Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day!  If you’re not in the US, this is the day that we have cook-outs, eat hot dogs, and try to enjoy ourselves outside as the summer starts to wane.  I’ll be puttering around outside, trying not to work, but as you can see, I just put in about two hours. . . .  (Bad Kim!  Go outside!)

Enjoy the day!



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20 responses to “Happy Labor Day!

  1. Darlene

    this labor day weekend was more than eventful for me and i have a personal question to ask of you. have you ever known anyone by the name of jaquie snyder or allie harrisson? my life has recently been made a wreck and i was hoping you might relate based on your knowledge of them…they claim to have known you.

    • Hi, Darlene. Mmmm, I may have met them at a signing and even taken a picture with them, but no, I do not know them personally and could not count them among my friends. Sorry. I hope everything works out. –Kim

  2. Rebecca

    Hey Kim! Hope you got outside! Today was the epitome of a perfect day, here in Oklahoma, and where was I? At work…. yuck. So anyway, hope you had a great day!

    • Hi, Rebecca. We had a fabulous day here yesterday. I could hear the boats on the water, and it took me back to my childhood home. The air was dry . . . amazing. 😉 Sorry you had to work. –Kim

  3. Elaine

    I hope you had a good Labor Day! Speaking of not being in the US, I have my German exchange student from high school visiting, and today was her first ever Labor Day cook out! She was here for Labor Day in 2005, but we didn’t celebrate.

  4. mudepoz

    Isn’t Labor Day the day for Labor. I actually belong to a Union, the folks that brought you Labor day.

    Not much to say, went to see my beloved MIL, took BIL back to his group home, wandered a jail/historical society museum in a small town along Lake Michigan, and loved the bright sunshine with the Tall Dude and NO DOGGIES trying to butt into our hand holding….

    • mudepoz

      Oh, I hope Labor day was as nice down there as up here. There is nothing like watching the lake on a beautiful day! Mud. Who might not be real. My Garmin has had it with me and shut down. My students claim I’m a cartoon character…

    • Mud, we had a rare day here, with high temps and low humidity. No doggies! I bet that was a treat. –Kim

  5. Gothar

    Labour day was more about wish I could of stayed in bed all day long. Alas, that was not allowed to happen. So, how did Rache “summon up” Pierce back in 2 ghost for sister Rachael when he could get out until Big Al broke the unholy spot were Pierce was buried?

    • Gothar

      Let’s try this again in English.

      So, how did Rache “summon up” Pierce back in 2 ghost for sister Rachael when he could NOT get out until Big Al broke the unholy spot were Pierce was buried? Or was it under his OWN power…

    • Hi, Gothar. It was the watch that Rachel used to try to summon her dad. It really belonged to Pierce that made it possible. The connection was stronger with Pierce than her dad. And seeing as Pierce was in purgatory, he was the one that got “woken up.” If Rachel hadn’t woken him in the first place when she was 18, then Al cracking his headstone wouldn’t have done anything. Rachel primed the pump, so to speak, with the first summoning with the watch. Hope that helps! –Kim

  6. Claire

    Happy Labor Day everyone!
    It’s been a while since I got on the computer and I saw a couple of posts ago that you had gone to Michigan. I live in southeastern Michigan myself (Oakland County) and love it. It wasn’t really that cold though! Maybe cooler than usual but I guess if you were farther north it may have been a different story! You should come during the winter. That’s one of the things I don”t like about Michigan, the cold! Anyway (didn’t really mean to get that into it lol) hope you can make yourself relax today, work isn’t going anywhere. Have a great day!

    • Hi, Claire. Mmmm, Michigan in winter is EXACTLY why I live down south. (grin) I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was just what it was supposed to be. 😉 –Kim

  7. Jeannie

    Happy Labor Day!! Eat, relax and enjoy.

  8. Phil

    Labor Day cook-outs, hot dogs the outdoors … and here i am doing … laundry? Like one poster said Some days you’re the bug, some days you’re the windshield! 😉 Happy Labor Day, Kim! ~Phil

  9. I just picked up the latest book in the series, it did not disappoint! Your character development fully invests the reader and I found myself emotionally involved with the characters and their plights. I enjoy your series immensely and always look forward to the new releases. Thank you for following your dream and writing so that people like me can enjoy our favorite past-time of reading great stories.

    Happy Labor Day, Ms. Harrison, and please keep up the wonderful work.

    • Hi, ManSees. 😉 Thank you! I’m really glad that you enjoyed it that much. Bringing the Hollows to you has been a pleasure. I hope you had a great weekend, too! –Kim