Darn it, I cried again.

As some of you know, I’m doing a mad-dash read through of the entire series, taking notes for the world book and generally brushing up on the Hollows before I start the next one later this year.  Yesterday I read through FOR A FEW DEMONS MORE,  finding myself not quite able to bring myself to read the ending.  At about eleven at night, I got to the part where Rachel had gotten the focus out of her, and everything was happy.  I closed the book, not wanting to go to bed with her misery on me.  Maybe I should have ended it there.  (grin)

But no . . . the last few pages were what made the rest work, and I don’t regret them at all.  So today I got up early and finished.  Sigh. . .  Favorite parts?  I had almost forgotten that this was where Ivy kissed Rachel, and Rachel’s reaction.  Dudes.  And David’s personal power when he held both Mr. Ray’s and Mrs. Sarong’s thugs at bay when there were 18 other guns in that room?  I miss David.  He’s a cool guy.  And it pissed me off all over again when I found out that Trent was responsible for Brett’s death.  Son of a wicket, he is slime.  And Ceri meeting him and Quen?  That surprised me when I wrote it, and I still like that aspect of her.

I laughed at the wedding, and the bus of people waiting outside to see if she could do it.  And I nodded my head at the foreshadowing of Pierce, both with the phone and Rex watching her.  I cried when Rachel thought Ivy and Jenks were both dead, feeling her dispar.

And I cried at the end.  My favorite image in those last pages is the pool table, stitched just like Rachel, smelling of a thousand vamps, beer, cigarette smoke–there in her front room as a testament to Kisten’s love for both of them and the sacrifice he made.  He was just a guy, doing the best he could.  And it was more than enough, though he lost his life doing it.

I’m going to try to read THE OUTLAW DEMON WAILS today.  Wish me luck.  This pace is just about killing me!  😉


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60 responses to “Darn it, I cried again.

  1. For A Few Demons More is my favorite book in the series so far. I’m reading it for the third time, and chapter 33 is just… wow. Rachel is so hard core! *wicked smile*

    I had to buy Jeff Buckley’s “Grace” CD after reading book five. Lilac Wine makes me cry like a baby, thanks to Kisten.

    • Hi, Rebecca. Does Grace have the track “You and I” on it? That’s my favorite Jeff Buckley song. Sounds like Kisten and Rachel to me, too. Sigh. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books. Thank you! –Kim

  2. Rebecca B

    Every time we drive by the Cathedral Basilica I think of Trent’s wedding and the bus waiting outside. I keep looking for Biz. (Sigh!)

    BTW, they’re finally widening 12th Street so some of the seediness is gone from the south side of the road. What remains of the old railroad roundhouse is less than a block south and is still there.

    Love your work, Kim!

    • Thanks, Rebecca! I’m so glad you’re enjoying my work. Mmmm, too cool abot the 12th street. I’ll have to go do a drive-by seeing next time I’m in town. –Kim

  3. Elaine

    Ooooh, The Outlaw Deamon Wails is my favorite! Of course, the rest are fantastic too, but for some reason, this one is just a little extra special for me. Maybe it’s the while trip into the world of Al and Minias, but I dunno. Maybe it’s the wonderful amount of character development that takes place. Whatever it is, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Thank you so much for bringing this world to life so perfecty for all of you past, current, and future readers. I love introducing people to your books and I can’t wait until I have a daughter at the right age and have her start reading them as well. Cheers!

    • Thanks, Elaine! I’m so glad you are enjoying them so much. ODW did have tons of character development.

      Did you know I had a young adult series aimed at 12-18? You might want to check it out and see if it’s a good match for your daughter. 😉 ONCE DEAD, TWICE SHY.


    • Elaine

      I did know! 🙂 but alas, I have no daughter! Haha. One day. Perhaps. I’m just waiting to do what my mom did with me. She started reading her favorite novels (Lord of the Rings) to me when I was very young. Maybe 4 or so? So I would like to do the same thing.

    • Oh! See, now I’m red. When I first read that, it sounded to me like you had daughters, just not the right age. (grin) Sorry. 😉 What a wonderful thing your mother did for you. She must be a very special lady.

  4. I’ve found this book the most intense of the series to date, like an emotional rollercoaster that you can’t get off until the end. And then you go “whew!” and wonder where all that time went, and whether you should have dinner before jumping on again for another uninterruptible whirlwind ride.

    In short, I love it for all the reasons you mentioned above, and likewise have difficulty with the last few pages.

    Many thanks. 🙂

  5. Methusela

    I read the last three books in two days. I’m impressed with all the stuff that’s happened to her- all bad, she hasn’t had the urge to give it all up. If it were me, I’d have just let a demon turn me into a familiar. The lady just can’t catch a break.

    • Hi, Methusela. I’m impressed with your reading pace. (grin) That’s hard to do! (laugh) Ah, Rachel doesn’t know the meaning of the word quit. She needs a vacation, I think . . . –Kim

  6. Phil

    Kim, of all the hurt in Ivy’s life her fear that she is Kisten’s killer is the most heartbreaking, when she finally accepts that she did not kill him, Ivy and Rachel share one of their most touching moments. That scene really got to me…i can’t wait to read it all over again!

  7. Laura

    Wow, I LOVE that you can read your own work and enjoy it as much as we do. That must be what makes it so good. Thanks for letting us into the world of the Hollows.

  8. mudepoz

    Hokay, after messing with my living vamp links, I came home to MY TEE SHIRT! It’s awesome…But who did the graphics?
    It made my day, so did the stickies…which are going on my office door….

    • Oh, cool! I’m glad you got it! The graphics, if it’s the shirt I’m thinking you got, were done at the printers. They have a guy, and he does good stuff. The print itself was supplied by my publisher. It’s the print that they used on the ARC.

      And now I’m grinning. Burning bunnies on your door, eh? 😉 –Kim

    • Hi, Mud. I just talked to Guy. You got the coffee T! not the handprint T. Okay. Yeah. The guy at the print shop did that to Guy’s and my specifications. I really, really like that one. (grin) –Kim

    • It really is WONDERFUL! And…er, I like black. It doesn’t show the dirt 🙂 or paw prints.

  9. charley

    when rache took the focus in her, and trent sat watching, well it made trent seem so naive- like rache, by her actions makes him realize there are things to feel in life- she thought her friends were gone and she was going with them, she twisted a black curse and took it all in- that part i was definately crying- but with her- how the feelings flew off the pages, it touched me, i
    i think when trent sees this- it draws him to her more, she makes him feel thru realizations- not on purpose but when is anything rache does actually on purpose 🙂
    i love all the books but that part does stick out to me, there are many parts that i love but when everyone bands together to get the focus out of her- and make sure that she is good, it does show her that she is not alone
    of course when she gets shunned (not on purpose) and marshall leaves- she feels alone again – sometimes it appears that way but the people in her life, stay by her side and treat her normal – the close people
    the other people -the public- they dont know and when rache goes in the store to buy the seeds for jenks- i think it crushed her, after all that she does to help people, making deals with demons (al) to save others (trent)- for the embarrassing stuff she goes thru (dragged down the road on her butt by Al)
    i think in the upcoming future…. there will be many that are going to be sorry for the way that they treated her, the city is going to need her and her demon blood for something huge
    she wont be shunned forever. she is strong anyway and has so much courage (and will not stoop to the black market lol) ahh again i have to stop! sorry its so long kim~ hope u get some down time and some good breaks in between chapters 🙂

  10. Tiffany

    Dude, I’m with you.

    Poor Kisten – he was such a nice guy. It was so sad when Rachel woke up hours later so confused – you just knew something bad had happened. Then later when she thinks everything and everyone is lost to her and she takes the curse… That was intense!

    By the way, you inspired me to breathe in the scents of leather and incense simultaneously… Mmmm you’re right – that’s a nice combo! No wonder Rachel can’t resist… 🙂

    • Hi, Tiffany. Writing that chapter where Rachel woke up in Ivy’s chair sore was a hard one. I had to give enough that looking back, a reader would believe it, but not so much that they would figure it out too soon. Balance. I had fun with it, though.

      Leather and inscense. I’ve got to get to faire again this year. Got to. 😉 –Kim

  11. Phil

    Now i have to re-read FFDM right away tho i’m still thoroughly immersed in my re-read of FOC, i can do both, even if they are so evocative it almost hurts! Kim, i so agree David is cool, he’s been a good friend and WOW does he come thru when Rachel needs him, like keeping the focus, fighting the weres. Ivy and Rachel, well, what can you say, their relationship is still developing, evolving, deepening, and it’s exciting to think about how it will all turn out! I was kinda surprised that Trent killed Brett, i mean i know he’s capable of such things but i hoped he would prove to be better than that. I like that Ceri and Quen found each other. Quen’s an interesting guy i think. He and Rachel seem to understand each other, too.

    I could go on but you have so much to read already 😉 i do want to add, Trent’s wedding was hilarious … i have to admit i didn’t think Rachel would actually go thru with arresting him right then, but of course Rachel never shirks from doing what she has to do, that’s one reason we love her i guess! okay, i’ll let you go. Oh, and Kisten really turned out to be heroic. I’ll miss him the rest of the way thru.


    • charley

      busting on trents wedding was great- he didnt want to get married anyway
      bus cheering, rache smiling and working
      i laughed so much during those pages
      ceri n quen- very awesome 🙂 im glad she didnt pair up to trent , then again she could kick his butt blinfolded 🙂 which is just so funny imagining

    • Hi, Charley. Ahhh, Trent and Ceri. She could, couldn’t she? (grin) –Kim

    • Phil. I liked writing the wedding. It was too much fun. The people on the bus were a surprise, though. 😉 –Kim

  12. Sandra Treadaway

    I cried last night too. I read White Witch Black Curse and it just frickin kills me that she got shunned. Then to add insult to injury, Marshall kinda sorta dumped her. I cried several times for that book. Poor Rachel- just can’t seem to catch a break. I loved it though. Can’t wait for the next one. My husband is happy that there isn’t another one coming out for a while. He’s tired of me neglecting him to read. hehe!

  13. Juli

    Hey Kim, congrats on reading For a Few Demons More. i finished (again…for the umpteenth time) the other day. I have to admit, that’s the one book that i dread finishing. I hate getting to the end. I was absolutely crushed by Kisten’s death, and my heartache deepened when Rachel believed Ivy and Jenks to be dead as well. I cried, well, more like sobbed. I feel alot like Rachel, that i’m still recovering it, and have a hard time accepting any new male characters into the books, knowing they can’t measure up to what Kisten was to me.

    I’m up to White Witch, Black Curse (again) and i just can’t wait for another after that one as well. I’m anxiously waiting, and drowning my impatient in reading them over and over 🙂

    Hope you have a good wednesday!

  14. Antonio Rich

    I really liked the Kisten character. But, even as he was defying Piscarry, he still very much wanted to be his scion. I don’t understand how that would have been the “perfect” match for Rachel?

    As for “white knights” what male character in this series hasn’t shown that a time or two? Marshall was a bit vanilla for me, but he was good man. They hadn’t gotten far enough in their relationship for him to give up everything for her, especially since she had been holding him at arm’s length for so long. He’s redeemable, i think.

    I’m going to get hammered, but i find Nick a VERY interesting character. A human who steals from supernaturals, barters with demons, defies weres and vamps. He’s a survivor. A conniver, sure. But, i can’t say he’s evil.

    The only male character(s) i ever thought were good enough for Rachel were Glenn(i guess we gotta cross that one off;ivy beat her to it) and David. And NO i am not going to count jenks. Small Jenks is the REAL Jenks. That would be like asking ivy to become a witch. “Love me for who i am, not would i could magically become” would be my motto on that.

    • I so agree. I married Marshal 🙂 Not so bad…but I tend to need an anchor or I fly around. LOL. I still say Bis. Or Pierce. Or…well, hey, why can’t Kis come back as a ghost. Nyah. That would be icky.

    • Antonio Rich

      we men are good at being anchors. You should see me on saturdays and sundays when the Buckeyes or Bengals are on tv – can’t move me. Except when i get up to get tissues to cry into.

      PS i’ve got a concrete gargoyle that has been floating around my house the past 13 years. He used to guard my living room, perched from a tv stand. He’s now watching over my dusty garage and saturn ion.

    • Antonio, I have always thought that Nick was an excellent match for Rachel. He is clever, quick, doesn’t mind black magic, and has a lot of guts and is willing to let Rachel be Rachel, and as we all know, that’s hard to do. I’d be willing to go explore that option again, except for two unforgivable things. He talked about her to demons, selling information about her to them. And secondly, he doesn’t see anything wrong with that. It just. Won’t. Work.


    • Antonio Rich

      Does it matter, though, that the demon in question was(is) Al. He didn’t give her up when the weres were torturing him. If he WAS truly repentent, and apologized, would he be unforgivable then?

    • Hi, Antonio. Mmmm, I see what you’re saying, but he didn’t give up when the Weres were torturing him because of greed. He thought she was dead. I could be wrong, but I don’t think Nick would ever truly believe he did anything wrong by giving Al information about Rachel. (shrug) We’ll see. –Kim

  15. Judi in NJ

    Ooooohhhhh!!!! Dr. Lynch!!! 🙂 You did warn me that it was subtle……darn it, though!!!! been working on this for MONTHS now! Dr. Lynch….snippy vamp on the bridge……ok! Clever as always, Ms. Harrison! (running to pull out DD and muttering to myself……) Judi in NJ

  16. Eric

    I listen to the audio books and did not know, until the blog a few days ago, that there was a short story at the end of ODW paperback. It was Great! Are there more of these short stories out there that I am missing?
    I also wanted you to know that I am half way through ODW and you are really getting me worried about Rachels new mindset about Ivy biting her!
    Have a great day!

    • Trinity

      There is also a short story at the back of For a Few Demons More and she has stories in Dates From Hell, Hotter Than Hell, Holidays from Hell and Unbound.

      You can find the complete list by clicking “The Books’ on the main page and then “Reading order of the books and anthology novellas” on that page.

    • Thanks, Trinity. That is exactly right. Eric, you can usually find the anthologies in the romance section, though my stories are anything but. (Some of the other authors are, and they were trying to expand my readership, so that’s why.) I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Hollows. Thanks! –Kim

  17. Sue, Chicago

    Darn Kim! I’m not even reading the book and I’m crying! I’m just sitting here with my morning hot chocolate (no coffee for me!) and I read your post and the tears just started to flow. I loved Kisten and though I know you said that Rachel will have a happy ending eventually, I really wonder if anyone could be as perfect for both her and Ivy as Kisten was.

    That will be the trick. With the closeness of Rachel and Ivy, whoever ends up with either of them will actually end up with both of them.

    Have a great day and good luck reading ODW.

    • Sue, Chicago

      I just posted a new song for Rachel after Kisten dies. You should check it out while you’re grieving him!

    • Hi, Sue. Thanks for the music post! As for Rachel? I’m doing my best to find the right person. I’ve got three more books to write. Should be interesting . . . –Kim

  18. Marsha

    O K this is the one that made me cry. I felt sorry for Rachel because she lost Kisten, but it was Ivy that made me cry. When she broke down at the end of the book it was brutal! I tend to have a bit too much pride myself, and I could just imagine how hard it must have been for her to loose it like that. Rachel loved Kisten, but until she met Rachel Kisten was the only source of comfort and humanity Ivy had in her life. Well, maybe her little sister. That b**** Skimmer just used her. As for the scene where Rachel let Ivy take blood, that was amazing. I don’t want to get maudeline, but when I hit the big 50, I started losing people I love and it made me realize that love is a gift, and I do believe that Rachel and Ivy love each other. Oh, and you will have to reform Trent a hell of alot before I can like him…he is too Donald Trump for me right now!

  19. Greg

    That was my favorite book so far. I felt so bad for Rachel at the end but hey it all came together in the end well good luck on the rest.

  20. Sigh. Character development, your forte.
    As to your YA. Ive decided to take a different path. I’m not old, I’m collectible. I had to relook at my home desk. I have several trolls. Like, from the 60’s, except all but one is new. I wonder if they need a bridge, and will we see our friend from the park?

    I sort of envy being able to read that much… I used to, INSTEAD of measuring veins in plants. Consider it antiresearch.
    And why would color surprise anyone. You are a gardener, and have need of an extensive pallet. I should count how many times you use color as an adjective…or borrow a kindle and see if it’s possible to do a search…LOL

  21. Mendi in STL

    Heyde Hey Kim! That’s a ton of adrenaline that been pulsing through your veins over the past week, I think you’ll need a vacation to recover from this. 😉 *VV* Have a great hump day!

  22. Chastity

    I do wish you luck with the rest of your reading! Hope all goes well.

    As for Kisten, you said it perfectly…he was just a guy doing the best he could…and because of that he sacrificed himself for love…He gave his all to both Rachel and Ivy, can’t get better than that. I’ve said it a thousand times before…I miss Kisten, he was perfect for Rachel…but life isn’t perfect and it doesn’t always work out the way you want.

    Viva los Hollows!!!