TGIF. Really, TGIF. I’m sooo tired.

Big news today is of course the radio show yesterday!  Here’s a link to go listen.  listen here  (grin)  We went over our time a little, there were so many people who called in.  It was wonderful, and I really enjoyed it!  I got to talk to Jemmea and Vampy and Mud from the board here, and A.N. was in the chat room.  (I thought they might choose your question about Jumoke to ask on air, so I didn’t answer it then, but the reason he is dark when all other pixies are light is a good question.  Every so often, a dark pixy will be born as a matter of chance.  Most times, they are left to die, but Matalina couldn’t do that.  I hope to bring him in more into the regular series.)  There were quite a few other names I noticed in the chat room that I recognized.  Thanks, guys.  you’re really the best.  😉

Even better, I finished my race-through the series.  Wow, things have really changed.  My favorite part in WWBC?  Had to be Glenn and his tomatoes.  (laugh)  And Ivy almost dying but refusing to take Rachel’s blood, wanting Rynn Cormell’s because he’s “just a vampire.”  She’s got it right.  Things should be interesting from here on out.  And Al’s blue butterflies.  I still don’t know what that means, but it’s important.

Today I’m working heavy on the copy edit of BLACK MAGIC SANCTION. (I’ve been nibbling away at it this week, but now I can concentrate.)  Favorite part?  Ooooooh, wait a moment.  It’s not out yet.  (grin)  Never mind.



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  1. Erin

    Is it just me or does anyone else picture Jax off of sons of anarchy when thinking about Kisten? I always picture Kist a little different but still the stubble, blonde hair, leather, motorcycle, and bad ass attitude all match up!

  2. Mmmm. what an interesting conversation Mud started up! What will be, will be, and I don’t “make eyes” at what is expected of a mainstream book. The characters staying true to their past is more important. I can’t wait to get to the end . . . Should be interesting. –Kim

    • mudepoz

      *Thinking* I am NOT anxious to get to the end. However, since I am loving Madison (major YA fan) I can’t wait to see what is brewing in your skull.

      BTW, you were right, not a clunker in Unbound. Ms. Marr’s story was quite a surprise…I don’t often see YA writers writing Adult. Adult to YA seems more common. She mentioned on her blog her YA is going to be a movie. Can the hollows be far behind.

    • Tiffany

      Oooh what great food for thought! That could mean so many things…which is the very best kind of hint! In the meantime I’m loving every minute of your stories – just enjoying the ride and loving all of your characters.

  3. Kat

    Hi Kim~I Love that you reread your books! I am sure that helps continuity and helps make the stories so great. Are you in awe of how talented you are? I know I am. You are some kind of story teller! 🙂

  4. Misty

    Hey Kim I was wondering if you are goin to write more about Madison Avery? Hope you had a great weekend!

    • Hi, Misty. Yup! The second one is at page proofs, and I’ll be delivering the third this next month. 😉 Look for EARLY TO DEATH, EARLY TO RISE come late this next spring. –Kim

  5. Marsha

    I am with Antonio on this…I noticed the comment but was way too afraid to say anything. Obviously Kim’s readers are much more open and understanding, and would not have a problems with them ending up together, right? Anyhow, if it is the last book of the series (which might make me go back on anti-depressants), why worry about being politically correct?

    • mudepoz

      LOL. Shippers…
      Off to knit booties for garwitches… 😉

    • SeattleRobin

      Marsha, from comments Kim has made I’m quite sure that her decsions aren’t based on what other people think, but on what she thinks is right for her characters and the story. Killing Kisten should be proof of that. 😉

  6. mudepoz

    Al’righty then…did I imagine this in my deluded mind? Did Kim mention that in her reread she saw a possible opening for Ivy and Rachel. And no one commented on it?
    It must have been my imagination, I would have expected it to be jumped on like dogs fighting over a carrot at my house.-
    Going to Facebook to post a pic of my office door…

    • Where did she say it? In the interview or here on page? Haven´t seen it yet….but it would be sooo great, I think we all waiting for this to happen…at least mostly I think 😉

    • I think that there might be a way for Rachel and Ivy to make it work, but I don’t know if that’s what’s going to happen.

      Do you mean that? Hmmm, it isn´t much more than still a fifty/fifty chance, is it? 😉

    • mudepoz

      Personally, I’m not sure we’ve met (or maybe just briefly) Rachel’s HEA. I still hold it’s Bis, or maybe a big brother 🙂 but I would have thought the I/R (Infrared?) shippers would have jumped on it. It’s a little different than 50/50…it means there is a path there. Whether that path is taken…is hiding in our fearless author’s temporal lobes.

    • Antonio Rich

      Juliet/Mud: have you read Kim’s short in Unbound?


      If it’s not going to be Rachel, there might be a character there that i could see satisfying Ivy’s HEA. I don’t think i’ve ever see a same-sex HEA in a best-seller?

    • mudepoz

      Of course I did, but if it’s Dylan…eyu.
      He has a potty mouth….

    • mudepoz

      Dylan being a contraction for either character…

      Mud, off and away.

    • Phil

      i think Kim did kinda drop a hint/tease but i didn’t ask ’cause … like if you say what you wish for, it might not come true! 😉

    • HEA? What does that mean?

    • HEA = Happily Ever After

    • ah, okay, thank you…

      @mud: Bis??? Oo

    • mudepoz

      Of course Bis, he makes her see the lig…err, Ley Lines. He is a very grounding influence.

      But, if Rachel gets a HEA, that begs the question…can one be happy in the Ever After? Unless it is overhauled. And then…

    • Me is hoping Rachel gets something humanoid at last 😉

    • mudepoz

      Humanoid…interesting. For whatever stupid reason (I really need to get away from here, it isn’t normal to think this way) I was thinking that the North Side Strangler (DNA pins at least a dozen murders and possibly more) was a bigger monster than anyone Rachel has dated…except maybe Nick. Who was allegedly a human…

    • Tiffany

      I totally noticed it.  I was kind of like Phil on this one, not wanting to say anything to scare it away or something like that…
      I do have to say I couldn’t believe that there wasn’t a chance for it.  There are so many hints at what they could be together for it to go unexplored and unfulfilled.

      As for whether Ivy could be Rachel’s HEA, I think she will be. But of course it is too hard to know until Kim takes them on that ‘road trip’.  Ivy is always holding so much of herself back, and Rachel has never really explored her feelings (always dismissing them with an ‘I don’t really want to know where that is coming from’).  If they do try to make it work, the dynamic between them will shift and I think we will see new things.   

      I’d love to see an outcome with them together, but like everyone I want a happy ending for them whatever that is.  Not just a HEA for Rachel, but for Ivy too.

    • Phil

      Rachel may still be sorting out her feelings and she admits in WWBC that she was confused for a year because the euphoria from being bitten was so much like sex, but she seems closer now to loving Ivy as a friend, but as Kim likes to say… We’ll see!

    • Antonio Rich



      I feel like were talking in the last row of class and WHIZZ BANG! Kim nails us with an eraser!

      OK: Love–check(a forever kind of love)
      SEX–welllllllll…I think Rachel IS attracted to Ivy, but I think it’s become obvious to both of them two things: 1) Rachel might not, at this time, be able to match Ivy passion-for-passion 24/7 362 days of the year. And secondly, they love each other too much to hurt each other if they can’t make it work. Maybe in time?

    • The coolest kids sitting in the last row…sooo 😉

    • shauna

      There’s an Ivy and Rachel HEA club??
      Where do I sign up.
      or are there requirements…

    • Kerry

      Yep I noticed it too! i have just re-read the entire series again about 2 weeks ago and I was finally getting over the disappointment that Ivy and Rach would not be together- and also sort of seeing that they can’t really be and both be who they want to be – at least the way things are now and i was ok – no really i was ok but now i am hoping again – damm foolish hope. I just want Ivy to have a HEA. I can see if it for Rachel – she likes poeple but harder to see for Ivy but i want it (HEA) all the more for it and yes I did think there was something possibly brewing for Ivy in LLD..

    • Tiffany

      LOL Antonio!  You are so funny!  Ok, no…I know.  You’re very serious.  I’ll await my initiation assignment now that I’ve got the club rules down 😉  
      Looks like the I/R HEA club might be more cat like after all, Mud – trying to act nonchalant even though someone just threw our favorite toy.    
      Speaking of which, Juliet your cat’s blog is funny!  Well at least what Google translate tells me you are saying is making me laugh!! 🙂
      Oh and Antonio, “Rachel might not, at this time, be able to match Ivy passion-for-passion 24/7 362 days of the year.” … OMG I think you just made me fall in love with Ivy all over again.  

    • mudepoz

      *Mud is SUCH an instigator*
      *Getting more quarry dust for the garwitch booties*

    • Tiffany

      Ok – after chewing this over a bit Antonio I have to differ with you. Ivy is passonate in an intense simmering sort of way, holding it close. But Rachel is passionate in a red-pixy-dust-sparking-off-of-her kind of way in everything she does. For sure Ivy is moodier, more contemplative, but I don’t think she is more passionate. I think they are opposite equals here.

    • @tiffany: Wow, you took your time and translate something from my (sorry, my cat´s) blog on google? Well, thank you for that 🙂 And yes, Gisela has a great kind of humor…that is why I let her write it 😉

    • SeattleRobin

      LOL, this is funny stuff. Mud’s a big instigator and she’s going to make us get in trouble with the teacher!

      I too noticed what Kim said immediately. I felt a big leap of excitement and then stomped down on it hard, so didn’t say anything for the same reasons the others mentioned. (grin) I’ve been trying very hard to keep an open mind all along, while still harboring and secretly nurturing my true wish. We have several books to go and it’s going to be a fun and interesting ride no matter what happens!

  7. Daniel

    Hi Kim,

    I just finished WW, BC. I only recently discovered the Hollows, and I’ve been devouring them. They just keep getting better, and I can’t wait for the next book.

    I was utterly floored by the scenes down in the tunnels… they were pure artwork. If you chose to write the same scenes from Ivy’s perspective, it would make my decade.

    • Thank you, Daniel! I’m so pleased that you’re enjoying the series so much! Ahhh, the tunnels. They really do exist, and I’d love to get down there someday. What Ivy and Rachel did at the end kind of surprised me. –Kim

  8. Chastity

    My absolute favorite part of WWBC is when Rachel remembers the night Kisten died. No more wondering, no more struggling to piece things together…finally the answers that we all were waiting for.

    It was beautifully written and I cry every single time that I read it. His last words were…well they were perfect…

    And I hope that now that Rachel knows what happened to him and the fact that the killer is dead will help her to move on. I’m know she’ll always treasure Kisten, we all will, but now maybe she can find a new ‘happiness’ in her life.

    Can’t wait for Black Magic Sanction!!!

    • SeattleRobin

      I agree Chastity, that scene was beautifully written and I thought it was a great way to bring that whole thing to a close.

    • Hi, Chastitiy. That was a very hard scene for me to write, and a few things happened that I’m not happy about, but they came out of Kisten’s mouth, and I had to go with them. ggggggrrrrrrr. And I cried, too. –Kim

  9. Mark E. R.

    I just finnished rereading WWBC again, I love the way it ended. Power doesn’t corrupt however it allows or maybe causes who we really are to become apparrent, Like Pierce being able to jump the lines and Racheal being able to use Deamon majic doesn’t make them evil if they choose to try and use their ablities for good. I see Pierce helping Racheal getting her Shunning removed and Marshall teaching Racheal the basics of leyline majic which will allow her to use it more effectively. And I hope Ivy and Racheal continue to become more closely intiwined, being able to trust and help each other out. Al no longer seems evil but just a rather self centered son of a bitch/Demon, oh wait he is a demon! Al is the ultimate narusist(sp). Love the series! Do you know when the paperback of WWBC will hit the shelves? Looking foreward to the next Book.

    • Hi, Mark. As you might have heard, I don’t plot out anything past the book that I’m working on, so I can’t say for sure what’s going to happen, but your wish list and my wish sound close. (smile)

      Look for the paperback of WHITE WITCH, BLACK CURSE this December. I’m trying to get the cover this week. We’ll see . . . –Kim

  10. I loved listening to the interview! So many of my fav authors talking all together.

  11. SeattleRobin

    I thought Glenn and the tomatoes was great too. I tried explaining the tomato thing once when we were eating tomatoes to someone who doesn’t read the series and got mostly blank looks. Heh!

    The scene that stands out most vividly to me from WW,BC is the visit to Skimmer in prison. I was rivetted to the page because the whole thing, right from the build up of their entering the facility, was super intense and I just had no idea what would happen next. Great stuff!!!

    • Antonio Rich

      Hey Boo-

      I can’t believe Skimmer’s in prison at all! Girl’s got a jealous streak, but she’s no criminal. I’d be going crazy with rage too if I’d saved the love of my life and left to rot in prison!

      Hey, thanks for supporting my inner-pig the other day.(Grin)

      B Good.

    • I´m really sure, we will see her again…well at least I hope so :-X

    • SeattleRobin

      Oh yeah, I can see it from Skimmer’s POV. But personally I’m glad she’s out of the way for a while so she can’t muck things up. I don’t think she’s good for Ivy. I’m sure like Juliet says we’ll see more of her again and it will be interesting. On the other thing, we should all celebrate the inner pig from time to time. (grin)

    • Hi, Robin. I get blank looks from a lot of people, too, when I try to explain to them what I write. Ah well. Mmmm, I liked that scene with Skimmer. –Kim

  12. Hey Kim,
    It was great to listen to the show, I really enjoyed it! It sounded like you all had a really good time working together on the book.

  13. Thursday

    Oh my god I finally perfected it! I finally got done with that one chapter in my book that I was struggling with! You are a life Saver! The short version was the best and I love it! It’s perfect! Thank you so much for your advise! You are the Queen of Awesome! Hail to you Kim! Hail to the Queen! *bows*

  14. proudfit

    Does it Have Mountian or building climbing the book?

  15. Joy

    You are diabolical! Teasing us like that. I was actually doing a re-read of WWBC and had a question pop into my head. I am not sure if you have already answered this but, why did Ivy think it was so important that Rachel knew what she smelled like? Thanks and have a good weekend.

    • Hi, Joy. That Rachel knew what Ivy smelled like (in comparison to other vamps) meant there was an emotional attatchement between them. Rachel knows that, but Ivy probably wasn’t sure. You have a great weekend, too! –Kim

  16. kaala

    hi kim! i just got into your books this year and see you’ve done halloween contents – any plans to do it again? i’m going as rachel this year and am very excited 🙂

    • Hi, Kaala. Yes! I will have another costume contest this year. I wanted to have one with tomatoes, but things conspired against me. The Halloween contest, though, is going to happen. –Kim

  17. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am.

    That was the best pod cast ever! Eighty people in chat and 20 call ins. You all were a big hit.

    Too bad you don’t play well with others but it’s OK.

    Ho[e you had a great weekend.


    • I thought it was fabulous, too, Vampy. And I do play well with others, but not in a shared world. Anthologies, you bet. Shared worlds, no way.

      I hope you had a great weekend, too. –Kim

    • Antonio Rich

      LOL! Me and Juliet are on here the same time Kim is trying to answer everybody! I’m trying to stay out of the way, I swear. We’re going to be put on “double secret probation.”SORRY Kim.

      Vampy – cool to chat w/you the other day. Where did you live in Dayton? I live along the border of Kettering/Beavercreek, stroop and dorothy lane.

      I’m having True Blood withdrawal problems already!

  18. Suzi Lazear

    Oh, you’re such a tease, Kim. 🙂 I love the line dancing vamps. Such imagry! Can’t wait to find out about those blue butterflies…

    I hear you on being tired. I’ve been working 10-12 hour days, staying up late writing, getting up early to take the tot to school and doing all over again. And we’re moving (I hate moving, but the tot gets a yard at least. Kids need yards and trees and lizards). So, I’m very glad its friday. If only I didn’t have to pack…

    ~Suzanne and the tot

  19. Greg

    Thank god its friday.

  20. DM

    mist? did I say mist? i meant missed… but I’ll just quit reading my own post and stay blisfully ignorant of any other errors.

  21. DM

    Alright… laugh all ya want… but I’m doing it… I’m gonna ask what TGIF stands for…
    There you have it.
    I’m an idiot…
    And I mist Jumoke being dark haired… Probably read right over it…
    So now that you’ve re-read all the books did you happen to notice that details on the turn seem to vary slightly from book to book… and quite frankly possibly lot’s more people should have died to explain the turn… or else there always was a rather hefty interlander/human ratio…
    But I don’t sweat the details… I had trouble connecting to the world the first book, but loved the sense of humor and started liking the characters more and more as I went along… And that’s why I can’t wait for black magic sanction. Which I guess is named for “The Eiger Sanction” … I hope you’ll work on a variation of “Play Misty for Me”
    And I do hope that in Black Magic Sanction Rachel will stop taking crap from Al… I figure… since he hasn’t gotten rid of a mark yet… she doesn’t have to do anything for him… He’s breaking his end of the bargain…
    But the book is written… so we’ll see…

    • Antonio Rich

      Thank God It’s Friday!

      Jumoke is a pixie (Jenks son) that we first meet in Kim’s new short in Unbound(Ley Line Drifter)

      PS i did take your reccomendation and watch Being Human(BBC). I DID like it though! I thought the three leads were terrific.

      B Good.

    • Don’t worry about not catching Jumoke’s dark complexion, DM. I didn’t make note of it in the books until the novella, but that’s why he’s named Jumoke. (smoke)

      Rachel and Al are coming to a few understandings as the books progress, so there is that. Hope you like it when it finally comes out! –Kim

  22. Sandy Newman

    Hi Kim, I am a big fan and would like to know if your bring back Rachel,Ivy,and Jenks? I am a full time mom and the books are my escape from the kids and hubby…would love to see Rachel find love again as well…! Big fan in Oklahoma. Thanks, Sandy

    • Hi, Sandy.

      Absolutely! There are a total of 12 to 13 books planned for the Hollows, the next one due out late Feb, right on schedule. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Hollows. Thank you! –Kim

  23. Phil

    Hi Kim, i’ll definitely catch the chat i missed yesterday, sounds fun! i was curious about that too with Jumoke being dark haired, but pixies letting their kids die … harsh!! And i loved the part with Glenn and the tomatoes too, i can’t eat a pizza without thinking about that scene, and slicing tomatoes to eat … i always say to my brother the humans in Cincy would be horrified (grin).

    As for BMS, lots more Rachel/Ivy, PLEASE!! 🙂 ~Phil

  24. “Chaos is the score upon which reality is written.” Henry Miller
    (Mud’s motto)

    And oddly, paraphrased from the chat room, Kim
    “Chaos in the world brings uneasiness, but it also allows the opportunity for creativity and growth.”
    Also Henry Miller…

    • Mmmmm . . . Chaos is where inspiration is born, but it’s organization that gives the framework that others can understand it.

    • mudepoz

      pbbbl. And I’m the one writing the cookbook chemistry labs the young’ns follow.

      Just cause I’m not organized doesn’t mean what I write isn’t.

      I just don’t like it 🙂 Besides, Chaos is where ferns and such were ordered….

    • mudepoz

      Ah, I’m just fractal, I mean fractious today 🙂 Even out tromping in a prairie>

  25. I wish I could have called in. Stupid work kept me back..

    oooh.. you’re *such* a tease! 😛

  26. Okay, listening now. 😀 Have a great weekend, Kim! 😀

    • P.S. Kim, you said that you go to the B.R. in R.H. about once a month. Can you e-mail me and tell me when you’re going to be there? I’ll wait till December to get my books signed, but I just wanted to meet you—not in a stalker kind of way, but in a writer meets another kind of way, if that’s at all possible. I understand if you don’t.

      I’ve been thinking of my safety when I begin a writing career and I don’t even have a novel published yet. 😀 I do have a horror short story published though. I met one of my best writer friends in person and he didn’t find me creepy at all, even though he writes horror…lol. 😀 Just let me know.

    • I’m sorry, Tyhitia. I don’t ever have a set time to drop into the book rack. Mike calls, tells me he needs some signed, and I drop in when I’m out. Sometimes it takes me a few days. But like I said, I’ll be there for the big author signing nearer to Christmas.

      If you’re concerned about safety, which isn’t a bad idea, you might want to use a pen name. That’s not why I originally took mine, but as the books became more popular, I was glad I did. 😉 –Kim

    • Thanks, Tyhitia! You have a great weekend, too! –Kim

  27. Gothar

    I forgot about the line dancing vamps!
    The blue butterflies Al was making was creepy

    • Jeannie

      Gothar, Have to agree that my mental picture of the vamps line dancing had me laughing a while. The blue butterflies were creepy. I wonder what ever happen to the one she hid from kitty under the glass?? Maybe find out im BMS. Can’t wait.

    • Mark E. R.

      I thought the blue butterflies were the result of a bored Demon’s momment of light fun self distracting while watching the boring FIB stumbling throught their investigation. Not creepy, but showing a narasist (sp) total disregard for life.

    • Gothar

      I’d of thought but “some” of the butterflies died

    • Antonio Rich

      I think the butterflys made an appearance in a short about Al and Cerie as well(that i haven’t read yet) I think Kim has said that they DO mean something….Hmmmm….

    • Antonio is right. They first showed up in the Ceri/Al short in the mass market of ODW. And they will show up again. Butterflies are attracted to carrion. Yuck. –Kim

    • Ahhhh, yes, the line-dancing vamps!! (grin) Kisten was really something. –Kim

  28. becca

    hey kim
    the radioblog chat was so cool,i listen live so glad the kiddies were in bed so i got to listen in bliss!!(7.00pm in england)it was cool to hear you and your responses to some familiar posters….i got all giggly!!cool to hear jemma from the uk phone,vampy has a sexy southern accent!!wada go mud!!i tried to phone in too but alas i had not enough credit on my mobile(pay as you go)
    my question was…1)with the up coming release of BMS what promo idea do you have this time?? 2)whats your favourite jenks quote
    loved that your eager to chat with us crazy fans(cough stalkers)you seemed to be having a blast..oh and for rachel vincent to call in..well thats just wow!!cool!!
    oh and on another note that if you need a critique for BMS i think iam ok to read an early copy(even with spelling errors etc) 😉 iam quite willing to send more gifts,chocolate etc to help sway you answer…..
    have a great weekend,well done in the re-reads
    becca and kiddies(including the hubby-biggest kid!)

    • OMGosh, you’re right! Vampy does have an accent. It’s what I hear every day, so I don’t “hear” it anymore. (grin)

      I’m still working up the promo for BMS, and as soon as I know if it’s a go or not, I’ll tell you what it is. They might be too expensive . . .

      My favorite Jenks quote? “Tink’s contractual hell.” (grin)

      I had a great time talking with the readers, too, so it goes both ways. 😉 You have a great weekend. –Kim

  29. trisha

    i am looking forward to see things from jenk’s point of veiw
    i need to tell someone so i will tell you lol i submited a short story to a writer’s magazine

  30. Jemma

    Hey Kim,

    Thanks for your response to my comment yesterday (I replied but I don’t know if you go back after you’ve replied once as I know that would take up all your time.)

    It was great to talk to you yesterday, it really lifted me up. It’s the little things in life, I guess.

    I’d actually forgotten about Ivy almost dying in WWBC. That bit and the whole refusing Rachel’s blood thing was just so gripping and wonderful for me. I know that I started my first re-read of WWBC months ago but then the crap in real life got in the way and then Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld series distracted me. Looks like the book plan for me now is to finish Unbound then get back to re-reading WWBC. 😉

    Speak soon, thank you for being the wonderful person you are.

    • Phil

      i totally agree with you Jemma about Ivy’s refusing Rachel’s blood being a really gripping scene. Knowing how Ivy feels about Rachel, not surprising! She can be stubborn tho’!! 😉

    • Hi, Jemma. It was wonderful talking to you too. I still can’t believe that you called in. 😉 One day at a time, and take time to find one good thing every day. –Kim

  31. Greg

    Hey kim really mad about missing the show darn work. Anyways have a great weekend.

  32. Rebecca B

    Ironically, I was delayed at the bookstore while buying the book, but at least it was a nice conversation about urban fantasy with the young lady who helped me find it in the horror section. She now plans to read DWW, and I added some authors to the what-to-read-while-waiting-for-Kim list.

    I’m going to read and savor the story before I listen to the show–sort of a decadent slice of honey cake with a cinnamon raspberry latte chaser.

    After that, I’m about 60 pages into The Historian, so that’s my plan. Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Oooooh, that’s good to know about the books being in the horror section, Rebecca. And thank you for helping get someone hooked on the Hollows! I hope you enjoy the anthology when you get the chance to crack it open. You have a great weekend, too! –Kim

  33. shauna

    Hi, Kim, I missed the show, but im listening to it now. yay!
    How can you read through all the Hollows so fast, I havent even finished FFDM yet. Too much to do lately, apparently doing homework is more pressing than finding out what your favorite witch is up to, who knew?
    Still, cant wait for the new one to come out. Have a good weekend!

  34. A.N.

    They don’t let me be happy! I ask for little, all I wanted was to hear your show and asked a question. They (people at work) “DECIDED”, of all the hours in the day, to ask me things precisely at the time of the show. I didn’t know if you answerd my question in the chat and I couldn’t do the one I had to ask on the phone. I’m a good worker, I don’t do a “Casper” during the day, I wanted just a little time to talk to you and Vicki. Aahhh, que se le va hacer. Today they (the government) fired 300 people more, next in line is my agency with 200. Love your short story. Be Happy!

    • Antonio Rich

      That’s a bummer. Let me cheer you up with two things: 1)tomorrow is international talk like a pirate day “AAARRRGGG!!!” (Made you smile) and 2) How about a little Hallows Trivia for the Drama Page’s Trivia Champ(or anyone else, of course)


      In Dead Witch Walking, when Rachel and Ivy shake on their newly formed partnership, Rachel notices two things about Ivy’s hand. They are:

      a)strong hands, no jewelry
      b)cold, no fingernail polish
      c)strong, firm handshake, silver bracelet
      d)warm, black nail polish

      B Good

    • Phil

      cold hands no nail polish! … Ivy trivia, my favorite!
      ps- Is that pirate day thing for real? OMG, am i naive!

    • A.N.

      Ahoy Matey! Aye I like pirate day (grin). I wish I could do the voice. The answer is b, but Juliet won this one.

    • Tiffany

      Fun post 🙂 Isn’t (A) how Newt’s hands were described? (I’m closed book here).

    • Antonio Rich

      You guys are all too good! I mean AAAARGGHHH nobody be walking the plank! AAARRRGHHH!

    • Oh, ouch on the people being let go! I was once caught up in a massive downsizing. That was right about when I started writing . . . I’m so glad you liked the short story. Thanks!

      As for the show? I was only able to take snatches of the live chat that was going on at the time, so I missed a lot, too. –Kim

  35. mudepoz

    You do remember the picture of my Gargoyle looking at my large blue butterfly in my garden? It’s on facebook. Of COURSE blue bf are important. (And both are older than your stories…just happy coinkydink. I also have some small woodland cement statues and believe…) have a lovely weekend. I hope to.