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ODTWI got some wonderful news yesterday.  The audio option for the second Madison book has been picked up.  I usually don’t get much feedback on how well, or not well, the books are doing on the shelf after the first couple of weeks, but that they are doing the second book in audio is a good sign.  Better yet, I finally found out who the narrator is, and with that, I can do some searching, and ta-da!  I have a link to the first one!

Click here for an audio sample of ONCE DEAD, TWICE SHY through  I really like Mandy’s interpretation, and though the section she’s reading is low on dialog and long on explanation, it gives you an idea of what the book is about if you’ve not read it yet.  Enjoy!  –Kim


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  1. melmelia

    Hi Kim!

    wow! my friend got me this book from america for my birthday and its just completely fantastic!:P
    i couldn’t put it down (but eventually had to because my stomach wouldn’t stop protesting) 😀
    and now i’ve found out that theres another book in the series, im over the moon!

    pls pls pls keep writing,


    p.s so far, you’re the only author i admire this much, i’m glad your this open with you fans! you love us enough to reply to our messages 😉

    • Hi, Melmelia. Which book was it? I’ve got two series going right now. If it’s the one with Rachel, there are like seven out total, but if it’s the one with Madison, then there’s only two right now. 😉 –Kim

      p.s. I’m going to close this thread, but you can still chat with me on a new one.

  2. nocturnalvixen

    Hi Kim!

    I FINALLY got a hold of Madison’s book and devoured it in one night! Loved it…. though I really hope we haven’t seen the last of “Seth” Call me a sucker for the bad boys but I liked him. lol


  3. Marsha

    I’m glad things are working out so well for you. Just don’t get so successfull that you decide to go sit on a beach rather than write : ) I have avoided the Madison books because “young adult” has not described me in more years than I care to admit, but I might have to pick the first one up and give it a try. I need something to tide me over until the new Hollows book! Like one of your other readers, I’ll be disappointed when Ivy and Rachel don’t wind up together, but such is life (deep sigh)

    • Hi, Marsha.

      I hope you give Madison a try. It’s not the wildly popular teen romance that is so prevelant right now, having a more SF/Fantasy flavor. Madison is wrestilng with the ideas of fate and choice, She’s also trying to change a system that has been in place for thousands of years so she can do the job she doesn’t morally agree with in order to survive. –Kim

  4. Jo

    Hello Kim.

    I recently (yesterday) have gotten back on line. I love the new look of your website. I am not that web savvy so I hope that I posted this right. I am (as always) eagerly waiting for the next Hollows book. I have been rereading the series really watching this time through how the characters grow and relate to the world you have created for them. It is greatly helping with my own writing. Hopefully I will soon be able to book funds again. I have soooo many on my list to catch up with and your Madison Avery book is on the top. I really admire your work and look forward to reading your writing for many moons to come.

    Jo – Cincinnati

    • Hi, Jo! Welcome back! Yesterday was a mad scramble for me to get my website back on line, so I sort of know how you feel.

      I’m so glad that you are still enjoying the books, and honored that my work is helping you with your own. Luck, luck, luck to you there!


  5. Linda (germany)

    Why is A Fistful Of Charms your favorite one?

    • Good question, Linda. I think it’s because I got of of Cincinnati and was able to show you, the reader, what the rest of the world was like after the Turn. –Kim

    • Juliet

      It´s my fav one too, because it´s was unique. Sometimes I mix the other ones up in my head, because they all play in Cincinnati (and maybe because I´m gettin old *grin*)…but I always know wich one is No.4 and what happend there 😉

  6. Linda (germany)

    And how are the chances that she gets her owls back? I like the imagination.

  7. Linda (germany)

    Okay. It was in the taxi. But were is the owl now?

    • Sue, Chicago

      In the second book, when Rachel is about to make the fish her familiar, she mentions that Ivy gave her owls to her sister because one of them attacked one of Jenks’s kids and was almost killed in response. I hope that helps!

    • Thanks, Sue! I should have read down a little. –Kim

  8. Linda (germany)

    Hey Kim.
    Great news. Congratulation 🙂

    One question. From the hollow-series, which one is your favorite one?

    Oh and (sorry. guess here is the next question) when did Ivy mention that she had owls? I really can’t remember…

    So great. Tomorrow is my birthday and I am for a whole week in Berlin. You now Berlin? Oh it’s just great there.

    • Hi, Linda. My favorite is A FISTFUL OF CHARMS, but that will change here in a few years. (grin) And Ivy had owls in DEAD WITCH WALKING. She had to get rid of them after Jenks’s family almost killed one for going after his youngest daughter. –Kim

  9. Frozenfire

    Hi Kim,
    I just recently came across your books and after reading the first one I immediately went out and got the other six books, reading them one after another. I think your series is rich and inventive and unlike any other science fiction series I’ve ever read. The only thing I have to ask is, “Are Rachel and Ivy ever going to be able to be together?” I understand that stories need sexual tension and conflict to continue, but I feel like after seven books these two characters have come to produce all the sexual tension they can. I think finally letting them enter into a relationship with one another will open up all kinds of new doors and conflicts. It’s Ivy and Rachel and you have done a fantastic job with making these two characters complex and multilayered, so I have no doubt that if they finally started a relationship it would be as complex and complicated as the two of them. It seems the natural course of action based on how they have evolved both dependent and independently of each other. These are your characters though, and I truly believe you should write them as you see fit, I merely hope that in the future Rachel and Ivy do get together. You have created a beautiful and wonderful pairing in the two of them. Though they are not together at this time, through your writing of them, I find myself believing that maybe soul mates really do exist.

    • Thank you, Frozenfire. 😉 I appreciate your words, and I’m really glad that you’re enjoying the books (and Rachel and Ivy) so much. I hear what you are saying, and I understand. One thing I never plot out is the relationships. I tried, it didn’t work. I am working toward a happy ending for Rachel and Ivy, but I don’t think that their happy endings will be with each other. But I’ve been wrong before. I didn’t see Kisten coming, either. –Kim

  10. trisha

    how cool now i want to read that book
    i don’t know why but i am sucked in to your writing and i love that i am

  11. mudepoz

    Weekend music…

  12. Antonija

    Congratulations, Kim^.^

  13. Shawna

    Well, that would be good news.

    I think they made a good choice for the narrator.

  14. jeremy

    i know that your doing well, your books are everywhere i look

  15. Chastity

    Congrats! And Thanks for the ‘hint’ to find the short stories!!! Worked like a charm…..LOVE them!

  16. Congratulations! and may good news continue to come in early and often. 🙂