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I know I will be.  (grin)  Today is the day that I will be on live internet radio talking with the authors of the UNBOUND anthology.  Jocelynn Drake, Vicki Pettersson, Jeaniene Frost, and Melissa Marr.  And hopefully, some of you as well!  Now’s your chance to grill us on our work, be it about the characters on the page or the way that we get our thoughts onto the page itself.  I love doing these shows because someone from the post page usually calls in, and it’s always nice to put a voice to a name.   2:00 EST, but if you want to take advantage of the live chat beforehand, it’s a good idea to register and get your machines talking _before_ everyone else jams the system.  Then you can just pop on when the show starts.


If you’ve been at the drama box at all this week, you know I’ve been doing a fast re-read of the entire series to help me prep myself for both the world book and the last ye-ha of the story arc.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised at what I’ve re-discovered.  Little things, mostly.  Yesterday was THE OUTLAW DEMON WAILS.  I like this one.  It takes place at Halloween, which is likely my favorite holiday.  This is also the beginning of Rachel and Ivy realizing they can’t have what they want without ruining it.  (so far.  Maybe for good.  Don’t know yet)  Rachel finding out who her dad is was a big “finally!” for me.  I’d known it since DWW, and you can see hints of it every time she and he interact.  But my favorite part, and this was unexpected at the time I wrote it, was Rachel keeping Quen alive Halloween night.  Seeing Trent react when he realized that not only could he not help keep Quen alive, but that his mindset was actually detrimental?  That Rachel could save Quen when he couldn’t?  Wow.  It was a huge blow to Trent, and probably the beginnings of him starting to grow as a person.

And then there were the demons.  This was the first time we had a chance to see into the ever-after, and I’d forgotten how fun that was.  We will see more.  It’s already written.

So today is WHITE WITCH, BLACK CURSE, with a spot of time at 2:00 pm EST to chat with YOU!



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  1. mudepoz

    One has to love a woman who can manage to insert an f-bomb in Greek in a short story. From a Dryad yet.

    It does give me the creeps, since the last time I heard that, my short, dark, hairy boss was yelling at me for washing out the newly uppotted vegies when I watered them. Well, I was only 13 or so 🙂

  2. UK Kate

    Hiya Kim,
    Wow, I’ve missed a load of posts! Took me a while to get through reading them all. I feel out of the loop 😦 But on the plus side, all this time away means that I’ve been working on my MS and it’s going really well 😀 I have a good feeling about this one… Although the amount of re-working I need to do is growing as I work through it with hubby being test-reader, but I’m taking that as a good thing, because I’m getting extra story twists and more characterisation in there. When I’ve finished it’ll be awesome, even if I do say so myself! ;P
    Hope you have a great time on the live chat. I think I’ll be in work, or on the way home, or possibly picking up pizza on the way home, but I hope I can catch some of it online.
    Will they record it and have it available for listening to later if I miss it?

    Hope all is well in the Harrison household.
    All the best,

    UK Kate 🙂

    • Kate! Good to hear from you again. That’s great about the MS. You go, girl! (grin) And it will be awsome. And do say so yourself.

      I’ve got a link to the podcast on today’s post. Enjoy!


  3. Kelly

    Hi Kim!

    I was just curious if you have any plans of maybe branching out from The Hollows and starting a new series? Or maybe an entirely different series about a Hollows character? Not that I’m complaining, of course, I love all of your books!


    • Hi, Kelly. I do, yes, but since I’ve got about three more years of writing the Hollows, I’m not doing much more than thinking about what comes next. It will likely be a new series. I’m not afraid to end a series and start a new one. I’ve done it before. (grin) –Kim

  4. Gothar

    I’d love to have faster computer so I could describe it like you did Ivy’s EWWBD – ‘faster and more powerful than an industrial-sized package of laxative’. I sure would rock at LAN parties…

  5. Jeannie

    HI Kim, just listened to your show, loved it! Liked hearing the voices of some of consistent bloggers. Was wondering if you have someone that critiques your work like Melissa and J? Your comment about the series ending was depressing, even though I already knew-hearing it brought it home. My question is do you have something in the works for another series(hoping)? If you do will it come out before this one ends(I will miss your work and will need something to fill the Hollows void) and if so will it be a spin off from one of the Hollows characters per se or something totally different? A mouthful huh? Anything else outside of the world book,which I am totally excited about, in the works? Maybe within the next year or so? Okay I’ll stop now. Sorry!!

    • Hi, Jeannie. Thanks! I’m glad you liked the show. I don’t have anyone look at my work, no. My editor is the “virgin” reader. It’s not that I wouldn’t like someone to look at it, but the people that I trust to give me the advice I can use are all slammed with their own work. (shrug) I sort of like keeping it to myself now, but I also get a thrill from working in a team environment, so . . . I can do both.

      As for what’s coming next? Not sure yet. I have an anthology coming up in a few years that’s going to be a mismash of Kim: some Hollows, some not-Hollows, sort of something that demonstrates I’m not a one-trick pony and can write just about anything. (grin) We’ll see what shakes out. I’m in this for the long haul. Writing is what I do.

  6. Marsha

    I really wanted to listen to the broadcast and pretend it was a conference call at work 🙂 Unfortunately I need to eat and pay my mortgage so when one of my agencies called in a snit, I had to go and make nice. I did replay it when I got home, and it was good to hear so many of the regulars here your blog call in. It was a nice interview.

    • Thanks, Marsha! I always get done with these things and go hide in the bathroom for about ten minutes. I like talking with the readers, but when I’m done . . . yuck. I’m full of “should have said, ought to have said.” I’m glad you liked it.

  7. Hi Kim. I waaay behind on your series. My best friend introduced me to urban fantasy after she informed me that’s what I was writing. I’m about to begin another WIP. I’m reading DEAD WITCH WALKING and I’m loving it. I bought the first two so far and will go back to get the rest.

    I found out we live in the same area! And that you have even signed at a store I’ve gone to a few times. When are you going back to the Book Rack???

    • Hi, Tyhitia. You’re in the RH area? Very cool! I usually get into the Book Rack about once a month, but the next signing will be around Christmas when they have their multi-author signing day. Hope to see you there, and good luck with your WIP!

    • Oh, you’ll see me there. 😀 I can’t wait to meet you! Cool. 😀

  8. Chastity

    Missed the live chat, but I will check it out in the archives. My day just sort of got away from me, you ever have that? Anyway, ODW…love the choice of Halloween costumes, loved that the true identity of Rachel’s dad came out. I had been wondering about that myself and then it came out in the book and I cried, I was so happy. But my absolute favorite part was the deeper look into the ever-after! And now to hear that we will be seeing more of that, well that just makes me want to do a happy dance, I think I will (just a minute)…

    Okay, I’m back. Al is my fave demon, there’s just something about him that pulls me in…Oh well, have fun reading WWBC!!!!

  9. Phil

    Hi Kim, Halloween’s my favorite, too. I also liked when Rachel saved Quen. Quen’s an interesting character, a steadying influence on Trent, or at least he tries, and he has a (grudging?) respect for Rachel which he may or may not pass on to Trent?? Not sure if I got that right.
    Sorry i missed your spot today, Kim. I was driving at the time. ~Phil

    • Hi, Phil. No worries about missing the show. It’s still there if you want to catch it at your leisure. 😉 Quen is one of my favs, sort of a father figure and teacher, but not Rachel’s, even though he impacts her life a lot. I hope to see more of him.

  10. Jenny

    When my 83 year old grandma called to ask me to lunch of course I went, but I must say I was a little disappointed to miss most of the broadcast.It was wrapping up just as I tuned in.Ah well, maybe I can catch the next one. I also like Halloween, but maybe just because it’s a fall holiday, which is my favorite season.I enjoyed the glimpse of the demons in ODW . I think Al is my favorite.

    • Jenny, as I was writing out character sheets (new ones, because I do have my old ones still around) the only character I smiled for was Al. I think he’s my favorite character besides Rachel. He’s the man! –Kim

  11. Linda (germany)

    aaaaah. my fucking favorite book. I absolutly love WWBC. It’s so much fun. So dramatically. So unique. And it’s all fit in.

    I whish I could be on the show. 😦

    Well, I whish you so much fun.

    • Hi, Linda. It’s one of my favorites, too, but FOC still is my top favorite. I’ve got the link to listen to the podcast of yesterday’s show up on today’s post if you’re interested. –Kim

  12. Indy

    Hi Kim!!! Sorry I will miss the show. All of those kind of things are blocked here at work. I do have to say that I think ivy and Rachel can find a way to make it work. I’m still giving Rachel a chance to put all the pieces together. I haven’t mention that in awhile, so I didn’t want you to think I’ve given up. 😉 Second, I’ve been wondering, since writing the graphic novel, does it make writing the Hollows more challenging? You’ve spent a lot of time from Ivy’s view point, and then jump back to Rachel. Any kind of conflict there? Just curious.~Indy

    • That’s cool, Indy. I know a lot of workplaces block much of the Internet. Hey, after reading the first half of the series, I think that there might be a way for Rachel and Ivy to make it work, but I don’t know if that’s what’s going to happen.

      You asked about the GN and shifting POVs. No, it doesn’t make it more challanging at all. Shifting POVs isn’t hard. Writing from Ivy’s is, just because of who she is. -Kim

  13. mudepoz

    So, I was slightly mortified and flustered when my real came up. It was a bit sad that my question, one I’ve been saving for EVERYONE, didn’t make a whole lot of sense… Well, this luddite with a borrowed thinkpad thanks you for answering:)
    (I am more of a tech writer, my friends do the fiction. I just have a big mouth which is why I toss the questions, and not one of them:)

  14. Greg

    Kim do you think you’ll tour to florida for one of your book signings and do you have an around about time when the next hollows book will be out.

  15. 🙂 I am so not a shipper, but I am SURE … Bis will be…something. Maybe her best man…

    I want a Bis/Jenks T-shirt. And wouldn’t Jenks be afeered that a toad might move into his upside down flowerpot? That’s what lives in mine 😉

    • I’m starting to see around corners with Bis, and my lips are sealed. (grin) Hey, I just figured out which T-shirt you got. The graphics from that were all done at the printer. Isn’t he fab? Wait until you see this next year’s tour T’s!

      Oh, how lucky you have a toad in your flowerpot. The UPS man ran over mine. Luckily there wasn’t a frog in it at the time.

    • Would you settle for a skink? I rescued a large one from a bucket of water, and the next morning it (or a close relative) turned up for a photoshoot. 🙂

    • That is very cool, Hapalochlaena! We’ve got red-headed skinks around here. My dogs love to hunt them. I’ve heard they are toxic, so I’m hoping they never catch one.

  16. Lynnsey E.

    Will you ever put all your novellas into one book? It would be perfect if they could all come together in one place. 🙂 I plan to do a re-read of your books soon as well. I just finished “White Witch, Black Curse” for my first time, and some parts almost made me cry, too. I can’t wait to read the next one!

    ❤ Lynnsey

    • Hi, Lynnsey. I’d love to see all the novellas in one volume, but the upcoming anthology is going to be half new, half old. (publisher’s prerogative.) I hope you enjoy your re-read! Just don’t read them all in a week. My eyes are still bugging out. (grin)

  17. Antonio Rich

    The thing I remember about The Outlaw Demon Wails was that Rachel and Ivy were all set to dress up for the big Halloween Ball as a vampire(rachel) and vampire hunter(ivy) and they didn’t get to go AND WE DIDN’T GET TO SEE THEM!!! You know you do have male fans out here! If i have to read about Trent’s great butt, at least give me a little “somethin’ somethin'” from time to time.

    PS trent’s wedding and the bus patrons is my all-time favorite scene(s). I love when Rachel has an audience.

  18. Judi in NJ

    Hey there Kim! Have a great web chat today! What a great book and an even greater bunch of ladies! Enjoy….Judi in NJ – BIG p.s. I found out yesterday that my Jenks (my African Grey Parrot as you may recall) is a GIRL!!!!! I’m NOT changing her name….well, maybe I’ll just call her Jenksie?? Oh boy!….er, girl! Latah! 😀

  19. Jemma

    Hey Kim, Jemma here.
    I just had to say that with your re-readings the thing that’s been hitting me the most is your mention of Ivy and Rachel’s struggle with each other and getting-or realising they can’t get-what they want. It’s really ringing true for me a lot lately as I just got back from visiting Jess for the last time and am having one hell of a time (still struggling with clinical depression and seeing doctors and therapists and cannot stop crying) making myself let go. Seeing her again made all my emotional troubles go away but it hurt so much because I realised that I need to be with her like that, NOT long-distance as we have been because it hurts us both so so much (and is what made me ill) but as it stands it’s impossible (for many reasons) to physically be together. I just can’t let her go. Anyway, sorry if that’s all TMI but I’m finding a relation to R/I and their struggle to find a balance.
    It’s great that you’re re-reading the series now, I love doing that with things I’ve written. I recently re-read my dissertaion that I finished 5 months ago and it’s nice to go back to something you’ve written having been away from it so that you can actually go ‘wow, I did that.’
    I’ll definitely be listening in later even if I may get spoilt for Unbound (I bought it in the U.S. but have only read the 1st chapter) and if I’m feeling up to it and think of a question I’ll call in from England. ~Jemma

    • Judi in NJ

      Hi Jemma! Your post broke my heart. Depression stinks on ice. (My husband is bi-polar). Try and hang in there! Sending you some happy & groovy thoughts from NJ, USA!!! A Fellow Kim H. Fan 😀 <<<Do this

    • Phil

      i second Judi’s sentiments, Jemma. Sending good thoughts and wishes from across the pond. 😉

    • Jenny

      Hoping you find a happy place soon Jemma.

    • mudepoz

      I hope you’re getting support for the depression…it helps. It was so nifty to hear your voice. I am such an anglophile…

    • Hi, Jemma. I can’t tell you how cool it was to hear your voice! Made me feel good. 😉

      I know you’ve been having a very hard go of it, but you _will_ find a good place if you keep looking and keep working for it. Hey, if I can find Ivy’s happy ending, then you can find yours! 😉 –Kim

    • Jemma

      Thank you everyone. I’m trying really hard to get through this even though most days I can’t see any light at the end of this tunnel, I just have to remind myself that that’s the nature of the illness, you CAN’T see the good things when you’re in the middle of it. I have a very close family and very good friends so I have a lot of support, it’s just very difficult when I’m having to let go of the one person who has always made me feel better. But I’ll get through this. I hope.

      And thank you for saying that Kim, it means a lot. It also really helped me feel happy for a while to finally talk to you. It’s also nice that you were excited to hear my voice. I’m sure one day I’ll actually meet you in person. (And Guy, because I really do adore your man. 😉