Unbound’s Upcoming Radio Show.

It was a masterpiece of juggling, but my editor, Diana Gill, managed to somehow find a spot of time that we would all be available, and we have a unique opportunity coming up in September.  All five of the contributors in the UNBOUND anthology will be together (by phone) to answer your questions about our stories or our experiences in the writing industry in general. 

Unbound Radio Show

If you have ever been to one of these live Internet radio broadcast’s before, you’ll know they are a lot of fun.  I usually have one or two familar names from my drama box call in, and I love hearing from them.  I’ll have more info as we get closer to the date, but if you want to take advantage of the live chat that goes along with it, you might want to drop in a day or so before the program to get your system and their system talking.  With all five of us there, it’s going to be FUN!



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  1. Jo

    Hello Kim

    I wrote it on my calendar so hopefully I’ll remember to tune in. This sounds like it will a lot of fun. I always like to hear the authors views on their writing and the industry of writing. Especially when my faves are doing the talking. I swear though sometimes I think I should find a talking planner that tells me “Hey Scatterbrained you have this to do today”. 🙂

  2. Gothar

    Hi Kim,

    I have a question regarding the unholy ground and the statue Big Al broke and let Pierce come out and freak out Rex. So, in the Holidays are hell short, how did he show up years before Al broke the statue?

    • Hi, Gothar. It was the watch that Rachel used to try to summon her dad. It really belonged to Pierce, and that connection was stronger than the one it had with her dad. And seeing as Pierce was in purgatory, he was the one that got “woken up.” If Rachel hadn’t woken him in the first place when she was 18, then Al cracking his headstone wouldn’t have done anything. Rachel primed the pump, so to speak, with the first summoning with the watch. Hope that helps! –Kim

  3. Phil

    Hi Kim, the radio spot sounds fun if classes don’t conflict. Or if the professor doesn’t catch me streaming. (Grin)

    So happy i got UNBOUND today @B&N 🙂 I can’t wait to read it! ~Phil

  4. Aline

    It’s nothing commercial, I won’t get any money and the credits would be correctly done. Would you let me do it ? I really need your permission.
    I don’t even know whether my teacher will allow me to do it as an adaptation or not. Hopefully he will. I’m looking foward to this for a long time, and I’m so excited, but the film depends on so many things.
    Would you give me your permission ?

    Aline Oliveira.

  5. Aline

    Hi Kim,
    I’m from Brazil, and I’m a student. I have now at school, a project about making shot films. I was trying to write my script and the inspiration for the story just wouldn’t come. Then I remembered of the last book I read, wich was Prom nights from hell, and I feel in love with the Madison Avery story. I’m thinking about making the shot film an adaptantion of your story. It’

  6. Paint me curious, and please don’t ban from from your Hollow’s home.

    Did you read McCaffrey’s Pern arc’s? MZB’s Darkover arc? (And if anyone wants to know why writer’s need to stay far away from fanfic and us crazies…)

    So far I ADORE Truth. It is much closer to the type of story I’ve always loved to read. I like urban fantasy. I love the undercurrent of humor I see in everything you write. But I also love Renfairs, and spent a summer in England as an American Gardener learning different techniques. Where I told a gardener about the fifty year old botanical garden I worked at and he told me ‘och, my wheelbarrow is older than that…’

    It’s a shame that your vision of that world is closed, but I’m glad to get a chance to read it. Your twisted sense of humor (you have the BEST oaths!) shine thru no matter what the world). I love the way your mind works, have I mentioned that?

    Ducking. Running. Unbound is on the back boiler…sucked into Truth…

    • Mud, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Truth series. It is still near and dear to my heart. I’m thinking now of all my favorite scenes, and how you’re going to be seeing them soon . . . OMGosh, enjoy. My skills as a writer were still growing in those books, but my love for the printed word was overwhelming, and I think that shows, too.

      I loved the Pern series.


    • Would someone PLEASE remove my rogue apostrophes? They are making my eyes itch! For gods sakes! ACKKKK Where is the suckback button!
      🙂 I blame this on Jess playing tug with my shoelace this am.

    • I kind of like your typos, Mud. It makes you real.

  7. Emily

    Whoa… I should really read your blog more often. Words can’t describe how excited I am to hear about the graphic novel. Congrats!

  8. Where can we hear/participate with this interview? It’d be cool to listen to, if nothing else. 🙂

  9. mudepoz

    Quote of the day…I couldn’t resist this one…

    I write to escape; to escape poverty.
    Edgar Rice Burroughs

  10. Kneosha

    That sounds like a lot of fun hopefully I won’t be in class when that is going on 🙂

  11. Juliet

    I´ve just started reading Unbound, but I have a question already 🙂

    At the beginning of chapter 2, you wrote (I quote):

    “His human partners were clueless…”

    So, why did Jenks call Rachel and Ivy humans??

    I know, I´m fussy 🙂

  12. Chrisy

    Hey Mrs H.! I have a question… which is: do you speak a second language? I’m just curious. Authors do love languages don’t they? Would be weird if not, huh? -Chrisy

  13. Scott S, Clovis CA

    Per the piracy above, check Catie Muphy’s blog out as well @ mizkit.com

  14. Scott S, Clovis CA

    I’m sorry to report that I just came across a link to an illegal pirate download of UNBOUND. I sent the link to your general email address and to Mr. Curtis. It amazes me how quickly the thieves managed to make the work of others “available” for download.
    I hate jerks like that.

  15. Joy

    The web cast sounds like it is going to be quite fun!! So I was wondering about something from Ley Line Drifter. It appears as if Bis uses Ivy’s computer quite a bit. I was just wondering why he would need to do so. Are there dating websites for adolescent gargoyles? OOOH and I totally had nightmares from Jeaniene’s story in the Anthology! Creepy, Creepy characters! Piscary would have liked that story.
    Have a great weekend.

    • Hi, Joy. They are ALWAYS a lot of fun. And you have exactly the kind of question that I hope readers will ask, but since you asked me here, I have no idea why Bis uses Ivy’s computer, but I hope as I get into his character more, he’ll tell me why. (grin) You have a great weekend, too! –Kim

  16. Carolyn from Alberta

    I haven’t been on since you moved and I wish I had a better reason now. I read on C.E. Murphy’s site that there is a web site allowing downloads of ebooks for free and/or donations and when I checked it out I discovered Unbound is one of them. There’s at least a couple of the Hollows books there as well.
    She’s lodging complaints, you might want to to.
    While I would love to get free ebooks, I would rather get them from the authors and know that they know the books are going out that way. (Did that make sense?)

    • Thanks, Carolyn. I sent the link to my editor on Friday. I appreciate you letting me know. I also appreciate that you respect my (and others) work enough that you don’t try to get it for free. I work too hard to give my work away. –Kim

  17. mudepoz

    Why are these things AFTER LUNCH on a school day.
    Sometimes, instead of watering, getting sewage smelling water from tank bromeliads sloshed on me, ordering worms and bugs and crap, painting and repairing 1800’s models, and pretending I can teach…
    I wish I were a house person…then I could make my own hours.

    • Hi, Mud. (grin) Sounds like you’re busy. Working at home can be just as chaotic. Last Friday, we had four people over at our house for various reasons, and most of them thought that because I work at home, I had time to sit a spell and chat. Urrrg. Working from home does not equal more time. –Kim

  18. Chele

    Well I LOVED LOVED the little bit of Leyline Drifter I got to read.. online!! My book was finally shipped yesterday from Amazon.. grrr.. but hopefully it will arrive anytime now. I am so looking forward to it. I just have to say you (from the little I have read) have done a AWESOME job.. as always. I love it!


  19. Sue, Chicago

    Hey Kim! Thanks for the advise on the unnecessary character. I took your advise. I switched up the scenes time line a little so that he didn’t come in until the middle and then had him add some smarta** remarks during the remainder of the scene’s conversation. I think it works but I’ll have to see when I come back on the re-write.

    Thanks again!

  20. Colleen Barnes

    When will Unbound be available on audible?

  21. Candace

    Ooooh, if the time is convenient for me I will definitely make it! Gonna put this on my email alerts 🙂

  22. Jenn

    Hi Kim,

    That sounds like a lot of fun! I wish I could listen in on it but I am at work and we aren’t allowed to stream there. 😦 Do you think you would be able to get a copy of it to post so that those of us who miss it live will be able to hear it?

    I’ve been looking for Unbound, but haven’t come across it yet. Do you know if the release date is different in Canada?

    Cheers, Jenn

    • Hi, Jenn. I totally understand, so no worries. I will have a link to the recorded version of it. Just give me a little time. You’re still looking for UNBOUND? Mmmm, I didn’t think it had a different release date, but it might. –Kim

  23. Indy

    Hi Kim!!! My copy of Unbound arrived yesterday!!! WooHoo!!!~Indy