Weekend Nothing

I’ve been really hammering on the GN this last week, so I could coast into my deadline the first week of September.  I’m just about where I wanted to be, but I was really tired by Friday.  Really tired.  So this weekend, I scrapped my plans and did nothing.

Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to do nothing?  I mean, really nothing, nothing?  I ended up baking cookies, making carmel corn (to watch movies with) and whipping up a batch of macaroni salad.  I also organized my paperclip drawer, and I don’t know which is more sad: that I organized it, or that I have enough paperclips/binders that they take up an entire drawer.  Blahh.  Oh and I spackled and painted five corners where Xander tried to get rid of her baby teeth.  (My dog chewed my wall, can you believe it?)  Oh, and I planted about a dozen dollar plants . . . So I guess my weekend of doing nothing turned out to be doing something after all.  –Kim


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  1. Shawna

    I knew it was possible for a horse to chew on a wall but didn’t know it was possible for a dog to do it.

  2. Elaine

    I wish my weekend would have been doing nothing, but when work calls, thats what you had to do! And then the little kids I work around made me sick! Bleh!

    I’m glad that you had a productive but restful weekend and I’m happy to hear about the amazing progress for the GN. I can’t beleive you have done it all so fast! I cannot wait to see it sitting next to all of the other Hollows books on my shelf evrytime I walk into the room (after I read it of course!). About how many pages will it be do you think?

    • Elaine! That’s awful you got sick. I’m so sorry. They will do that to you.

      And thanks! I’m really excited about the GN, so that helps the pages come flying out. (grin) It’s scheduled to be 190 pages, I think, which is a little less than 130 script pages. It has the feel of a novella to me. –Kim

  3. Gothar

    Kim, I’ve been wondering for a while now most authors in anthologies are women. Is it how most get published as their “in” or just want to give more to their readers? Or just the subject matter and audience isn’t as mainstream. I’m sure I’m not the demographics target but you write good and never let me down so I certainly can’t complain – except that 2010 isn’t coming soon enough? Yeah, am a sucker for a redhead and her friends.

  4. Antonio Rich

    SPARKLING NEWS UPDATE: I read that retail outlets are now taking pre-orders for Twilight Barbie Dolls. Mattel is offering Twilight Edward and Twilight Bella for $25.99 each. That’s one sentence i never thought i would ever say.

    Kim-Do you have anybody in mind maybe for a Christmas present?

  5. KC

    Hi Kim. I hope everything is going well. I have a question about one thing that Newt said to Rachel in one of the novels. She alluded to the fact that her sisters had red hair and green eyes. Does that mean demons in their natural form have these qualities because we all know that witches are watered down demons; and present demons have been altered, magically and genetically. If so, how does that explain some of the blonde, brunette, and black haired witches with an array eye colors and skin tones?

    • Hi, KC. Could be. Or it could be that Newt was having a bad day. Why witches have different colored hair is a question I never gave much thought too. Five thousand years is a long time. Stuff changes. –Kim

  6. Kat

    Your nothing sounds like a lot of something to me! ~Kat

  7. First: thank you for your writing comments. Forwarded on to friends. They are from all over the world, how wonderful that a writing group can consist of women from the UK, Australia, America and the Outer Slobovia. My job is keeper of idioms.

    Now a question regarding chicken and eggs. How did the living vampires get that way? Can the undead procreate with humans? If not, how were the undead lines infected in the first place.

    Mud, the geek who might be getting too involved with your vision of science 🙂 Can you imagine with the molecular biologists would do to me if they read this!

    • Sure, Mud. I have an explanation for living vampires. It’s really easy. Master vampire bites a human many, many times, sinking a lot of vampire enzymes in their body. The bitten human becomes pregnant by a normal or bitten human, and the baby is born with vampire enzymes–living vampire. I would imagine that the first living vampires were not all that powerful, but in a few generations of careful breeding . . . and you get vampires like Ivy and Kisten.

    • Kat

      Mud, I am glad you asked this question because I have been wondering about this also.

      I thought that perhaps if an undead vampire bit someone who was pregnant…the unborn baby might contract the virus.

    • Yikes. And this, gentle friends, is someone way too involved in that suspending disbelief thingy. I love it.

    • Kat

      Mud~why whatever do you mean? 😉

  8. Indy

    Hi Kim!!! You need to get a lesson the fine art of doing nothing. It usually involves a comfy couch and an addictive show/movie. Its an important thing to do to let your brain completely veg. If not, you could burn something up. 🙂 Its my specail Sunday skill, so if you need some tips, let me know.~Indy

    PS – Gabby chewed the drywall in our garage when she was a pup.

  9. Phil

    Doing nothing is definitely harder than doing something … i actually should be getting better at it since i’m doing nothing a lot lately. Alas, i still can’t get the hang of it!

    Something i am planning to do is visit the animal resue shelter to consider adopting … my walls can definitely use a new look!! Lol. ~Phil

  10. James Fox

    Hi Kim it’s Jim from Youngstown-Hey that’s a cool excuse for your editor”I’m late cause my dog ate my wall and I had to fix it” LOL. Maybe you need to raise preying msntises to protect your dollar plants. Seriously, they are easy to keep, just move the egg case indoors when winter comes and keep it in acool but not cold spot. We kept ours in the cellar. And do keep a couple of adults to train with bits of hamburger on a toothpick. I bet your son would love it.

  11. Suzi Lazear

    That actually sounds fun and relaxing. Is carmel corn hard to make? the tot loves “dark movies” (where we turn out all the lights). Congrats on making your goals. That must feel good! My weekend was hardly restful — dance competition, laundry, RWA meeting, critique group, taking the tot to the library…LOL No rest for the maternal. 🙂
    ~Suzanne and the tot

    • Hi, Suzanne. No, it’s not, and my recipe actually comes from a Jr. Cookbook. I’ll try to remember to put the recipe in the drama box tomorrow. Hey, enjoy the maternal while you can get it. (grin) –Kim

  12. Juliet

    Sorry 😉

  13. Juliet

    Found this in the net:

    Is it the official cover?

  14. RichardE

    I told you before Kim, those rats of yours will eat you out of house and home 😉 On a side note I have two kittens that are teething as well(Monsters!). A graphic novel sounds really cool.(I have been away from the internets and this is news to me :)) Anyways sounds like you spent your weekend doing it your way! Always the best way. Take care and best reguards. RichardE

  15. Bob J

    Dear Kim,

    Sounds like you just need time off to do mindless work. Keeping up with Ivy cannot be easy. I am glade to hear that you are on time with the GN.
    What happens next, do you get drawing back?

    Best Regards,

    Bob J.

    • Hi, Bob. I’m so excited about the artwork. I won’t see anything until they have a script to work with, but my publisher is showcasing a lot of artists to me, and I’ve been making my “picks.” Trust me, when I have something, I’ll be sharing it! –Kim

  16. mudepoz

    🙂 My first dog as an adult was a rescue. If I wrote his story, no one would believe it was non-fiction. I got into dog training because of him. Walking on the ceiling, opening my fridge to steal beer, hide the can in the dining room, puncture and drink it, as well as treeing a famous hockey playing and intercepting a pass from a famous quarter back were just some of his skills. Add snoring in my class because there wasn’t a lock that could keep him in…I’ll NEVER partner with a dog smarter than me again.
    *Glares at snickering muddy paws pack.* Wish I could say I purposely tried to take a weekend off. Dollar plants, huh?

  17. Lucie

    I can definitely believe that your dog chewed your wall lol. Our little dog is a white, miniature maltese terrier. He’s such a pretty little thing, but my, oh, my! He doesn’t bark; he yaps. At everything. And I do mean everything! The dog will eat dirt and will sometimes run into walls when he’s not falling off the couch. There was even a time when he thought it was a cozy idea to rest underneath the glass table in the dining area (YEAH). To get at some food, the dog would jump into the table! *Sigh* But we love him. In any case, awesome you can still find things to do. :p

  18. Gothar

    For nothing that’s rather productive. It felt like it was in the 80-90’s all weekend even at night here. In a few months time we’ll get 8-10 feet of snow, so just can’t win. It’s funny, our apartment keeps the heat in the summer but not the winter. At least your place was cool enough to bake.

    I’m glad you get to relax and let the creative juices marinate a bit off paper.
    Enjoy your week

    • That’s kind of what I thought, too, Gothar. Maybe I should just go with it. If my relaxation involves power tools, then it involves power tools. You have a great week, too. Mine is going to be . . . relaxing! –Kim