Kim’s Caramel Corn recipe

Okay, someone asked about the caramel corn recipe, so here it is!  I got this out of the Better Homes and Gardens NEW JUNIOR COOK BOOK, and I think I’ve had it since I’ve been twelve.  I’ve tweaked it a bit, and I took out all the “with adult help” cause I figured you guys have that down.  The oven is set for 300 F

It calls for eight cups of popped corn, which is about 1/8 cup of kernels for me.  Put the popped corn in a single layer on a cookie sheet (one with a rim.)

3/4 C brown sugar, 6 TBS butter, 3TBS corn syrup, 1/4 tsp salt in a pan, melted on stove on medium heat.  Stir until it starts to boil, then let is sit and bubble for five minutes.  Mine usually starts to look and smell like it’s burning after about four minutes, and I take it off, then. 

Once off the stove, add 1/4 tsp baking soda and 1/4 tsp vanilla.  Stir to an even texture (ten seconds), then drizzle it over the corn the best you can.  It says to stir it to coat, but that doesn’t work too well in the pan, but give it a go. 

Pop the pan into the oven for five minutes, then remove to stir and coat.  It will work better this time.  Then back in the oven for ten minutes, stir again, then back in the oven one last crisp for five to ten minutes.

I usually dump my corn into a big metal bowl and stir for a few minutes to keep it from sticking together as it cools, but you can dump it on a counter top, too and make good with the spatula.  Once it’s cool, it generally doesn’t stick too badly.  Enjoy!



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  1. Jenn

    Morning Kim,

    So I was looking for a popcorn popper for the recipe last night (never did find one) & I had a brainstrom: A Hollows Cookbook! I was thinking that all us Hollows wannabe’s could send you our fav recipes & you could put it together! Now I know it’s a lot of work but it just came to me so I thought I would pass it along.

    Hope you are having a great day!


    • Hi, Jenn. You don’t need a popcorn maker, actually. I’ve not had one for years. You just put enough oil in the pan to barely cover the entire bottom and set on medium heat. Drop in two kernals, and wait for them to pop, then add the rest of your corn. Don’t add more than a single layer of kernals or you will overflow. As soon as the popping slows down to two or three seconds between pops, you’re done! Just don’t let it sit on the hot stove, and be sure to use a lid. (don’t ask) –Kim

  2. heather

    so freakin’ yummy! Must make this weekend.

    Side note- reading all of your books for a while and finally started perusing your site. A few days too late apparently. I would have nailed The Jerk in 2 seconds! Damn…next time.

    • Hi, Heather. Oh, I hope you do! It’s delish. I don’t do the “name that movie” very often, just when I’m afraid I’ve made a joke that no one will get. (grin) –Kim

  3. Nicole

    Wow, that’s really healthy! (grin). Do you know how to make elephant ears? I LOVE elephant ears! Lol. How many hollows books are there going to be in the series? have you decided yet?

    • Chrisy

      I vote for a hundred. You said something with 12 though, didn’t you? Still…

    • I want to do new things, Chrisy. I don’t want to get bored. –Kim

    • Hi, Nicole. Elephant ears? Nope. Sorry. I save that for when I go to fair. (grin)

      I’m looking at 12 to 13 to reach the end of the current story arc, and then I think I’m going to try something new. I’ve been thinking about it already . . . –Kim

    • Nicole

      I think it would be really cool if you wrote about Werewolves next. There are so many unexplored avenues when it comes to Weres!

  4. Gothar

    You inspired me to make scratch cocoa chocolate chip muffins for breakfast this morning. It was a very pleasant way to start the day. As for adult help, my 2 year old is finest sous chef in Canada. I feel like I’m his helper more then the chef in charge 🙂

    • Gothar, you should see me grinning. I’ve not had help in the kitchen in ages, but I remember. And we still decorate cookies every year, even if they are taller than me. –Kim

  5. Lody

    Yummm…. I might have to try that:-)
    Any chance you found the church outline?

    • Lody, I’m afraid to put it out because if I do, someone is going to find fault with it, but I’m putting together a Hollows world guide, and I can’t imagine it won’t be in there. –Kim

    • Jenn

      Hi from the sweltering great wide north! Our summer has just started up here (bring on the autumn!)

      A Hollows world guide? Woohoo! I can’t wait 🙂 I’m very visual so I’m hoping we get to see the whole neighbourhood!

      I can’t see anyone finding fault with your vision, you are the creater of the world we are all so fond of visiting. Personally, I can’t wait to see your vision come to life.

      As for the popcorn, I’m gonna have to give that a try! I love to bake, so if you like chewy chocolate chip cookies, let me know, I have a never fail recipe!

      Hope you are having a fantastic day!


    • mudepoz

      Ooooo. A compendium of sorts…I certainly won’t complain! The more the better!

  6. Phil

    I have to admit I don’t know anything about cooking … me reading a recipe is a bit like when I look at an advanced physics text, which for a literature major … well, you can see the problem. I did just hear yesterday, though, that popcorn is actually a health food! 😀 Honest! a news report that grains like popcorn, crackers and cereal are loaded with antioxidents!! So, no guilt!! And despite my lack of cooking skills, I can pour a great bowl of cereal!!

    Enjoy your recipe, Kim!!! ~Phil

  7. Sara

    Oh, wow, thanks for that! When we make caramel corn we would pop the corn, toss it in a bowl, put the mix hot outta the pan on top and shake or something. Needless to say, it was messy (popcorn fell out of the bowl everywhere, much to the cats’ delight) and uneven. I never thought of spreading it out on a cookie sheet! That’s awesome! Look out, this weekend, you’re in for a delightfully delicious good time. 😉

  8. Thanks for the recipie. I can’t wait to try it! Maybe tonight…
    How was the first day of school? The tot starts kindergarten in a few weeks. I think I’m more nervous then she is. She”s just excited because she gets a lunchbox, a backpack and lots of plaid skirts (how long with that excitement last, lol. I never did the uniform thing, so the hubby was laughing as I blinked and went “what do you mean they can’t wear nailpolish?) Man they grow up fast. Today kindergarten, tomorrow college…
    Have a great day!
    ~Suzanne and the tot

  9. FITLD

    Wow, *looks around at the new digs* I’ve gotta say Kim this has evolved alot from your old “post-it” page to.. Forums? *shakes my head* thats impressive considering i’m still trying to figure out if I post by catigory or date =/ please bear with me while I master this new science. i’ve been reading a bunch of your past catigories, Big Gratz on the Graphic novels and even a Kudos! I’m looking forward to seeing what Kisten looked like from your mind. Lets see oh yea, Ivys music I like where your going on her vulnerable side, if I may impart a few new songs/artists u may wanna check out for her savage side, I personally used “High Roller” By The Crysal Method for a rage induced fight scene in my book, its clean & adrenaline charged. a good song for Ivy’s tormented side is “Tears dont fall” By Bullet for my Valentine. Other more savage songs are “Blood Red Sandman” & “The Devil Is a Loser” By Lordi & “Juke Joint Jezebel (Metropolis Mix) By KMFDM, All of these songs have served me very well and I Hope they Do the same for you. Other then That, i’m looking forward to reading the Jenks Short =) FITLD

    • Hi, FITLD! Glad to see you here! I had to move finally because of spammers. They killed my music page, too, and I’m in the process of mirroring it over here.

      Ooooh, Crystal Method! I just got two new CD’s from them. I’ll have to look up “High Roller” . . . as well as the others, too. 😉 –Kim

    • FITLD

      Aww, they Killed your Music Page too? I know I looked for it, I just figured it was in a different catigory off your main page, well i’ve got a bunch of music to impart. A friend of mine is a DJ down here in Orlando. he always gets me the best new Euro Stuff and alot of Metal/Emo/Goth typee type music. no joke he burns me a sampler every other weekend I just pay for the discs =)

    • Give me a couple of weeks, and I’ll have it up again for leaving posts. The spammers were so bad, it almost killed the entire site. –Kim

  10. *Kof* As someone who has not tightened the jar to the blender down and flung it clear across the kitchen, smashing said jar and mixing my walnuts with glass…and setting marshmallows aflame while broiling the yams…perhaps somethings require the addition of adult supervision. Though now the pack does watch me intently.

    Quotes of the day:) do I need to get more contemporary?
    From these quotes I wonder if perhaps Asimov suffered from depression. He was published in 9 of the 10 areas of the Dewey decimal system, over 500 books. Does that beat Nora Roberts? 🙂

    If my doctor told me I had only six minutes to live, I wouldn’t brood. I’d type a little faster.

    From my close observation of writers… they fall into two groups: 1) those who bleed copiously and visibly at any bad review, and 2) those who bleed copiously and secretly at any bad review.

    Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.

    I write for the same reason I breathe – because if I didn’t, I would die.

    Hey, a happy one. But not about writing.
    The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not Eureka! (I found it!) but rather, “hmm…. that’s funny….”

    Isaac Asimov

    • Thanks for the quotes, Mud! Isaac Asimov was one of my favorites while growing up. I didn’t always understand what I was reading, but I enjoyed it. –Kim

    • mudepoz

      Because I DIDN’T understand it, I ended up first in Mining Engineering, and then the only florist who went into Natural Sciences. I WANTED to understand how things worked.

      I still don’t understand, though the Tall Dude tries to help me. Why I married a science teacher with a gazillion degrees who became a patent attorney 🙂 I hate being bored.

  11. Joy

    Yay! Less than a week until Unbound comes out!! Too funny about Xander chewing your wall. In protest of being left alone, my sister’s dog decided to chew up all her cook books, eat a sandle and rip a wall socekt off and make the hole bigger with her teeth. Fun stuff. Quick question, while working on your graphic novel did you get any advice from Vicki Pettersson? Since comic books play such an important role in her series I thought she may have some good insight for you. Have a great rest of the week! Joy

    • Hi, Joy. Days. We’re down to days!

      You know, I wish I had a close writer friend who writes comics, but I don’t, so I’ve been very much on my own. This is both good and bad. Good, because my story is not going to have any preconceaved notions, and bad because it might not gell with what’s out there already. Vicki doesn’t have a graphic novel yet, but I was sure that she was going to get one before me for the exact reason you brought up. She will, I’m guessing. 😉 –Kim

  12. Mmmm. Now I’m hungry for caramel corn!

  13. Bronnie Hilker

    Wow Kim,

    I’ve got the day off work so thought I’d give it a go.. especially since it’s so quick and so low in calories..

    They are amazing! Understand what you mean about the burning smell after a few minutes, half expected Big Al to show up, very addictive as well so hopefully there will be some left over by the time my husband gets home from work.


  14. Shawna

    That’s a long time to have a recipe. That is sort of my judge on how well a recipe works out. Why would someone keep instructions for food, when the instructions made the food taste bad?

    Thank you for posting this.