Today, I’m reading . . .

Every Which Way but Dead.  😉  And I’m loving it.  In preparation to writing the world book, I decided to do something I’ve not done in years.  Read–worldbook notesactually read–my own work.  For the most part, by the time I’m doing copy edit, I’m ready to drop what ever it is and move on to the next, but there is so much history, so many little things that I’ve forgotten, that I am going to take a week and read them all, making notes all the way.  I’ve already read Dead Witch Walking and The Good, the Bad, and the Undead, and though I know I could hire someone to run through the series and write down the spells, incantations, and little details, I am glad I chose to do it myself.  I’m falling in love with the world all over again.  Even if it is kind of . . . messy.

So . . . like my favorite part of The Good, the Bad, and the Undeadhas got to be when Rachel keeps getting it wrong that Trent was the witch killer, stubborn little twit, and that Trent knew she hadn’t sent the demon?  And that he tried to stiff her, like the Howlers and the FIB?  Priceless.  And Trent’s jittery want to drive her car?  Love seeing that part of him.  I could just about smack Piscary for what he did to Ivy, and I love Rachel’s bravery for going to defend her.  I’d forgotten that. . .


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  1. Kneosha

    You know out of all my favorite authors I’ve never heard of them going back reading their own books. Also I like to see how you are loving your own work…It’s a sign of an author that truly loves what she does! *ponders a reread in prep for the new Hollows book* Have a great day!

  2. Thursday

    Dear Miss Kim!
    Help please! I’m in such a funk and I can’t climb my way out! I just got done writing a 7 page action scene for near the end of my book where my main character and a supporting character escape a burning warehouse , even though I’m not done with the middle of the book, and now I’m staring at the computer trying to bring my characters together and make them listen to me but they don’t want to cooperate in my head with the part I want to write! They want to keep going with the end of my book. But I can’t write the end if I don’t have my middle! I’m even trying just writing down small prose with them just interacting and it’s not working! I feel like I get a good start on it then I come to a screeching halt! I feel like banging my head against something immobile! Can anyone help me!?

    • mudepoz

      Write a recipe. Always a beginning middle and end.
      Okay, it works for me, but I don’t write fiction…solly…

    • Thursday, this is why I write a detailed outline for the entire book and then write it in sequence. I don’t know what words I can give you to help get you out, because I wouldn’t know either.

      About the only thing I can suggest is to back up. Write an outline, and then try again. I ALWAYS have scenes that I can’t wait to write, and they usually come toward the end of the book. It’s the anticipation of getting to those scenes that pull me through the middle parts. I know you want to write the exciting stuff. Use that want and need to get through the slower parts that are harder. Writing is not easy. It’s HARD! Good luck! –Kim

  3. This is kind of cooler than the drama box, I think. We all get our own little icons and everything so you can remember us. ^^ That and our replies won’t fall off the page. I haven’t been by in a while. Never could afford to pick up Once Dead Twice Shy and now I’m jonesing for some more Hollows.

    My question is this: Have you thought about doing a collected book of all the Hollows short stories? I know you stick some of them in the mass market paperbacks, but I’m so impatient that I buy the hardcovers. I got to read the one with Ceri and Al when you posted a link to it, but I would love to have them collected all in one place without buying the books a second time. And… I just saw that someone at the bottom of the page asked this same question… Well… Now I’m redundant. Ah well.
    Amber in Joplin, Mo

    • Thanks, Amber! I think this is working well, too. The icons help me a lot!

      You asked about a collected book of short stories? Well, there is an anthology in the works, but it’s going to be about half old, half new. take a gander at the previous post as to how to read those shorts in the mass market. –Kim

  4. Trinity

    I just re-read the books last month and loved how much more I picked up on in the stories. One thing I think I glossed over was how ruthless Trent is. And yet, somehow I still like him.

    I think it’s really cool that you are going back through your own work. Does it bring back memories of when you were writing the stories? Books often do that for me.

    I had one question: is there any way to read the two short stories that came out in the paperback editions of FFDM and ODW? I have the hardback editions of both, but I’d really love to read those two stories.

    • Thanks, Trinity. I’d like to think I put in some soft foreshadowing that is hard to see unless you know what’s coming. Trent, though, is nasty. I don’t think he likes being that way, but he is.

      I don’t get rememberances of writing them as I re-read them, no. I think it’s because it takes me a year to do it and there is no real “moment” to fix upon.

      There is a way to read the two short stories, Actually, though you didn’t hear it from me . . .

      Go to my pages at Harper

      Hit the books tab at the top

      Scroll down to the ODW mass market, not the hardcover and click it to bring up the browse inside feature. If it doesn’t show on the first two pages of Kim Harrison’s books, do a search in the HarperCollins site to find it.

      Here’s where it gets tricky:

      Hit the orange “browse inside” tab (it might be white on some browsers)

      Once you’re “browsing” go to the table of contents at the top right hand corner and bring down the menu, scrolling to the bottom of it where “other back matter” is. Click on that. But you didn’t hear it from me. (Oh, man. I’m going to get into so much trouble)

    • Trinity

      Thank you so much! I really enjoyed both of the stories. Of course, now I want them both. I may have to buy the paperbacks now.

  5. Max

    I commend you for doing this. Too many series lose sight of the original set of rules and characterizing events. Doing this is never more essential then when a story includes the supernatural. Nothing bothers me more than inconsistencies in a series. That’s one of the reasons why I love the Hollows. Each piece seems to fit so seamlessly. 🙂

  6. Gothar

    Thanks for linking to a wonderful story. I’m still scratching my head over it. I could certain do with a Ma Perkins or at least a Chef to training in my spare time since insomnia seems to be giving me extra hours of staring at the ceiling.

  7. Kody

    Will there another book coming soon in the Hollow series? And I agree, the Van scene with Ivy and Rachel in FFC is great! I like the possibility of actually saving Ivy’s soul. And the connection the two of them have now after that creates a world of possibilites, powers unknown to both of them. I can’t wait!

    • Hi, Kody. The Jenks/Bis novella just came out, (UNBOUND) so it won’t be until February that the next release is. I’m looking forward to re-reading the van scene today, actually. Ahhhhhh . . . –Kim

  8. ScienceGeek

    I read all of the books originally but recently found that my library has audiobooks of all of them. Luckily I have an awesome job in which I can listen to books the majority of the time. Some things I didn’t like, for example I thought that Takata’s songs were sort of ruined by the narrator attempting to sing them. It was nice to revisit everything though. I was surprised by how much forshadowing there was about Pierce showing up! I laughed at Trent’s wedding and heck, pretty much every time she was out-smarting Trent. I have to say that I really missed Trent in the latest book. I think that he’s so interesting because he’ll do something so despicable that I just want to hate him but then I can’t. He’s almost like a second main character to me (Rachel the first, of course). I feel like they are on parallel paths in life and both have a lot to learn and discover. I can’t wait to read about the back story of Rachel’s child hood in the camp with Jasmine. I think that much will be revealed! I think what I love the most about this series is that there’s so much development. So many series out there are basically the same book written over and over with slightly varying details.

    • Hi, ScienceGeek. Oooh, I haven’t listened to EWWBD in audio. Maybe I should just to hear her sing! (grin)

      I miss Trent, too. It took me a book or two, but I have managed to squeeze him back into the story line a bit more. Hold on. He’s one of my favorite characters to write.

      I’d get bored with the same story. I really would. I just feel lucky that the Hollows is so big that I can play in different parts of it and do something new in each book.


  9. Tiffany

    Good reading, isn’t it!! 🙂
    I love reading stories or watching a series all in one go – it wraps you up in them that much more. 
    Lucky for me, that is how I have been experiencing your books so far.  I just discovered them a couple weeks ago (I’m on A Few Demons More so far and trying unsuccesfully to pace myself).
    I love the story between Rachel and Ivy and especially look forward to finding out where their thread is leading.  I love Jinks and how he is always making me laugh out loud, I love Rachel’s obsession with bringing down Trent and his utterly calculated manipulation of that, and Al who is such a perfect villian that I love hating him.  Thanks for such a rich pallet of characters!
    Ok, so off the top of my head, my favorite bits:  Rachel turning into a mink and Trent throwing her into the rat fights, Rachel turning into a red were and calling a real wolf to her defence (bad ass!), Rachel interrupting Trent’s wedding had me laughing out loud for pages – absolutely brilliant!, and the van scene for sure- steamy and really…spiritually beautiful (I’ll second the more please comment!).
    And a two questions: 
    When Rachel has to travel the ley lines to get home, Newt says he wants to tell Al something funny.  I was thinking the joke was that Rachel couldn’t figure out how to get home since she couldn’t figure out that her strongest pull is Ivy (he had to tell her to think of her and therefore she took Newt’s mark).  Am I wrong about that?
    And second, when Rachel is dressing the night she saved Trent from the river she is picking out her dress from this dream closet filled with choices upon choices…and of all of them she picks the one that is “gray silk”.  Which of course is the recurring characterization of Ivy’s voice… Is that meant to invoke Ivy?  

    • Tiffany

      My bad – I mean “evoke Ivy”, as in allusion.

    • Hi, Tiffany. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books! Thank you. I’m only up to FOC right now, but I hope to catch up to you this week. (grin)

      You asked about what Newt wanted to tell Al? Newt had figured out that Rachel was a proto-demon and wanted to rub Al’s nose in it that he had let her go for Lee. But she forgot before she could tell him.

      Ahhh, the gray silk. No, it wasn’t meant to allude to Ivy, but good thinking! Maybe in my subconscious it was.


  10. visual assassin

    You know I have a question about the black marks on dark practitioner’s auras and the question is there ever going to be something where the practitioner can bring back balance on the spell they cast so that they can safely remove the black smudge on their aura?

    • Hi, Visual. No. There is no way to remove the black except for sloughing it off on someone else. It just can’t be done. And that is one rule I’m not going to break with a spell or amulet. Otherwise, why have it to begin with? –Kim

  11. lauren

    it kind of interesting how the series has changed. like how Al’s first impression, to him now lol. and now the main species goes like this: weres, vamps, witches, humas, demons, elves, but in the first there were were-foxes and they havent come up anymore. but its alot more easy-going now(i think).

  12. candace

    I love Rachel and Trent’s relationship. There’s just something so delightfully sinful, and they bicker like brother and sister, on a magnified scale. It’s just very interesting how the two of them can needle at each other like that.

    What’s it like to reread your own work? I’ve always hesitated to go back, even if it’s for an edit, because I’m already anticipating all the errors that I’ll find!

    • Jeannie

      Maybe they are related some how through the genetic manipulation????

    • candace

      Hm, that is a very interesting thought. I don’t think so- I think their bond seems more of a survivor type bond, because she was at his father’s camp and he ‘fixed’ her, or whatnot. But that is a very interesting thought.

    • Hi, Candace. I’ve been finding a few things that I wish I hadn’t said, but not as many as I was worried about finding, and none of them insurmountable. I think going back is a great way to look at your skills and weaknesses. I’m also very good at blipping over typos and small mistakes. I never see them. Which can be a problem when I’m doing copy edit . . .

      As for Rachel and Trent? Yeah. They are fun to write. –Kim

  13. Marsha

    It has been a week from Hell at work, and to top it off family dropped in yesterday. Good timing is not a gift that God gave any member of my family! They just left and I decided to drop by your site to relax a bit. You always have a nice post, and nice replies from your readers. I just read your series very recently..a friend at work gave me a copy of DWW and I got hooked and had to read them all. I don’t reread books normaly, but I think I am going to pick up again from #2, since I have those at home. I don’t spring for hard cover books very often because I read sooo much, but I’ll have you know that you are one of only two or three authors that I can’t stand to wait for paperbacks to come out! I love your work and hope you never get tired of writing. Have a great weekend…I plan on going comatose : )

    • Thanks, Marsha. 😉 I like the idea that my blog is a place for you to go and unwind. (big grin) Hey, if you want the hardcovers, timing is everything. I was in a big-box bookstore last weekend, and they had the hardcover for ODW for like eight dollars. But there’s nothing wrong with the paperbacks. I’m a paperback kind of girl myself. –Kim

  14. Phil

    Kim, you do realize that with all of us re-reading the Hollows you’re going to get lots more questions! (big grin)
    Actually i do have one … If the verse in Takata’s song can only be heard by undeads why can Ivy hear it? ~Phil
    ps- in case i haven’t mentioned, your willingness to be accessible to your readers is awesome and totally appreciated!!

  15. Thursday

    I have reread your series about 5 times! I don’t usually reread but I just love the world you created so much that I love to revisit it from time to time! I just read your Once Dead Twice Shy and fell in love all over again! OMG is there nothing you can’t do!? I say there is not! You inspire me so much in my own writing! I want to be as talented as you in the craft of the written word but I doubt I will ever achieve it! But maybe in a few years if I ever get this book done and if the heavens shine some luck on me and I get published all I hope from my hard work is that one day you might read it and say that it was ok or even good! That is my dream come true! Well I may do a quick reread since you are to! hehehe. Well I just wanted to say thank you for introducing me to your awesome world and your deep interesting characters.

    • Hi, Thursday. Five times? Dude! Thanks! You probably know it all better than me! 😉 And thank you. I’m so pleased that you liked ONCE DEAD, TWICE SHY. I wish you all the success in becoming a writer. If it’s something you love, never let it go, and rewrite, rewrite, rewrite! –Kim

  16. Praise to the author who reads her own work and takes not to keep it consistent. I am sure there would be a bunch of volunteers to reread and take notes for, but it is something else when you do it.

    What are your favourite parts in DWW? And could you tell us your favourite parts in other books as you reread? I want to know what draws your attention and why. It’s quite a perspective.

    I guess this is a good time to tell that i don’t like or feel any sympathy for Trent, even if he shows he is just as vulnerable as anyone at times, like driving Rachel’s car, or later, like attending the Halloween party with kids etc. I hope i’m not being misled about him. All others, at least Rachel, Ivy, Jenks and Ceri, went through many bad experiences, are constantly under pressure that seems to take away the chance to choose, but you don’t see them killing or maiming innocent or those standing in their way. That’s where Trent differs from them. He fails at making the harder choice, the one that is right.

    me thinks

    • SeattleRobin

      I totally agree with you about Trent, Ezgi. Glad I’m not the only one!

    • Juliet

      The same here. Trent is an interesting charakter, but I couldn´t say I like him in any kind of way 😦

    • Hi, Ezgi. I wish I had taken notes this good while I was writing them, but it’s coming together. And yes, I’ve had lots of offers for help, but it all comes back down to the creative process. I’d only get what the helper thinks is important if they were doing it. Not the tiny little look or word that spawned an entirely new set of thoughts. (Where’s my coffee? grin) So I am cheerfully doing it myself.
      My favorite part in DWW? I liked watching Rachel argue with her landlord, Mrs. Tambu. I liked Rachel with the dating guide, embarrassed. “I’m a freaking vampire harlot!” And I liked her satisfaction at the end.

      That’s cool that you don’t like Trent. He does a lot of bad things.


    • Layers

      I love Trent and secretly harbor thoughts of him and Rachel getting together………

    • You’re not alone, Layers. 😉

  17. lody

    heehee Im rereading them too… have been… on book 6 now… OMG… book 5 is harder to get through the second time…I didnt think it would be but I knew what would happen and it made it worse lol but I think its my near top fav in the series. So much happens it that you have to love it…. Okay! have a great weekend!

  18. Phil

    I can’t think of a better way to spend this rainy, windy Friday than re-reading the Hollows! I so agree with Jeannie about not pinning down a favorite scene if i tried. Most intense i think are where Rachel and Ivy are trying to find a blood balance, kinda taking things to the next level so to speak, and of course when Rachel’s in danger from Al, Piscary, Mia and her kid, and so on. The bridge scene in FOC, the scene in Skimmer’s jail cell in WWBC, the weres chasing Rachel and Jenks … I could make a list!
    I guess i’m just saying Thank You for endless hours of great reading and re-reading with so much more to come!
    Have a fun weekend and take a moment to appreciate your hard work! And btw i like the pic of your office, too! 🙂 ~Phil

    • SeattleRobin

      I read so many books that I forget way, way more than I remember once I’m done reading a book and move on to the next one. But the Hollows series definitely has some very memorable scenes. Phil you pretty much listed most of the ones that stick out in my mind also. Well, except I don’t really remember the weres that well. And Kim listed one of my other ones, Rachel going to face Piscary. I’ll echo what else Phil said, thank you Kim for so many hours of thrills, chills, laughs, and tears. I’ve been holding off rereading until the entire series is complete. Then I plan to read through and savor again the entire thing.

    • Phil

      two more i have to mention, Rachel using her magic at the Howlers baseball game ’cause the owner stiffed her, and Kisten in FOC pleading with Rachel not to leave Cincy because he was so afraid Ivy would lose it being apart from Rachel … How cool is that, having friends who care so much!!

    • Hi, Robin. I forget a lot of what I read, too, but not my own work, which is good. I’d hate to have to reread the every book before I write the next one. It’s amazing, though, the stuff I started and then dropped, seeing a better path. –Kim

    • It had truly been my pleasure, Phil, bringing the Hollows to light. And I’m hoping that this read-through is going to spark even more connections as I wind the story back to it’s beginnings to make a perfect circle. –Kim

  19. Linda (germany)

    (big big silly grin)
    yeah, ‘cource you love your own work. It’s awesome. And I see, we got the same favorite scenes.
    What a pity that Skimmer already killed Piscary. I wanted to do it by my self.
    Well, mentally.
    The world book. What does that mean?

    • Hi, Linda. Somedays, I don’t like my own work, but not often. I try very hard not to let anything go before I’m happy with it in the first place. You asked about the world book? That’s going to be a book detailing out the Hollows, the spells used, the people in them, descriptions and definitions, that kind of thing. It’s going to be a bear to put together, but it will be like a reference book when I’m done. –Kim

  20. Juliet

    I definitely have to re-read all the books. I´ve forgotton so much.
    But I´ve not forgotten my favorit scenes, wich are:
    The Rat-fight in book one. That was awesomely!!
    Also, of course the Van Scene…yay, that was hot (more of that please) 😉
    As I said before, the tunnel-scene in the last book. *jerk*

    And (last but not least) *sniff* Kistens last words in WWBC. OMG, I had to wipe away a tear, and thats rare 🙂 Great!!

    Wish a great Weekend!!!

    • Hi, Juliet. The rat fight! That was good. I shortened that, actually, so I might put the extended scene in the world book. And the van scene. I’m going to re-read that today. And Kisten’s last words? Those are going to cause me problems, but he said them, and I have to work with them now. sigh I hope you had a great weekend. –Kim

  21. Gothar

    I noticed a few differences between my desk and Kim’s. We both have a mug of something on the go, a hollows novel open, paper all over the place. Why do I have a dead flashlight and TV remote for a TV that doesn’t work? I don’t have a fancy monitor with stickies on it. Oh Shinies!!! The best part of Kim’s computer it’s no mahjong to distract from the task at hand.

  22. Sue, Chicago

    Now you see why we love your work so much. It’s all the little details that you include that on their own aren’t that important but bring out the little nuances in the characters and bring them to life. That is what keeps us writing to you and bugging you and wishing that the books would get here faster!

    Darn! Now you’ve got me wanting to do another re-read!

    Have a great weekend!

    • Sue, Chicago

      BTW, if I had to choose a favorite scene it would be when Kisten picked up Rachel from Trent’s in book 3. When he poured his heart out to Rachel, it made me fall in love with him.

    • I just read that part on Saturday, Sue. Oh, that was nice. And he thought she was turning him in and he did nothing. And you’re so right. The devil is in the details. It was time for a re-read, let me tell you! –Kim

  23. Mendi in STL

    Heyde Hey Kim! Ah, good times and good memories. I haven’t forgotten about the camp and Jasmine, so I’m dying to know if you’ll tie up that thread eventually? huh, huh? No evil author laugh either, lady! Have a great weekend! *VV*

  24. Eric

    Hi Kim, I just finished For A Few Demons More. I love the audiobooks, it adds a entire different level. My favorite book so far is A Fist Full of Charms, favorite part would have to be the van scene. I can only hope that over the next couple of books Rachel will use her caps on Ivy, that might give me a new favorite part! Yes, I am a typical male!
    Have a good day.

    • Hi, Eric. Thank you! I’m really glad that you enjoyed it. FOC is my favorite, too. 😉 I liked getting out of the Hollows. As for Rachel and Ivy? You never know . . . You have a great day, too! –Kim

  25. Jeannie

    As you reading, pat yourself on the back, you are a fantastic writer. The series is sooo good, I couldn’t pin down a favorite scene if I tried. But, I always love Rachael and Trent-their chemistry and banter. I love Ceri’s temper outbursts. Jenks humor, inquisitiveness and protectiveness. Ivy’s learning curve. Al’s, well, something I’m not sure there is a word for it yet. Bis’s cuteness and stealth. Well I guess I could go on and on and still not even come close to all the things I love about your writing, nor could I name all the personality traits I adore for each character. Just great stuff. How long until February….

    p.s. Did want to ask, is there a possibility that you could be contracted(or asked to extend) to do even more books-besides the 12-13?? Not sure how that works??

    Have a great weekend and enjoy!!

    • Juliet

      IMO 12-13 are more than enough books. You need fun in the things that you do, and at some point everything gets boring and you have to do something new.
      I don´t want to read a book, and think: Hmmm, someone has lost his ideas 😉 Especially when I love a book series so much (little kudo btw 🙂 )

    • There is that, Juliet. There is that. I would hate to get bored. That’s why I’m enjoying the graphic novel so much. –Kim

    • Hi, Jeannie. I’ll be honest. I’ve been enjoying reading the Hollows more than I expected. Lots of little things that I forgot or turned and went the other way that I’d like to get back to.

      There is always the chance for more Hollows books. I’m the one ending them at 12 to 13, not the publisher. (grin) Rachel wants her happy ending. But that doesn’t mean I can’t pick up the story from someone elses POV. –Kim

  26. Suzi Lazear

    Happy Friday, Kim!!!! Both the tot and I are exhausted. We’re not used to all this yet (plus, I’m staying up way to late, lol). I think we’re going to cancel the weekend and just sit on the couch in our PJs eating pizza and watching movies.

    Who needs clean laundry anyway.

    ~Suzanne and the tot

  27. Bob J

    Dear Kim,

    The history is not messy. (you has not been written yet.) Ray’s presentation of history is like her desk. She is not a historian, she is a runner. Even in our world most people do not see the value of history, and do not understand the past. Nor how to apply the lessons of the past. We see the Hollows through Ray’s eyes, but we do not even know if she votes. Now you are going over all the historical notes in Ray’s desk. That is a big job. ( May be Jenks and family can help.) You have more than one history to write, but one for each race, since many groups stayed hidden from us normals. They have secret histories which effected the normal course of events without the normals knowing the causes. I believe one week is not near enough time.

    Have you considered writing some parallel stories of other people in the hollows other than Ray and company. Maybe a series for each race. I know that you have enough work just keeping Ray out of trouble. But the interest in the hollows extends beyond Ray’s tripping over life. ( She is very entertaining in how she turns disasters into advantages. Is Kirk related to her. Maybe a great, great, great grandson?) Even a series centered on a human, interacting with all the other races. After all, we have more going for us besides numbers, and are more than lunch.

    By the way. I love the fact that Jenks has a lathe in his stump. Since the first book, I would have loved to see what the pixies, and fairies would produce with a full machine shop, and electronics lab. Tell Ray and Ivy that I would love to build Jenks a shop out back, with heat and electricity.
    A 12 inch color TV in the stump would be like going to the movies.

    Have a good weekend.

    Best Regards,

    Bob J.

    • Bob J

      I need to read my own writing. Correction: (You have not yet written the history of the Hollow’s.) Not-(you has not been written yet.) Now that is messy. I, like so many others write in my head,
      and do not watch what I type. (Proves that Ray, and my mind are messy places.)

      Best Regards,

      Bob J.

    • Hi, Bob. A new series for each race? That’s a great idea. I’ll have to kick that around. I’ve not done much with the Weres . . .

      I’d like to get back in Jenks’s stump again, when they are living in it. Must think some more. . . .

      I hope you had a great weekend.


  28. Joy

    So it is very difficult to pick out favorite scenes since they are all fantastic, as you are finding out all over again. However…I LOVE THE ELEVATOR SCENE IN GBU!!! Kisten was so frickin’ hot. Rachel let herself go for a moment. And you also get a tiny glimpse at how special Kisten is and what he is going to become in the books when he tries to slip her something to help defeat Piscary. Besides the van scene in FOC and the boat scene in FFDM, that has got to be one of the steamiest scenes in the whole series!! Thanks for the awesome memories. Enjoy…yourself!! Have a great weekend. Joy

  29. Judi in NJ

    See???! We told you you were awesome! While you are reading your own work you MUST be thinking, “Damn, I’m good!” 🙂 Peace & Love to all on this solemn day. Do something nice for someone in honor of those we lost.

  30. Lisa Mulder

    I re-read Fistful of Charms. That was my favorite! I love it when the four of them are at the restaurant and are playing up the whole group sex bit for the locals. I hope Jenks gets to be big again.

  31. mudepoz

    I don’t often reread, hard enough to find time to read the first time. But I mentioned recently the treasure trove of downloadable audios my library has. Listening to some of the earlier books is a delight. I pick up more of your foreshadowing, and just little scenes I may have skimmed are much deeper when someone speaks them aloud.

    And I have to say, yeah…what a difference the narrator makes. I was glad it was the staccato Ta Ka Ta… Well, off to check my mudepozmobile. Have a lovely weekend. And a tip of the hat to ‘Guy’.

    I’m the oldest woman in the world with more T-shirts than girl clothes. I go thru about 20 a month….

    • Hi, Mud. I think Ms. Gavin does a bang-up job with those audiobooks, and I feel fortunate that she’s going to read the rest. Yay! I hope your weekend was relaxing. –Kim

  32. Gothar

    My going rate for a book summary by chapter is the next hollow’s book in manuscript form and a few boxes of cookies 🙂 Have a fun filled time. Trent is a complex fellow.