Phil

      … Kim, are the blue butterflies demons in the making? Did i miss something or do you want to keep us guessing and reveal it later on? i will have to go back and re-read the part where Al releases them! And try to figure out why one blue butterfly died! Any hints you can give are welcome! Thanks!

    • Hi, Phil. The blue butterflies are mentioned twice so far, once in the Al/Ceri short (mm of ODW), and once in WWBC. Guy and I are also in the last stages of making a blue-butterfly charm available for next year. (yay!) But I’m hoping that the butterflies show back up again in the books. We’ll see. They definitly mean something to Al, but what, I’m not yet sure. –Kim

    • Hi, Phil. I’m glad to be taking it slower now, too. I had it all scheduled out just perfectly until I decided to jam all seven books into seven-day reading schedule. I’m my own worse enemy sometimes. 😉 –Kim

  10. Tiffany

    A world book! A graphic novel! The next book in the series! You are good to us 🙂

  11. LOL. I like the dog, I’d freak if someone took a picture of my desk or my office for that matter. I ahve some weird stuff in here. 😉

    • Shondrea

      Id freak if sumone took a pic of my school locker. its a biohazard
      i mean i cant find anything in there my purse wont even fit. but next munday i have free period so i might clean it out

    • Yes, you do that. I remember my locker being junky too. Although it was not considered a biohazard…lol. 😉

    • Hi, Tyhitia. Guy trusts me not to do anything that will embarrass him. I know he can get me right back, and twice over. (grin) Although my office is pretty beguine. –Kim

  12. Kylie Ru

    D8 Whoa! That’s one serious work load! I’m in total awe!

    Also, that’s one cute dancin’ doggie!

  13. Antonio Rich

    You and your books have been influenced by music, right? You’ve said this in the past.

    I read an article about the 40th anniversary of Woodstock, and the author expanded the story to talk about “memorable concerts” in people’s lives. I’ve been going to see/hear live music for 30 years. I don’t see as many as i used to (Elvis Costello & Emmylou Harris – last year), although i’m going to see Los Lobos in november and maybe The Pixies in Chicago(fingers crossed).

    I’ve seen U2, attended the first couple of Lollapaloozas, on and on…But, if i had to pick one, it would be the Rolling Stones on The Ohio State campus with over 70,000 fans. Lights went down, the opening riff for Midnight Rambler starts up, then the lights come up and alone on stage is Keith Richard looking like death himself, wearing a floor-length leopard print coat, with an ashy cigarette hanging from one side of his mouth.

    So cool. Do you have a memorable concert experience?

    • Gothar

      I think Richard is Death’s twin brother who subs in when Death needs a personal day.

    • Hi, Antonio. I don’t go to many concerts, myself. I’m not comfortable with that much energy. It goes right to my back brain and flips switches. (shiver) Sorry. I’ve not one cool story to tell. Although I did take Guy to see the Bugs Bunny orchestra.

  14. Antonio Rich

    The dog’s eyes are jet black. Maybe it’s a “vampire dog” flush with blood cravings. A hula-dancing, flip-flop wearing, top of the food chain creature of the night?

    Who’ll play fetch.

  15. tattoolady

    world book? have i missed something? and guy…the dog is adorable.-tattoolady

    • Hi, Tattoolady. Yes! I’m working on a Hollows world book, but it won’t be out for AGES! –Kim

    • tattoolady

      *does biggest happy dance EVER! i would love to see how the Turn has affected the rest of the world. you have hinted at it before but it would will be nice to read a bit more of it. i am oddly mostly wondering about the middle east and asian countries. i cant wait!

    • Hi, Tattoolady. Mmmm. I wasn’t going to get into how the Turn hit the population, but I can tell you right now that Asia and the Middle East are pretty much wiped out of humans. It’s just Inderlanders, and not too many of them. Could be interesting . . . –Kim

  16. Hey, is that a WWBC mug? Lookin good! Can I have one, too? grin. have a great weekend! Aimée

  17. Gothar

    …. I’m speechless

  18. "Guy"

    Okay now the secret is out. This is my “leg lamp”, you know the one from A Christmas Story. The only difference is, I have been able to keep it to myself for over a half a decade. I may use it in the Hollows Gazette or even better as my avatar. I will let your readers decide. Thanks Kimmie. Kiss Kiss My Love :>) “Guy”

    • How about a Mr. Crabby question? Hahaha! The ava is too small to recognize it. Have fun!

    • Uh. I was going to just write ‘speechless’ which of course would be a first, but

      * Pricks Basenji ears * Hollows Gazette?

    • Tiffany

      Guy, this is awesome… 🙂 A Christmas Story is such a crack up…and the leg lamp: “My old man’s eyes boggled, overcome by art”. LOL!

      I love it as an avatar, even though Amy has a good point.

    • charmedwarrior

      HA! I actually own a replica of the Christmas Story leg lamp. And I put it out every Yule…even my neighbors love it.

    • Tiffany

      charmedwarrior – I read your post earlier, and now I’ll randomly remember it and chuckle (the people around the office are asking me if I’m ok, LOL). So I had to come on here and say “You have a replica that you pull out for the holidays? OMG that may be the coolest holiday decoration I’ve EVER heard of!”

    • charmedwarrior

      Tiffany – thanks. the best part…humm or not depending on your point of view…i have floor to ceiling windows in my front room that faces the street. so i just put the lamp on a end table and light it up. it always reminds me of the scene where the wife “accidently” breaks it…then he tries to glue it back together. thankfully my cat leaves it alone…i think because it scares him!

    • Phil

      Seriously! That’s exactly how i pictured him! Lol. Guy, your sense of humor is awesome … runs in your family i guess!! I need to re-read A Christmas Story now.

    • Hi, Guy. 😉 I like the dancing dog much better than a leg lamp. VV

    • Tiffany

      No doubt! The dancing dog is cute and funny – whereas the leg lamp is just bizzare…and funny.

  19. Marsha

    So cute! I would love to find one for a pomeranian, although he would be humiliated no doubt.