Eos and Brom original sketch contest

childthiefTo celebrate the upcoming release of CHILD THIEF, Eos and Brom are giving away 3 original sketches or a signed print from THE CHILD THIEF. 

You might not have heard of him, but I bet you’ve seen his work before, Brom is a celebrated fantasy artist, and he’s illustrating his own work of literary fiction, a retelling of Peter Pan.

I read this in manuscript form, and LOVED it.  CHILD THIEF goes on sale August 25th, (same as the anthology UNBOUND)  More info at the Eos Blog.



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44 responses to “Eos and Brom original sketch contest

  1. Assija

    Hi Kim, I want to post something about your latest hollow book (white witch, black curse), but call me blind, I didn’t see where I need to post it. I’m very sorry about posting it here instead.

    I absolutily love it and I can’t wait for the next, the serie is great!!!
    This thing with Ivy and her aura is nice, and I can’t stop thinking what it could mean. The leaving of Marschal is sad, but it was almost expected, since she has no luck with her men. That shunning thing is awfull, poor Rachel, hope Ivy and Jenks will not share the same fate. I’m also hoping, she will be able to get it removed. I bet Tom babbled about geting her instead of Big Al, I didn’t like Tom, and I absolutly ok with him geting what he diserved.
    I have a theorie about the source of her shunning. They heared from Tom that she got summoned and labled her a demon, or something equaly bad. hope they don’t kill her for it.

    Rachel and Al, I love the relationship they both share with each other. He pissing her off at every opportunity, so she can try outwiting him again. I think it’s a turn on for him.
    Their games are absolutly entertaining, I laughed my ass off. Hope there will be more of them. Are you gonna write a novel about Rachel and Al in the ever-after? Would be awesome. I always liked him. In this novel he almost seamed nice, and I think he likes rachel very much (in his own way). I almost expect him to seduce her, at least trying to do so 😉 . Rachel would absolutly freak out ;D. The moment Ford talked about love, I made the same mistake as rachel.

    Why did she try to take ley line classes at the university? I mean she is able to pull a whole line, isn’t she afraid someone would discover her otherness. I sure as hell, would be. She could just ask Ceri, Ceri knows it and seams to be ok with it. If Ceri says no to the teaching, she could bug Al about it. Why wasting good money, if you could get better knowledge gratis.

    I didn’t get why she was on the boat with kisten. I mean of course she loved him, but she had known a big bad undead vamp would show up, why didn’t she take a piece of ley line energy with her. she got in there with almost no weapon to defend herself or kisten. It is sad that she lost him, I liked him a lot, it makes me cry. Her losing it in the tunnel was totaly fascinating. Damn what is Edden going to think about this, I hope it’s not going to bit her in the ass.

    Jenks and his wife. God it is going to kill him if he loses her. Please let Rachel find a way to safe them both, I can’t think about Rachel and Ivy, without this forward pixie. I love him and his mouth, don’t make him disapear, it wouldn’t be the same anymore.

    The locationspell, got me worried. I was begining to think Al had tempered with Rachels blood, or she turning more and more demon each time she works a curse or went to the ever-after. why didn’t it work? Al is not able to envoke witchcharms, since he used her blood for the earthcharm she created, am I right?

    Why get witches only 160 and demons over 5000 years old, than they are related? Do they know a curse to make their lives longer? or do they put there souls in a bottle and enter some kind of stasis this way. That would answer the question, why dead vamps and demons alike, are unable to enter sacred ground.
    I mean there must be a reason why Ceri survived a 1000 years without aging a day. or is it simply the structur of the ever-after?

    So I think this is it for now. 😉

    • Hi, Assija. Wow, I will try to answer your questions, but I usually don’t get quite this many at one time from one person. I’m glad you’re enjoying the books so much.

      I plan on having more Rachel/Al interaction. Al’s growing, so he’s very interesting to me right now. Why take a ley line course? For that wonderful piece of paper that says you know what you’re doing. It’s all about the paperwork. As for why did Rachel get on the boat with Kisten knowing a vamp was going to show up? It has to do with love.

      Al hasn’t done anything to Rachel’s blood. It is what it is, and in the more complex magic, the differences between demon and witch enzymes show the most, hence her not being able to invoke it. As for why demons live so long? Demon curses will often reset their biological clock. That’s all it is. Why they can’t enter sacred ground? Well . . . that’s just witch magic at it’s finest. Hope this answers more questions that it created.

  2. Linda (germany)

    Oh wow. That is just too cool. With the comic story. I always imagined how it was when Rachel and Ivy meet each other the first time. It was always different but I bet i got some things right. Well, I will see. 😉

    Oh, and I asked in the libery for your book, the first truth. First I wanted to buy it, but I also need a Laptop so….I hope you not disappointed.

    Anyway, I booked it, in the next few days I think, I’ll get it.

  3. Thomas McNeill

    Hiya Kim,I’ve printed out quite a few o the fan art pics from all over
    your sites and some others of Ivy,Jenks & Racheal to post on my
    “Hollows ” Wall,Im not sure I want to post non Hollows art on it,LOL
    Question?When you order a Runners card from “Vamperic Charms” can
    you put your choice of name & species as well as your picture on the card?I don’t care to much for “Guys” name on it,LOL. I’m sure you can,LOL,I just hadda ask.
    I ordered the only 3 books of the series I havn’t read on the 3rd and still,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    no booksLOL,Withdrawal is HELL,LOL.

    • Assija

      Hi Thomas
      I read there are Fan Arts on this site? I can’t find any, can you please give me a link?
      Thanks 🙂

    • Hi, Assija.I don’t have one as such, but there is one on my facebook page.

    • Thomas McNeill

      Sure thing,
      First on Kims homepage scroll down to the facebook link and double click on it,then scroll down to fan art and click on that and there you go,thats one.Secound at the top of the homepage on Kims site click on links,then scroll down to
      other sites I’m aware of and click on Pizza Piscarys,you can
      right click the picture and print out that pic.then go back to the sites I’m aware of and click on Rhombus scroll down to
      fan art and click on that.These are the ones I know of,but I’m
      allways looking.If you find any other sites,plese let me know.

    • Hi, Thomas. You bet! When you order a runner ID, you can taylor it to whatever you want. Just email him the photo and other info. He loves making them up. 😉 –Kim

    • Thomas McNeill

      Kim,I told Assija about all the sites I know of for fan art.Check my reply to her.Theres a “SWEET” pic of Racheal
      and jenks out in front of the church on the Rhombus site.
      Thanks for the Runner Card info.

  4. Hey Kim! Long time, no talk. 😛 I love Peter Pan, so I will surely check that book out. Do you remember the Hollows fan site Rhombus? (It’s posted on your site..hehe) Well we just started a Hollows role playing game and we were wondering (we know you can’t come check it out, unfortunately) if you would post, or if I’d be allowed to post the link to get some new members on there? Hope you are doing well, and thank you so much for doing what you do!! – Becca P. from CT.

  5. Lita

    Hi Kim! In the outlaw demon wails you mention Rachel helping Kisten save his nephew, I was just wondering it that was an actual story, and if it is, where could I find it. Not knowing if I had missed a story along the way has just been killing me.

    • Steph

      No it wasn’t mentioned in the books. Maybe there was an obscure reference somewhere but not one that I caught…

    • Hi, Lita. That is a short that I did to be included in the mass market of FOR A FEW DEMONS MORE. It’s not very long, but it was my good-bye to Kisten. (Until I decided to include him in the graphic novel.) –Kim

  6. Tim Poole

    Not on subject, but I went to Barnes and Noble and my store had “Once Dead..” displayed on the Employee Recommend shelf. Just thought I would share. Tim

  7. mudepoz

    Dang, I hate bottom posting to my own crud, but I thought this might draw a smile on your face. One of the females is going to be named
    MUDDY PAWS PICK-UP STICKS. Call name “Pixie”.

  8. Phil

    Thanks for the cover art heads-up, Kim! I’m not really familiar with Brom but it looks great and i’ll definitely check it out.

    second on my to-do-list is possibly to buy the really cute puppy i just saw in the pet store window today!! He/she seemed to actually like me!! Imagine that!!! REALLY CUTE and FRIENDLY!!!

    Have a great weekend, Kim!! ~Phil

    • PSA
      Oh Phil, all pups are cute and friendly. Except you have no idea what the parents were like or how the pup will grow up. If you want to spend the money on an unknown quantity, please consider pet rescue: http://www.petfinder.com/index.html (for the US). A petstore pup will always get a home, but a rescue will appreciate a home. Further, the most inexpensive part of getting a dog is the initial purchase.

      Mud…who knows!

    • Phil

      thanks, Mud!!! that’s excellent advice!!!

    • You’re welcome. I tell my dog training students the same thing when they get the urge to impulsively get a dog. It’s sort of like a human adoption or getting a gun. You really should wait and think it through. Probably a good time to mention that I’m in the hole about 1200 right now US. Vet checks, Eye checks, bup nannies, stud fees, not to mention the campaigning of my dog and health tests. The cost of the dog is always incidental. Mud, off her soapbox and waiting for Kim to ban me since I spend a lot of time on one 🙂

    • Hi, Phil. I had a dream Guy and I were babysitting a litter of three Boston terriers without their tails docked for the weekend. Freckles was her name, and she was sweet.

  9. Antonio Rich

    You’ve said in the past that Ivy is frightened and your not exactly sure why she is so scared…Do you think this new project will get you closer to some answers?

    • Phil

      i’m thinking it has something to do with Ivy wanting to keep her soul after death?? do you have any ideas, Antonio? or, we can just wait for Kim to answer (grin)

    • Phil

      Oh! just thought of it … isn’t Ivy afraid she might never be able to love anyone without the vamp blood lust??

    • Antonio Rich

      (GRIN!) Me and Kim have a long-standing dance here on the drama page – I try to ask questions about Ivy without p—ing her off, and she humors me by sometimes – sometimes! – revealing what SHE thinks. (When hunting wabbits, you have to be vewwwy careful)But, i here what your saying:Ivy’s afraid of ALOT. Be good…

    • Hi, Phil. It’s your second thought that is closer to the truth of Ivy. Can you imagine what that’s like? –Kim

    • I don’t know, Antonio. Ivy had a very weird childhood of privilege and abuse. I’m not going to show that, but I will be alluding to it. –Kim

  10. *Chuckles*
    *Comes out of greenhouse zen* How can a woman who writes of scary Piscari vamps, Witches who can wreak nuclear devastation, and pixies who eat wishing fish…not appreciate a good fright.

    Good thing you have Tim ‘The Guy’ to protect you. Usually, I protect the Tall Dude. Unless it’s a horrifying centipede. Back to your…

  11. Mendi in STL

    Heyde Hey Kim! You would have to post this! I was hoping I’d have this contest all to myself, you know? 😉 I’ve read the sneak peak on EOS and reserved it from the library and can’t wait. It looks very dark and gooood and I love the artwork. Do you know if it’s going to be a nice hardback edition? If it is, I may just have to actually “buy” it! Have a great weekend, looks to be a hot and humid one here, ACK! *VV*

    • Hi, Mendi. I don’t know for sure, but I think this is hardcover. I can’t imagine that artwrok on a paperback. It “feels” like a big print. I hope you had fun this weekend! –Kim

  12. Off to enter. I am a cover and art freak. I have a Tolkien poster from when they had originals at Marquette (the Tall Dude is actually the Tolkien fan, sorry, I never got into hobbits. Big hairy feet, um, no thanks).

    I have coveted the ‘Mouse’ stills for most of my life. And…I have a couple of original Superman cover mock ups…yesh, my old man was in…you’ve heard it.
    Have a lovely weekend. We finally get our heat and rain when I have to run around. And sans dog. Let’s see, can we say Fewmets. Or perhaps, firnats…

    Back to vacuuming greenhouse. No wonder MY house has dust bunnies with fangs (that’s why I really need burning bunnies, I keep hoping to frighten them off somehow!) http://i216.photobucket.com/albums/cc107/gothicshark030/laughing%20animals/funny-pictures-dust-bunny-under-bed.jpg


  13. Jennie M

    Hey Kim. Thanx for the heads up. This would be a great Christmas gift for my sister-in-law. She loves them. But I wanted to tell you….. I was watching some late night T.V. and I came across this new show on the SyFy Network called Warehouse 13. It’s pretty good from what I’ve seen of it, but one of the characters… I think her name was Carla… would be a dead ringer for Rachel Morgan. She would play the part (if the Hollows ever became a tv series) very well. Check it out if you can. I think you’ll know her as soon as you see her. Have a good weekend.

    • Sue, Chicago

      Jennie, I know what you mean about the show Warehouse 13. I might be dating myself but it kind of reminds me of the show Friday the 13th: The Series, but instead of tracking down cursed objects, they track down magical objects.

      The character I think you’re refering to is the character Claudia. She is played by Allison Scagliotti, and if she let her hair grow a little longer … yeah, she could be Rachel!!!

    • Antonio Rich

      Can i play? (grin) I’m going to put a new name into the mix: Deborah Ann Woll who plays Jessica, the new teenage vamp on Trueblood. She’s quickly becoming one of my favorites and i could see her as Rachel in the “not going to happen anytime soon Hallows film.”

    • Becca

      OMG! LOVE LOVE LOVEEE True Blood. I think she’d play a pretty good Rachel..but she looks kinda young.

      Anywaysss. Hi Kim! I started reading the excerpt of the book Child Thief, and I must say, I’m in love! Its exactly the kind of book I like to read. Thanks for the great recommendation! I think this will hold me until your next Hollows book. 😀

    • Hi, Sue. I used to watch Friday the 13th and saw the similarities, too. (Love the waving monkey) (grin) –Kim

    • VEry cool, Becca! I hope you pick it up when it comes out. I really enjoyed it. –Kim

    • Hi, Jennie.

      I’ve actually caught the premier and a second episode of Warehouse 13! I love it, and will probably pick up the series on DVD so I can watch it when I have time. Carla . . . she’s a good pick for Rachel. I like how her character is growing. –Kim