I Saw The Tunnels!

As I was driving through Cincy on my way home yesterday, I saw two of the openings to the tunnel system that sits under Cincy in various places.  It was soooo cool!  I had read that you can see the openings from Interstate 75, and I look every time, and yesterday, I saw them!  Plain as day, and a hundred times bigger and more obvious than I thought they’d be, right before the Harrison Street exit, if you can believe it.  Dude, it totally made my day.  It was better than ice cream.  😉  –Kim


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  1. proudfit

    or you don’t go for coffee and coworker goes postal

  2. Nikki Sorrell

    You can tour the tunnels if you would like. When I see a posting for a tour here in Cincinnati since I live here I will let you know.

  3. Meg

    Hi, Kim =] Wicked with the tunnel-spotting ^^ Read the chunk of LLD that was released. Need more. But my bookstore doesn’t have it in. My backup bookstore doesn’t either. I laughed when I saw the shout-out to Vicki Pettersson 😉 Gotta say, I’m not even finished the story and I’m enchanted by your new characters. I’m hoping we’ll see them, or others like them, in the main series? That’d sure ruffle a few feathers. Thankies! ~ Meg VV

    • Hi, Meg. Huh. Maybe their shipment is delayed is all. I hope you get it soon. I couldn’t resist the shout out to Vicki. 😉 And it fits so well! I’m hoping to get the new characters into the books, too. I’m seeing it . . . I just need to make it fit. –Kim

  4. Mendi in STL

    Heyde Hey Kim! Very cool to spot the tunnels on your road trip. Ley Line Drifter has sparked the need for more Hollows…. Hope you have a great Labor Day Weekend. My folks will be visiting so I’m looking forward to mine. Be safe. *VV*

    • Hi, Mendi. I was so jazzed, it wasn’t funny. Guy was laughing at me. I’m so glad you liked LEY LINE DRIFTER. Thanks! You have a great time with your folks. –Kim

  5. Phil

    O-kaaay … the tunnels are real! So if i ever drive through Cincy i’m looking for the troll under the bridge … and maybe across the river is the …Naw! 😉 ~Phil

  6. Elaine

    That’s so awesome! That is what I love about your writing, it’s totaly plausable! Well, at least I think it is…. 🙂

  7. Jeannie

    Hi Kim!! Your visits to Cincy made me remember a little restaurant that sits up on a hill and overlooks the whole city. It was built in the 1800’s (I believe) and was an old pottery chimney. They made expensive collector items and fired the pieces right where you sit in the huge chimney. The name eludes me (or maybe I’m having a senior moment at 38) but wondered if you had ever been there on one of your visits and if not maybe the name will come to me and I’ll let you know so you can enjoy. I’ve already called the uncle I was visiting at the time who lived there and left a message-hopefully someone remembers!! Enjoy whats left of summer and keep up the great work!! (Can’t wait til’ Feb.)

  8. Jessica

    This site has some cool pics of the tunnels. http://www.cincinnati-transit.net/subway.html

  9. suzannelazear

    Hi Kim! Welcome back! The tot and I just got back from visiting family too (the hubby and the teen are still there). The tot started kindergarten yesterday. ~Sniff~ I guess I can’t refer to her as the tot much longer. She, of course, was telling everyone she was starting high school (sure, lol). But she’s not sure she likes this getting up early thing. Sleeping in and watching cartoons in her PJs is much more fun…

    Have a great day!

    ~Suzanne and the tot

  10. Juliet

    So, the tunnels are real?
    That me reminds of “The attic” by Preston/Child. Do you know the book?
    I´ve read it, found it so horrible (in a good way 😉 ) and at the end I found out, the tunnels are real.

    Since that book, I hate driving subway 😉

    • Hi, Juliet. Yup, the tunnels are real! They even have tours occasionally. I’ve not read THE ATTIC, no. Horrible in a good way? Mmmm. –Kim

    • Juliet

      Hmmm, maybe i picked the wrong vocable 😦
      I just mean that I really like creepy storys… And “The attic” is quite thrilling 😉

  11. mudepoz

    In a rush…so my only comment, since I partially live to vex you here…

    Was there a light at the end…

  12. Gothar

    Harrison St, go figure. What’s the purpose of those tunnels nowadays says the guy who’s only watched WKRP but never been there.