What happened to Tuesday?

Er, I know I usually make a post every day, but I’m visiting with family between deadlines, and the drama box sort of got away from me.   I knew you all wouldn’t mind.  (grin)  But I’m back again, and trying to catch up. –Kim


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  1. Brittany

    Hi Kim, This week as been long and hectic. Its my senior year of high school and i so stressed. Thankfully its labor day monday so three day weekend. Anyway, i love your books, the hollows, its my favorite seres. I have read all of them way more than once. I cant wait for the rest. Do you know when the 8th book will be released?

    • Hi, Brittany. Oh, I remember the first week. Stress, stress, stress! 😉 You’ll get through it, and then it will start to be fun again. I’m so glad that you’re enjoying the books. Thank you! BLACK MAGIC SANCTION is scheduled for a late Feb release, right on schedule, but there was a novella realeased just a few weeks ago in the anthology, UNBOUND. –Kim

  2. Kim i love your books so much i take them to work with me and i can;t even work because i’m too busy reading them!! i’ve read the whole series about 3 times you’re books are the best i’ve ever read, they would make amazing movies…whens your next book?? i;m having withdraws! lol

    • OMGosh, Laura! Don’t let me get you in trouble at work! (laugh) I’m so glad you’re enjoying them. Thank you! No movie yet, and the next book is due out late Feb, but there was a novella released just this week in the anthology UNBOUND. –Kim

    • will you be having a book signing in cinci when the next books comes out? i’m not that far away from you i live in huntington wv it’s only about 3 hours away i’d love to have you sign all my books but i’d be ashamed to let you see them they’re all worn out from being read so much

    • Gosh, Laura, it’s the raggedy ones that I love signing the most! (grin) I should be in the Dayton area for this next tour, but it’s never a sure thing until they hand me my plane tickets. Here’s hoping! –Kim

  3. Tas

    Oh, this is great. Hey there again, Kim! You don’t remember me, seeing as I’m just a random poster from here. I posted abit once I finished For a Few Demons more, because you just about killed me with that book, but then I went on binges with a few other authors and sortof…dropped out of your circle.

    As it turns out, it’s for the best, because I just finished White Witch, Black Curse and I’m shocked at the way you pulled me back into everything. I’m hooked until the next one, I think. No idea how I’ll get by without it.

    But I’m rambling and I shouldn’t here, I was going to suggest random musics. Recently I found “If I fell” from the Beatles, to fit very nicely with Ivy and Rachel, even if it’s a little soft for them. Same goes with “I saw her standing there”, also from the Beatles, but this time with Rachel and the ghost, to avoid spoilers.

    And then there’s “The Eight Melodies” by Saint Paul’s Cathedral Choir. You might as well just look up the Super Nintendo’s Earthbound game if you decide to take me up on this, but that game has incredible vocal music if you have the patience to look for it. Instrumentals, too. I know this sounds ridiculous, but I swear I’m serious. None of it really hits anything with the Hollows, but it’s massively inspiring if you take the time to listen to it. All happy help-you-sleep-at-night stuff, though.

    And I’ve written more than enough to fill a page so I’ll stop now. Very glad to be under your spell again, my dear witch of an author~ Tasem

    • Hi, Tasem. Cool! I’m glad I managed to pull you back into the Hollows. (grin) And thank you for the music suggestions! Did you see the pages where you can help build the playlist for the characters? I’ve got the music tracks from the first Halo game, so yeah, I know they do wonderful stuff with the games. Thanks for the heads up on Earthbound. –Kim

    • Tas

      It was less “I managed it” And more you dragged me in with all the force of a Tsunami, really! No, I hadn’t known we could do that, so I’ll use that if I notice any other really good music~ Thanks for answering :>~

  4. mudepoz


    Updates on three of the bups.

    And I think you might like this link, consider them small flying things. We saw a lot of this from the greenhouse, my boss did most of the photography and the website:
    And no, no pixie dust, just a lot of…pigeon parts everywhere….

  5. JaylanPHNX

    It’s all good. I’ve always been impressed that you have the time to answer all these posts and still get writing done, so missing some stuff for family is A-okay. I think we love your work enough to not want you killing yourself over superfluous extras (redundant much?). Relax, do what you gotta do!

  6. Marsha

    Frankly I’m amazed your family gets to see you at all with everything you do. You must answer dozens of emails, and writing the books, and the Facebook page, and the “guy in the leather jacket”, and the “things”, and the dogs…if I had that many ands in my life I’d probably be indulging in a lot more of those “dead man’s floats” 🙂 Enjoy your family. It hurts like hell when you start to loose them.

    • Tell me about it, Marsha. . . . I thank my lucky stars that my work has begun to allow me the gift of time and money to see them more often.

      I’ve cut TV out of my life about ten years ago, and it’s amazing how much more you can get done in a day, but Guy has begun to manage running the house as well as the shipping, and that frees up a ton of time, too. Balance. It’s about balance. –Kim 😉

  7. Antonio Rich

    Just finished LLD and I really liked it. Although a novello, it’s one of my favorites that you’ve written. I’ve already re-read favorite parts. I want to know more and see and read more about the characters and situations that the story introduces us to…I guess that’s a good thing too…B Good.

  8. Phil

    That’s great you’re getting to visit family in Michigan, Kim! I’d like to get to Michigan some day … been to Wisconsin, and Idaho where I have family, but not Michigan so far … Wait! your post didn’t actually say you are in Michigan. Did I miss where you said that? Anyway, have a great time!
    I just read in a magazine that Cincinatti is one of the best cities to live in … with the Hollows across the river, that would be cool! 😉 ~Phil

  9. Scott S, Clovis CA

    Family comes first, not us, even though we’re sort of like an extended family — very extended, cousins, twenty-six times removed.

  10. Linda (germany)

    Hey Kim
    Well, yesterday I had a discussion with a friend of mine, about the fifth book, the situation in the kitchen with skimmer, ivy and rachel.
    You probably don’t want to answer that, which I can totally understand, but still I want to ask.
    What did Ivy do to Skimmer, when Rachel walked away and heard a harsh sound. When she looked back, skimmer was red in face ans Ivy was…uhm…happy in some way. (grin) So what happend?

    Uhm, and than, do you watch dr. house? These Olivia Wilde. I think she’s doing a great job, with acting broken and disturbed characters. I’m really fascinated of her. And she got these eyes. 😉

    • Hi, Linda. Oh, I don’t mind answering that one. Ivy gave Skimmer a little smack to behave herself. It was vampire-fast, so Rachel didn’t see it. I’ve not seen House, no. Sorry. –Kim

  11. Judi in NJ

    Hiya Kim! Aaah sugar shaker but it’s great to be back in the Hollows! Savoring every word of LLD and loving that great big dose of Jenks. 1st day of school for my 5 boys….my oldest is a senior!! Gosh! It seems like his 1st day of kindergarten was just last week…. Have a great day…Judi in NJ

  12. Bonnie Jean in MA

    Good morning,
    Just finishing up re-reading the series. I started with book five when it was released in hardcover, then read 1,2,3 and 4, skipped five and read six, then 7. Rereading in the proper order I can see progression of story line and appreciate the series even more. Book 5 is great b/c it is the 1st one I read and it had me hooked. Book 1 is great b/c it was a gift from my sis. I love book 4 b/c of the island action and Rachel become the red were was so cool. It also kind of had the “feel” of a little vaca that they all took together, to me anyway. I enjoy all of the books of course but those are my favorites and why. Thanks for the 7 gifts from you so far!
    Very excited for the release of the next one in Feb. Thanks so much from a girl who loves a great read!! Happy Autumn

    • Thank you, Bonnie! I’m so pleased that you’re enjoying the Hollows. Number four is my favorite so far, too. But book nine is coming up, and I think that will take over as my fav when it finally hits the shelves. Happy reading! –Kim

  13. mudepoz

    You mentioned you were back in Mich. *Wipes brow*
    Phew, no Swine Flu, I don’t want to catch it.

    I wanted to congratulate on your very quick growth as a writer. Yes, I love to pick up older books by authors and see how they develop characters, both early in a series, or development apart from the final series (you can see JD Robb’s characters in a lot of Nora Robert’s early Harlequins. OK, I can see) But you moved leaps and bounds. Your work is much quicker now. I love seeing Matalina’s name (does it have significance for you?) another small flying thing, and what a great job invoking The First Law Of Thermodynamics. I see it in the Hollows, but your magic is more fun in Truth.

    Moving right alone, more round worms to order. But this time NOT from Carolina…

    • Thank you, Mud. I really appreciate what you said about growth as a writer. I know that the Truth and Princess books are not as sophisticated as the Hollows in a lot of respects, but I agree that it’s fascinating to look at an artists work and see the changes. I do it a lot with music artists. Not so much with literary artists or visual. And I agree that some of my best magic systems are in the earlier books. I had so much I wanted to say back then, it hurt. Now I can slow down, and it feels good. Early and rough–and all the more precious for it. FIRST TRUTH was the very first thing I _ever_ wrote, and I’m very proud it found publication.

      I don’t know where Matalina came from. Some names pop in with no explanation. But that I’ve used it twice tells me it means something to my unconscious. Same thing with the small, powerful, flying things that can sit on your shoulder. (Grace in ODTS, Jenks in the Hollows, Talon in the Truth books. There was almost a dog in the Princess books, but I nixed it.)