Urban Fantasy Releases in August

childthiefI was so excited to have the anthology UNBOUND coming out, that I forgot all about another release that I’ve been waiting for.  CHILD THIEF by Brom has hit the shelves this week too.  I read this while it was still in manuscript form, and I loved it.  Brom is already known for his Fantasy artwork, and he has done his own cover (a dream for most authors, right there) and gone on to include artwork on the inside as well, so it’s a real treat.

CHILD THIEF is  a gruesome, manipulative retelling of the Peter Pan story, but it’s not for the kiddies.  I did some searching, and I’ve got a link for you to read some of it online at the Harper site.  CHILD THIEF  (You may have to refresh your page to get it to load right.)

And . . . here is the link to read the first bit of LEY LINE DRIFTER, from the UNBOUND anthology.  Holy Cats!  They put up a chunk!  Enjoy!  –Kim


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  1. Jason in FL


    I ran out and bought THE CHILD THIEF, it is amazing! I love it. Thanks so much for suggesting it!

  2. Jo

    Yeah Harper Collins put up a chunk of Ley Line Drifter – I only read the first chapter and I cannot wait to buy the book and read the rest of the story (and the other stories also). I love it from Jenks view.

    Jo – Cinti

    • Hi, Jo. Cool. I felt like the story itself started kind of slow, but the appeal of seeing Jenk’s stump felt pretty strong to me if one was already invested in the characters. I hope you like the rest of the story! –Kim

  3. mudepoz

    You have to know how to accept rejection and reject acceptance.

    We are an impossibility in an impossible universe.

    You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.
    Ray Bradbury (1920 – )

  4. Alicia

    So I really loved getting to see Jenks Stump. I hope to see some fall out from Jenks adventure in the future. I dont know why but I have a feeling that we are going to loose Matalina in just the next book or so. Is Jumoke going to start helping in the main Hollows books as well. I really liked him. Anyway thank you for a great read, as always!!

    • Thanks, Alicia! I was glad to get in there myself. I know what you mean about feeling like we’re going to lose Matalina. It doesn’t look good, does it. And Jumoke! I’m not sure about him, but it’s all set up now if he wants to go that way. I’m glad you enjoyed it. 😉 Thank you! –Kim

  5. Gothar

    My bad, I put in my email address wrong. I guess too excited from reading UNBOUND! Thanks for the awesome read. It was truly cool to see Jenks’s view of the world.

  6. Gothar

    Thanks for the awesome read, it was truly cool to see Jenks’s view of the world.

  7. Marsha

    Wow. I’m glad I checked in here today. I was going down to my B & N this evening to pick-up a copy. Y’all saved me a frustrating trip.

  8. mudepoz

    *Happy Dancing* *Nose upright, Feet Flashing* *Falls on old butt*
    IT’S HERE! So, now I have 3 bookstores and the Library all getting it for me but tough…The cover feels soft…but…off to devour first story. I think Bis is MY fav character. Sorry folks, I am a gargoyle freak. I loved it when Liu had one get the girl…

    And…the hotel used for Arcana looks cushy, and as you are guest of honor, and I used to live up around there when I was with UWRF (another university)…I could see friends and get my copy of Unbound signed…hmmm.

  9. Sue, Chicago

    Hey, Kim! Unfortunately, funds are tight so I haven’t been able to afford Unbound yet. I did read the excerpt on the HarperCollins site. Excellent! I couldn’t believe how much they actually posted!

    I have a writing question for you. I’m writing a scene where I need a character in the beginning of the scene and again at the end, but I don’t know what to do with him throughout the rest. Have you ever had that happen? and how do you work it out?

    • mudepoz

      Why is it I always wondered if characters had to disappear to the loo to get out of the way 🙂 Don’t mind me, heading back to the reading room

    • Sue, Chicago

      Mud, you crack me up! Tehee hee!

    • Hi, Sue. I was a-mazed at how much they put up. Wow.

      You asked about what to do with a character when he’s not necessary? I have that problem all the time. Jenks is one of those characters that is invisible unless he is talking, so I usually keep him active and in the scene by having him making wisecracks or poking around, getting into trouble. But for most characters that won’t work, so I come up with ways to get them to actually leave the room, using things that have to be attended to NOW. Like the clothes drier going off, or a knock at the door, or pixies fighting over a seed. Use something common and everyday, and try not to use the phone. Hope that helps! –Kim

    • SeattleRobin

      Ha! Now I know why Jenks is always having to go off to settle a fight amongst the kids. (grin)

  10. Phil

    Hi, Kim … (sigh!) haven’t got my copy of UNBOUND … yet! Not giving up! B&N promises by the weekend, so between arranging puppy play date 😀 and stocking up on treats, i’m counting on finding UNBOUND. Trying to avoid spoilers “til then! ~Phil

  11. Hitoshi Ross

    I guess I’m logged in as my alter ego (the male MC from my book series).

    I was perusing Unbound (soo good so far!!) and started to wonder, how long did it take you to find an agent and get published?


    • Hi, Leigh. 😉 I’m glad you’re enjoying UNBOUND. Thanks!

      You asked how long to find an agent and become published? Mmmm. Don’t quote me, but I think I worked for about five or six years before I got my agent. It took me about two or three years of them to actually GET an agent. After that, it was about a year before my first manuscript sold, (in which I wrote a second book) and then a year after that before it was published. I’ve been writing since about 94, 95. I think . . . –Kim

    • Hitoshi Ross

      Thanks for answering. Some writers will act like they emerged from the womb published LoL.

    • My pleasure. I’ve got a long history of chatting with my readers. You guys are a great group, and I get a lot back from you. –Kim

  12. Bob J

    A lot of good thing have been happening for you this week and I have to play catch up.

    Looks like you got the first draft of the GN finished. When you get it back from that publisher, will it come with artwork? Do you have a artist to work yet?

    Another book out, that is great. Now if we could get you to turn out two hollow’s books a year? Yes I know that you are working hard, and February is not that fare off now. Since my birthday is in the middle of February, the new Hollows book is my birthday gift to myself. I read the first three chapter of Ley Line Drifter
    this morning. Looks like a fun short, I need to go to the book store this week.

    The new Audio Book is more great news. The wonderful thing about audio books is that you can work on something else while listening to a book. It is also easier to travel with a MP 3 player with 3 to 8 books, than that many paperbacks. I have over 300 book on my laptop, which was my entrainment when I was traveling. All three ladies that read your books do a great job, but I preferred the full cast books that Graphic Audio produce. It would be fun to hear your book with a full cast.

    Congratulation on all the good things this week.

    Best Regards,
    Bob J

    • Hi, Bob. It’s been a nice, week, yes. Slowed down from the one before. We are still in the process of finding an artist and colorists, but we’ve narrowed it down and are giving the hopefuls descriptions so they can make something up to look at. FUN!

      One Hollows a year is enough, thank you. I’ve got the YA to do, too, and usually a novella somewhere. Sorry. (grin)

      I agree, a full cast would be very cool. Maybe someday. –Kim

  13. Kenny G

    I just saw “Child Thief” at B&N. I saw Kim’s review on it and almost got it. I was just PO’d they still dont have Unbound.

  14. Jenn

    Hi Kim,

    I am so thankful for this site…lol…I have enjoyed each post that has gone up…I have a plan…I’m waiting to get my iPod…my hubby keeps telling me that we’ll get it soon (don’t ask how long…lol) but I’m going to get all the music on your music page & put it in there in catagories…I think that’ll work for a good while…

    I hope you have a fantastic weekend!


  15. Candace

    See, I read the snippets on harpercollins website a few days ago and I don’t get to go buy the book for another few days! Curse end of summer final exams 😦 But I can’t wait! I loved what harpercollins put out, and I am so impatient to go grab a copy! I got a friend hooked on urban fantasy, and she and I have been chomping at the bit to go grab copies when we have a chance.

    It’s like Christmas coming early- short stories from all my fav authors! Although I will admit, Ley Line Drifter is the primary reason why I am going to get the book 🙂

    • Hi, Candace. Good luck with your exams! The book will be there when you’re done, so don’t sweat it! (grin) I hope you enjoy them all. We (the authors) are going to get together to do a round-table Q&A next month, so come back Friday to find out all the details. –Kim

  16. David Fitzgerald

    Just finished Unbound.

    Well, Ley Line Drifter which is the reason I got the book 🙂

    This has probably been asked before, but are their any plans for a collected version of the Hollows Shorts and Novellas?

    Keep up the amazing work 🙂

    • Hi, David. I hope you liked it! As it happens, there is a plan for an anthology of just my work, but it’s going to be half new, half old, and I’ve no idea what’s going in that has been published before. –Kim

  17. mudepoz

    *Taking break from ordering blood, termites and other things that you would think be better used for Rachael’s charms…*
    Not at BN, only at some Walmarts. Amazon is being mulish. WHERE ELSE! I have been nagging and noodging everywhere. I bullied the library, and offered to donate plants and a monetary gift…