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. . . because I finished A FISTFUL OF CHARMS.  Whoa, my eyes are just about going buggy, so I’m sorry about any typos.  I’m actually writing this the night before it gets posted because I’ve got another full day tomorrow and I need every scrap of the clock on Tuesday.  This read-a-book-a-day schedule is hard to keep up with as I read a book and nibble at my copy edit.  Both are going well, and I’ve already found something in my FOC re-read that contradicts something in BLACK MAGIC SANCTION, but now I can fix it before it goes to print.    Whoo-hoo!  One less mistake! 

So, favorite parts of FISTFUL OF CHARMS?  It would have to be Jenks getting human size and the chance it afforded him and Rachel to play.  He cares so much for Rachel, it’s beautiful, and you only see hints until she’s weak from bloodloss and he thinks Ivy’s going to drain her.  I liked bringing Rex into the family.  And I liked Rachel realizing that she uses adrenaline to prove that she’s alive–that she needs to come to terms with Ivy in an unselfish way.  I liked Marshal, even though I know he’s not a popular character, and I liked seeing David in action.  He’s a cool dude.  But my favorite part is Aretha on the island, recognizing Rachel and allowing her to live.  What’s up with that?  I don’t know, but it’s important. 



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  1. MysticElf

    Will Rachel every give romance a try with Ivy? I hope so!

  2. I fell in love with Marshal when he took Rachel to the roller rink! Of course, my favorite bit was during “Magic Carpet Ride” when Trent joined her on the rink. But Marshal was a sweetie and I’d love to see him come back in the series. 🙂

  3. One of the things I always chuckle over when I re-read FOC is the insinuation that Rachel likes doing it with three people and pudding. Gets me every time.

    I didn’t mind Marshal until he started putting out this “take care of the little woman whether she likes it or not/I’m doing this for your own good” vibe in WWBC. I believe that while Rachel didn’t say anything out loud, she definitely noticed and disliked it on some level.

    At that point Marshal hadn’t earned the right to do that kind of stuff — he hardly knew anything about her life, so how could he even begin to direct it in however small a way? His later actions — bailing as soon as it became apparent that her troubles could easily become his troubles — cemented my convictions in this regard.

    Yes, Rachel told Marshal she’d had things under control. But we also know that her world and circumstances change so quickly she can’t always anticipate the direction or scope; she has to adapt/act quickly or die, even if her decisions come back later to bite. If Marshal can’t accept that, if he doesn’t have the trust and conviction to stand with Rachel against the rest of the witch community, he’s not the man for her.

    Is he redeemable? I dunno. It’s up to the storyteller . 🙂

    • Hi, Hapalochlaena. There was that about Marshal, yes, but he was trying to change that, actually making progress, I think. Is he redeemable? (grin) We’ll see . . . maybe. –Kim

    • Phil

      You express that so well Hapalochlaena! I so enjoyed your post. You echoed my feelings about Marshal but said it so much better!

  4. lisa

    I have read the Hollows series as it came out and enjoyed the kick ass vibe of the strong female characters. I have been reading fantasy and sci-fi since I was young – a very long time ago. It is hard to find strong female leads that are believable even in an alter-virse. I love the balance you keep in Rachel’s character between her insecurities and the energy she uses from her anger. My oldest daughter is almost but not quite old enough to experience or appreciate all the interaction or the sex play. She is currently very interested in writing and fills journals with thumbnail character sketches and small scenes. I think she will love the Hollows when I introduce her to them.

    • Hi, Lisa. That is very cool that you are so interested in making the right reading material available to your daughter when she’s ready for it. Did you know that I have started a young adult series? You might want to check it out and see if it’s appropriate. The series starts with a novella MADISON AVERY AND THE DIM REAPER in the anthology PROM NIGHTS FROM HELL, and continues with the novel ONCE DEAD, TWICE SHY. I wrote it for YA, but a lot of my adult readers enjoy it too. You can find it in the YA section, not with my usual stuff. –Kim

  5. Matt Johannesen

    I loved the van scene when Ivy breaks down we get a little glimpse of just how vulnerable she is. I liked Marshal I thought it was a little disappointing that he left Rachel.

  6. Niki

    Jenks’s caring moments in FOC are lovely; I remember having a flashback while listening to WWBC when he asks Ivy to pick Rachel up after she breaks the fridge–so worried… so bitter…
    You’re dedication amazes me, and I guess I’ll leave it at that, so I don’t regurgitate previous statements *g*.
    Happy reading!

    • charley

      Great point on Jenks! you can really feel how much he cares and how he wants to be big at those perfect moments. Ivy n Rache are going to be good with him there. I do worry bout his son… the one that left… will he reappear? 🙂 i hope so! jenks taught him alot but can teach him even more if he stuck around 🙂

    • Hi, Charley. Jax? Oh yeah. He comes back with Nick. Got myself a few things to say to Nick. The slime. –Kim

    • Hi, Niki. It was nice to see Jenks’s carrng, wasn’t it? That he and Ivy had talked about Ivy and Rachel was a surprise to me when I wrote it, but it makes sense.

  7. Carolyn from Buffalo

    Hi Kim,
    FOC was my favorite book in the series, mostly because it was a road trip with Rachel, Jenks and Ivy. Loved the super-sized version of Jenks! If you have a chance, I heard a song that you might like. Check out Moxy Fruvous “My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors.” My husband played it the other day when I told him I was off to the bookstore to pick up a copy of Unbound! 🙂 [You’ll get it if you listen to the song!] Anyway, have a great week, and don’t strain your eyes!

  8. Marsha

    I think AFIST FULL OF CHARMS is my favorite book so far. It had so much humor, and the chance to see Jenks a hunk! Way too young for me, but as they say, I’m old, not dead.

  9. Joy

    FOC is by far my fave of the series. I love that book from the first to the last page. So in this book Jenks tells Rachel that he would stay big to keep her safe. Do you think he meant that? If he did stay big what would that have meant to his relationship with Mattie? That is one just one of those lines that just jumps off the page and forces you to pay attention. It was after this book that I decided if Rachel didn’t end up with Ivy, I REALLY wanted Rachel to end up with Jenks. I fell completely in love the the pixie in this book.
    Thank you,

    • Hi, Joy. I can’t imagine Rachel without Jenks in her life. I keep track of what characters are in each chapter, and Jenks is with Rachel at least once in about 90 percent of the chapters in every book. What will be, will be. –Kim

  10. Leigh Lyons

    A friend of mine hypothesized that after Madelina dies, and after Jenks comes to terms with the loss, that he and Rachel might have a thing latter on. At first I laughed, but then I reread FOC from that perspective and it would have sense.

    • Juliet

      I totally hope not, that would be to weird for me…I hope Kim will never put that on her desk 😉

    • charley

      i know it will happen- pixies do not have a long life span, but maybe with- trents’ help rache can find something- i dont want to imagine anything without jenks and his great wife- thats too sad- and after losing kris? very sad bunny moments!

    • Hi, Leigh. That was an option. Still might be. I don’t think so, though. It just doesn’t feel right at this time. –Kim

  11. charley

    FOC- very awesome – like i said i read them all about 2 weeks ago – tho i read themback to back, so i have to stop and think of which ones fits where so that i do not have a blur. To me its one big story that continues and i get to enjoy it. jenk getting big is just great, they go and rescue and get a cat, who in WWBC- has that great ability spotting, ghosts … i like that her ex bf went off a bridge, knowing he didnt – but should have, , but he will have to keep popping up, think he should be a newt cookie 🙂
    oh i wanted to say in WWBC the way Al was with Rache, seems like he is getting more connected with her, tho he is very much in charge, but he is gettting soft. demons have hearts too….. and Rache and Trent! i wonder what is going to happen there…. ok im going to stop cuz i keep stopping myself not wanting to do spoilers, its so hard! see my email addy? if u have time- it would be awesome- that way, i dont have to worry about spoilers lol
    take care !! and you know i love your work kim!

    • Gothar

      Al was taking advantage of Rache and the whole body thing. Rache is more of a prized you show to your friends to gloat. Look at what Al did to Ceri in the short – showed a soft side to break down the other person’s defences then WHAM.

      I still hope we get to see some ever after time in Al’s kitchen. So, if Al was a female demon would it be Alice’s kitchen – sounds like a greasy spoon kind of place (grin)

    • Hi, Gothar. We will indeed see more of Al’s kitchen. Whoo-hoo! –Kim

    • Hi, Charley.

      You can put spoilers here, just make a note of it in the first bit of your post. I really can’t respond to your email, personally. Sorry. I have only so much time I can devote to talking to people, so I have to do it in a forum like this.

      FOC is still my favorite of the seven that are out right now. I have the same problem you do of trying to separate the books, but the cover artists try hard to put in the feeling of the season that the book takes place in, and that helps. FOC is very summery, and WWBC has snow. ODW is red, like fall. You’d be surprised how color-oriented I am. (grin)

      What you mentioned about Al is a real problem. He is starting to grow and change, and he’s not the big-bad-ugly that tore out Rachel’s throat in DWW. I’ve got a new bad-ugly in the works, though. Hope you like him. 😉 –Kim

  12. Roger

    Kim, Received from UPS today “The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2”, from Amazon. Now off to read a short story from Dawn Cook. WOW!
    Roger – Illinois

  13. Antonija

    Hey Kim,
    FAFDM is my favourite book so far. It’s full of great scenes like Trents marriage or the kiss between Rachel and Ivy!
    I cried so hard at the end but even know I’m somewhat positively
    surprised that you killed the protagonists love interest even though so many fans adore(d) Kisten and you knew that a lot of people would really be mad at you.
    It was risky but nothing lesser to expect from you 😉

    Marhall…well, I could’t see him with Rachel but I hoped he would stay a little longer part of her life.
    He seemed a bit too..ordinary (but sure brave), so I though he may turn out to be one of the bad guys or at least somehow related to demons himself.

    Oh and I just read on of the posts over at facebook concerning the relationship of Rachel and Trent.
    You said that there sure is some great chemistry and my mind just came up with a crazy sounding theory.

    So ,here it goes: maybe Trents father used Trents blood to save Rachel and Rachels blood to help Trent survive. She’s kind of proto-demon so maybe her blood is able to save elves and elves themselves have some kind of..healing power? (not quite sure but I think it was something like that)
    Therefore theres maybe a special bound between them and thats why Trent was never able to kill Rachel, why he felt worried about her as she took the curse of this mysterious stature inside herself or saved her life in the third book and Rachel saved Trent from the ever after ( I think I can recall her saying that she doesn’t knows why she did that)
    Maybe they just can’t really harm each other cause theres something holding them together and that sure would be cute ❤

    Maybe I've just read too many mangas but ,yeah, sometimes Trent acts strangely and so does Rachel.
    Ohhh and their aura has the same color, right?
    I don't know that somehow fits ^.^

    Anway , sorry for the long post and I hope your work continuous to go well.

    • charley

      i think there is a huge strong link between rache n trent…. they save each others lives but then do not want to be around each other…. it very interesting the chemistry 🙂

    • Hi, Charley. There is definitely a strong chemistry between them. And I want to see where it goes. Can’t wait! (grin) –Kim

    • Hi, Antonija. I like your theory! Alas, there has been no sharing of anything between Rachel and Trent but barbed words and a few summers spent at camp. As for their auras being the same? I’m keeping that a coincidence, just because I think coincidences like that are important. 😉

  14. Chastity

    Hey Kim, just thought I would drop into say hello and wish you luck on your continued reading. I also wanted to say that I personally liked Marshall and was sad to see him go in WWBC, although I can understand his reasoning…I would like to see him make a come back at some point though even if it’s just to be Rachel’s friend.

    Well, I let you get back to your reading. Can’t wait for the new book…it’s going to great just like all the others!!!

  15. Phil

    I second your Whoo-hoo! Kim for catching a contradiction in time to fix it for BMS! Those nasty litte contradictions can drive readers, and authors, crazy! Finding one even when your’re bugging out from all the re-reads is just one example of your commitment to your work and you deserve much praise.
    I’ve reread the first three thinking I would only reread parts here and there but your books are too engrossing, too captivating to put down once I start!
    You have my complete admiration Kim both for your writing and the connection you have with your fans!
    Oh, and get some rest! 😉 ~Phil

    • Phil

      …i meant to say rest your eyes a bit if you can find the time!

    • Phil

      about Marshall … i think Rachel was way too much for him, her spirit and determination were no match for him and he obviously couldn’t handle her life, even though he was brave at times. Which makes me even more curious now about who Rachel will wind up with when the series (sigh!) ends. And i’m not going to ask if it’s Trent!! (grin)

    • I think Marshal would have been a good fit if Rachel had different circumstances to work with. But you’re right. Rachel is too much. She’s totally out of control, but she’s handling it. –Kim

    • Thanks, Phil. (grin) I’ve been resting my eyes about every four hours to take the puppies out. If not for them, I think I would freeze in my chair. –Kim

  16. You are reading too fast for us to catch up. See, i’ve been postponing finishing ODW for weeks now, having read two books and watched a few series in between. Can’t escape the inevitable though. How i wish you could set a book club or something, to discuss each book respectively. but you went and finished FOC in one day. Unlike you, we don’t have BMS in our hands.

    Thanks for sharing your favourite parts. I liked Jenks’ protectiveness as well. Sometimes he acts like Rachel’s big brother, all tending and being territorial, and other times he is like a father to her (and at times to Ivy too), admonishing, scolding and advising. He is nothing but impressive in his loyalty and it’s fun to read bad-ass girls getting told by a pixy.

    Am i the only one who laughed when Aretha showed up? Actually now when she showed up, but when i first read her name. Aretha directly reminds me of Ms. Fraklin, thus making me think your wolf must have an attitude to go with that name. There is also the size factor. >_>

    By now, you have probably finished FAFDM too. Let’s hear what you like and what you had forgotten.

    • Hi, Ezgi. Unfortunately, I can’t slow down. I need to read them in order, and I need to read them fast so I can move on with my life. (grin) A book club would be fun, I think. Maybe I’ll start a separate page here when BLACK MAGIC SANCTION comes out for just that.


  17. Suzi Lazear

    I liked that part with Aretha, too. I’ve been wondering if the fact that Rachel turned into a red wolf when she used the spell to Were has signifigance too…

    Have a greta day! Happy reading!

    ~Suzanne and the tot (who now wants to transfer frm Kindergarten to Yale because they have better books???)

    • I’ve been trying to get back to the red wolf for a while. With me missing David so much, it might be a possiblilty. I’ve got three more books to write before it’s over, and there’s lots of room. You have a great day, too, Suzanne. –Kim

  18. Gothar

    What! No one liked the marsh man? I love how his dive assistant kept getting in the way when Rache wantde to talk to him.

    Ones of these days I’ll get one of my books signed. I’m sure my wife would thing am more of a freak then before :).

    I’ve been on page 33 of FAFDM for a few weeks actually. I was trying to figure out how Newt possessed Rache. I hate how life and non relaxing reading sucked up ones time.

    • I don’t like what Rachel becomes when she’s with Marshal, this person that is constantly reminded that she is and never will be normal, and here she is missing her best breeding option. It’s nice to see the contradiction, thing is, Rachel doesn’t want to be normal, doesn’t want a house with picket fence, doesn’t want the charm shop. Doesn’t want to settle down, period. So, when she whines she is no Mrs. whatshisname queen-of-mean-cookies, once is enough. Honestly.

      That and the knight-in-shining-armor complex. The former bothers me most, so there.

    • Hi, Gothar. I got some feedback that Marshal was a bad boy for leaving Rachel. Honestly, I don’t blame him. Rachel really screwed up by becoming shunned. She deserved it, big time. He’s still a good man.

      You asked about Newt possessing Rachel? Well, Newt doesn’t play by the rules. She’s special. (grin) –Kim

  19. Judi in NJ

    And FOC is where GH’s (or FH) character pops in, yes? I STILL don’t have a clue even after reading DD! And though it pains me to say it…..gggwwwwack….I give up!!!! Spill it, lady! Judi

    • Niki

      I’m blanking on the abreviation, anyone mind filling me in?

    • Phil

      I’ve spent all day on that one and i’m still clueless

    • Hi, Judi. Yes! FOC is where Gwen Hunter’s character pops in on the bridge. Dr. Lynch, the medical vamp that DeLevine sends to make sure Rachel survives the crash is there in her little car and her bad attitude. (grin)

      (Sorry guys. DD is Delayed Diagnosis, a medical thriller that Gwen Hunter, my mentor, wrote. I used one of her characters in FOC.)

  20. Brian

    Kim, you are awesome! I want you to know that. Basically everything you listed as liking from FOC I loved as well. See? Awesome connection to the fan base. This is why we all love you. I’m excited to see the new book. Let me guess, comes out in March?

    I hate continuity problems. It’s about the most frustrating thing as an author in my opinion. Of course, if I had to read your novels in a day, much as I love them, my eyes would bugger out. I just can’t read 400 pages in one day, no matter how hard I try. Are you doing it to make sure you don’t contradict yourself or is there another reason?

    You may have listed it elsewhere but how’s the graphic novel coming? I’m very excited to see the artist renderings of your amazing characters and to see the shading accompanying them, along with the action packed details of fights and desperate moments (Like meeting Al in the library).

    Okay, I’ll stop pestering you. As I said before, can’t wait to get the next book! Working on getting them all hardback since FOC literally fell apart.


    • Hi, Brian. Yes, the next one, BLACK MAGIC SANCTION comes out late February, early March, right on schedule. 😉 I’m finding a few continuity problems, but nothing that is breaking rules, so I’m good with it. The reason I’m doing it is two-fold. It’s been a long time since I’ve worked with the early books, and they are fading, and I could use a refresher. But I’m also gathering up info for a world book that I’ll be writing this next year and I want my facts straight. I could pay someone to do this for me, but I’d rather do it myself. Someone else might not know what what’s important.
      The graphic novel is going good. 😉 We’ve settled on a penciler, but I’m not saying until I know for sure, and there is still some doubt right now. There will be something to share soon, I hope. –Kim

  21. I asked you about Aretha once, I was confused if she was a mundane wolf or not. Since you didn’t develop why she was there, I had a feeling about her. I hope so. Assuming I’m thinking of the right thing this morning.

    And…I received something with a ‘lot’ of other things I wanted. It is a little more appropriate for you. And NO…it isn’t alive. Nor has it ever been. I promise. So…if you get a flat envelope, have Guy open it. :P. Kidding, it’s paper.

    Mud, off to find my Volvox….have fun with your continuity research.

    • Hi, Mud. Yup, she’s a mundane wolf, and that’s the cool part about her letting Rachel live and killing Pam. The research has been fun, but wow, it’s a chunk to read all in one go. Really, though, it’s the only way to make it work. –Kim