Fifty-Two Stories submission

I’m writing this using my battery this morning.  We still have electricity, but I yanked everything out of the wall in case we got zapped.  There’s a line of thunderstorms coming through.  It’s a welcome rain we’re getting, but ooooo . . . Guy can jump really fast when a bolt hits thirty yards away at his back.  (grin)  I shouldn’t laugh.  The only reason I didn’t jump was because I saw it hit.  But it’s moving on, even as I do my spell check, so I think we’re good.

I do have a bit more news than the weather forecast today.  I have been asked to submit a story for “Fifty-two stories” which is Harper’s online promotion for some of their brightest talent, and I was thrilled to be asked.  Fifty-two stories in fifty-two weeks, and you can sign up to get notification when the new one goes up each week.  We’re still kicking around which Kim story, and as soon as I know _for sure_ which one we’re going with and when it will be up, I’ll let you know, but until then, here’s a link to check some of them out.  Fifty-Two Stories.  I linked right to Ray Bradbury, but you can scroll around and find something else.  I almost linked to Joe Hill’s, but favoritism won out.  (grin)



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  1. candace

    Hey Kim, it’s late so i’m dropping by to say CONGRATS on being asked to submit a piece for the 52 shot stories! i haven’t even heard about it until now- I will be on the look out! You’ll drop a line here when yours goes up, right?

  2. shauna

    Hi Kim, congrats on the fifty two stories! i followed the link and read a few- good stuff there, definetly gonna read more when i can. I finally got my copy of A Few Demons More and ordered the next one. Where Demons Dare is the same as The Outlaw Demon Wails, right? ….And thank you for the advice from a few days ago.

    • shauna

      Hey, my little picture changed! Is that because I changed my email?? oh well..

    • Hi, Shauna. Thanks! I’m still excited about it, and cool on checking out the goods there. Yes, WHERE DEMONS DARE is THE OUTLAW DEMON WAILS. I’m tickled you’re enjoying the series. Thanks!

      Mmmmm, yes, if you change your email address, then you get a new picture. 😉 –Kim

  3. Gothar


    Best one-liner ever! Kudos on the honour.

  4. mari campbell

    Jenks may get compete with Rachel but that might not happen for awhile.Jenks isn’t a very compettitive person, or he doesnt seem like it anyway. But if i was Guy i would totally be freaking out, but iw ould probably laugh if i saw someone else jump too.

    • I’m not too worried about Jenks compeating with Rachel either, Mari. 😉 He’s a team player for all his independence. And yeah, the lightning freaked Guy out, and yeah, I laughed until he did, too. –Kim

  5. Jeannie

    Congratulations on your newest honor!! You deserve it, not only because your writing is superb but because you really care about and connect with your fans.

  6. Phil

    Kim! Congrats on the Fifty-two Stories honor! That’s really exciting but not surprising to all of us fans! 🙂
    I just finished LLD and loved seeing into Jenks’ world in a way we hadn’t seen before. I am concerned though that with Jenks opening his own office he and Rachel may become competitors! (grin)
    And i don’t blame Guy for jumping at lightening strikes … one bolt struck directly in front of me recently as i crossed a street. Scary! ~Phil

    • Thank you, Phil! I’m still excited, and I’ll let you know when I have a date. Whoo-hoo! I’m so glad you liked LLD! I’m going to try to work some of the new characters into the big books, but we’ll see. –Kim

  7. Tas

    Whoo, awesome! Congratulations on the Fifty-Two stories offer, Kym! It’s an online thing, so I’m inclined to ask, is it free to read? Or is there some sort of fee?

    Anyway, I was hunting for your earlier books, specifically everything before “A fistful of charms” And I’m happy to say I’m finishing Every Which way but Dead now. Now I just have to track down your short stories :D! I love closing the circle with my authors like this.

    Anyway, though, I wanted to ask, do you have a decided number for how many Hollows books there are going to be? I’m curious. On a related mark, your short stories in The Outlaw Demon Wails and For a Few Demons More; are they in any others of your books? Some of the short story compilations, maybe? I bought the hardcover editions of both books, and although I don’t mind, I wanted to know before I bought the mass marketing editions.

    But anyway, I think I’ve taken up quite enough of your time, so I’ll take my leave now. Thank you very much, dear witch~

    • Hi, Tas. Oh! It’s totally free. You can go right now and read the other authors’ offerings. I read through Ray Bradbury’s today. Good luck on your hunt for the early, shorter works. (grin) Right now I’m looking at a firm 12 to 13 books total to finish out the series, and then it’s boldly on to something new.

      Funny you should ask about the availability of some of the shorter stories. Right now, you can only get them in the mass market paperbacks of ODW and FDM, but they might be included in an upcoming anthology. Don’t hold your breath, though. It’s going to be years before it comes out. (laugh) –Kim

  8. Pat MacMaster

    I’ve just met Rachel and the Hollows; its a wonderful thing to find a series late and get to read a bunch at once without the waiting, which is now happening for the next book…sigh…very inventive, lots of plot twists, new characters, and you gotta love Rachel. Getting to know Ivy is taking a while. Sometimes I’m not sure where Jenks is coming from but then again, he is a pixy. Keep writing. And, thank you.

    • Thank you, Pat! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Hollows and her characters. I’m re-reading the series this week and next as a refresher as I embark on the last story arc, so I know the feeling of being able to just go from one to the next. Have you found the novellas yet? They might help stave off any withdrawl. (grin) –Kim

    • pat macmaster

      LAST STORY ARC???!!! Oh, no, say it isn’t so!!! I know, I know – all good things must come to an end, but having just met Rachel, I’m sooooo not ready!!!

      where would I find the novellas??? – Pat

    • Hi, Pat. The novellas are generally found in the romance section belive it or not. A lot of the authors in them are romance, and the spine has Avon on it, so that’s where they put them. Enjoy! –Kim

  9. Jenny

    I have only posted once before on the old drama box format, but I wanted to pop back in and leave a couple of comments.First congratulations on your most recent honor with Fifty -Two Stories, and also on your GN. I have never been into graphic novels but I will definitely give yours a try.You are a talented writer and I enjoy your work.Also, thank you for your continued attention to your readers. We appreciate it.( Okay, that might have been more than a couple .) ..grin..

    • Hi, Jenny. Good to see you here! Now that you’ve posted once, you can post again without having to be moderated. I hope you do give the GN a try. I turned it in Friday, and got the preliminary, “good job” from my editor. We’re in the final picks of the penciler, and I’m nervous. I want this to be something special.

      Thank you for your words on the attention. I get a lot from you guys, and staying this close is one way for me to say thank you. –Kim


    Did you have an out of body experience 🙂 Here be a bushy tailed squirrel. Hitting and running, I have paramecium on my hands…and congrats again…August company, you must be thrilled to pieces!


    Thanks for responding to me! Is it lame that I feel special? I think it kinda is. 🙂 Anyway, I do want to thank you for the stories. I was recently laid up due to some health problems and your books helped me keep my sanity a little bit. It’s just a great, inventive, original story. I just love Rachel to peices. (Though my fave is Jenks) Thanks for sharing the Hollows with us!

    • Hi, Sandra. No! It’s not silly at all. Most authors can’t stay this accessable, and I work hard to remain such. I hope I always can, but it gets harder every year. I’m so glad that you were able to find some relief in my work. Thank you very much. That does me a lot of good. I’ve decided my favorite character is Al. (grin)

  12. Tiffany

    Hey, congratulations! How exciting!

  13. Jackie

    Hi Kim,

    I haven’t been able to keep up with the drama box like I usually do, and I think I missed the info about the Hollow world book. I was wondering what was going to be in it, and if you had an idea of about when it might come out?

    • Hi, Jackie. I think I only mentioned the world book once before, so you’ve not missed much. My editor and I were talking about it yesterday, and I don’t want to say anything much about it yet. The tack we’re taking is kind of different. I’m turning it next October, so I’m guessing it comes out a year after that. Two years. Oct 2011. –Kim

  14. Oh my dear lord. I have been corresponding with someone who has been asked to submit a story with the likes of Ray Bradbury. I need to prepare some critters for classes, but what an awesome site to check out.

    I sit in awe. I am not worthy to be in your presence.
    Geez, just slap me.

    Mud. Who also needs to denature some enzymes so they don’t work the way they aren’t supposed to work for lab. Yes…sometimes things are a bit canned.

    Then I wonder about Q and if he was denatured, and yes…I have adult ADHD.

    • This didn’t come off quite the way I wanted. This is really a huge honor…extremely impressive! Back to boiling enzymes. Cookbook chemistry,,,

    • Mud, you’re funny. 😉 But actually, yes, I am honored to have been asked. They usually don’t ask genre writers to submit for stuff like this, and I take that to mean that my writing has the depth to capture a wide audiance–which means I’m speaking to the human condition–and that makes me feel really, really good. –Kim

    • mudepoz

      Life is too short to read crap.
      And yeah, it does capture the human condition. A little microcosm of beings that are off the beaten path but suffer, feel joy, are smart asses, are …well a Gargoyle and a Pixie.

      One of your loyal smartasses. Who is putting a Burning Bunny card on her office door next to the Springer Flag… Let’s see what the new crop of students think of that.