Busy Weekend

I went into this weekend with a vague idea of going to see a movie, and pretty much a clean slate beyond that.  The one we saw was . . . disappointing.  I thought it was going to have a thicker story than it did, so all the bang and flash I usually like kind of fell flat.    Oh, and the kicker?  Ice floats.  It does not sink down and crash onto the bottom of the ocean floor.  Clearly this movie was not made for me.

But beyond that, I worked at tidying a few areas I’ve been trying to get into this summer.  First was a closet that needed a major spot of organization.  (two feet deep on the floor is now nice and tidy.)  And secondly, a two parter that involved breaking down a fish tank and taking out the shelving above it.  Dirty, messy, and wet, but I’ve got lots of practice taking down tanks, so it wasn’t an issue.  The shelf unit was another story.  That had me bringing out my hammer, spackle, and paint.  Long story short,  I have a pristine space to do something new with.  I’m thinking . . . wet bar!  (grin)

It feels like fall again despite it still being 85 out there.  Either that, or I’ve been watching too many home improvement shows. 

I’m ready to spend some time with the keyboard.  The graphic novel is going fantastic.  I finally found my speed.



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  1. Jwocky

    I loved the red violin, I’d forgotten about that one. Thanks for reminding me.
    GI Joe seems as bad as Transformers, I guess I’ll wait til video on that one.
    Push was a pretty good movie, I had to let some things go at the end, I think they broke some of their own rules. But overall, I really think it’s under rated.

    • I adored the Red Violin. Actually went out and bought it, which is something I never do. I’m a NetFlix girl, but that one I had to have. Thanks for the heads up on Push. –Kim

  2. Bella

    hi kim, i know this might be an odd question but did you base kisten’s character on someone you know? Do men like that exist? (obviously not vampires though i’m not that crazy.) i just need to know that not all men are horrible.

    • Hi, Bella. Mmmm, I hear what you’re asking. Kisten did seem perfect, didn’t he? He really wasn’t. What Rachel was ignoring was the trysts with men and women for blood. She had to because of his vampire nature, but I wouldn’t be able to do that. As far as men in the real world? Yup, they are out there, but they aren’t as pretty as Kisten. You don’t get pretty, handsome, honorable, smart, and the right age all in one package most times. That’s why they call it fantasy. (grin)

      Oh, and Kisten is not based on anyone, least of all, Guy. Guy is more like Jenks. (ha!)

    • Gothar

      I’m perfect (in my own mind) and certain don’t ask my wife. In the real world, if your guy can pay for your tuition, cook and clean you got a good one. If he doesn’t like sports that even better

    • *Kof* Perhaps my memory is going (I am darn sure that there is a flag when the police call me in that I am a very nice, confused lady with Alzheimers and to point me in the right direction.) However…

      There was at least ONE man like that. I can’t say he was pretty, but he was (is?) very masculine, very handsome, brilliant (number one in law school TWO YEARS AGO) honorable to a fault, quiet, and two years older than me. Was blonde, now greying nicely, 6 ‘4, runners build even now…

      And I married him. He was my chemistry tutor in college, it was good chemistry and I chased him until he caught me,
      Thank the gods he doesn’t know where I post!

    • Mud, that’s sweet. I met Guy in the labs, and it took him six months to ask me out. By then, I was like “It’s about time!” –Kim

  3. Denise

    Fish tank? What kind do (did?) you keep? I love my fishies! Although came back from vacation to the big tank missing 7 gal and the house just a tad humid… I keep thinking I’m going to consolidate down to just two again, but hasn’t happened so far…

    • Hi, Denise.

      It was a fresh water community tank that we just broke down, but we’ve had ciclids before and once we had a salt tank. We decided not to keep the salt because we were “consuming” too many fish and we weren’t sure if they were being harvested or tank raised, so we went back to fresh water. This was back in the late 80’s, and they weren’t so careful back then as they are now.

      Oooh, ouch on the breakage! Not fun! –Kim

  4. mudepoz

    Um. Here I was going to try to escape the seduction of the drama box and return to my own sandbox (after two stops and two police escorts to get me OUT of their cities I really do need to get GPS)…

    Anyhow, in a certain sparkly vampire book, they do blood typing. With sharps. Without gloves. To turn your phrase…DUDES! We haven’t typed blood since the ’80’s in college much less high school bio classes. Good grief! From that point on I haven’t been able to finish the story. There is a point where suspend belief…doesn’t work.

    Mud, going back to my own edits. Text book suck. And the royalties do too.

  5. suzannelazear

    LOL on the wet bar. I didn’t get to see a movie the weekend–two birthday parties (oh, trains and glitter tatoos :)). Today in the creative writing class I teach we used the opening paragraph of ODTS to start our discussion on Showing vs Telling (it was used as a good example :)). We had a really fun time taking sentances and comming up with how we could “show” the reader what we meant. (The sample sentence “he was cute” has some *very* creative answers for how we can show the reader he’s cute, lol. I *am* teaching teen girls, lol). The tot says “hi”.
    ~Suzanne and the tot

    • Hi, Suzanne. Birthday parties! Sounds fun.

      Ooooh! Using ODTS in class? I’m glad it was a good example! (grin) –Kim

    • Yep. Lesson plances, front and center. it’s even highlighted, lol. It’s just a little once a week class, but as we put it this session “we’re rocking the short stories” (lol). They are all so sweet and creative a couple of them are really tallented. ODTS was today’s example for our “lesson.” I’m trying to use good examples they’ll relate to and books they’d actually read (or have read). I have no problem making up bad ones, lol.

      I felt rather old today when they were taking about the “Wizards of Waverly Place” and then did a double take and asked me if I knew what they were talking about (I actually did, the tot watches it). Then they were talking about the new Vampire Diaries TV show and wanted to know if I’d read the books. I told them, yes, I had…in the 8th grade the *1st* time they came out…LOL. Yeah, there were Vampire love stories in the 90’s lol.

      Ok, off to bed. LOL. ‘Night!

  6. Marsha

    Hi, Kim. It must have been G I Joe. I went with a friend and it was so bad I pulled out the Blackberry and started catching up on email. You mentioning the wet bar made me remember something. The other day I remembered you referring to a drink called a “dead man”s float” in DWW, so I decided to make myself one. Oh good Lord that was wonderful, especially with a little bit of Hershey’s on top! Then I looked up the calories. @#*$ I wish I hadn’t! Enjoy what’s left of Summer, but I can’t hardly wait for October and Halloween.

  7. Elaine

    Oh man, I have also been doing tons of home improvment! This week, wallpaper and paint! It’s so exciting to finally be able to do this sort of thing. No wet bars for me though!

    Sorry your movie sucked. I went and saw Julie & Julia. It was woderful! You should try to catch that one sometime.


    • Hi, Elaine.

      Julia and Julia made a lot of money this last weekend. I might just go see it if I can slip away again. 😉 Have fun with the remodel! –Kim

  8. Phil

    August heat is making that cool movie theater kinda inviting if i’m as brave as you to take a chance on a movie that turns out disappointing … Oh that couldn’t happen… LOL.

    Kim, i have to mention i got to B&N Saturday and they had a display of UF with DWW and a Patricia Briggs novel with a blurb by you, all staff recommended.

    Good for you that you had so much ambition this weekend! And so great that the graphic is going so well! ~Phil

    • Hi, Phil.

      You should see my smile! That blurb is an old one, but very cool that it’s still there! 😉 And very cool Patricia and I are sharing space on the recommended shelf! Thanks for letting me know!


  9. Antonio Rich

    I told you to check out some local music instead(grin). I took my neice,her friend,my nephews to a local pet store to help me pick out some new fish. The deal was they could pick them out AND name them. It’s more fun than i’m making it seem, although they tend to name the fish after themselves. Speaking of home improvement shows, the ABC show Extreme Makeover is working on a house close to me. I told my neice they should have picked my house. She said i wouldn’t have been eligible because i’m not sick and i haven’t helped anyone(Well, there’s fish at my house named Liz, Big Mac, and Miss Margeux now Miss Smart Alleck)QUESTION: is the Wish Fish that Rachel stole from the weres the fist and last truly magical animal that you’ve written about?

    • Hi, Antonio.

      Yes, you did, didn’t you. I should have listened. (grin)

      Cool on the Extreme Makeover being near you! How fun is that?

      You asked about magical animals. Mmmm, I wrote about a magical kestrel once. Does that count? –Kim

  10. Juliet

    Did you mentioned the name of the film you´ve watched???
    If it really was G.I.Joe it doesn´t sound good…I´m really looking forward to see that movie… What did you really expect from such kind of movie? Screw the Plot, give us action 🙂

  11. Gothar

    Kim, Kim, Kim … You are forgetting nothing in Hollywood reflects real life. I have to tur off my IT background and science degree and look at a movie from a IQ of a gnat to overlook continuity errors, physics and all those other things. Let’s not even talk about CGI and how it doesn’t look like the person in real life. See Mummy returns or Matrix reloaded for what I mean *shudder*. Movies based on computer games or toys are just vehicles for us to relive our childhoods and for them to screw us our of money via our children.

    Anyways If they do make a hollows movie I how for it in throw back to the spaghetti westerns where it was all actor not 100% CG. How your week is a good one and enjoy the case of the mondays like the rest of us 🙂

    • Gothar

      In my defence (defense *cough*) of my writing skills. I had yet not had my tea but I can’t use that for an excuse in the afternoon (grin). We really need some good old school movies where actors where paid to act. Not those cardboard cutouts in modern movies.

    • Hi, Gothar. I know! I know! I tried to turn my disblief off and just enjoy the movie, but it just clicked back on when they tried to make sinking ice into the tension builder. Dude! Has no one in the entire crew ever had a glass of ice water? I could NEVER get away with this, and asking the public to swallow it is awful.

      Mmmm, Spaghetti Westerns!


  12. Stephinie

    Hey Kim, I totally understand about the movie! I have a BSc in bio as well (hense, why I love how when I read your books, the fantasy relates to reality), and I hate it when they screw up the most basic facts of life. I couldn’t even go see that movie “The Core” many years ago….like…seriously…you cannot drill a metal ship into the core of the earth…the liquid core is metal….seriously!!!!????
    After I see a “terrible” movie, I always go back an watch an older great movie, just to put myself in a better mood. Usually The Ghost and the Darkness, Love Actually, or something along those lines. *sigh*

    • Hi, Stephinie. (nodding head) I know what you mean about suspending disbelief. This time, though, I couldn’t. They were using sinking ice to make the climax work. It didn’t.

      I did see a couple of good movies, though. I watched CHICAGO and then SPARTACUS. SPARTACUS was okay . . . 😉

  13. Hi 🙂
    Thanks for sharing a fun blog post.
    The trailer being better than the movie is something everyone who has gone to a movie has experienced.
    Shelves are great … do you need another bookshelf?
    Love and best wishes,

    • Hi, RK. Mmmm, how right you are. There is one movie I want to see that is likely going to be as good as the trailer. Have you seen 9? Mmmmm, yummy. –Kim

  14. trisha

    sorry about the bad movie, i know the last good movie was …. i can’t remember the last good movie i saw because all i see anymore are cartoons due to my 2 kids. glad to hear you got some stuff done and about how well your graphic novel is going

    • Hi, Trisha. The last good movie I saw was THE RED VIOLIN. OMGosh, I saw it just a month ago, and it’s been out for a while, but I LOVED it. Oh, and the weekend wasn’t a total loss, movie-wise. Guy, thing two, and I watched CHICAGO again. Who knew Richard Gear could sing? (grin) –Kim

  15. V^^^^V

    Howdy ma’am,

    Movies like GI Joe and the Transformers are only one thing, big commercials for Hasbro and their toys. Like everyone else, i go see them too and I always find them lacking.

    A year or so ago, I read the Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger . It was a great book and soon it will be a movie. I think you’d really like it. It’ll wash that nasty bad movie taste out of you.

    I have heard they are also making a movie based on dorien Gray. That sounds like a good one too. 🙂


  16. Hey Kim, how’s it going? I hope you had a wonderful weekend!
    This reply hasn’t anything to do with your post but I wanted to stop by to recommend a movie (I saw that you had a recent crappy movie going experience).
    If you don’t mind being a pirate (or can find the DVD online), you should totally look up, “Let The Right One In”. It’s an adorable/creepy movie about a child vampire that I think you’d like.
    Go check out the trailer on YouTube. I just finished watching it a little over an hour ago and have fallen completely in love with the way this film was shot.
    It’s in Swedish with English subtitles if you don’t mind pacing back and forth between the bottom and center of the screen.
    Anyway…I hope you have a great week and congrats on the ‘Spring’ cleaning. I just don’t think I would have been able to do it, haha. I’m such a procrastinator when it comes to tidying up things!


  17. Joy

    You saw GI Joe didn’t you? I pretty had the same reaction as you did. I was looking forward to Joseph Gordon Levitt playing Cobra Commander, because he is a fantastic actor. (PS I think he could play an awesome Nick in a Hollows movie). However, the producers/director messed that up completely! Oh and why is it that all the female operatives had tight fitting camo that showed off quite a bit of cleavage whereas the guys had the standard baggy stuff!?! Oh and the only person who ever really needed rescuing was Scarlet? ERG! Stupid boy movie!! Sorry about the rant. I hope you have a wonderful week. Unbound comes out two weeks from tomorrow!!!! Yay!

  18. Chrisy

    Ya movies are nothing like they used to be… omg my granny used to say something like this. Damn.
    Mrs Harrison! I dunno how to say this without sounding stupid or annoying… Please rescue your music site! I used to love it so much and I got so much good stuff from there. Can’t you put it here? Makes me sad seing it so screwed up by those spammers. Hm ya I know its maybe a lot of work but it’d be cool.
    Thank you. Good to hear the graphic novel goes good.
    Have a great week! – Chrisy

    • Hi, Chrisy. Thank you for bringing that music page to my attention. It’s amazing what can happen in so little time. It’s down now, but I will be moving it here where you guys can maintain and add to it much easier than I can. I’m writing rough draft right now. Give me a week. –Kim

  19. Jenn

    Hi Kim,

    I’m sorry that the movie you saw was a disappointment. That always sucks. I don’t know if you have this down there or not, but in one of our theatres there is now a VIP area. It is 3 seperate theatres, where you get severed at your seat! I’m talking all the regular snacks plus bar food (ie nochos, fries, wings) plus alcohol! (grin) Oh and the seats? Leather recliners, thank you very much…lol.

    As to the weather, we finally have summer up here. Yesterday was only the 2nd day of temps over 100F! And humidity? Holy crap! I have curly hair but I look like a puff ball!

    Question: Have you every hear of or read Kelley Armstrong? I think you would like her work. Her books revolve around werewolves, witches, demons, & necromancers.

    Well, I hope you have a great day!


    • Hi, Jenn. We don’t have a theater like that in Rock Hill, but way back when Guy and I were courting, we did. We went to see Little Shop of Horrors. If I hadn’t known before then, I would have known by that. (grin)

      I’ve read Kelley, yes, and I enjoy her work. She has a technical mind, and I enjoy what she creates. We toured together in the YA tour. 😉 You have a great day, too! –Kim

  20. Indy

    Hi Kim!!! I hear you on the organization. I have a few problem areas myself. Just curious, what movie did you see? Was it GI Joe? I hope not, I have been looking forward to it. I’ve been re-living my old cartoon loves, starting with Transformers.~Indy

    • Hi, Indy. Yup, it was GI Joe. Don’t not go see it on account of me. I was never a fan, and I expect a lot from my movies. –Kim

    • Indy

      Hi Kim!!! Well, when I go to the movies I always have different goals. If I go see GI Joe, or any high action movie, I know I am going for the cool special effects and the madness, not an academy award winning performance. 🙂 I just temper my expections. I have friends that expect everything to be deep and meaningful, and some things are just fun…like James Bond or Die Hard where all things do is explode. 🙂 Know what to expect, and it helps with the disappointment.~Indy

    • I hope you enjoy it, Indy.