Urban Fantasy UNBOUND hits the shelves.

UnboundToday is the day!  I got my copies yesterday, and they are beau-t-ful!  I can’t say enough how each and every one of these stories is a gem, I really enjoyed them, and since there’s only five of us fighting for page space, you get a nice chunk of story.  Quick!  Run like bunnies on fire to the store!  (grin) 

Actually, you might not find them on the shelves today.  There isn’t a drop-date for this book, so it will show up whenever someone gets around to unpacking the latest truck.  😉  But I already heard from one reader who got her copy early.   And in case you’ve not been around the drama box lately, my story is taken from Jenks’s point of view.  I wanted to see inside that stump of his, and managed to get inside his head even more.  Sigh.  The more I see of him, the more I like.



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  1. Steph

    I got a copy of Unbound at Fred Myers and am estatic all the stories do ROCK!!!! I did only buy it for your story and Vicki P.’s because I follow both series avidly. I was really excited to see that WWBC is coming any way to get it sooner then Febuary it is really really hard to wait that long. I can’t imagine why I haven’t visisted this site sooner as much as I love reading your stories but I will be back frequently!!!! Thank you for your imagination you make mine come alive reading it!!!

    • Hi, Steph. Cool! I’m so glad you got it! If you like both me and Vicki, you have to at least try the the rest of the stories. It is one of the best anthologies I’ve been in, and there’s a good chance you’ll like the other ladies’ work as well. Enjoy! –Kim

  2. jenksfan

    Kim, I would like to know if you can tell us the 12 days of christmas song according to JENKS? I tried to ask before but I can’t find my original post or a reply, thank you for the Hollows, it’s a great place!!

  3. omg a Hallows teaser…… It is sure a long time till February…. But with two of my favorite’s this will make the wait a little easier…….. Please Do come back to Norhtern CA Kim this next Hallows book tour!!!!!

    • Hi, Lilly. I’m most likely get back your way for the next tour. The books do well out there, and the stores know how to host events. I’m glad you liked the teaser! –Kim

  4. proudfit

    Thank you slipping in stuff about the curse Jenks under went. will the bad guy return to screw up everything Rachel.

  5. Just picked up Unbound at my local Walmart about 20 min. ago:)

  6. SeattleRobin

    ARRRGGGHHH! I went to buy my copy of Unbound on Amazon for my Kindle a couple hours after it was released and there seems to be a pricing snafu. The ebook is $2 more than the paperback (that’s not normal at all) and at the rate I need to feed my book addiction every dollar counts! I emailed Amazon and hopefully it will be fixed soon because I’ve been waiting all summer for this!

    Oh, I’ll give a friendly wave to Ms. Pettersson too while she’s around. (waves) I’ve read the first two in your series and am looking forward to the anthology.

  7. Candace


    Harper Collins has actually put up the first few chapters from Unbound, and guess which one is first? 😀 I can’t wait to get a chance to pick up a copy so I can find out how Jenks short story ends!! WOOHOO!

    The link that HarperCollins has is this one: http://browseinside.harpercollins.com/index.aspx?isbn13=9780061699931


  8. KyraMina

    Hey, I just clicked the first comment button I found. Read on the Q&A that the next installment in the hollows series is in ’10. Yay! I was worried for a bit there… Maybe I’m just impatient. Anyways, big fan. I am curious about the gargoyle though, his name eludes me at the moment. Binx, isn’t it? He sounded awefully important at his intro, and yet, I’ve heard so little about/from him so far… What’s up? Or can you say? Or do I just need to read this short to find out?

    • Hi, Kyra. Yup! Late Feb, 2010, right on schedule! I’ll be working on the copy edit next month. It’s called BLACK MAGIC SANCTION, and it’s up at Amazon already.

      I think you’re talking about Bis, (which is a musical term that means repete) He is going to mean more in the books as they go along, yes, and he features in the UNBOUND novella, too. Enjoy! –Kim

  9. There’s a 100% micropay rebate on Unbound at Fictionwise. Only two formats are available, though: Secure eReader and Secure Mobipocket.

    • Ooooh, thanks for posting that, Hapalochlaena! –Kim

    • Got my copy from Fictionwise today, Kim. Had to massage the file a bit, but it’s now on my Sony Reader and awaiting a second and closer read. 😉

      Will there be more dryad and nymph appearances in the Hollowsverse? Will Jenks get to blow more shi–er, stuff up?

    • Hi, Hapalochlaena. Cool! I’m glad you got it to work. I’m hoping that the dryad and the nymph show back up. I’m working hard to get Daryl back in the books. (grin) Jenks blow stuff up? I hope so. . . . –Kim

  10. Jess

    Hey Kim I just wanted to say that i L-O-V-E your books i dont really read a hole lot but your characters are so well writen. Your books are so hard to put down i.e it’s 10 pm one min and the next it’s 4 am :), yes its happend many times anyhow just wanted to show some love!


    P.S if you made a hollows movie Johnny depp would be a great Al !

    • Hi, Jess. Thank you! I’m really glad that you’re enjoying the books so much! That you lose track of time is a big compliment to me. Thanks!

      Mmmmm, I think it would be cool if Johnny Depp even _heard_ about the Hollows! –Kim

  11. Gail

    Hi Kim, I can’t wait to get UNBOUND. I hope to pick up my copy tomorrow. I’m finally employed again, part time driving and plant maintenance for the Flower Shop. Learning new routes and plant care above and beyond the garden:-) I hope to get done at the shop early tomorrow so I can hit the bookstore! Sounds like you’ve been busy with the GN. I can’t wait till it hits the shelves, it will give a whole new way to experience the Hollows. Have a good week. ~Gail~St. John, IN~

    • Hi, Gail! That is fantastic! I’m so glad you found something! Really, really glad. 😉 Guy’s dad once drove a flower truck. I though it was one of the more interesting things about him. I’m happy for you.

      I hope you enjoy the anthology if you get a chance to crack it open. –Kim

  12. Kirk Leiferman

    Went to Barnes and Noble this morning picked up a copy of Unbound. It was still in the back. I might be the first person in Louisville to have a copy. Can’t wait to read it.

    • Whoo-hoo! Thanks, Kirk! That you actually made them go into the back to get it tells them that it’s a good book, and they will likely get it on the shelves faster now. Thank you! I hope you enjoy the stories! –Kim

  13. Hi Kim, Can’t wait to read about Jenks! I love the Hollows! And what a GREAT selection of authors!
    I have a quick unrelated question (I looked in the FAQ page but
    no luck;-)…
    I bought an autographed copy of the Madison book and it has been sitting here for over a month because I was told I should read the short story in Prom Nights From Hell. I have not bought PNFH YET but I plan to… sometime. Anyway, should I wait until I read the short or not?


    • Hi, Jerica. Mmmmm, if it were me, I’d read the novella in PNFH first. It REALLY explains a lot. But if you don’t, I wouldn’t worry about it. You’ll just be saying “Ohhh!” a lot when you finally do read it. (grin) Not much help, was I . . . –Kim

  14. Phil

    Hi Kim, i can’t wait to get my copy of Unbound though i may have to wait a bit to read it but that’s fine since anticipation is always fun! Thanks again for your good wishes about the new puppy. She’s settling in just fine and hasn’t even eaten the furniture or walls yet! Lol. ~Phil

    • Hi, Phil. (nods head) Sounds like you and Baily are a good match. Feels like there’s some peace there. I hope you enjoy UNBOUND when you get your copy! –Kim

  15. Kim —

    So *thrilled* to be part of another anthology with you! You’re truly right when you say there’s not a clunker in the bunch. I also want to *thank you* for the best-named pixie evah! 😉

    You’re awesome in too many ways to count!


    • mudepoz

      *Ears Pricked* Best Named Pixie? Jenks? His kids? His wife? And I like your work too. Glad to have found you through Kim 🙂 Go Jo. Wait…no, that isn’t right…


    • LOL. No … if you read my work you’ll recognize it when you come across it. Kim gave me a private little shout-out and it made me giggle in the galleys.

      i hope you enjoy them all.

      (Sorry for the thread hijack!)

    • mudepoz

      Bet it’s not a hijack when the thread includes you. But now I am scratching my head. I HAVE been reading your series…someone else mentioned there was a link somewhere. Sigh…

      *Tap Tap Tap* My fingers are sore. Stupid Amazon…

    • mudepoz

      Oh. Wait. I bet this *Pixie* is in Unbound, the book Amazon didn’t deign to send me…and here I ordered it because it would help with first week counts. Well, pibble. An Easter Egg at least…

    • Vicki!!!! What a surprise! I’m so glad you popped up! I have to say again, though, that I think this is the BEST anthology I’ve ever been a part of. Usually there’s a flat story or two, but this one? Gems. Every one of them.

      (grin) I couldn’t resist the pixy name, and it fit so perfectly. You can blame Vampy for that. (ha!)

      Talk to you later! –Kim

  16. V^^^^V

    Howdy ma’am.

    Mine arrived at 3 AM but i was too sleepy to read much then. I am just a little way into your story and I love it. It’s great to see the world from Jenks’ point of view. This is one of those times I really love my Kindle. 🙂


  17. Roxanne

    Im so sad, already went to Target to get the book but it wasnt there. I guess next stop is B&B, hopefully they will have it. I’m so exicited I cant wait. Well maybe I should call since I just read in yourpage it’s not an official date, hopefully they will unload the trucks soon.

    • Yeah, I don’t think Target is going to carry it? I’m not sure. But they put their books out on a regular schedule, not necessarly when they come in, so they might have one eventually. Good luck with the hunt! –Kim

  18. Elaine

    Ooooh! This is fantastic! I think I might end up with time to read! My college schedule is really very cushy this semester (something I am not used to at all) so I might actually get to read it before December!

    • Hi, Elaine. Cool! I remember the one semester I had that was cushy. Two classes that I somehow missed . . . I hope you like it if you get a chance to pick it up. –Kim

  19. mudepoz

    If Amazon doesn’t get my copy to me, I will scream. *Tap Tap*
    If they are shorts, they can be read in the *reading room* *Kof* well, where else can one escape 4 dogs and a bup. Jess is still here. Sadly, for some reason people think I named her after a certain red haired vamp on HBO. Uh…no. Just because her brother is now Red (for their red cheeks).

    *Tap. Tap. Tap*

    • mudepoz

      Items shipped on August 25, 2009:
      Delivery estimate: August 31, 2009
      1 package via USPSTrack your package

      * 1 of: Unbound
      Sold by: Amazon.com, LLC

      Never, never, never, never again. I will order from my bookclub (although I don’t care for their covers) before I go to Amazon!

    • OMGosh, that’s a long ship time. You’ll have it eventually, though! –Kim

    • Oh no! You still have Jess? I’m sure she will find a home soon. –Kim

    • mudepoz

      The problem isn’t lack of homes…it’s lack of a non couch tater home. And if you are still reading…If I don’t get my copy and I can’t wait, and purchase one, could I possibly let the first college student to email me get the extra? If not…I’ll find a local mark…

  20. Jennie M

    Hey Kim. MAN!! my christmas wish list just keeps getting longer. This one is going to be an earily “Hollow”een gift to myself (big grin). I do have another question for you though. I did a re-read of the Hollows. I just finished ODW and it’s killing me to know… “What was Newt looking for?” I don’t remember it being in WWBC, But it’s next on the list to re-read. I know you probably can’t tell me, but will the answer be in the next book? I just HAVE to know. LOL.

    • Hi, Jennie. (grin) Holloween gift sounds good to me! Better for you than the chocolate and fat. (sigh)

      You asked what was Newt looking for? Well, everyone seems to think she was looking for her memories about Rachel, which might be true. Or it might not. I’m not sure yet myself. 😉 –Kim

  21. Jessica

    So want to read this! Going to Borders today after class. Sadly school started yesterday, and my semester looks pretty rough. I’ll be slowly reading through all the great books that come out this month and the rest of the year for that matter. Luckily this is my last year of college and then I will be done! As long as all goes well. Like I said this is a tough semester for me. Will still read the book for sure, just might take longer than it should! 😉