So I had this dream . . .

It’s been a weird few weeks, and I feel like I’m waiting for a shoe to fall.  I thought it was Thing-Two going back to school, but that wasn’t it.  It might have been the graphic novel, which now sits at a completed rough draft.   (Yay!  Just the pretty-fying left to do.)  But the feeling is still hanging there.  It could very well be that the patterns of sun have visibly shifted.  Come to think of it, I did mention them earlier in the month, so that’s likely it.  Restless.  If you’ve read the TRUTH books, you’ll now know where Alissa gets her restlessness.

But in any case, I had a nice couple of days this week as I slow my schedule down from the crunching that it has been.  Last night was a light sushi dinner and a trip to the office supply store.  We went for Thing-Two and school supplies, but I browsed the shelves and picked up a new 2010 pocket calender.  It’s my lifeline when I’m on tour, and it was nice thinking about the next one.  

As for the dream?  Well . . . It was nothing uncommon or special, but it hung with me all day, making me feel watched over and loved.  I’d go with it and just enjoy it except that those friggin owls are back, clacking at me.  If I see a Luna moth, I’m going to squish it.    –Kim


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  1. A. Marina Fournier

    I just finished the Truth books. Silla and Keribdis–they’re together you know. How do you sleep at night after perpetrating this sort of thing?

    I am leaving this as a reply since I have yet to figure out how to initiate anything in the drama box.

    My reaction to you as Dawn Cook was “Great! More books to read!” I enjoyed the Truth books better than the Princess duo, but none of your books are anything to sneeze at (unless it’s due to the glare off the book cover giving you photonic sneezing).

    • Grin. Thanks Marina. 😉 Not many people got it, so I’m glad you did. And I’m really pleased that you enjoyed the Truth books! They are near and dear to my heart. Writing was all brand new, and it was so exciting to see it come alive on the page. All those characters to try to keep in mind, all those threads. sigh. . . I will always be proud of them. –Kim

  2. NicoleW

    I always think the dreams that stay with you and feel somehow tangible once the sun rises are the ones that really matter. They are the ones that are trying to get you to listen to yourself, or someone else, a bit more closely.

  3. Nicole

    Hi Kim,
    That sucks that whenever you see a moth someone close to you dies. My grandma died two years ago. For us, things happen in three’s though. Kinda like a chain reaction (sigh) anyways, i like trent and Rachel but i think they both have their flaws. I like Trent and i think that Rachel should give him a break. Trent does basically the same things that Rachel would do for her friends and family. Rachel needs others to help her and will do anything to make sure that her friends and family are safe. If someone hurts them, she will seek retribution. Trent is the exact same way, he just has so many contacts that he can find the answers to any of his questions without the help of others.
    There is one thing that i don’t like about trent though and that is the fact that he is so full of himself! He is so sure that he won’t be held accountable for his actions that he’s basically invincible! 😦
    I think the question Rachel has been asking herself is a good one “Are we so different?”
    I think Trent is both. Good guy and bad. It’s possible.
    Gosh, it’s really hard to talk more about it without giving out any spoilers so i won’t give anything away for those who have barely just started the series. 😉
    My quote: Darkness does not always equate to evil just as light does not always bring good (house of night series- Nyx)

  4. I’ve never had a weird or scary dream I didn’t like except for those involving frustration — you know, those ones where you’re trying to do something and failing no matter what. Like the one I had last weekend that involved me driving — *ahem*speeding*ahem* — with my eyes closed, and I was getting increasingly concerned that I would crash into something, so much that in the transition from sleep to wakefulness I told myself “open your f***ing eyes, dammit!”

    Even so, it still took a while after I was sure I was fully awake before I could open them.

    That was extra weird, because I seldom have dreams that sort of bleed into reality like that.

    • That is weird, Hapalochlaena. I think we get more of those lucid dreams as we get older and our brains become more sophisticated. Either that, or our brains become more slip-shod. (grin) –Kim

  5. mudepoz

    * “My stories run up and bite me in the leg— I respond by writing down everything that goes on during the bite. When I finish, the idea lets go and runs off.”
    o Introduction to The Stories of Ray Bradbury

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Bradbury (August 22, 1920).

    Have a good weekend all. 🙂

  6. JaylanPHNX

    I’ve learned that when I have those weird un-explainable anxieties, it’s best when I don’t find out why I’m having them, if you get my drift. Glad the GN is coming along. I’ve always wanted to do comics, but can’t draw and can’t find an artist that wants to work. Go figure;). My new book’s going swimmingly. Wish I could tell you all about it, but I understand why you distance yourself from readers’ stories. Catch you later.

    • I know what you mean, Jaylan. Sometimes, you just go with it, deal with it, and move on from it. sigh Mmmm, maybe someday you’ll find the right artist. Fingers crossed. And that’s fantastic your new book is going well. 😉 –Kim

  7. Phil

    Hi Kim, i think i know what you mean about restless as summer is ending, sigh, and patterns are changing. Squishing a Luna moth?? is that for luck? or frustration?? i never heard that one, but i don’t really want to “squish” anything. My latest dream that i remember had to do with laundry … i won’t elaborate!!

    One reader asked why you like Trent. I think he’s one of my favorites because of the whole Rachel-Trent “dynamic?” Kind of a love-hate thing, okay, without love really, though Trent can’t seem to stay away from Rachel and they do have a past, again not love exactly, but they seem drawn to each other in some way.

    Hoping to get to the North Shore Animal League this weekend to adopt a rescue dog. My girlfriend’s a veterinary assistant and promises to help. 😀


    • Hi, Phil. Squishing the moth would be in frustration, so I won’t do it. The moth is not to blame. It’s not a tradition or anything. (gross!)

      Yup. (nod head) The Trent/Rachel dynamic is another reason I like writing Trent. Never know what’s going to come out of Trent’s mouth.

      Have fun finding the right dog for you. 😉 –Kim

  8. Claire

    I have never bought a graphic novel of any kind before but I am definitely going to have to pick up yours! I”m so excited for it and the next novel! I was immediately hooked on the books when I started reading them! Thank you for writing some awesome stories!

    • Hi, Claire. Wow, cool! (grin) I hope you like it! We were talking titles yesterday, and I might get my pick, which would be totally, outragously cool. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books. Thanks! –Kim

  9. Candace

    Man I wish I had dreams like that. I don’t think I’ve ever had a ‘good’ dream- all of mine are either really weird or scare the daylights out of me! Makes for some good writing and storytelling though!

  10. Elaine

    You know, I never remember my dreams, but lately I’ve had quite a few that have lingered with me for a few days. Well, at least certain images or feelings have stuck with me. I wonder if it’s just the change in the weather (because certain days are noticably more fall like now) or if it is more… how things begin to change this time of year. Going back to school, moving, finding new jobs, and all of those sort of things.

    I hope the restlessness is soon cured. I know how you feel. I feel like I’m waiting for my life to begin and I’m moving at a horribly slow rate to get there.


    • That’s a good question, Elaine. The weather has a big effect on our moods, so I would expect it would impact our dreams as well. I think we are more creatures of the world than most people want to admit. We just take if for granted. I hope you enjoy the slow times in your life. Don’t rush it. –Kim

  11. Judi in NJ

    Hiya Kim! Went to the movies last night and had an “Oohhhh!” moment thanks to you….the ice floats thing. My boys liked it, I thought it was kind of cheesey. You sure do know alot about squirrels! 🙂 Love it! Wow! It’s back-to-school time already, huh? We have until 9/2…I’m just not ready to let go of summer anyway! Since you are a graphic novelist now, does that mean you’ll be doing ComicCon NYC again? Hope so! Enjoy the quiet while it lasts! Judi (and Jenks) in NJ

    • Hi, Judi. I didn’t mean to spoil it for you, but gosh, that just stuck right out at me. sigh. I hope to get back to NY for Comic Con, yes. Or maybe out to the one in San Diego. Whoo-hoo! –Kim

  12. A.N.

    Greetings Ms. Kim. How are you this glorious day of God? I’m happy. Ah, Ms. Kim, the little things! My question for today is; why you like Trent?, as an author looking at a character and as a person looking at another person, even though he isn’t real. Be Happy! A.N.

    • Hi, A.N. I’m doing great! Thanks for asking. I hope you are the same. You asked why I like Trent? Because I don’t know if he’s good or bad, and where in real life, I wouldn’t give him the time of day (mostly because he wouldn’t be interested in me) I like to “play” with him in the books. –Kim

  13. Chastity

    Kim, quick question….is there any way to get the short stories that are published in the back of the mass market editions of For a Few Demons More
    and The Outlaw Demon Wails without having to actually purchase the books?

    I already have the HB copies of these books and don’t really need to purchase additional copies….unless of course I have too! Let me know…Thanks!

    • Hi, Chastity. There is! Try this:
      Go to my pages at Harper

      Hit the books tab at the top

      Scroll down to the ODW mass market, not the hardcover and click it to bring up the browse inside feature. If it doesn’t show on the first two pages of Kim Harrison’s books, do a search in the HarperCollins site to find it.

      Here’s where it gets tricky:

      Hit the orange “browse inside” tab (it might be white on some browsers)

      Once you’re “browsing” go to the table of contents at the top right hand corner and bring down the menu, scrolling to the bottom of it where “other back matter” is. Click on that. But you didn’t hear it from me.

  14. mudepoz

    The moon was already full for the month. We do a howlathon here when we see it. I get edgy as the nights grow longer, there is no freakin’ way I could be a vampire, or any of the Hollow’s gang, I crave the sun as much as my plants do. The best dream I ever had was strictly visual, late in the winter. Maple leaves, in all shades of green with the sun cascading down. It gave me a chance to remember spring. So much for my view of the world 🙂 I always wondered if good dreams help keep us sane.

    And quotes of the day, and sorry, still no real ‘contemporary’ authors. It interested me to find out how many of the sci fi writers of the time were totally immersed in Ayn Rand’s concepts. Not sure about her: Yes a chose a WOMAN author:

    “The creative adult is the child who has survived.”

    “The unread story is not a story; it is little black marks on wood pulp. The reader, reading it, makes it live: a live thing, a story.” (Mud’s note: This is how I teach science. It isn’t until it is shared. Otherwise it’s like inventing a chocolate cake that cures cancer then getting hit by a bus with the only copy of the recipe. Is this why I don’t teach anymore 🙂

    And to stay on today’s topic:
    “When action grows unprofitable, gather information; when information grows unprofitable, sleep”

    Ursula K. LeGuin

  15. Don´t do it…she is so nice

  16. Stephanie

    Funny you should mention the Truth books as I finished the last one last night. I really enjoyed them, even shed a tear or 2, lol. There is so much I’d love to say but I’d hate to spoil them for anyone else. I’ll just say I was sad and happy that things ended the way they did. Thanks for keeping me entertained. Now I just need to find something else to read. I think I’ll finally get around to trying the Madison book if I can get my hands on it. 🙂 Thanks again.

  17. UK Kate

    Hiya Kim, why squish the moth? Have I missed something?… When is the next Hollows novel out in the Uk? I know it’s not been that long since WWBC was out but I need something to count down to! 😉 I am buzzing at the moment. I have 2 weeks off work in early September and I’m getting 3 new tattoos, going to Londond for two days and throwing myself into the re-write of my just completed rough draft! (This is now officially the third book I’ve written and I’m hoping it’s third time lucky for me!) And October will be busy too! Wedding anniversary, hubby’s birthday and my birthday on Hallowe’en! Dude, I was born to be a witch! Hope you feel less restless soon and the owls leave your puppies alone! All the best, UK Kate 😛

    • Hi, Kate. Wow! Have fun with the tattoos and London! And congrats if I’ve not said it before about the compleated rough draft. That is fabulous! As for why the Luna moth? Everytime I see one, someone close to me dies. –Kim