Back in the Office

I’m back in the office, feeling like a bushy-tailed squirrel after a relaxing weekend topped off by a fire in the fire pit last night.  Ahhhh.   Don’t ask me why I feel like a bushy-tailed squirrel, but I do.  Twitchy, maybe.  (grin)  I’m starting something new today, and that always puts me in a mood.  My copy edit for book eight won’t be here for a few days, and that’s not long enough to get my rewrite on book nine done, and besides, I’d rather wait and do the ce first so there is a good flow of thought into the next.  I suppose I could write out the rough outline for book ten, (which will take about a week) but I wanted to wait until after the rewrite of nine for that.  My only other option is to work the Hollows world book and write up some character/species sketches.  I’ve got five to ten days, which is too long to fritter, and too short for anything else . . .  Mmmm, it’s going to be an interesting week.


P.S.  I did get out and into town this weekend, and if you’re looking for UNBOUND in the Books A Million, you might find it in the romance section.  Don’t ask me why.  If it came out through Avon, I could understand it, but it was an Eos book.  Sigh.  –Kim


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  1. lemonade

    Squirrel? Are you like the squirrels in Kansas that drop nuts on my head and my neighbors’ when we try to talk in the drive way? And follow us around when we move, dropping acorn bombs the whole way? (Ohio squirrels aren’t that rude! I don’t remember them harassing me ever! Pixies must keep them in line)

    READ YOUR UNBOUND STORY!!!! Can I say I completely ADORE that pixy you’ve created? And I have the unholy urge to buy honey and give it to fictional characters. 0_O That’s a pretty odd feeling. But I also love how Ivy shows her compassion, and I love the fact that she has her own Ceri of a sort. Oh… and it seems to me that Sylvan wouldn’t have ended up on the bad side of a demon if he had killed anyone BUT a demon. Is this true? Or am I short changing demons? And am I right that Daryl is a demon’s familiar? I can be slow on the uptake and I had a long day at work.
    At any rate… thanks for another awesome story. I can’t wait for Rachel to meet up with Sylvan. 😀 Too fun.

    • Hi. Lemonade. Oh, that is too funny! I had an acorn the size of my thumb drop on me once, but never one propelled by squirrels! 😉

      Yay! I’m so glad you liked LEY LINE DRIFTER! No, Daryl isn’t a demon’s famililar, but that’s a good thought. Sylvan, though, isn’t being upfront and honest. I’m hoping to work these two into the regular books. They were too much fun to work with. –Kim

  2. Jo

    Hopefully this post gets through. I was having internet issues for a couple of days. I think it’s great that you are considering the outline for book ten. sigh – seems like only yesterday that Rachel was just leaving the IS and something bad was on her trail. My how time has flown when you’re in the Hollows zone. Yeah I know bad rhyme. Well, I should get back to writing but procrastinating and posting on my fave author’s post is more fun right now.

    I am waiting for graphic novel – maybe I can get my son to read more if I get him looking at one. Hmmm —

  3. Jodi

    Dear Kim,

    I just read your short story “Two Ghosts for Sister Rachel” in “Holidays are Hell”. I picked up the book to read the Lynsay Sands short but your story was first. I loved it! I will be starting the Hollows series as soon as I can find “Dead Witch Walking”. I can’t wait to read it and I hope to be a fan for a long time to come. Thank you!

    • Hi, Jodi. Thank you! I’m so glad that you enjoyed it, and I hope you like the entire series. (Thank you for starting with the first one, too!) Lynsay’s was a great story, too. –Kim

  4. LTC C

    Kim, I too am back in the office post Lobor(ing) Day(s) – daze (?)
    I am into month 3 of an incident report — there would have been less paperwork if I had died (note to self).
    Are you still going to be in Minneapolis in October? If so, when?
    I did check your events area, but it seems to be stuck in June.
    Have fun with the edits (you seem to enjoy that !?!). LTC C

    • Hi, LTC (grin) It sounds like you’re busy. Ah, vacation. I am still planning on being in Minneapolis this October. Look for me at the ARCANA conference from the 16 to the 18th. I’m trying to get a signing at DreamHaven, too. more info at –Kim

    • LTC C

      ARCANA — I am sooo out of the loop — In a prior exsistance I KNEW (something) what was happening in “THE CITIES”. Hope to catch up to you there.
      LTC C

  5. Carolyn

    Dear Kim,

    Just wanted to thank you for your post about Child Thief. It took some looking for (most of the bookstores only had 1-2 copies and they were sold out!), but I found a copy and can’t put it down. Thanks for suggesting some other books while we wait for your next installments!

    • Oh, wow. Thanks, Carolyn! I’m flattered that you thought so highly of my recommendation and hunted it up! I’m delighted that you enjoyed it! Brom is on Facebook, and I know he’d be tickled to hear from you. –Kim

  6. I hate to sound impatient but I would truly like to know what the title is for the eighth hollows book and when we will see it? My husband but all the books except for the outlaw demon wails last year. He has always found me good series to read and I am addicted to your Rachel Morgan books! I will be sad to see the series end.

    • Hi, Morbidcorruptor. The eighth book is called BLACK MAGIC SANCTION, and it will be out the last week in February. I’m so glad that you’re enjoying the books. Thanks! If you don’t have ODW yet, I saw the hardcover in in a bookstore this weekend for the price of a paperback. Whoo-hoo! I’m planning 12-13 books total, so no end soon. –Kim

  7. KC

    Hi Kim, love your books. Are we going to see Ceri anytime in the next book? In what season does the plot in the next book take place in?

    • Thank you, KC! I’m glad you’re enjoying them. Ceri is sort of drifting out of the books now that she’s pregnant. I can’t bear to hurt a woman with child, so . . . she’s taking a vacation. Book eight takes place in the spring.

  8. LOL-at-Danger

    Hi Kim! I’m a frequent reader but infrequent poster here…just wanted to say congrats on the GN! That’s so cool!

    That twitchy energy can be a good thing, like going out for coffee (or tea). Just stay on the right side of the squirrel karma, though! 😯

    • Hi, Danger. (grin) The right side of the squirrel karma. I’ll try, but it’s hard somedays. –Kim PS I’m still excited about the GN. We’re in the last stages of picking the penciler.

  9. Phil

    Sooooo hard to keep up with you, Kim! 🙂 You are too energetic! (grin) Actually, you inspire me all the time with your energy, your commitment, your love for writing, and you always make time for family and fun!

    Labor Day turned out okay, even went to a cook-out after all … Bailey loved it! Missing summer already and have the last chapter of LLD to read. Can’t wait to sees how it ends! Then back to school (ugh!) Good luck with your copy edits and all the other fun things you do! 😉 ~Phil

    • Hi, Phil. Me, energetic? Naaahhh, but I put on a good show. But the commitment to the work is there. I’d go nuts if I couldn’t write.

      I’m not surprised Bailey liked Labor Day. Food and humans outside? What’s not to love? –Kim

  10. Marsha

    I found “Unbound” in the Fantasy and Sci-fi section of my B & N, in your area by the way, so you can claim to be top dog on this one! I must have all our squirrels properly bribed because they actually come up to the back window and stare at me when I forget to put out their peanuts…no lie. That drives the dogs absolutely mad, but I think it’s cute.

    • Cool! Thanks for telling me, Marsha! Honestly, I don’t know where my books will show up at any given store. Whoa, your squirrels have you trained well. The hummers get me to put out food the same way. –Kim

  11. I’m on your fourth book. wondering how they are going to get jenks back. i read your first book on my first tour in iraq. it was a great escape when i needed it. thank you for your imagination, and your work. plus its a neat way for a guy to get a little insight in to a girls brain. anyway my girl friend and i are reading them in tandom. all of them were read by my whole unit, until they were pretty much destroyed from being shoved into cargo pockets as we deployed from vehicles or ran through buildings. one even saved a guys leg from a bit of shrapnel, we meant to send you a pic but i lost contact with him. i started reading them over again recently. sorry for the rambling – a bit of love sent from 3/7 kilo, USMC.

    • Hi, Matt. I love hearing from you guys and gals over there, and you totally made my day with the destroyed copy. Very cool on catching some sharapnel. Dude! I feel like I’ve done something, even if I haven’t. My eldest is a Marine, and knowing that something from me is helping you guys escape for an hour or two makes me feel good, so thank you for telling me.

      I’m really glad that you’re enjoying the Hollows. Thanks! Don’t worry too much about Jenks. Rachel will get through to him and he’ll be back in book five. –Take care over there– Kim

  12. Hmmm. Chipmunks on speed and bushy tailed squirrels and stuffed rats…oh my.

    Dogs love squirrels, which are evil aliens come here to incite riots. They throw apples at us, and branches and taunt us on the deck, only to race away, bushy tails twitching as they laugh at us. Ebil, ebil, ebil!


    So, I kind of hope that this ends up on the FAQ’s page. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I sense something between Trent and Rachel, something that they might not even be aware of. I feel as if they will converge in the future. Is there any truth to that? Will there ever be a hard won romance in the future?

    • Hi, Sandra. This is a good one for the FAQ. I get this one a lot, and to answer it myself, I have put Rachel and Trent in a car and sent them on vacation. I figured if there was something between them, it would happen there, or never. I’m not saying which way it went. (Grin) You’ll just have to wait. I will say that after book nine, I am seeing Trent in an entirely new way. (bigger grin) –Kim

    • Gothar

      Notices on Kim’s report card ‘Does not play well with ours. Does not share…’

    • Er . . . Actually . . . (grin)

  14. Suzi Lazear

    Squirrles!! Speaking of squirrles, the other day the tot and I saw squrrles, um, “playing tag”, yeah, lol, they were playing tag. 🙂

    You know, when I don’t have any stories to write I ask the tot for ideas–I have to say she’s given me some doozies. I have a feeling as soon as she learns to write all heck is going to break loose…

    It was another screaming morning at kindergarten–complete with leg clinging. Sigh. Daddy even came with us. Parent night is tonight. Yeah, it will be an interesting week.

    ~Suzanne and the tot

    • Hi, Suzanne. Playing tag works for me. That’s what they are doing in my back yard, too. What a great idea, asking the tot for an idea. Ahh, I’m not surprised about the tantrum. Smooth and steady, and you’ll get there. 😉 –Kim

  15. Antonio Rich

    when you do character sketches, are they a one-time thing for a new character, or do you update them book-to-book? For instance, Al and Trent have changed alot over the course of time, do you plan that a little ahead of time in character scetches before you tackle a new book?

    • Hi, Antonio. They are one-time things, usually, but I save them and add to them as time goes on. I generally don’t plan ahead and do up my character sketches ahead of time but write them as I go. It’s more like, Crap, I had better write this down, or I’ll never remember. –Kim

  16. Tanis

    Hello Kim!!! I really love your books, I think that I couldn’t survive whithout them… (:
    And I have a question… Will you visit Mexico soon??
    Your mexican fans are waiting for you! ( A lot of them)
    Have a nice day, you deserve it.

    • Hi, Tanis. Thank you! I’m really glad that you’re enjoying the books. I don’t have any plans for visiting Mexico, but I’d like to get there someday. –Kim

  17. Indy

    Hi Kim!!! Watch-out being a squirrel, I know you have puppies, and mine cannot resist chasing those little guys. 🙂 ~Indy

  18. As I continue listening to the audio book, and reading Unbound…I have a question about Ivy. No, not about her relationship with Rachel, but with her selfless acts.

    I asked about the wish she gave to Mia in one of the shorts, and you commented that she couldn’t use it for what she really wanted…her soul. (Paraphrasing, if I’m wrong, of which I am quite often, forgive me.) Yet she also gave away her Crucifix to Ceri. Knowing how important religion is to her, I would assume her Icon would have been as well.

    Two selfless acts. Does that count in the cosmic balance of things? Mud, still thrilled about the next Madison story, and thinking good thoughts about your Hollow’s world book (now wouldn’t it be cool to include graphics from the future GN?), and now having to guide the getting younger with every year students who are totally lost.

    • Of course it counts, Mud, but Ivy sees herself as a fallen, unforgivable soul, and therefore she can never be forgiven. She has to forgive herself, first. I’m afraid the world book won’t have any sketches from the GN. They are through two different publishers, and that’s a touchy subject . . . sigh. –Kim

  19. Gothar

    Go eat a fritter. You know those prints with e dock leading off into the water with the unoccupied chair at the end? I feel like it’s going to be one of those days. In mean time am going to try to battle my work email into some form of ordered chaos.

    You could just play hooky today since nothing is ready, an extra day to let the juices of creativity flow never hurt anyone.

    • Go eat a fritter. You sound like my dad. (grin) Unfortunately playing hooky isn’t an option. Every day counts from now to the end of the year. Not a crunch, but a realization. And it was a GOOD day. –Kim

  20. Juliet

    I finished Ivys Shortstory yesterday (at last, I know who Art is/was 🙂 ) and I have a tiny little question: Did Ivy copy Mias hairstyle? And if yes: Why?

    • Hi, Juliet. Cool! I’m glad you liked it! I’ve always thought that the story in DATES FROM HELL gave a lot of insight into Ivy. Ivy did copy Mia’s hairstyle, yes, as to why? She thought that Mia was a braver person than she was. Turns out she was wrong. –Kim