Stretching New Literary Muscles

So I’ve been working on the new graphic novel this week, and I’ve noticed a few things.  First, I’m sitting differently at my desk.  I’m aching in different places than usual by the end of the day.  Second, I still feel like I’m fumbling around–sort of like when I first started writing and didn’t quite feel comfortable in where to make the paragraph breaks.  Now, I don’t think about it, but back before I had put in enough hours, I sweated over that.  It’s getting better, and I’m loving each little trick that I’m figuring out to make this go faster.

Thirdly, I am having a super time with this.  Even though I generally have full, fun days at the keyboard getting Rachel in and out of trouble, I get bored with the process just like everyone else at work, and this has been a fantastic chance for me to learn something new.  I can’t tell you how invested I am in this just from the standpoint of being able to do something different in my day, and yet have something marketable at the end of it.  At least I hope it’s marketable.  (grin)

So I’m looking at the print out of the first ten pages or so, and I’m kind of tickled.  It looks exactly like what it’s supposed to.  I can’t wait to finish the rough draft and go back and polish.  I’m using my sticky notes like crazy.

And since this really is a post about nothing, I wanted to drop in a KSA “Kim Service Announcement.”   We’ve got a lot of new posters recently, so a big Hey! to them.  Glad you’re here spicing things up.  If you are interested in changing your colorful folk-art square to something more pertinent and permanent, drop on over to gravatar and upload a picture.  Just be sure to use the same email that you’ve used here, and it will pop in automatically, even your old posts.  –Kim


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47 responses to “Stretching New Literary Muscles

  1. tree518

    First – I LOVE THE HALLOWS – still in mourning (i give up hard) – but want to move on. I think the reason I like the Hallows is that it is so real, it could really happen. The graphic novel sounds just great and can’t wait! Nice to come from Ivy’s viewpoint. Did i read correctly the next novel will be spring 2010? I have recommended you to my reading friends – they all love you too! Thanks!

    • Hi, Tree. Thank you! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books! 😉 Sorry about Kisten. I missed him too, which is one of the reasons I went back and did the GN in the past so he could be there. The next full length Hollows book will be in the last week in February, yes. Right on schedule. Thank you for helping spread the word. I really appreciate it! –Kim

  2. Nicole

    Hi Kim, I was just wondering if you were going to have another book in the Hallows series. . . Okay, i was confused about something from “the outlaw Demon wails”. If witches are just the stunted off spring of Demons, then why aren’t all witches able to twist Demon curses…? I know a lot about fantasy and have heard nothing about it. . . I would think that because the demons were so genetically close to the witches if witches were their off spring, all witches would be able to twist demon curses and be summoned (not that witches were able to ever be summoned in any other book) the only reason i say this is because of the way you mapped it out. . . .

    • Hi, Nicole. More Hollows books? You bet! I’ve been contracted out for 12-13 total, and they are right on schedule. You asked about witches and demons. The elves magically changed the gene that gives off the demon’s magic enzyme. But they couldn’t get rid of it completely without creating something that couldn’t do magic at all, and that wasn’t their intent. The elves wanted to use the demons as slaves, which meant they needed some magical ability. So there’s a smidgen of this demon gene left in the witch genome. Sometimes it combines in enough strength to allow a witch to function as a true demon, and to prevent a new uprising, the elves linked a lethal gene with it, so that the witch would die. (Making the Rosewood Syndrome.) And that’s how it works. Hope this explanation helps. –Kim

  3. Linda (germany)

    Oh wow. That is just too cool. I always imagined how it was when Rachel and Ivy meet each other the first time. It was always different but I bet i got some things right. Well, I will see. 😉

    Oh, and I asked in the libery for your book, the first truth. First I wanted to buy it, but I also need a Laptop so….I hope you not disappointed.

    Anyway, I booked it, in the next few days I think, I’ll get it.

  4. Candace

    You seem to be having a good time! Better than me, at least (summer cold). Woohoo, excited for the graphic novel!

  5. Valerie

    Cool Beans Kim… I can feel the excitement in you new venture. It will be greatly anticipated by us all!!

    xo val

  6. Kneosha

    I’m so excited about the graphic novels, thankfully i will have the new Hollows to tide me over. I’ve actually picked up Kelly Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld first book because I watched the Q&A session that you did with her and Melissa Marr and thought I would check it out. I didn’t have a whole lot on my bookshelf that I hadn’t already read and I finished the Madison book even read through WWBC again and still choked up on Kistens death 😛 Can’t wait for more Madison! I’m glad the graphic novels seem to be coming along and can’t wait to see what the characters look like drawn the page. To see Jenks in his peter pan pose is going to be awesome!

    • Kneosha, I am feeling the same way about the graphic novels. I can’t wait to see the characters. Unfortunately because it takes place before Rachel meets Jenks, he won’t be there. But we will see Kisten! (grin)

      Thank you for giving Madison a try! I’m glad you liked it. 😉


  7. Thomas McNeill

    Hey Kim,I can’t wait to check out the new grafic novel.Ought ta be cool.
    Thanks for the gravatar link,,,I was wondering how to get one ,us old
    folks just aren’t to computer savy (grin) of course 5 yrs ago all I could do was turn one on,computer that is LOL.
    I found sometin I’m going ta try ta send to you for racheal,especially since she’s been shunned and can’t visit the local cham shops anymore
    (grin),thought I’d help out,it’ll have to come snail mail though,LOL.And
    just in case,I’ll invoke it before I send it LOL.
    Blessed Be

  8. mudepoz

    Only two more weeks before they go to their new homes. Enjoy…

  9. Carolyn from Buffalo

    Hi Kim,
    I have been a little lax in checking in on your website, so imagine my surprise when I read that you are going graphic! And announcing it on my birthday as well!! 🙂 I am so excited to hear that you will be doing a GN from Ivy’s POV (Sorry Rachel, Ivy’s my personal fav!!) Congratulations and I look forward to reading it when it comes out! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  10. V^^^^V

    Howdy ma’am,

    Sounds like you are really having some fun. I really don’t think you will have a problem with marketability. You have a solid world full of solid, interesting people and characters. Newbies and your regular readers will eat these things up. 🙂


    • Gosh, Vampy, I hope so. It would be nice to touch a new demographic, but that’s not why I’m doing it. I just want to “see” the Hollows. And thank you about your comment about marketability. I don’t take that for granted at ALL! –Kim

  11. Kenny G

    I wish my day was that exciting. Testing gravatar

  12. You enjoying and getting excited over it means us looking forward to it more and more. You’ll see if it’s marketable or not when you name the day it’ll come out and preorders start to come in. I, for one, am waiting for that day. 😉

  13. Thursday

    I always find that it helps to flesh out my characters when I draw them as they are coming alive in my imagination! so I really hope you have as much fun as I do when I draw! yay for you!!! can’t wait to see it!!

    • Hi, Thursday. I used to draw, but I quit in my teens because I knew I’d never have the time to get as good as I wanted. Now I just have to tell someone what I’d like to see, and they will draw it? Dude, I’ve gone to heaven! (grin) –Kim

  14. AUTHOR: Cook, Dawn.
    TITLE: First truth
    CALL NO: PB Fantasy COOK
    BARCODE: 35251001327889
    PICKUP AT: Brown Deer (6) BY: 08-11-09
    🙂 Trying before buying the rest. It’s in. It’s in. It’s in!

  15. Phil

    that’s sooooo great Kim that your excited about the new journey, surging ever upward into the graphic universe!! sounds like you really have a talent for graphic novels… and i’m not surprised about that since your writing talent knows no bounds!!!

    Oh, and do you do the writing without like sketching the graphics to kinda visualize the action as you create it? i have absolutely no clue about how that all works!

    Anyway, continued good luck on the new project, Kim!! i’m definitely looking forward to the new graphic and Unbound and BMS!!


    • Hi, Phil.

      Thanks! I am excited, and every time I sit down to work on it, I use a different method to visualize. I can see myself making rude sketches at some point on a few parts to make sure I don’t have the perspective wrong, but most of it’s in my head. –Kim

  16. Linda (germany)

    I can soooo good imagine that, that’s been fun to work with her. But you already know how much I love this woman. 😉
    What kind of feeling is it, to read mails from a girl, whos blabbering all the time about a character you created? It mus be wierd I think.

    2010? That’s really fast. The next book from the Hollows is coming out next year after winter, I think, right? And it’s already written, so the comic is really fast.
    That’s pretty cool that you are trying things out you never have done before. Your work is fantastic and you know that. You’re not only doing this with your mind, but with your heart, I think. The conclusion from your work is the best proof.
    But the comic is a new story, right? Are there still the same characters, or is it something from the past?
    Best wishes, Kim.

    • Hi, Linda.

      I’m kind of used to it by now. The emails, I mean. (smile)

      I think it’s fast, too, but no complaints from me. I’ve got the time to write it, so here I go! 😉 And you’re right. This is a labor of love.

      The new comic is a brand-new story from the year that Rachel interned with Ivy at the IS before going independent.


  17. I get more and more excited about the graphic novel with each post. I’m glad you’re entering the realm of graphic novels – it’s such amazing art. Color me happy, I’m even more stoked it’ll be from Ivy’s view. I think I’m hopelessly in love with her. Rachel doesn’t know what she has in front of her. No worries, it makes for delightful anticipation.

    • grin. How right you are, Sharelle about Ivy and Rachel. I hope you like it when it finally comes out! I can’t wait to start sharing sketches and stuff. –Kim

  18. Scott S, Clovis CA

    Like everyone else, I’m eager to see what you’ll come up with for Ivy and Rachel on this prequel. It’s good to see you accept new challenges, branching off into other works. This seems to be a trend with many of the Urban Fantasy authors: Once they establish a successful series, it seems they start up another (or more, for a few authors). Do you know if this is something the publishing industry promotes, or is it that the authors get another great idea for a series and take advantage of their success to get it launched?

    • Hi, Scott.

      Ooooh, I’m delving into it today, and they had their first argument. (grin) Ivy was surprised.

      I’m not sure if branching off into new works is something that is promoted as much as it being a natural progression. Writers are bombarded by ideas all the time, so starting new worlds and series is just natural. Good for the pocketbook, too. –Kim

    • SeattleRobin

      Ooooo! First argument! What fun stuff. I can hardly wait! I was just looking though my Buffy Season 8 comics again a few days ago and it made me get excited about being able to see the Hollows that way. I think it’s going to translate into graphic format fantastically.

    • I hope so, Robin. I really hope so. I’m trying to do my part in this joint effort, but it’s my first time, and I’m anxious. (grin) –Kim

  19. Heya Kim just wanted to tell you that I finished the first Truth and liked it, although it was for YA, right? I don’t know if or when I’ll pick up the second because I have such a big to-be-read-pile and I want to read the first Princess, too. So I’m looking forward to all that and the Unbound anthology. Lots to do 😉 Have a great week, aimée

    • Hi, Amy.

      It’s always been marketed at adult, but there isn’t anything in there that a 12 year old couldn’t see. I’m glad you liked it! Thanks! You have a great week, too. –Kim

  20. Thank you for sharing this! *Here I am blabbing away, but I am for some reason fascinated with the process you go through*

    Is there a standard template for the graphic comic firnat, publisher specs or by the seat of the pants 🙂

    Mud. Going away, promise. Need to dump a few more things…

    • Format, not firnat (a new oath for when students are around, perhaps similar to fewmet?!) and here I had a chuckle over heroin. Crap on toast 🙂 Mozilla has a spell check that works here, but there is NO edit function if you use IE.

    • Ha! I’ve not heard anyone use fewment before except me! (grin)

      There isn’t a standard template that I’ve seen, but it’s working great just dropping a table into word and going from there. It’s going a lot faster today. –Kim

  21. Chastity

    It truly is a great feeling when you spend your time taking on a new challenge and you come out on top. Which of course you are–‘cuz you’re the best! I am so excited about this!

    Have a great day making great things happen! Much Love!

  22. trisha

    i am glad it’s going well i can’t wait to see it!!!

    • Thanks, Trisha! Today was the best day yet. 😉 –Kim

    • Bella

      Hey Kim, I’m an avid reader and aspiring writer and i would really like to know if you based kisten’s character on someone you know. Rachel and i are very much alike and her taste in men and mine are somewhat the same. I just need to know if men like that exist or if i.m waisting my time looking for one. I know it may sound odd. but i’m not exactly normal so for me this isn.t half bad.