Not much going on . . .

Monday!  And I’ve got my tea.  I NEED my tea this morning.  Badly.  (grin)  The graphic novel is just about ready for me to turn in, so I’m turning my eyes back to the regular Hollows novels, and hopefully I’ll carry something of the skill set I’m trying to develop with the GN with me.  Looks like copy edit and a quick brush through book nine, and then new stuff for book ten.  I’ll let you know how it goes by Christmas.  (Ha!) –Kim


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  1. Natasha

    Hi Kim!
    I am very excited about this Graphic Novel! I will have it pre-ordered once it’s available. I can’t get enough of The Hollows series seriously((hollows series seriously)that’s fun to say lol), so when I heard you have a Graphic Novel in the works I was SO excited. I also can’t wait for Black Magic Sanction! I read White witch, Black Curse in one day and I felt part of the book. Great work with everything, and I will continue to support and love your work!

    • Thank you, Natasha! I’m really glad that you’re so excited about the graphic novel. I am too. I can hardly stand it. (grin) Thanks for your words. I’m glad you’re enjoying the Hollows! –Kim

  2. mari campbell

    my favorite kind of tea is chamomile. my friends say im kinda weird because i like my tea with not just sugar but milk.

  3. Samantha

    I just wanted to say that I love your style of writing as well as your creativity. I started reading your work by picking up a book in the Hallow series and have been a fan ever since. I actually just recently came across a copy of “Prom Nights From Hell” in which one of your short stories was published along with 4 others by various authors. I enjoyed it very much and wondered why you never elaborated on that one in particular. I would of very much enjoyed reading more into why Seth Adamson was so intent on his mission to a “higher court” and if anything blossomed between Barney and Maddison in the long run. I do love me a good paranormal-scarey-romance and you have deffinately proven the author of choice. Maybe one day you will touch more on that particular story! One can hope! Best wishes….Samantha.

    • Hi, Samantha. Thank you! I’m so glad that you’re enjoying my work. 😉 Mmmm, the story in PROM NIGHTS FROM HELL has actually been expanded into a three-book series, and the first one is out under the title, ONCE DEAD, TWICE SHY. I hope you get a chance to check it out! –Kim

  4. bob

    I left you a message but I do not see it now. I just read your new short story Ley Line Drifter. My question is the way it ended will you start the new Rachel Morgan book where it left off.

  5. shauna

    Hey Kim, nice to, er, type to you. I only started reading the Hollows recently, as there arent too many places around here that have them. (i live in rural Australia-and it drives me mad, nothing but trees and angry possums). But lucky i found them coz i rekon theyre some of the best books ive ever read! im only up to book 4 so far but ive got the other ones on order. yay me! Ivy would have to be one of my favorite characters ive read in a book. Ever. with Rachel and Jenks comming close second. i was wondering if you had a favorite character to write about? oh, and since everybodies typin’ ’bout tea- i dont drink it that often but i like to burn the empty teabags and watch them float up to the roof. ( im 18, i can play with fire) my little brother loves it- he thinks im magic.

    • Hi, Shauna. Good to hear from you! Did you see the three Australia stores I have listed on the front page of the website? They have promised to keep the books in stock, and they will ship. I’m so glad that you’re enjoying the series. Thanks! As for my favorite character to write? That would be the one that is changing the most. Once it was Trent, then Ivy, then Al. Right now, it’s a toss-up between Trent and Al. (grin) –Kim

  6. Kirk Leiferman

    After reading the short in Unbound I am ready for some more of Rachel. By the way I owe you a big thank you. I joined facebook, just to keep up with you and now I find out my high school class is planning a 40th reunion next year. Can’t wait the next book.

  7. becca

    hey kim
    just finished your short in UNBOUND!!it totally rocks hunn,loved the explanation of names!!to cool.hope you get some of the new characters to make an apperance in sanction???please???
    if you like tea,you no us brits know are tea,will send you some of the best tea bags and you can have it english stlye??
    hugs to all
    becca and co

    • Hi, Becca. Cool! I’m glad you liked it! I was able to get in a lot of pixy culture that just never came up before. That’s one of the reasons I love doing anthologies and being able to get into other character’s POV.

      As for tea? I love good tea. But I’m a bit of a bohemian. (grin)

  8. Thomas McNeill

    Need your tea?????You’re sounding like Ceri (grin) I thought Racheal
    was more of a coffee drinker or a double latte italian blend with whole\milk not skim/ light on the cinnimon with a razberry shot,LOL.
    I have finally read all of the original 7 hollows books and now I’m dying for #8. I love all the characters ,Even Trent and big Al,but I must admit,jenks is my Favorite.Racheal needs to twist a demon curse to reset Jenks and Matalinas biological clock like the demons do,things just wouldn’t be right without Jenks and he can’t go on without his mate.I’m sure Racheal will figure out how,just like I know shes going to save Ivys soul.Tinks a Disney whore.
    I hope the grafic novel comes out soonest as I need my hollows fix.

    • Thanks, Thomas! (grin) Now you’re in the same boat as the rest of us, waiting an entire year for the next. (bigger grin) I’m glad you liked ’em. They are too much fun to write. –Kim

  9. mudepoz

    I was going to comment on Truth…but instead, I am hoping all is well with your family…

  10. Jeannie

    What does “your comment is awaiting moderation” mean? Did I do something wrong or not do something? New at this!

    • Hi, Jeannie. It just means that you’ve never posted, and your first one needs my approval. Now that THAT’S over, you can post without me having to approve them. It really helps cut down on the spam. 😉

  11. Jeannie

    Hi Kim! My first time posting. I have been reading these posts since before you went to this new format. This format is great and easy to follow. I have read all of the Hollows and I have to say GREAT JOB!! I love them all, I never thought I could have so many emotions in one sitting. Some of them I read in one day, or night I should say. The depth is fascinating. I have also read Unbound- what fun to learn more about Jenks and Bis, I hope theres more. I recently went back and picked up the anthologies that related, all great. I read ODTS too-can’t do anything bad can you. My daughter is 14 and has read all of these along with everything YA. She loved them. I wanted to tell you, this is my favorite series out of all the other series I have read (which is alot). I can’t wait for the next one in Feb. Keep up the great work, I hope it never ends. I do have a (million) question. I was on B&N ordering the audio versions for a friend and found the March Q&A session you did. There was reference to a Paranormal chat? Is that another site or?? Any other places to go for Q&A, early or new?

    p.s. Maybe Richard Gere (Pretty Woman)(sp?) for Trent??

    • Hi, Jeannie. Wow, thanks for posting! I’m liking the new format, too. It’s got it’s good side, and bad side, but NO SPAMMERS! (grin)

      I’m so glad that you’re enjoying my work so much, and delighted that your daughter is enjoying ODTS! That thrilles me. 😉 I love reading, and to share that with a new generation is just . . . fabulous.

      You asked about the Paranormal chat. That is probably one of the recorded live radio chats that I’ve done. I’ve got links on my media page at the main website. I do them here and there. It’s an internet radio program where you can listen in on your computer or call in and ask a question. The next one is coming up on the 17th, and it will have all the authors from UNBOUND. Hope to see you there! –Kim

  12. Mandy

    Hey, there. Here’s a random thought: I recently saw that movie entitled 17 Again, and immediately I thought of Jenks being big in A Fist Full of Charms. I thought it was sweet, haha, because that is my favorite Hollows book 😉 Just figured that I would share. Best wishes!

  13. bob

    I just finished your story Ley Lines Drifter. My question is the way it ended, is this going to be the way your next Rachel Morgan book is going to start.

    • Hi, Bob. Thanks! I’m glad you liked it. Ah, no, we are not going to pick right up where LEY LINE DRIFTER left off, but I hope to bring some of the characters back in. We’ll see. –Kim

  14. Candace

    I am FINALLY done with school! Made the 6 hour commute home, and first thing I did was get my mom to drive me to the bookstore (no way was I driving after that trip lol) and buy Unbound! I absolutely LOVED Ley Line Drifter- it was a bit weird not seeing Rachel at all, but I liked the chance to get a peek into Jenk’s life.

    • Candace! Congratulations with school! Ta-da! (grin) I’m glad you liked LEY LINE DRIFTER. Thanks! It was weird not to see Rachel, and trick to keep her out of the book. –Kim

  15. Kerry

    May I suggest a Lapsang Souchong tea – if you like camping and like to shuffle to the front of the tent in the early morning still snuggled in the warm sleeping bag, then lapsang is the way to go – it has a really nice smoky smell that reminds me of a campfire. Actually the tea is really good even if you don’t like camping. You can get a Twinings looseleaf or even a teabag I think. I just bought unbound and am super excited to get into it!

    • Gothar

      If you compare the leaves you get loose vs the dusting you get in a tea bag you’ll never go back to bag again. It’s more work but you get to feel a bit snobbish – truly helps on Monday mornings (ok, any day ending in day) 🙂

    • mudepoz

      Yeah, and you can reuse tea balls to teach dogs how to do metal scent articles… 🙂 Quark, Charm, Truth, Beauty (Chrystal) and Cera all learned with them)
      Or read your future.
      Or compost the garden.
      Or…hey, Chai means tea. So is Chai Tea, Tea Tea?
      Mud who actually finished with her labs for the manual! If students gripe about THEIR deadlines… and has officially lost her mind… listening to Evans Blue. All that Angst…

    • Kerry

      I couldn’t agree more !! And really you do have to heat your cup, steep the tea for the right amount of time and boil the kettle with fresh water (never boil twice) and if that makes me a snob so be it!

    • mudepoz

      And good porcelain. Mustn’t forget the teapot. Not the kettle, but decent teapot…I like my Leedsware I purchased…there when I was best man at my friends wedding. I am babbling tonite

    • You guys are too much fun. 😉

  16. jeremy

    hello kim, we really get to learn more about bis in the short story. it seems that he is portayed as a teenager that is almost geeky. although thats not the way i would describe him, its just the only word i can think of at the moment. anyways, will he grow as a character?

    • The thing is, Jeremy, he is a teenager. He’s an 18 year old with a ton of responsibility, and not a lot of life experence to make sophsticated decisions. So I can see why you see him like that. The longer he is in the books, the more he will grow, yes. –Kim

  17. Gothar

    Twinnings English Breakfast Tea – loose leaf is the only thing I drink all day long!

    • Mmmm. Gothar, when I need serious tea, that’s exactly what I reach for. –Kim

    • mari campbell

      ya, my mom and i have been reading alot of the same books lately. I just finished jinx and jessicas guide to dating on the dark said. now im reading cracked up to be. everytime i go to the library, the librarians recomend books, but i literally have to say “srry i already read that” alot of the time.

  18. Marsha

    Well, B & N finally had a copy of “Unbound” and I snatched it up. I’m looking forward to finding time to sit down and read, but that might not happen until tomorrow. I love tea as well, but the good strong English or Irish variety..never tried that Chai stuff you mentioned…but if it kicks like my tea I’m game! Enjoy your relatively quite day and conjure up a great new Hollows novel for us all.

    • Hi, Marsha. Excellent! I hope they bought more than one! (grin) And I hope you enjoy it! Mmm, on the Chai tea. Starbucks makes a good Chai tea latte, but it’s more like a desert. My usual morning tea is Chai from a tea bag, and it’s spicier than English, not as strong. I still like English Breakfast, but usually at night. –Kim

    • mari campbell

      my mom and i love your books, though since my mom isnt going to tell you……..she said that she needs to know if there is going to be a next book in the hollow series. she is freaking out so much she was actually om the computer for more than an hour trying to find out.Your books rock.
      your (maybe)
      ———50th fan(i dont have pis of you on my wall, thats why ima a 50)
      ☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻—–mari(sounds mar-ee)

    • Hi, Mari. Tell your mom that there is another one coming right on schedule for this coming spring. BLACK MAGIC SANCTION. That is so cool that you both like the books. I bet it makes for interesting conversation. –Kim

  19. Bob J

    Dear Kim,

    That will be a nice Christmas gift.

    Best Regards,

    Bob J.

  20. Abrelle Poole

    Hi Kim,
    This is Abby from South America, well living in Southern Africa now. Sooo I got White Witch, Black Curse in May but held onto it, wanting to read it when I moved into my own place which i have a couple weeks now. It lasted 3 bedtimes and last night after a long, fun weekend I went for another bedtime story and couldn’t put it down (I don’t know why i do that to myself knowing it’s your book); it was too good, all the action I love and quite the twist. You’ve probably heard it all Kim, but 4 hours of sleep and a heck of a long workday later, I gotta say Excellent work. Now I’m where I was dreading, waiting for the next one to come out but thankfully I’ll be close enough to buy Unbound soon! Kudos Kim, you really know how to pen a story… thank you and well done. Please don’t ever stop writing! 🙂 Abby

    • Hi, Abby. I’m so glad that you’re enjoying the Hollows that much. Thank you! I’m kind of the same way–when I finish a rough draft, I just want to move on to the next to find out what happens.

      Congrats on your own place!

      –Kim (Who doesn’t think she could quit writing now if she tried)

  21. Juliet

    Finally I´m looking forward to x-mas 😉

    Btw: I´ve finished WWBC about a week ago, and it was really great.
    The best one! (Next to Book 4)
    I´ve loved the tunnel-scene…that was thrilling 🙂
    But now, I think, I have to read your first two short storys…I was a little confused in the book: Pierce who?, Art what?…:-)
    So, I´ve ordered them right away…and so I hope for a quiet nightshift this week (Quiet please! Nurse is reading!! ) 🙂

    Wish you a great week!!

    • Hi, Juliet. I’ll be giving you updates between then and now, but my next big deadline is Christmas. Whoo-hoo!

      I liked the tunnel scene, too. It was majorly hard to write.

      Mmmm, yes, the first couple of shorts/novellas do dovetail into the main story line. Sorry about the confusion. Hope you like them! –Kim

  22. Elaine

    Yay! Book 9! I just got White Witch, Black Curse back from my friend and simply had to re-read the last two pages. The last few paragraphs are fantastic and I can’t wait to read the next one!

    On a different note, will Al be present in the GN? I would just love to see how you visualize him.

    Okay, hope you have a fabulous day and some wonderfully hot tea (and if you lived anywhere near Indiana, you would understand what I mean, because it is COLD!)

    • Hi, Elaine. Actually, there will be no Al in the graphic novel. He doesn’t show until DEAD WITCH WALKING, and these take place before then. We will see Kisten, though. 😉 I’m glad you’re enjoying the books. Thanks! I’m in Michigan right now, so yeah, I’m COLD. –Kim

  23. Gary

    I was just thinking the other day how cool it would be to see The Hollows series turned into a movie series. Anyway, well, good luck to you in the future.

  24. Phil

    Kim, i love your rich, descriptive narrative in the opening of Ley Line Drifter. I’ve only got to page 10 but i’m already intrigued by the story. Jenks’ kids are too fun!
    I think Bailey likes when i read … she’s all comfortable on the couch next to me every time. 🙂
    That’s amazing your almost ready to turn in the GN! Best of luck on it! ~Phil

  25. Nadina

    Just finished “For a Few Demons More” last night, started “The Outlaw Demon Wails” this morning, and have “White Witch, Black Curse” being delivered by Amazon this week…love the books, love the Hollows, love Rachel, etc…so, so upset about Kisten though. Cannot believe he is gone… I am hoping that the plot will thicken and he’ll have had his soul temporarily misplaced and can some how be rekindeled? Maybe it was a disguise charm that was used and someone else’s body cremated? I am a science teacher (full time, as well as a RN -part time) in New York, and have to return to work tomorrow. So today is my last day of summer vacation, and I’m sure I’ll spend it in the Hollows…hoping Tristen is not really dead and gone…and then the touching short story at the end (The Bridges of Eden Park) To add misery to the saddness???

    • Nadina

      Don’t know why it says “Tristen” above…gross negligence on my part, and poor typing, maybe spell check? idk,,,of course I meant Kisten…

    • Hi, Nadina. Thank you! I’m so glad you’re enoying the Hollows! I wasn’t too happy about Kisten dying, either. It wasn’t my first intent. (no worries on Tristen/Kisten) You might be happy to know that the graphic novels take place when Kisten is still alive, so we will see him! –Kim

  26. Jenn

    Tea? I think I can agree with that…I did a whole lot of canning yesterday, made red pepper jelly, so very yummy but what a pain in the butt to try to clean up after (shudder) talk about sticky!

    A new book? (happy dance) Any little teasers you want to let slip? lol

    Well, I have to start my work day, well at least get back to it!

    I wish you a great word flow & congrats on the GN again!


    • Mmmm, that sounds good! I know you’re going to enjoy it come winter. 😉 Teasers on the new book? Noooooo! It’s way too soon! (grin) You have a great day, too! –Kim

  27. mudepoz

    Uh huh. And for Xmas we get Jenk’s rendition of the ‘days of Xmas?