There’s something in the air

And it’s not what you think.  (grin)  No, really, this morning when I took the puppies out, there was a breath, a hint, a whisper of cooler temps, less humidity, and the tang of leaf decay.  Summer isn’t over, but I tasted its death this morning.  If you can’t tell, I do like fall.  It’s not my favorite season, but I’m usually ready for it when it gets here.

Okay, so what does that have to do with the drama box?  Well, my thoughts turned to fall, and one last promotional fling before the end of the year.  I felt really bad about Minneapolis falling off the expected tour this year, so when the chance came to do a conference there, I gave it some serious thought.  Short story long, I will be GOH at ARCANA this year, October 16 to 18.  Hopefully we’ll get a signing out at Dream Haven, too.  I’ve not been there for years!  Fingers crossed!  There is a website for more info.  Arcana 2009.


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  1. mudepoz

    Aimee, I just wanted to mention: JR Ward is every bit as nice and interested in her readership as Ms. Kim is. I appreciate the time our busy fav authors can (I was going to say deign, but that isn’t right) take with us. And the fact that they actually remember us by name amazes me. I hold dear the only books inscribed to my as an adult (the kids books are treasures, but I don’t remember Dr. Suess, and it’s sad), one from Ms. Kim, and one from JR.

    Funny thing, both these women made me tired watching during the Q and A. You can tell Jessica’s law background…she NEVER sat. She also has the Saltiest mouth I’ve heard…other than mine.

    Which is why, after teaching science for ten years at a catholic all women college, I had to learn words like: fewmet… LOL

    • I did a panel with Ms. Ward once. It really shocked me how some women threw the F-bomb around the entire conference. I have no idea why, because it didn’t do a thing for their professional image in my opinion. It wasn’t so much that they were swearing that shocked me because I swear, and my music swears, and my movies swear. Actually, my music has a very foul mouth at times. I’d be embarrassed if my mother ever heard it. But I don’t play it in public where it might offend, and I try really hard not to drop the F-bomb in public. Although there was this time in Burger King . . . (OMGosh, I almost really embarrassed myself.) I’ve not been back to that conference since. I can’t say that it’s because of all the swearing going on by the panelists, but it certainly didn’t help. –Kim

  2. How do you do it? From what you post, you are editing Madison, working on the graphic novel, and editing Hollows? How on Earth are you juggling like that.

    Mud…amazed. Hard enough to juggle 10 lb buppies

    • Hi, Mud. I can work only so long on copy edits a day before I get frustrated and set it down, so I’ve been working mornings on Madison, and afternoons on the graphic novel. Madison was shipped back to my editor, though, so it’s pure graphic novel right now. –Kim

  3. Kathy

    Hi Kim,
    I really enjoyed “Once Dead Twice Shy”, Madison is such a great character!
    I read that you are making it a trilogy but, leaving it open for possibly more books (fingers crossed for that).
    Can you please tell me when the next book comes out and it’s name. I can’t find any info.

    • Hi, Kathy. Thank you! I’m delighted that you enjoyed Madison’s story so much! It is a trilogy right now, and open to continue if that’s teh way winds blow. We’ll see. I have not been told a release date for the next, but I’m doing the copy edit right now, so I’m going to guess same time next year? (grin) –Kim

  4. Roni

    Kim, I have been one of your biggest fans since your first hollows book came out. I reread the entire series every time a new book or short story comes out. I am thrilled about the graphic novel; I already collect Anita Blake and Harry Dresden graphic novels and am excited about adding yours to my collection. I am tickled to death about Kisten. I have one plea for you: Please, Please, PLEASE find a way to keep Jenks on the team. The books won’t be the same without him. I know pixie life spans suck; but, you are omnipotent, right? I mean you are the creator. I’m sorry this post is so long, but it’s the first time I’ve ever posted a comment on a blog and I had a lot of praise to give you. (Grin) Thank you for writing my favorite supernatural series!

    • Hi, Roni. Thanks! I’m really pleased that you’re enjoying the books so much! That is cool you re-read the series for the next release. (grin) Mmmm, there is absolutely no way I can have Jenks in the graphic novels. Because it’s a prequel, he might not even be in Cincinnati yet. I have to do the math, and it’s too early in the morning. Blah. But as far as keeping Jenks in the regular books? I’m working on it. The way for him to survive is in place, he just needs to survive Mattie’s death. Saving her is a whole other story. –Kim

  5. Niki

    Just a query on behalf of the visually impaired section of your following. If you publish a book with all the Hollows short stories in it (I heard somewhere you might, but won’t breathe a word till you give the yay or nay) will the plot for the graphic novel be included? If not, you’ll just have some people buying it and demanding someone to read it to them, which might turn more readers onto the series anyway. Its a win win win no matter the answer!

    • Hi, Niki.

      The Hollows anthology is a reality, but the contracts aren’t signed yet so I’m not saying much about them. From the looks of it, there will be half old content, half new, so there will be some that get left out. The graphic novels will not be included, no. Sorry! –Kim

  6. Kera

    can rachel be bound since she is demon kin? bc when kistens killer tried binding her and it didnt stick.

  7. Aimee

    Man!! I wish I lived in the US. I’m in Australia, and it seems like we never get any great authors touring here. Not great IMHO anyway.
    Can I ask a question? Well, I’ll write it, and then you can answer if you like, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to know: How long did you have the Hollows idea in your head before writing it? It’s so brilliant!!
    My ideas are like ghosts: as soon as I try to pin them, they fly away, so I can never be sure they really existed. Hehe.

    • Jenn

      Hi Aimee,

      Have you read any Keri Arthur? Her books are set in Australia & the main character is a female werewolf/vampire cross who chases the bad guys. I have really enjoyed her work but was wondering if the settings were realistic as (lol) reading is how I travel the world. If you haven’t read her work yet, my only word of caution is that she is a lot of sex scenes!

    • Joy

      I too love Keri Arthur’s Riley Jenson novels!! I am hoping that it is Quinn in the end!!

    • Aimee

      You know what? I read Keri Arthur, and am not that big of a fan. *gasp* I don’t know why, but I just couldn’t get into it.
      Sex scenes?!?! Ever read JR Ward… Woah! Nuff said there. Hehe.

  8. mudepoz

    A funny thing happened to me…at the buppies eye appointment. As we were going through the paperwork and each of their names, one of the vet techs gave me a funny look. Now granted, Jamoke LOOKS like a Jamoke 🙂 and I think they all have fitting names. But they aren’t common collectively.

    She asked me what the litter theme was, and I mentioned they were named for pixie kids in an urban fantasy series.

    She started to laugh and this time I looked at her oddly. From her bag she pulled out WWBC.

    Guess there’s a reason you hit the bestseller list…everyone reads your stuff.
    And the bups have great eyes!


    • OH MY GOSH!!!! Mud, that is too fantastic. Are you kidding me? Wow! You just totally made my day! Thanks! –Kim

    • mudepoz

      Kidding you? No, the bups have good eyes.
      Oh, that someone would be reading WWBC? Not at all. Just because I couldn’t remember all the Pixie kids names doesn’t mean everyone has a bad memory.
      OK, so I had to mention they came from Urban Fantasy, but she did know exactly who they were, and had the book. And no, I don’t have a clue how far into the book she was. By that time bups were getting eyes dialated.

      So far I’ve seen undergrads reading Madison, and now this. That’s pretty good. At least I have my hand on the pulse of America *Kof*

    • It’s very cool, Mud. 😉 I’ve only seen one of my books in the wild like that once, so it still thrills me to hear about it. I guess I don’t get out enough. (laugh)

  9. Elaine

    Oh, I love fall. We had a very fall day today. A little chilly and a huge down pour that woke me up with rain falling on my face. It was glorious. I hope you are enjoying your semi-fall day. I know I was.

    I just finished your latest book. It was amazing! I do hope that there will be lots more Al in the next one. He is one of my favorite characters because there is just so much unknown about him and I think its tantalizing!

    • Hi, Elaine. Back to summer this afternoon for me. Cicades singing and crickets chirping. Dogs barking at the UPS man. Urg.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the latest! Thank you! More Al? Coming right up! I like the guy, too. –Kim

  10. Phil

    Summer is definitely here! August in NY! hot and humid! June and July were unusally cool and rainy this year… WAIT!!!! this is sounding like a weather report UGH!!!

    Enjoy the early fall, Kim! and please send it up this way as soon as you can!? ~Phil

  11. Joy

    ONLY THREE WEEKS UNTIL UNBOUND COMES OUT!!! I am very excited! Yay to the end of summer. Bring on the blizzards, 40 below temps and 70 below wind chills!!

  12. This whole summer has been …Fall. Leaves falling, grass brown, don’t remember the last time it’s rained. I think we had maybe a handful of hot days, perhaps Tina from WI will read this.

    Don’t know if it thrills me or not. I hate winter…other than I get to plant for classes and hot chocolate and a good book are wonderful companions. But Persephone going back to her husband? Good story, but I want to go to Hades too, if it’s warmer 🙂

    • Tina in WI

      Mudpoz I agree! WI summer has been nothing but Fall all over the place. We did get some rain in the middle of the mitten. Now Winter, again I agree, is only good for hot chocolate, a good book (Hollows!), and companions. Nothing more you can do, just freeze up here or read!

    • Mud, I totally understand. I’d freeze in the summer if I didn’t keep my window in my office open. Totally not fair to have to be cold in the summer because of air conditioning. I know that’s not why you’re cold, but you have my sympathy. –Kim

  13. suzannelazear

    So last night the tot asked me to draw some bunnies. So I drew some rather bad attempts. She took it from me, then came back a while later and…they were all *on fire* lol. The hubby was like…um…okay. But the tot and I knew what they were. viva la burning bunnies, lol. ~Suzanne and the tot

  14. Linda (germany)

    Hey Kim. Well, here in Germany Münster is summer without an end. Well, today. The last two weeks I was in Italy so I can’t really tell.
    I like fall, but only when it doesn’t rain so much. But I love the colors. You can’t have everything, right? 😉
    I was at Facebook again, and yeah. I’m a bit confused. I found Johnny Depp there, and I wanted to ask him, if he knows your books and if he wants to akt Big Al. It’s a shame I didn’t but I’m such a coward.
    And I wans’t really shure if it’s really Johnny Depp who will might answer and not a perverdet pic. And I really adore this guy, so I wouldn’t do it, even if I’m shure. (grin) Chicken.
    But maybe, if you’re curious, just give his name in search and become a fan. Oh and, do you like Keira Knightley? You can find her, too.
    And I found a really great german author. He wrote a great serie, fiction of course. He’s just a genious. And do you know Oxana Kalemi? She wrote a book about her own story. She had a hard life, poor girl. I’m writing with her, too and I just can say, I never saw such a strong woman in real life. So maybe, if your interested….
    She belives in god, so god bless me, that’s what she said.
    I’m talking to much. But do you have any ideas, when the first comic will showing up? And is it really true, that it’s going to be from Ivys dimension?
    Sorry, sorry, sorry. I stop know.
    Have a great day, Kim.

    • That’s one thing I like about South Carolina. We still get the fall colors.

      Oh, you didn’t leave Johnny a note? (Grin) I totally understand.

      I’ve not heard of Oxana Kalemi. Sorry. That’s great that you are so well read!

      The new comic should be coming out Fall 2010, which is really fast, actually, and it will be from Ivy’s point of view, yes. It’s been fun working with her again. –Kim

  15. Valerie

    Oh, but fall is my favorite season. Something about the crisp, cool air that fills your lungs and the crunch of the leaves under your shoes just gives me goosebumps. Congrats on making the conference. I just got home from the Twicon conference they had in Dallas, so I have been a bit MIA in the drama box. Going to catch up now…xo

  16. Brandi

    I am not the biggest fan of fall either, but I am beyond ready for a break in the heat! Im in San Antonio and I dont think I cant take much more of this CRAZY heat and drought 😦 My husband and I reacently went to this great outdoor shopping area, and all of the water features were bone dry. I havent taken my kids outside (not really anyway), because it is suffocating out there.

    I am going to go to one of your signings at the first opportunity! Maybe BMS will be somewhere I can accomplish that! We are moving in the first month or two of the new year 🙂

    • Hi, Brandi. We’ve been pretty lucky this year with the heat. Not to bad so far, but we might get some heat yet. We don’t go out much, either. It’s too muggy. Hard to breathe.

      That would be wonderful to see you at a signing. Fingers crossed! –Kim

  17. Jenn

    Hi Kim,

    I’m glad that you are able to make it to Minneapolis, but I have a question for you. Do you ever make it up to Canada? I would love to be able to come & meet you!

    As for the taste of Autumn that you got, that is one of my favourite smells as well. That damp earth & crisp breath is always exciting. However, I’m still waiting for summer to appear. So far this “summer” we have only had 1 day that has made it over 100. This really sucks since summer is my husband’s busy season or is when the weather is good.

    I hope you have a great day!

    • Hi, Jenn. I’ve been trying to get up to Canada for a couple of years now. Still not there yet. Maybe someday. Wow, you really get 100 degree days up there? Oh wait. You’re talking Celsius, right?

    • Jenn

      Aw….well, I really hope you do get up here to Canada…it is a great place to live 🙂
      As for temperatures 32 Celcius is 100 Feireheight (can’t spell it…lol). Basically, where I am, we get the same as NYC within a couple days.

      BTW, I can’t wait to see things from Ivy’s point of view, I find her absolutely enthralling, preplexing & she tends to keep me thinking!

      We’re currently getting a thundershower…so I’m going to go sit & watch it…

      Oh one other thing…apparently I’ve been using “crap on toast” when I’m frustrated. My husband actually asked me where it came from the other say since he hadn’t heard it before…(grin)

      Have a fab night all!

    • OMGosh! You really used Crap on Toast? That’s too funny! 😉

      I didn’t know that about you getting what NY gets, weather-wise. Huh. Learn something new every day. –Kim

  18. Melisa

    Kim- it’s been a while so hope you remember me 🙂 I know a congratulations is in order on the graphic novels!!! I can’t wait to read them and can’t wait to see Kisten again (see good things do happen when you wait haha). I am so excited about your short stories (Jenks and the Dawn Cook one) coming out- I’ve missed your Hollows stories! By the way, I’m almost done with Madison and I have to say- it’s great! I hope you have a wonderful day!!! You just made mine with all the wonderful new things coming out!- Melisa

    • Hi, Melisa. With one S, right? 😉 Thanks! I’m still excited about the graphic novels, and in a few days, I’ll be working with Kisten again. 😉 That’s wonderful that you are enjoying Madison. She’s kind of spunky. You have a great day, too. –Kim