Happy Equinox!!

Today, at 5:18 pm EST, the day and night are balanced equally, which I think is pretty cool.  It’s also why my trees are starting to go yellow and my humming birds are starting to go scarce.  I have already taken one of my feeders down and put the thistle seed feeder in its place for the goldfinches, but the hummer feeders won’t come down until late November.

VampireRomance2It is also the 22nd, which means that the Dawn Cook short vampire story is officially out in the US in the anthology VAMPIRE ROMANCE 2.  (grin)  This is totally not Hollows, and was a breath of fresh air to write.  I love the Hollows, but sometimes you just gotta do something new.  I’m not looking to expand this into anything, and Dawn Cook is _not_ going to start writing vampires.  I just wanted to do something different–so people would know that I’m not a one-trick pony.  But it’s kinda a cool story. 



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  1. Kerry

    Ha this is the perfect spot for my post! I was just outside Washington DC for work at a hotel with really large pane glass windows and on the first morning a hummingbird flew straight into the window and died – very sad. The next day the same thing happened. This time i ran outside and picked up the little hummingbird. He/She was stunned but seemed to be OK when i tucked its wings in and did a quick check for broken bones. Hummingbird then sat in my hand for a couple of minutes and then started an exploratory flutter and took off, hovered over my hand for 3 or 4 seconds then sank back onto my hand and rested for another couple of minutes and then flew away. It was really magic. I love hummingbirds but have never been that close. sorry for the long post but wanted to share.

    • Oh, Kerry, that was beautiful! You saved that hummingbird’s life. Most birds have enough body mass to shake off a window strike, but a humming bird would get cold and die. Your body heat save him. Good for you in taking a little time out of your day. Good for you. 😉 –Kim

  2. Chrisy

    Equinox? How cool! Here our equinox was at sept. 22. at 23:18… I always love comparing such things… we say Äquinoktium. How similar… You know I start thinking that I get excited a bit fast. Hum maybe that’s good isn’t it? – Chrisy

  3. Aimee

    Ohoh, I had to share this.

    We had massive wind storms here in Sydney early this morning, and when I woke up, everything was red. My window was this glowing red space in my wall, and EVERYthing beyond it was just… red! (our floor, bathroom, and I’m guessing anywhere else in our houses within range of a window or flyscreen door is caked in dust)

    It looked like I imagine the ever after to look like. The sun was a glowing white ball in the centre of red, and there was this massive wind strong enough to blow my bag from my grip.

    Was kind of cool… Although I did decide not to go on my morning jog… never know who I may have run into… hehe.

    • Hi, Aimee. Hapalochlaena said the same thing! Wow, it does look kind of like an ever-after sunrise, with the gritty wind and all. Yeah, good thing you stayed home. Watch out for those surface demons! 😉 –Kim

  4. Happy Equinox! I’m glad the weather is being kind to you. 🙂

    Sydney’s equinoctial “gift” from the ghu of weather is a dirty orange dust storm with gale-force winds, with gusts up to 100kmh. I can taste and smell the stuff even with all my windows and doors closed, and many people are reporting breathing problems.

    The Sydney Morning Herald has a report and pictures.

  5. Kenny G

    Happy autumn equinox!! Loved the short on Jenks. Such a bad ass. I am also re-reading the hollows. Not nearly as fast as you though. It was so hard reading about what Piscary did to Ivy, knowing so much more about her now.

    • Hi, Kenny. Cool! I’m so glad you liked it! Thanks. 😉 I hope you enjoy your reread. Reading about Ivy having been abused by Piscary was hard on me, too. Jeez, I’m _still_ mad about it! –Kim

  6. Gothar

    Since Kim and Dawn and the same person IRL, not legally 🙂 you are certainly more then a one trick pony. Keep up the great works!

  7. Tiffany

    Can’t wait to read your new story!

    Happy Eqinox! Here is a cool picture of the harvest moon:

  8. *Giggle* *Looks around, startled by such an undignified sound emanating from her. Snort* Man, I am a major instigator.

    Happy Equinox…why did I think it was the 21st? All I know this is either my favorite time of year (NORMALLY I get a harvest, but the drought didn’t help my veggie patch in the back 40…yards. ) And the colors are nice. Except this year a lot of trees abscissed early. And…I hate short day. I am NOT a mum. Or a mom. Or…sigh. Enjoy fall…it’s almost time for me to hibernate.

    (Find out if Thing One has a buddy with a box 🙂 )

  9. Phil

    Hi Kim, Whoo-hoo! Fall equinox! I’ll be looking for your not romance vamp story, too, Kim. Sounds juicy.
    Re Mud’s pairings from yesterday, can i add one… Det. Edden and Rachel? Not too likely but he seems to have a soft spot for her. ~Phil

  10. Marsha

    It might be nice to read about some vampires that keep their clothes on for most of the stories…another trip to the local bookstores. No wonder they grin when I walk in the door : ) I am definitely doing my part for the economy.

  11. When I find another job, I’ll buy it. Can’t buy anymore books anytime soon, unfortunately. 😦

    I definitely look forward to reading it and will pick it up ASAP. 🙂

  12. Sebrina

    I bought the Anthology about two weeks ago here in England. It seems some of the stories end better in this one than in the first one. I haven’t made it to your story yet. I have this habit of *needing* to read beginning to end, or at least making an attempt with each story in order. Can’t wait to delve into another world of yours.


    • Hi, Sebrina. That’s right! The release was in the UK first, so you guys got first crack at it. I hope you like my story when you get to it. I had a lot of fun writing it. –Kim

    • Sebrina

      I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. There’s something pleasing about the style in which you write. Sometimes it’s good to be an American in England, and other times I’m going out of my head because I have to wait ages for things to come this way. I was lucky my mom took pity on me over the summer, when I was home and took me book shopping 😀

    • Thanks, Sebrina! And yes, that was nice of your mom. 😉

  13. Roh

    Oh my God!!!!! I can’t wait to read more and more Madison, or, in my case, Barnabas, because I really love this angel!!!!!! But, i’m right talk to you here? or are other page to do this? Well, so, I don’t Know how they will translate here, because don’t have a translate of your books here in my country (Brasil), well, yet. I’m seeing people talk with Galera Record, a publisher here that translate Prooms from Hell, for they translate Once Dead, Twice Shy too. I have my book in english because my sister’s friend work in the states. There are many people that like you here, beacuse they read Prooms from Hell, so i think the publisher will really like to translate Once Dead, Twice Shy. I can’t wait to have my book in portuguese too.
    And, again, sorry for my poor english.
    and Kim, i will read more of yours books, you are amazing writer!!!!!

  14. Jessica

    Oh I can’t wait to read it! I have the book already on my TBR pile. which continues to grow as my homework pile continues to do the same! I’ll get to it eventually though! Very excited about it!! 😀