You Tell Me.

Monday, and it’s kind of soggy outside, which is really weird for late July, early August.  I did make some time to play in the dirt this weekend, mostly pulling weeds since I’d not been in the yard for about three weeks, but it felt good to be putting things to rights.  I try hard not to work on the weekends , but I made an exception and put in about ten hours of work in over the two days.  Now I’m kind of tired, though, and not that enthused about working today.  Blahhh.  I know as soon as I turn on the work computer, I’ll be ready, but right now my tea isn’t cutting it.  (grin)

YouTellMeI found this little guy and wanted to show you.  I’ve no idea what it is.  It’s got antenna and a body like a butterfly, eyes like a moth, and wings like a dragonfly.  You tell me, because I have no idea.  I’m going to guess it’s in the damsel fly family, but I’ve never seen one like it before.  It’s the dragonfly wings that get me.  –Kim


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  1. James Fox

    Hi Kim it’s Jim from Youngstown.My favorite insect is preying mantis. In fact we raised them when we were kids. My dad didn;t like spraying his roses because we all had allergies, so he went to a farmer he knew and caught several males and females. When the weather was bad we would bring the egg cases inside. We also trained a few with hamburger on a toothpick. The roses were always insect free.
    I was so glad to hear about your graphic novel, because with my poor eyesight a well- printed graphic is easier to read.
    I’m thinking about changing my gravitar, the knife blades are too small. Think I might get a yatagan

    • Hi, Jim. Oh, too cool on the preying mantis with your dad. I have been known to move ladybug larva to my roses, but nothing like what your dad used to do.

      I saw my first of the year just last week. I love the way they cock their heads and just watch you. –Kim

  2. Indy

    Hi Kim!!! I’m back from the east coast. Fun to see family and friends, but I could use a vacation from my vacation. 🙂 All I have to say is that if I see one of those things, I’m running in the other direction. Bugs and me do not mix. That’s my #1 movie rule, no movies with bugs in them. So, I hope you don’t ever write a bug themed book.~Indy

  3. Thomas McNeill

    Nutz,,,,LOL. That figures,,,everytime I find a series that I love,,they stop
    writting it. First Harry Potter,,,,,Now The Hollows (Big Grin) but thank the
    Goddess you said it won’t be for a long while. I guess with the complexity
    of the characters it would be hard to keep it going without Jenks,and the
    Pixie life span is short as you’ve said,I guess I was ust hopeing that our
    Heroin Racheal would find a spell or a curse to expand the life span,and
    hopefully before Matalina,(Jenk’s sweetie) passes.But ,I do realise there is just so far you could take “any” story.
    I’m sure I’ll find other novels to escape into,and some will no doubt be yours.But in the time we have left,I’ll definatly enjoy this one.

    Blessed Be

    • Thomas, I have so many ideas it’s not funny. I want to write new people, just like you want to read new stories. But the Hollows isn’t done yet. . . –Kim

  4. Thomas McNeill

    Don’t worry Kim,,,,,I don’t think its Jenks or any of his kids,LOL.
    just went online yesterday and ordered the 3 books left in your series that I havn’t read yet,I had to wait for the 3rd of the month (thats when
    my dis-abilty comes in) that was tourture enough,now it says estimated delivery is the 10h thru the 25th,,,,argggggggg.
    LOL, but then,,,,,ALL of us have to wait untill Febuary 2010 for the next course,LOL, Your “Black Magic Sanction”,,,,Arggggg again,,,,,Gods I
    can’t wait But I guess I have to,LOL.
    I love,love,love your series,and in case Phil’s got it right,,,,Happy Birthday!

    Blessed Be,

  5. Phil

    Sorry to post twice, Kim, but i won’t sleep tonight if i don’t first wish you a Happy B’DAY!!! coming up in August, since apparently the “secret” is out. *grin*

    and CONGRATS to Kelly for ID’ing the Owlfly?? Never heard of that one! ~Phil

  6. mudepoz

    Thank goodness someone found it for you. We have someone who studies insect communications I would have asked (yes, insects talk…no, I didn’t realize nor do I care since they don’t tell each other to LEAVE my plants alone or I’ll pesticide them). Anyhoo…I got me a new mudepozmobile…and have enough for GPS, and…*Kof* new books. I think I need the Hollows for my new CD don’t you:)


  7. lemonade

    It’s so cute! Like a butterfly and a dragonfly had a love child. How rebelliously Romeo and Juliet of them.

    Hey, lol, so would a rebellious pixie teen date a fairy teen in order to make their parents apoplectic?

    • OMGosh, that is too funny! A dragonfly/butterfly love child. Good question about the pixy/fairy date. I truly can’t see it happening. They hate each other. –Kim

  8. Matt Johannesen

    P.s sorry to post twice but there was so much in White Witch Black Curse that i loved AL is so funny and sometimes its hard to remember he is a demon. I like how you create these characters like AL and Rynn who are really nice and charming (maybe not AL at first) but in an instant we are reminded just how much of a monster they are its quite creepy cause you start to like the character and you think hey maybe they’re not that bad after all then its like BAM but they’re still a monster and you are afriad of them all over again. Will we find out about Al’s and Pierce’s deal and why AL thought he was keeping Rachel safe from Pierce??
    Also I thought Ivy had a larger role in this book than the others and I’m secretly in love with Ivy haha. I liked how she broke down in the tunnels very sad its like we are getting a little peek of Ivy. SOrry I’ll stop lol and yes I can’t wait for the next one :):)

    • Thanks, Matt. I appreciate what you said about my bad guys. I have to keep reminding myself that they are bad, too, sometimes.

      I liked getting back to Ivy in WWBC, which might be why I’m focusing on her for the graphic novels. I can’t WAIT for them to come out. –Kim

  9. Kerry

    I am new to this whole blog thing so please forgive me if I make errors – this is the first time I have ever posted. I read all urban fantasy that I can get my hands on and picked up your name from Vicki Pettersson’s website and went out and bought Dead witch walking – 2 1/2 weeks later I have read all of the hollows books through to WWBC (see I am learning this blog stuff) twice. Yes work suffered a little and yes the husband feels ignored but God it was Great! – I have 2 questions 1) what does grey silk sound like? do you have a singer that you think reflects this sound? You often use it to explain Ivy’s tone/voice and 2) how often do you update your music page because I have used it to broaden my collection.
    Thank you for your books – In my opinion they are truly exceptional.

    • Hi, Kerry.

      Cool! I’m so glad you are enjoying the Hollows, and pleased you bogged! Once you start, it’s hard to stop. 😉

      You asked about gray silk? Mmmmm, if I had to go with a singer, I’d say Linda Ronstat singing jazz might be close. As for the music page? I update it about once a week to get rid of the spammers, but I don’t clear out the suggestions but once a year (and move them to the individual pages) Very cool that you have found new artists there! Me too. 😉 –Kim

  10. Matt Johannesen

    Hi Kim,

    I finished White Witch Black Curse and I have to say it is my new favourite (formerly Fist Full of Charms) it was pure gold I couldnt put it back down I was reading it on the bus, before work and on my breaks. I really liked the scene when Rachel chases after Mia at the mall that was good I also liked when Rachel remembered what happened with Kisten it was so sad especially when he was talking about how God looks after your soul until you are ready to come home I cried. The last chapters were so sad and its rare that a book makes me cry so well done :).
    Just a quick question do you get emotional writing those scenes?

    • Hi, Matt. Thanks! I’m really glad you liked it that much! You asked if I get emotional when I write? OMGosh, yes. I was misrable the week that I wrote Kisten’s death. And I usually cried when I actually worked on it. So I really am telling the truth when I say I understand when someone tells me they are upset that he’s dead. I guess I’m a method writer. (grin) I hope you like what’s coming next. –Kim

  11. It looks like a damsel fly to me, but a little too furry…

    I found it! it looks like an owlfly!

    • Kelly! That’s it! Wow! Thank you! You get the gold star! How weird is that? I didn’t notice any smell, but it didn’t like me taking it’s picture, which means it was very aware of me. (Meaning it was acting like a preditor.) Cool! Thanks! –Kim

  12. Bob J

    Dear Kim-inator,

    I believe that their is only a few sources for your visitor.

    1) It crossed over from some other realm like the Hollows, or maybe the
    nightside. ( Do not think it came over from the everafter, since the sun
    was up.)

    2) Al, Newt, or some other demon left a gift for you.

    3) The Elves sent it. (The Elves, the Elves, Ooooh noooo, not the Elves.)

    Next time you see it, why don’t you ask it? You may find the conversation quit interesting.

    Best Regards,

    Bob J.

  13. Christine B

    Hey Kim. Interesting bug…my first thought was Cicada, but the body isn’t right? HMMMM. Anyway, Happy August and that means HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOON!!!! At least that’s still a secret right? My big 4-0 is coming soon and the hubby is taking me up to Salem MA! Very cool! Can I get you anything? I’d love to send you something if you’re interested. The little guy starts kindergarten at the end of the month…hope I can handle it. Need “Unbound” soon to hold me over. Missing the Hollows in CT. Take care, Christine B

    • Hi, Christine. No, not a cicada. We’ve got tons of those adn I know what they look like. (It’s loud here at night) And yup! I’ve got a birthday in the sign of Leo. Yay! Or should I say, roar! It’s one of the things that Rachel and I share. I thougth it would be a good idea. (grin)

      Good luck with kindergarden! –Kim

    • lemonade

      Hey, I’m a leo too! I knew I liked you for some reason! lol

      Happy Cake day, whenever it is!

  14. Brandi

    The only bug I like is the one that leaves me very much alone! LOL! Im glad that you had a chance to get dirty this weekend!

  15. jeremy

    maybe its jenks pet dragonfly 😉

  16. Juliet

    Sorry, for post again, but I have a question that came to my mind, last night when I was reading WWBC. Rachel tells us in that book, that she is 26 years old, right? In your third book (German Edtion) there is a timeline, where I´ve read, that she was born in 1981. So, I was born in that year too and I´m 28 now…shouldn´t Rachel be at least 27 by now?

    Sorry, I´m just obsessive and confused 😉

    • Hi, Juliet. I can see why you’re confused. The books are not at 2009. WWBC takes place in 2008, I think. I need to go look at my notes. I will write four books in four years, but they only take up one year, book time. –Kim

    • Juliet

      Ok, beginning of 2008. Agreed! 😉

  17. Chastity

    Hey Kim–can’t help you with that little winged thing you found, ask Jenks I’m sure he could tell you. (grin) As for the Monday blahs, I know them all too well, but I’ll send positive energy your way to help you fight through them! I’d say Happy Monday, but we both know that would be a lie so instead I’ll wish you luck for today!

  18. Phil

    Hi Kim! Sorry, I have no clue about your new discovery’s identity.. something from Jenk’s garden if i had to guess?? Lol.

    Hope you have your energy back after your working weekend. Let your creative juices flow and revitalize! Is that too zen!? *grin* ~Phil

    • Hi, Phil.

      I’m sure someone out there knows what it is. If not, I’ll start to dig. It’s just too weird!

      My creative energy is back. Once I got working on the graphic novel, it was like long fallow muscles started stretching. Man, I hope I’m doing this right. 😉 –Kim

    • Thomas McNeill

      Kim,somehow I can’t imagine you doing too much that isn’t right when it comes to writting your series,LOL.If you canj’t do justice to the grafic novel then nobody can.
      Blessed Be

    • Thanks, Thomas. I appreciate that. 😉

  19. Antonio Rich

    Last week i was talking to a female friend about some of my favorite authors and i could see that look in her eyes, that look that says “Oh great, he’s talking about HER again.” (GRIN) Guilty. You know, it’s interesting, last week when you told us the newest Hallows news i had a notion that i couldn’t readily place until i thought a bit about it. Pride. I know that’s presumptous, but when you pay attention to us it’s hard not to feel a little proprietary over your career. I want you to do well, and be challenged. I’m excited for you because…well, your excited. (ps when i submitted, i got a note that said i was posting too quickly/slow down. ? i wonder what that means?)

    • Hi, Antonio. Wow. Thanks! (blush) I’m really flattered that you are that invested in it all. It’s been wonderful sharing the ups with you guys. The downs, I just keep to myself. (grin) Mostly. (bigger grin)

      Mmmm. I’ve no idea why that message popped up. It must be automated. –Kim

  20. suzannelazear

    It’s really from the realm of Faerie and escaped during the last earthquake…ok maybe not…the tot wants to catch one to keep in her butterfluy house…
    ~Suzanne and the tot

  21. Missy

    So I just got out of a really bad relationship and all this alone time is killing me so I thought to myself what did I do before HIM? Duh read books. So there I was looking on line for another authors series cause I had only ever read the first one in her series so I thought I would order the rest to give me something to do so I can stop being so pathectic over this whole break up, when what do I come across. . . White Witch, Black Curse by you guessed it, YOU! I tore through all the ones that were published at the time (before the EX) and loved every second of them. I even came to this website to figure out if you were going to continue on with series and when the next book was going to come out, but at the time there was nothing posted of this new book. I know, its been out for awhile, but I just got my life back and I am just finding myself again after being in one of those all consuming black holes of a relationship where you lose yourself because there just isnt room for both of you to be in the room. Self centered. . . demon. Anyway you have no idea how thrilled I am to have discovered and now own white witch black curse and how much it helped me remember once upon a time when I had been really happy and it didnt center around a man. Thanks again so much. I am going to shut up now so I can go get started on the book. I hope all is well with you!

    • Missy, I’m really glad to hear that you are pulling yourself out of a bad relationship and balancing yourself. I’m honored that the escape of my work has played into that a little, and I hope that you get out there and be happy! Because when you are happy, you attract happy. –Kim

  22. V^^^^V

    Howdy ma’am

    Here’s a link to some dragon fly pictures..You might find your little friend in there.

    Maybe they are migrating here from the EU. 🙂


  23. Juliet

    For me it looks like Libellula depressa, but thats an european Dragonfly, sooo…Yay, you´ve found a new species. Well, than congrats…you should call her Hollow-Fly and give her a part in your new book 😉

  24. Irene Zetina

    Hey well I have no idea what that insect is, but I wanted to give you a suggestion if you ever make the Hollows books into movies I believe you should cast Tilda Swinton as Newt; I’ve seen her in other films and she seems to portray an androgynous character rather well. I really do hope you consider taking the books into film.

    Well thank you for your time.

    Irene Z.