Busy Weekend

It was a busy weekend, and I’m ready to sit in front of my keyboard for a couple of hours . . . if my fingers could remember how to type.  (grin)  I finally decided that a rock pile in the corner of my lot wasn’t working as a rock garden, (too dry, not enough sun, typical understory desert) so I pulled out about a dozen of the best-shaped rocks and moved them to the front yard where they finished off an edging project I’d been nibbling away at.  It looks much better.  Then Guy and I played tag with three nests of wasps while we re-trimmed some bushes that the landscape guy trimmed kind of funky.  Maybe it was because of the wasps . . .  It looks bad right now, but I’m hoping that by next spring, they will have recovered.  The bushes, not the wasps.

Top the weekend off with another fire in the fire pit, and color me happy.  I even managed to finish off EVERY WHICH WAY BUT DEAD somewhere in there.  Favorite parts?  I’d forgotten how well Rachel and Trent looked next to each other in Saladin’s gambling boat.  And what hell freezing over looks like.  (grin)  Waffles.  Kisten.  Mmmmm.  I miss him.  No wonder most of you were mad at me for letting him go.  On to FISTFUL OF CHARMS today, and my copy edit for BLACK MAGIC SANCTION came in this weekend, so I’m going to have a busy week.Kim's Pikachu


P.S. Gothar raised an interesting question over the weekend.  What’s the weirdest thing on your desk?  Not inside, not in a drawer, but on the desk top.  Mine is probably either the fish food or the pikachu.  He’s my reminder that writing is hard, and that small things pack a big punch.  I’ve had him since day-one.  I also have a green candle sitting on a penny.  That’s kind of weird.


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  1. Jeannie

    Sorry I’m late, just read this-worked 12 hours yesterday. I have a wasp story from a week ago. We had a nest in the corner of the front porch, going under the siding(inconvenient for guests). My husband, thinking he ws Mcgyver, made a seven dust(didn’t want to kill them just make them leave) gun because we could not get close enough to do anything else. He taped a lightweight, plastic tube/pipe to the end of our portable air tank (for blowing up tires), used a funnel to fill it with the dust then blasted the dust out using the air. the dust blasted out like a cloud and was sooo funny, but hey it worked. He was so proud. lol.
    Weirdest thing on my desk.. I too have a hamster-named Pooky Bear..But I have, I see, my son’s retainer too. We find that thing everywhere-nasty. He takes it out when he eats which is apparently in the strangest places and yes we have had to replace it 3 times already(lost). Have even found it on the trampoline.. I also have some oragami “things” that my daughter made when she was 8 or so. She had got a book and attempted–so cute, what ever they are..
    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Oooh yes, I still miss Kisten. Yummy, wonderful Kisten.
    Weirdest thing on my desk right now.. a tape measure in the form of pinochio’s head (his nose is the part that you pull the tape from).

  3. Hi Kim, I’m from Brazil, and it’s the first time I leave a comment on your blog. And please forgive me for my not so great english.

    Well, I believe that the weirdest thing on my desk would be a singing leprechaun, it’s a fun toy, but sometimes it’s creepy.

  4. ScienceGeek

    I have this awesome set of foam cases shaped like little hawaiian shirts that are meant to hold chapstick. They are like little chapstick coozies (spelling?). I guess if I ever go sailing I will be all set so that my chapstick doesn’t sink to the bottom of the ocean. My husband got them for me because I guess I have an appreciation for items that have an extremely limited and hilarious purpose.

  5. Stacie

    Wasps? I would have had to run screaming and completely given up on the bushes, so I am impressed with ya’ll’s gardening determination!

    As for my office desk, the weirdest thing I have on it is a wooden snake that can bend like a rubber one. It is currently “slithering” out from a giant coffee cup planter, though I move it every few days for the fun of seeing the reactions of those who come into my office…=)

  6. Mom

    The weirdest thing on my desk is a flat, shiny, black box. Each morning I am able to open it, press the ‘on’ button, type in a ‘k’ and discover what is happening in your world! Mom

  7. shauna

    My favorite thing sitting on my desk is this little green Budda statue i have. I stuck a little monopally hat on his head, my brother gave him some glasses and my mum gave him a little dragon to sit with. Then we gave the dragon a hat and sunnies too, they look so happy sitting up there, between the lamp and the stapler.

    • shauna

      Oh, i forgot, the weirdest thing we’ve got is this gnome i got my mum for easter, when you walk past it, it farts and giggles in this weird little gnome voice its got. My mum,for reasons unknown to me, put it next to the computer, so whenever any one sits down, it farts and giggles. We’ve had it for a while now and Mum still laughs every time she sits there.

    • Hi, Shauna. Okay, that’s pretty weird. It almost sounds like a fetish, which I’ve alway heard is something made from a lot of unrelated pieces, but that’s not how the dictionary defines them. Maybe I’m thinking of a related word . . .

    • shauna

      Like factitious?… I wish it was, my mum can be soo odd some times…

  8. charley

    i actually just read all the books like 2 weeks ago
    remembering everything that happened, gave me some ideas… but i am waiting still- might have to read them again in order to make myself have some patience, but ohh rereading jenks getting big… was just awesome again! 🙂

    • That’s the part that I’m at now, Charley. I’d forgotten what a looker Jenks is. Married pixy, married pixy. (grin) I’m glad you’re enjoying the books. Thanks! –Kim

    • ScienceGeek

      I remember that when I re-read that book what really struck me was the scene when Jenks is holding her after Ivy almost kills her. It really got to me just because before he was hesitant about touching anyone, and then later in other books he always seems so frustrated that he’s not big enough to comfort Rachel when she’s falling apart. It was cool that he got to do it for her once.

    • That is exactly one of my favorite parts for the exact reason that you mentioned. (happy sigh)

  9. Marsha

    I’m glad you did enough work this weekend for both of us 🙂 I did as little as possible, and really needed the down time. I have two unusual items on my desk. One is a cute little blue teddy bear that a friend’s daughter made for me when I left a job, he’s not perfect and that’s why I love him. I also have a weird piece of something I dug out of the back yard of my very first house. It looks like a piece of smoky quartz and I thought I had found something wonderful. It turned out to be a piece of glass that is a by-product of making steel…not valuable, but beautiful and a great paperweight.

  10. Tosh19

    Hey Kim!!

    I haven’t posted in a long while. After my laptop crashed a 3rd time, I called it quits. (only had it for 1 yr.) Scraped some money together to buy a desktop a few weeks ago!! 😀 Of course when my desktop got situated, then my laptop started working again! (darn).

    The weirdest thing on my desk is Japanese cartoon bobble head. It has a little solar panel on it, so when I turn the light on its head goes back and forth.

  11. Antonio Rich

    I have a 25′ tape measure on my desk. Everyone asks about it. When i buy something online, i like to measure out how big it’s going to be.

    Whenever i see a songwriter being interviewed, they almost always are asked how they write a song. And, they always answer “it’s different every time, sometimes it starts with lyrics, sometimes with a melody, it can come quick, or take forever.” How is it for you? Does it start with a character? A voice? A place? What?

    • Hi, Antonio. I’ve got a 25 foot tape in the drawer behind me, so I know exactly what you’re talking about.

      Usually my writing starts with a character and an idea of a new magic system. The world falls into place, and then something goes wrong. It’s the “something wrong” that is the actual story.


  12. Shel Franz

    Probably either the cat litter coupon, or the Christmas ornament ( it IS September…)


  13. Phil

    Actually I just cleared away the clutter from my desk last week and have nothing funny, wierd, unique or sentimental left to share with you tho’ I had lots before then…nothing as cool as Tattooedlady’s hamster tho’. Lol.
    I did find receipts from every Hollows book under the clutter.

    On the weekend I took Bailey for her grooming at the “puppy day spa.” LOL. Expensive but she’s worth it! And she definitely enjoyed the experience so I’m really happy,too. They are very gentle with her! 😀

    Now back to my re-reading of the Hollows. I admit to skipping around a bit ’cause each book is so awesome but I plan to re-read each one from cover to cover. I’ve decided not even to try counting favorit scenes…too many!

  14. Monique

    I’ve got a “Choco-cat” from Hello Kitty and an Ewok on a flying machine.

  15. Tina in WI

    The weirdest thing on my desk would be the lamp that looks like a robot. The head has the light bulb, but the rest of the body is all black and silver. I can change it’s pose as the mood strikes me.
    Raise the arms and it’s cheering me on! Put a pen in it’s hand and you have the thoughtful look. Fun for all ages! lol 🙂

  16. Christina Warren-Barker

    I recently finished Unbound. I read all the other short stories first and then leave yours last like a big piece of chocolate cake. I know you don’t want spoilers, but without saying too much, I wanted to thank you. To thank you for a beautiful glimpse into the pixy world and even though they are small their problems are just as big as ours. The detail you put into the surroundings gave me so much more respect for Jenks and what he deals with everyday. I am currently a writing Urban Sci-Fi novel and after reading that it emboldened me to write some more descriptive paragraphs, because after reading your short story it gave me a new sense of surrounding being of the utmost importance to know what the character is like. Thank you again. -Christina Orlando, FL

    • Thank you, Christina. Thank you, very much. I am honored that my work has impacted your own so positively. Good luck with your work. If you love it, never give it up. –Kim

  17. Juliet

    I don´t even have a desk 😦

    The winner for me, unquestionably, is Wendy…wtf!!!

  18. Lost

    the strangest thing on my desk.. hrmm, thats not easy to decide.
    I have lots of stuff on my desk (its a mess) but narrowing down it would be 1 of 4 things…
    1. the gargoyle like figure that sits on my monitor (my monitor gaurdian)
    2. a piece of candy.. strange because its a real scorpion in a square of amber colored candy (yes, its edible)
    3. my coffin shaped cigarette dispenser
    or 4. a small Captain Jack sparrow that lies on my keyboard

    By [URL=http://profile.imageshack.us/user/l057]l057[/URL], shot with [URL=http://profile.imageshack.us/camerabuy.php?model=Canon+PowerShot+A520&make=Canon]Canon PowerShot A520[/URL] at 2009-09-14

  19. Ick on the wasps. My friend had her 4 year old swarmed by yellow jackets this weekend.

    As for my desk….it is like a catch-all. I think the oddest might be either my son’s toy lightsaber or his superman sunglasses.

  20. Mad that you killed Kisten? Never! (notice the sarcasm). Kisten was… just… YUM! lol. It was very upsetting, but I still can’t wait to read Black Magic Sanction!

  21. Judy Bienvenu

    I’ve got a monster, like the one in Predator, made out of wire. He in turn is holding a fuzzy baby chick, upside down, by the feet! The better to eat them with, they slide down easier that way!! <>

  22. Chele

    I know how you love your fans… US!! So in honor of MY BIRTHDAY, today!! why don’t you share just a little tiny something something with us? Please.. it would really make my birthday!

    Chele… here is for hoping you make my wish come true! 😉

  23. Elaine

    I have this weird stick that ha been carved in to a candle holder with the face of an old man on it. Oh, and my scorpion that’s in a paper weight (not alive! It was a gift from a friend that moved to New Mexico when we were 8). Those are probably my two weirdest things.

  24. Mike Schilling

    The most unusual thing I have on my desk is a carton of kitten pencil tops. My girlfriend gave them to me a couple years ago, because she knows how much I love cats.

  25. "Guy"

    Hiya Kimmie,
    Yeah the wasps were a challenge but we managed to get passed them. Fire was perfect, best one yet.

    Okay I need to add my two cents in here for weirdest thing on my desk. Now I want all the readers to know that the reason I have this is, it was a gift from our favorite little redhead here. So, the weirdest thing on my desk is- a golden retriever dog standing on his hind legs wearing a hula skirt and flip flops. Yeah, really, go figure. Cheers everyone, “Guy”

  26. Tracey

    Mine would have to be either my tomato shaped pin cushion or my Spiderman diorama. It is what looks like an alleyway that spiderman is climbing the wall of.

  27. Suzi Lazear

    The weirdest think on my desk at work is the miniture catapult my hubby made me (I wanted a trebuchet, tho, lol). At mome my “desk” has the terrarum on it with our hermit crab and praying mantis.

    The tot loves pikachu. She’s doing fine with school *at* school, she has friends, co-cospiritors, and a few male admirers. But at home it’s a constant waterworks. This weekend she asked me if she could play sick, be home schooled, or (my personal favrotie) transfer to clown college. Nothing like considering all your options….

    Have a great week!

    ~Suzanne and the tot

    • Clown college? Where does she come up with this? I love it! –Kim

    • suzannelazear

      I don’t know where she gets these, lol. The other day she goes, “mommy, the knight got off the white horse, turned to the princess and said ‘will you help me blow my horn’?” I was laughing my butt off.

  28. Um. Which desk? My work desk has a several exotic plant books, my printer, a couple mugs of pens and dissecting equipment. A plaster model of a worm, paints, and joint compound. My computer desk has the scheduling for my students, a preserved turtle I need to add preservative to, some bones I think may be human and need to find out and outlines of the labs I was working on. I work on the pile theory. The stuff on the bottom of the pile is oldest. Toss it all at spring semester’s end.

    At home, three desks. My main work desk has stickies for research, some springer stuffies, my MP3, camera for dog silliness. A plant, my two betta’s and their food. A bunch of fossils and crystals, some books on whelping, and dust bunnies with fangs. I blew out yet another vacuum.

  29. Gothar

    Hex wrench or carver’s mallet – why either are in my office are a mystery.

  30. gina

    The weirdest thing on my desk? It’s a dragon that I put together from a kit, that I meant to glue but didn’t, and now it is reverting back to its original state. I know I should get rid of it, but I worked so hard on it, and I was so proud.
    I went back and reread DWW after ODW. (I had to buy another copy, because whoever I lent it to never gave it back . I loved the way you set up the series with so many clues from the start.
    I loved Ley Line Drifter. Please use Bis more!! I do have one question. Did I miss a story regarding Jumoke and why he is different? Do I need to reread something, or just wait?

    • A dragon. Very cool, Gina.

      You asked about Bis. I’m trying to work him in more, and so far, so good! Jumoke was just mentioned once or twice before in the books before LEY LINE DRIFTER, but you’ve not missed anything. He’s different just by chance. Most pixies will let a dark-haired baby die. –Kim

  31. Rock

    The weirdest thing on my desk is a samurai!

    It was purchased for me by an ex-girlfriend’s family as a Christmas present, and the pewter figurine stands resolute over my computer as a reminder that any hardship can be borne with a little determination.

    Oh, and his drawn sword gives my cats something to rub their noses on. Ick!

  32. Leigh-Ann

    Well I guess I was not the only one that had a busy weekend. Unfortunately I did not get to enjoy my fire pit though. Now, here it is Monday and my week is already off to a busy start (no rest for the wicked, I guess).
    As for the weirdest thing thing on my desk….. hmmm….. it is a small ‘Waste Management’ garbage can, that I use for a pen holder, sitting next to a blue fluffy top pen (the fluffy top is a duster for my key board.

    Hope you have a wonderful week

  33. Weirdest thing on my desk? Probably the stuffed rabbit with sunglasses. I didn’t have anywhere else to put him, and he just manages to collect whatever sunglasses I have lying around. But nothing on my desk is normal, so it was a hard decision.

  34. Bella Phen

    I’ve got toys all over my desk. Rainbow Brite and Starlite, President Aria from Aria, Tiny Chibi Sailor Moon Figures and two stuffed dragons that always cuddle. Sometimes I play with them sometimes I just stare at them.

  35. Eric

    I wish I could say the same for my weekend. I spent most of it of my couch trying to recover from last week. Let me know if you open the portal to the Hollows, I would like to visit as a vamp for a while (Mon-Fri, 7-5). I started listening to ODW on my way into work, I am really missing Gavin reading it!
    Have a good day,

  36. tattooedlady

    your books have made me laugh until it hurts,cry,be mad as a hornet( or wasp!) and have brought me great joy all within the the confines of the covers. i love rachel,ivy, jenks and honestly if i could not go and visit them in the books i would be heartbroken!
    i am glad that even you,as the creator of them, can see all this too. i hope that your week goes well and that your wasps do not return.
    the weirdest thing on my desk is a starwars christmas orniment and a hamster. yes a live hamster. his name is chutney and has tried repeatedly to eat my “enter” key off my laptop.

    • Hi, Tattooeed lady. So far, the work is going good, but I’m getting bugg-eyed from all the reading. Hamsters! Did I ever tell you that I used to have two rats in my office? They have been gone for a long time now, but every so often, I’ll hear a rustle and think about them. –Kim

  37. Melissa Marvin

    A zucchini. Of course the fact that my desk doubles as the kitchen table probably explains that.

  38. Lisa M.

    weirdest thing on my desk? That would probably be my “Bert” yes, Bert from Sesame Street. He’s a little Fisher Price figureine that came with a place set I had as a kind. How he has survived all these years I do not know. My brother,sister and I always joke that “Bert is evil” and he has turned up in some odd spots like a mini-spy. I once picked my sister up at the airport with “Bert” in my bag! Now he hags out on my desk (along with Yoda and a baby smurf)

  39. Missy

    The weirdest thing on my desktop is a small, yellow, figurine also. (great minds?) Ironically enough, it is also meant to provide inspiration to my writing.
    Missy is a nick-name for my real name, Melissa. Melissa means “Honey Bee”, so I now have a 4″ yellow honey bee that smiles at me every morning when I sit down to write. She is the visual that keeps me focused on my goals when I need to ‘see’ the light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak.

  40. Gay France

    The weirdest thing on my desk would be a small ceramic skull. It’s a tradition that started when my husband and I worked for Ole Miss (we used a real skull then) in the Center for Archaeological Research lab. When we left the University’s employ, we found another. It used to sit on top of the computer monitor; but, with the surge into the flat screen monitor, it now just resides on the desk. Just finished the Jenks story in Unbound. Loved it! Hope opening his office works out for him.

  41. Wendy

    I have dental implants and crowns that used to be in someone’s mouth….

  42. Lucie

    Wasp nest?! Yikes! It would be quite the feat to goad me into challenging flying organisms with sharp, pointy things (with the exception of Jenks, of course lol). Glad you managed to get all that done over the weekend though. I’ve actually been planning to read the entire series again since the start of the semester, but *sigh*…work, reading, studying, fencing, rinse, repeat. However, I do remember Every Which Way But Dead and I must say that I absolutely LOVED the introduction of Ceri. I have always been pessimistic about new characters in a series whether due to underdevelopment in characterization, lack of interesting qualities and/or background, inferiority when compared to the more prominent characters, etc. But I have come to look forward to any new character of yours. They’re always so darn interesting; I am especially looking forward to seeing more of Daryl and Sylvan. In any case, though there are many memorable scenes and quotes in your 3rd book, but a particular favorite of mine is when Ivy comes home to find another Rachel-typical atmosphere (involving the newly introduced Ceri) and then:
    “I gestured my frustration. ‘I don’t know. She’s much better already. She wasn’t talking half an hour ago. Look at her now.’ We all turned, finding Ceri sobbing quietly and drinking her tea in small reverent sips as the pixy girls hovered over her. Three were plating her long, fair hair and another was singing to her. ‘Okay,’ I said as we turned back. ‘Bad example.’”
    When I had first read that, I swear I couldn’t stop laughing for ten minutes. Still funny when I think about it! Anyway, good timing because class is about to start. Lol. Hope your week (despite the business) goes well!

    • Guy was with me, so I wasn’t afriad of wasps. Otherwise . . . (grin) Thank you so much on your words concerning new characters. I try to make them live with only a few words of description. Sometimes it works better than others. Mmmm, I love that excerpt! –Kim