White Witch, Black Curse mm cover

lrwwbcYou guys are in for a treat this year!  They have decided to stick with the original artwork for the mass market of White Witch, Black Curse.  Just so you know, they did have a new piece of artwork for the mass market made up, and I’ve actually seen it.  (It’s beautiful, but some of the imagery didn’t sit well with the powers that be.)  I’m sure they will use it somewhere, but such is the power behind the buyers who didn’t like it, it was scrapped.

Am I upset?  Nope.  I get such fantastic covers for the hardcovers that I love keeping the original artwork.  This one, especially, I like, with the fountain at the square and the detail of the snow.   So here it is, the new cover for the mass market of WWBC.  (What you see here is the hard cover.  I don’t actually have the mass market cover yet, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the verbage might be moved around, but maybe not.  Why mess with perfection?) 

Look for this November 24th.  Whoo-hoo!  –Kim


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  1. jesse

    i was just curious if there were going to be any more books in the hollow series? really like those books covers and all

  2. Lurker

    I have a question..
    How do the cover artists come up with the for a book? A lot of the books I read have covers that depict something from the book. Does that mean the artist gets to read the book, or is it that this person is just given a set of spec’s or something and told to ‘go make something cool’?

    • Hi, Lurker. I think it happens differently at each publisher, and if you’re working with a small publisher, the author usually has a bigger say, but for me, my editor calls before she has a cover conference and we talk about the theme of the cover: possible outfits, the background, colors, and maybe elements like a gun, knife, and jewelry. I hear back from her weeks to months later maybe with a sketch, and then later a color “maybe” that slowly evolves into what you see on the shelf. It can change drastically from one day to the next if a big book buyer doesn’t like it, thinking it is too close to a book that didn’t sell well. The artist seldom reads the book, no. Ah well. –Kim

  3. Hi, Ezgi. I grew up with scantily-clad women on my covers. Usually there was a studly guy in a space suit next to her, so it all evened out, I suppose. I just like the magic of a well-done, professional cover that does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It’s all a game, anyway. (grin)

    That’s fantastic about finding the Hollows copies! Happy hunting! –Kim

  4. I must confess that i prefer my books without scanltly-clad women on them. Or any person on them, because a) it looks like a magazine, and b) you end up relating that face to one of the characters. The Hollows has been the end my prejudice.

    Remember me saying not finding your books here? Well, it seems, thanks to another author who doesn’t need to be named, Prom Nights From Hell novella got translated. Thus i readily bought. So, my amusement turned into giddiness when i saw WWBC UK edition there!

    The next day i found FAFDM in another book store. Both UK editions, which decidely pale to US covers. (and paperback instead of hardcover, which sucks) I am over the moon even if i couldn’t find other books. Now that i bought two in two days, maybe someone will notice and order others as well. They have until BSM, i will be ordering all from amazon then.

  5. shauna

    DUST!!! Everywhere Dust! Spent the whole day cleaning up after the damn dust storm. The pool filter looked like it had been pumping through a mud pool. Erk. The house. The car. The yard. DUST. *sigh* At least I got a day off…
    Anyway… I like the covers that are on the main website but all mine are the UK editions. I have found the other ones here, but they’re not in as many places, plus I’d all ready bought DWW with its bright yellow cover and I kinda wanted them to match. My favorite covers are the omnibus ones, but I haven’t seen them at any shops, and I allready have the books anyway. oh well…

    • Hi, Shauna. Oooooh, I know where you live. Sorry about that. It sounds like it was a nasty one. –Kim

    • I hear ya! I’m afraid to go into the backyard to check on the damage to my citrus trees and veggie tubs. The hibiscus shrub is almost completely denuded, and I’m almost expecting brown muck to come out of the rainwater tanks. The good thing is that the wind blew the crap off the solar panels and electricity production seems normal.

      Sweep sweep, vacuum vacuum, wheeze wheeze…

  6. Jenny

    I like this cover. I think there is an erie quality to it that ties it to the book.I am looking forward to seeing the artwork for the GN.

  7. suzannelazear

    I love your covers–so does the tot (Her fave is the one with the red halter top, lol. I don’t remember which one, all the books are packed, lol.) Palying hookey to pack today. I can’t pack the tot’s stuff with her around (or make things go missing, lol.) I’m not sure why all the dolls have to be naked (or why the lamb is wearing a dress, hat and apron.) The hubby packed the shoes and alarm clock and she was very late for school the other day so they gave her…detention. Yeah, for kindergarteners. I went to the principal and explained the whole moving thing, and then I was like “It’s not her fault, I’m the one driving the car, if anyone needs detention it’s me.” I got her out of detention. 🙂 But seriously??? What does detention for being late teach a kindergartner?

    ~Suzanne and the tot

    • Gothar

      We as adults (big kids) must explain to them how to weasel out of things. As Homer says it’s a skill we all must learn 🙂

      I found that children and things going missing is always fun. We had to misplace my kid’s old shoes so he’s wear his new ones. Kids, go figure…

    • SeattleRobin

      Suzanne, I just wanted to mention that I think I enjoy reading your posts about “the tot” almost as much as Kim’s blog posts. (grin) I’ve had quite a few chuckles, especially about going to Yale. My niece is the same age so I can relate to a lot of those things, including the thrill over a bunch of new plaid skirts to start kindergarten. And yeah…detention for kindergarten? What’s up with that?

    • Hi, Suzanne. Thanks! Red halter top . . . That would be DWW. Now that was a cool cover. It was actually a painting, and it now sits over my fireplace. I splurged and bought it before I could really afford to? I’m so glad I did. (happy sigh)

      Detention for kindergartners? I’m so sorry. it sounds like your school system is hell-bent on rules instead of using their brains to make a decision. I can sympathize. Salute and good luck!

    • Shondrea

      NUTHEN. I get detention every day well not everyday. It dosent teach me anything. i just sit at the back of class text an listen to my ipod until the bell rings. but detention for a kindergartner? thats mean not mention weird. Kndergartners dont do much. i read to them on mondays wensday and fridays after my lunch an before or during there naptime. There so cute when they sleep

  8. Jeannie

    Kim, Have to agree that the artwork on all the books is great! The artwork is what made me pick up my very first Hollows book. My daughter picks all her books by cover. Would also like to agree with everyone else about you having a double-how do you do it!! However you do it, Thank you!

    p.s. Found Bespelled in back of my book-either I don’t remember reading it(not likely) or thought it was the first part of the next book in the series and skipped it. Thanks for bringing it up, it was interesting. Of course I have butterfly questions now, but since they were “important”, I’ll wait and see if they are answered in next book.

  9. Phil

    Kim, Rachel looks so cool on the WWBC cover and the surroundings are so eerie, too. It is perfection, you’re so right!
    Which makes me all the more impatient to see the artwork in the GN! 🙂

    • Are you sure, that shall be rachel? I always thougt the artworks on the books just show any woman…hmmmm. Are the cover pics specifically for the books??

    • Phil

      i’m guessing it’s Rachel … hair looks red and she’s holding a splat gun??

    • Hehehe, yeah, I bet it is. If her skirt was much shorter though, it would have to go behind the counter.

      I wonder what the demo is in terms of male/female readership :p

      And as a hoot, when I was but a youth, my hair was wild, auburn and I was a size eight with size eight shoes. You’d NEVER catch me out of jeans though.

    • Gothar

      The inside jacket for the paperback of ODW you see the woman’s face at least in the US version. As to the WWBC cover, I’ve love to get that outfit for the wife for Hallowe’en (evil grin)

    • Good question, Juliet. The cover designers work hard to find a look that alludes to the people inside the covers, but they have to keep it generic enough such that it hits the widest demographic. The people working on my books are really, really good at it. –Kim

    • Marsha

      I assumed the redhead on each of the covers was Rachel as well. You can see why everyone seems to be attracted to her! Unfortunately these days I see that cover and miss the days when I had a tight butt and could wear 4″ heels and kick-ass boots!

    • I just assume it’s Rachel, too. (grin) –Kim

    • Thanks, Phil! I totally agree. Rachel is maxed to the cool in WWBC. Everything fell in place here. 😉 I’m going to have a compleatly different crew and style for the graphic novels, and I’m still nervous about it. 😉 –Kim

  10. When my Kim introduced me to your series (man, talk about a rabid reader…she was with me at your signing…but) it was to the Sci Fi book clubs omnibus. What do you feel about those? I don’t even recall the covers…

    And how on Earth did you manage, only by Sept, to write a Dawn Cook piece, a Kim Harrison piece, a Madison, and a Rachel? Plus the GN and rewrites and edits…and read and answer as much as you do.

    • Kim has doubles…I´m really sure 😎

    • I’ve heard of stunt doubles, Author doubles? That certainly would come in handy… 🙂

    • We´ll never know…maybe she plants them in her garden 🙂

    • Antonio Rich

      Maybe – like the TV show FRINGE, Kim has access to a parallel world where her “Kim-Double” helps out, writing novellas, answering fan mail, travelling to an alternative Home Depot for new plants, shopping at an alternative Piggly-Wiggly for Cheez-Its and tea…In this alternative world she is still married to Guy, but they are both 5 inches taller…

    • Of course, this would then be Urban Reality, and … what she writes would be memoirs.

      We are ALL watching or reading too much Sci Fi.
      Then again, I have gotten hooked on a bbc show…is it Being Human ?

    • Phil

      i’m thinking Kim has clones around somewhere?? i don’t know how she does it, either! Too much sci/fi, i know!! Really!! 😉

      @Juliet… I’m hoping to translate your … that is, Gisela’s blog since i can’t read German, not even “cat-german”… 😦

    • http://www.dict.cc/ 😉 But I think you´ll need doubles too, to translate it all …

      Miau was a very good start !!!!

    • Phil

      i’m spending the afternoon in the library, so i maybe they can help … 😉

    • Phil

      i meant, maybe they can help … see, my English isn’t so good either … 😉

    • What’s that funny-looking pod in that garden? 😉

    • Kat

      clones~definitely clones!

    • She could be ambidextrous.

      Or she is really, really talented.

    • That might be TMI. Ambidextrous…kinky…

      I like the clone idea, but they scare me.
      *Warbles* Send in the clones…

    • Yeah. I like your guys ideas better than my reality. Clones. I’ve got ’em. (laugh)

    • And the last comment. Was it a review or just your own drive that worries about a one trick pony? Madison IS nothing like Rachael, other than being in an alternate reality. Yes your warped sense of humor, you love of bizarre epithets, and small flying creatures come thru, but your ‘voices’ are very different. Dawn Cook doesn’t wirte at all like Kim Harrison. So unless you want to change genres entirely (Kim does Zane Grey?)

      Mud, off supportive soapbox. Shall I go into reviewing?

    • Hi, Mud. Thank you. I really appreciate that. Truly. My one-trick-pony comment stems from my own desire to keep growing. I don’t read reviews anymore unless my editor or agent send them to me, and then they are usually from a high-profile reviewer.

      I’m in this for the long haul, devoted to it. I grew up loving Heinlein and Asimov, and though I’m not comparing myself to them, it would be my dream that in thirty years time to be thought of as being just as inventive in my own way, not theirs. But right now? I’m just little-old me, doing what I love. I’m not good at the smoozing and the coast-to-coast contacts, but I’m damn good at meeting deadlines with a quality product. I’ve been doing it long enough to prove I’m not a fluke. Now I’m just trying to prove I’m versatile. I’m doing what I love and producing good work. What happens from here is gravy. 😉

    • Hi, Mud. I like the omnibus covers, yes. They have a feel about them that is comfortable. It was the first time we saw Rachel and Ivy face on, too, which was cool. 😉

      Ahhhh, the timing. It looks like I’m writing house-afire, but really, some of these pieces I’ve been working on for two years. Most publishers have to have the authors work six months to a year before it’s scheduled to hit the shelf, so everything that’s coming out now was likely written almost a year ago, sometimes more. For example, I’m starting the world book probably early this next year, and it’s not scheduled until probably 2011.

  11. Judi in NJ

    Was busy yesterday booking a trip to Mexico for Rod & I. I overthought EVERYthing! But it’s done. No kids for 5 days. 😦 I miss them already! But since I missed your post yesterday, I’m doing a happy dance – a Dawn Cook short? Yipppee! Running off to B&N! Congrats!
    Judi in NJ

  12. Glad they kept it. Beautiful cover art is what makes me pick up a book I’ve never heard of before. 🙂 Of course, you don’t have that problem. 😉

  13. Greg

    Hi kim that’s cool WWBC was my favorite cover so far. Now for something OT have you heard anything about a date for the GN I can’t wait to see if what I think the characters look like is close to what they look like in the book and I love ivy thank and have a great day.

    • Hi, Greg. Ah. The graphic novel. 😉 Fall 2010 is the most I’ve got so far. I should have a penciler for you soon, and maybe some pics. I have a feeling I’m being a little too fussy, but I invest a lot of effort into these books, and I’d like them to be an accurate representation. –Kim

  14. Yep, the original artwork is excellent and has a lovely colour scheme. I’m glad they’re keeping it. 🙂

    The British cover, on the other hand… let’s just say that I found it most unenticing. 😉