Something I forgot about . . .

VampireRomance. . . but one of my astute readers found.  😉  I you by chance like vampire romance, and if you by chance pick up the latest MAMMOTH BOOK OF VAMPIRE ROMANCE 2 edited by Trisha Telep (Due out September 2nd) there is a short story in there by me under the Dawn Cook name.  (grin)  This will also be released in the UK under the title LOVE BITES, MAMMOTH BOOK OF VAMPIRE ROMANCE 2.  (Due August 27th)  There’s kind of a funny story about how it came about because the person collecting submissions came to Dawn Cook, liking her work and thinking she coud do a great vampire story.  I, of course, was delighted, because I think some of my best magic systems were developed with the Dawn Cook books, so I chiseled out some time and made an entirely new vampire story for her.  Just for fun.  And I kinda like it.  (grin)  So if vampire romance is your thing, (which my story is not.  It’s just a vampire story far and away from the Hollows,) you might want to give it a look-see while you’re standing in the book store.  August 27th in the UK, and September 2 in the US.



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  1. Meaghan

    I’ve just read the Decoy Princess and Princess at Sea books and I really enjoyed them. Will there ever be a third book in this series?

  2. Do you have one literary agent that represents both Harrison and Cook novels? I’m currently doing my research for a targeted attack of query letters I’m about to mail. Thanks

    • That’s a great question, Laura. I have one agent who handles both, but one of my writer friends has two agents, one for her fantasy, and one for her suspense and mystery. The reason? Her original agent didn’t have the contacts to sell fantasy. Agent’s specialize just like editors, which is why it’s important to target your submissions to the right agent or editor.

  3. VDR

    I am of the clueless variety since I have never read a Kim Harrison book and I didn’t know until thirty minutes ago that she and Dawn Cook were one and the same… but I HAVE read the princess books…. and I loved and adored them. So this is more in relation to those than anything else. (sorry for posting it on here but I couldn’t find anywhere else….) I’m agreeing with Chrys on this one, will you ever write a book number three?
    I read the end and it was a “you can’t do that to me, there has to be a third!!!!” moment.
    There was just this huge opening to a third book, and I rushed to amazon to see if there was one, and to my great disapointment…. there wasn’t. I’m not going to be annoying and plead for it (though it is highly tempting, don’t get me wrong) but I do have a question.
    Basically I’m wondering if you could put me out of my misery and tell me if the Princess Duet will become trilogy, or if you never planned to take it there.
    I’m sorry to bother you with this, but in front of this computer screen is a VDR: Very Desperate Reader.

    • Hi VDR. Oh, very cool! I’m so glad you found my work through the Dawn Cook books! Writing to me here about the Truth or Princess books is perfectly fine. 😉 Unfortunatly I probably won’t get back to the Princess books for years and years if at all. I’m scheduled out pretty tight.

      I’m both pleased, flattered, and sorry that there won’t be a third princess book. Maybe someday, but it’s not in the plans right now. sigh.


    • VDR

      Ah. Well. Thanks for answering! Hope springs eternal anyway! And in any case, thank you so much for such a wonderful adventure.
      I am now on my way to trying to find the Truth books, and maybe trying the first of the Hollows…. And seeing the Once Burned Twice Shy preview on your site got my attention too, so I’ll be throwing myself at that one. I’m into angels and specifically nephilim at the moment, so it is fuel for the blaze…
      Your characters will be seeing more of me very soon…. You got me hooked with Decoy Princess and I’m sure the rest of your novels will be just as great.

    • Hi, VDR. 😉 I hope you enjoy them if you do check them out. There are a few scenes. . . OMGosh, I loved writing those.

  4. Thomas McNeill

    Kim,I had to resort to useing this media to contact you (or snailmail)
    since I tryed on your facebook page,but couldn’t verify my account as I
    am one of the few who dosn’t have a cell and dosn’t beleive in texting.
    Stupid me,I thought phones were to talk on LOL.
    I wrote you thru your publisher,and you responded on a burning bunny
    card,which I framed and hung on my wall.
    I’m a 50 yr old male witch (practicing Wiccan) and as I told you,I love
    that you realise there are male&female witches and that contrary to what
    Hollywood says,A male witch is not a Warlock.
    I love your Hollows series.I have 3 more to read and then I’ll live for
    Febuary when “Black Magic Sanction” is due to be released.Please,,,,,
    Never stop the series as I and many others would go into Hollows
    Love ya
    I still think the “Burning Bunny”looks
    more like a “Burning Kitty” and you
    know how us Witches feel about our Kittys,LOL.

    • Hi, Thomas. This is the BEST way to talk to me. Email is only for business contacts so I don’t spend all day on my email. But I remember your snail mail! 😉 I appreciated your letter.

      Mmmm, unfortunatly, I see an end for the Hollows. Not for a long time, though. My bunnies (or kitties?) will keep burning! –Kim

  5. jeremy

    hello kim! I hate to bother your busy schedule, but i need your advice/opinion. I have to do a summer book report for my advanced english class (cant believe they want us to do this during summer) and i would just loooove to be able to do it on your books. But sadly, i am not aloud to. this so because i have already done your books in previous reports and also your books aren’t “school appropriate”. soooo i had to look fiercly all over the internet for a book i could enjoy (i am an extremely picky reader). thats why i asked you for a reccomendation on a previous post. blah! im being blabbitive. ok so the whole reason im writing you is because i was wondering if you ever heard of the author SHIRLEY DAMSGAARD. she seems somewhat like something i would like. so if you could please tell me if you have ever read her work it would help. thank you!!!!!!

  6. Shannon

    I was quite disappointed with Entertainment Weekly not interviewing you or including your books in their big spread about media vampires. Come on, who’s a sexier literary vamp than Kisten?? Of course, they left out Spike from ‘Buffy’ so they obviously have very little taste. 😦

    BTW, following your Clint Eastwood movie titles, I really think you should have a book at some point called “Play Takata for Me.” lol

    –Shannon (from Indiana)

    • Hi, Shannon. I noticed that there were a lot of authors that I’m familar with that didn’t get mentioned. No worries. 😉 Just the nature of the beast. They might have been showcasing vampire romance, which I am NOT! 😉 Play Takata for me? I’ll keep that one in the file. Thanks!

  7. Heather

    Hi kim, It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on your page. I’ve been seeking out new vampire authors to read. I will have to read that one now. I took a chance on the dark days series and it is good. I just finished reading Jeaniene Frost’s new book it was the best one yet. Well I’m still so excited about the Hollows book. I’m glad you finally released the name. Well until next time…

  8. mudepoz

    My dearest kim *Doing the buppy sub crawl* Do you suppose it would be possible to come up with Burning Bunny Stickies…maybe could be a book plate? Or even…gasp, magnets?

    Forever yours (Or until you stop writing, which will likely be beyond my lifespan…)


  9. James Fox

    Hi Kim It’s Jim from Youngstown. I keep wondering, if they don’t get killed, what is the natural lifespan of a vampire? Ivy has been accused of long-hunting Rachel, but what good is that if Rachel out-lives her, since Ivy refuses to kill her. Sorry if you answered this, but did look in the FAQ’s

    • Hi, Jim. Mmmm, a living vampire lives about as long as a human, but once undead, they usually only live 40 to 50 years more. A few manage to break the undead ceiling, and then they can live forever, in theory. Hope that helps! –Kim

  10. Bob J

    Dear Kim-inator,

    Hope that have got all your work finished for the weekend. If not, I can’t say blow it off. I wish to get my hands on the new book. If you are up to another challenge, try full cast audio books. It is the next best thing to TV or movies.

    Hope that the Harrison house hold has a good weekend,

    Bob J

    • Hi, Bob. We had a pretty good weekend, thanks! I got enough done on Friday that I could work about 4-5 hours each day and still have time for the yard and family. Mailing BMS out again is going to feel good, though. –Kim

  11. Sebrina

    I’ve read through the first Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance, and I almost felt unfulfilled. A lot of the stories seemed to stop short, and leave you hanging as if they’re not entirely finished. However, I do have to say if you’re using it to get a hang for a writer’s style it’s very good. I actually found my love for historical paranormal romance through anthologies, which is something I never expected.

    The Dates From Hell anthology was actually how I found out about Kim, and how I decided I really enjoyed her world. I have so many anthologies now. I was kind of lucky because I bought the Holidays Are Hell Anthology after Christmas and then when I was back in the States in June to visit family I was able to buy the new book. Well, my mom bought it as she’s my enabler, but I actually had a fangirl squee for Pierce. I don’t do that often 😉 hehe.

    I think I lost the point somewhere in there, but anthologies are good; however, I found Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance vol 1 a little difficult. Still, it probably won’t deter me from vol 2 as I’m a sucker for vampires. Erm, no pun intended. Really. 😉

    • Roger

      A thing about anthologies:
      Some of the stories that seem short can be part of a longer story. An example: in “Hotter Than Hell” an anthology I bought because of Kim’s story “Dirty Magic”, there is a story by Lilith Saintcrow entitled “Brother’s Keeper” which I thought fell short / unfinished. On her website you can read “The Rest of the Story” – entitled “Selena” nineteen chapters. Free.
      Anthologies are a great way to test read other authors, now my need list for books just grows and grows. So much to read, so little time.
      Roger – Illinois

    • Hi, Sebrina. My submission for the anthology isn’t that long, so don’t get it just for the Dawn Cook story! I hope you enjoy it if you do check it out. I like anthologys for just what you mentioned about being introduced to new authors. –Kim

  12. Phil

    Vampire + Romance + DAWN COOK??? Oh, that’s got to be an amazing read!!! OK, so minus the romance, since you said your story isn’t a romance, but i’m marking Sept. 2 on my calendar, WOW!!! 3 new releases to look forward to! Thanks, Kim!!!

    Just one question about the graphic? Since you told us it starts with Rachel’s and Ivy’s first year as partners in the I.S., will we see when they actually meet for the first time? If that’s a spoiler, you certainly need not answer (grin).

    Have a great weekend, Kim!!! ~Phil

    • Hi, Phil. Yup! Dawn Cook writes vampire fiction! (laugh) I hope you check it out. You asked about the graphic novel? I hope to show their first meeting, yes. We’ll see! –Kim

  13. suzannelazear

    Ooh, a Dawn Cook Vampire story? I have to check that out. I brought the first Princess book to dance class in an effort to get ODTS back from the dance gurlz, lol (since the arc isn’t mine either, lol. I have to give it back to the person *I* hijacked it from). I’ll let the creative writing gurlz know about you being a plotter. (I’m trying to teach plotting to an *entire* class of teen-age pantsers, lol.)

    The tot recomends a red, sparkly tiara considering you write about witches and vampires, lol. She says everyone needs a tiara, a wand, and a big bottle of bubble bath that smells good (her words, lol)

    Happy weekend.

    ~Suzanne and the tot

    • Hi, Suzanne. Cool! I hope you give it a look. That is too funny about your class and the books. (grin) Hey, if it helps, I was a pantser for my first two books until I figured out I worked better as a plotter. –Kim

  14. Chrisy

    Ah! Now I got it! You have different nicknames? I was so confused… I am still. But why do you invent these names? …I don’t understand that. Damn I bet I’m the only one who didn’t know that. … Ja I think I can live with that though. Please explain! I’ve never heard of authors before who change their names. Excuse my stupidity… I was born like that (laugh) – Chrisy

    • Hi, Chrisy. Yes, that’s about it. Two names. The reason people use pen names varies, but you usually have to change your name if you write for a different publisher, which is what happened to me. And I sort of liked the idea. Don’t feel bad about not knowing! 😉 Not many people did until recently. –Kim

  15. Tina in WI

    Wow! Is there anything you can’t do when it comes to writing?!?! So impressed! Keep up the great work! Can’t wait for the next book!

    P.S. Just introduced two more people to the Hollows!

  16. Chrys

    I miss the Dawn books! I’m so glad this one is coming out. 🙂 Every so often I wonder about what Tess and Jeck are up to… (can you give us a hint? lol) I do hope you go back to them after the Hollows and Madison runs its course!

    • Hi, Chrys. You know, I really enjoyed them when I worked on them, and I still contend that they had some of my best magic systems. Tess and Jeck? I was seeing them go to his old kingdom next . . . 😉 –Kim

  17. V^^^^V

    Howdy ma’am,

    Glad to see little Dawn is still getting some worked every now and again. How surprised were they when they found out she is you or you are her?

    Happy Friday! i hope you get a chance to enjoy some of your weekend. i saw where you said you may have to work through it.

    You know what they say about all work and no play..right? If you do let me know ’cause I forgot. 🙂


    • Hi, Vampy. Yup, Dawn gets some excercise now and again. (laugh) I think she was VERY surprised.

      I did get into the yard a little this weekend. Weeding, mostly, catching up on the two weeks that I was gone. I hope you had a great weekend! –Kim

  18. Joy

    Kim, Yay! I am excited to read your entry in the MBVR2! The first volume was fun and had great shorts from some of my favorite authors. Can’t wait to read your new story! We are getting spoiled with two releases back to back! Thanks.

  19. UK Kate

    Hiya Kim,
    Wow! We get it in the UK before it’s out in the US??!! That’s gotta be a first! Hope you have a good weekend, despite working. I’ll be doing the same – yay! I’ve been really looking forward to having a weekend to work on my book instead of DIY on the house… That said, Ben may well rope me in to do a few hours painting and I have lunch with a friend on Saturday, but Sunday is all mine, all mine… mwah hah hah hah hah. Hmmm seems I’m developing the writer ‘oddness’. Is there a cure for that? Hope you’re well. Take it easy, UK Kate ;P

    • Hi, Kate. Yes! Isn’t that a nice switch? I hope you like it if you check it out. I hope you had a chance to work on your book this weekend. That’s what I was doing, mostly. 😉 –Kim

  20. Jenn

    OK…I didn’t know you wrote as Dawn Cook! Now I have a whole new batch of books to look for (grin). My hubby is going to be ever so pleased…lol

    So, I have a requrest for Rachel. My baby skunks, have decided to live under my front steps (phew!) which is not a problem unless they are coming or going…can Rachel make me a scent nulling charm for let’s say a 30 ft radius around my house? (grin) Just a little fun!

    Going to Rib Fest this weekend! Hope your’s is excellent!


    • Hi, Jenn. It’s been out for a while that I wrote under another name, but not that long! (grin) I hope you check them out, but they are nothing like the Hollows. A anti-stink charm? Mmmm, that sounds like something fun for the books. 😉

      Have fun at the rib fest! –Kim

  21. Brandi

    Oooh I didnt know you had (another?) pen name! Im off to B&N to find some more stuff you’ve written! Thank God too because I have been bored while waiting for new releases from you and KMM. 🙂

    • Hi, Brandi. Yup! I have two compleated series out under the Dawn Cook name, but they’ve been out a while, so they are harder to find. I hope you give them a chance, but I do want to warn you that they are VERY different from the Hollows, which is one of the reasons they are under a different name. Enjoy! –Kim

  22. *sigh*
    Buppy raising is NOT cheap. Dog showing is NOT cheap. I finally can get a new van to replace the 260K mile Mudepozmobile, and NOW you tell us. Wait
    *Checks old posts*
    Yeah, you did mention it.
    Back to Amazon…
    Have a good weekend. Just for this I am tempted to send you the excess Prairie Plants I have. * (Superscript asterisk, see foot note)
    *These represent crooked fangs. I always thought Iris’ boss had them.

  23. Franziska


    This is not really relatet to the entry above but I hope you don’t mind.
    I just red “The Outlaw Demon wails”. And I’m really into your series!
    It’s great!
    My favorite Part of the howl series just left me breathless…
    It’s the szene when Rachel takes Al’s hand and her Mother sees them..
    “it’s too late…”
    I soooo loved it!
    I’m eager to find out more about Gargoyls in your world
    And I just have to read / experiance such a lesson with Al!
    I hope ther comes more about it!


    P.S.: I hope you can read it… I read all your book’s in English but writing by myself.. I’m a bit out of praktice.. I’m one of your German fan’s!

    • Phil

      That was an awesome scene in ODW!!!! I definitely agree! Scary!!! and speaking of SCARY scenes… the one in Skimmer’s jail cell in WWBC!!! Hope you read it, too, Ziska!!!! ~Phil

    • Wait til you get to WWBC. A unique, um, sex scene. Not your typlcal insert Tab A to Slot B.

      First time anyone has changed biology that I’ve read. Very impressive. And, um, *blush* hot.
      *Runs off, hoping, now that my cover is blown due to the linking of my written diarhea of the mouth to my blog no one catches this. Too much to hope. BLUSH*

    • Hi, Ziska. Thank you! I’m really glad you’re enjoying the books. That scene is one of my favorites. Gives me chills! 😉 I don’t know if they will have it in Germany, but there will be a Bis/Jenks novella out this late August in the anthology UNBOUND. I hope you keep enjoying the series! –Kim

  24. Stephanie

    The Mammoth book of Vampire Romance sounds interesting. I’ll have to pick it up when it comes out, if for nothing else than that you’re in there, :).
    Also, since you mentioned the Dawn Cook books. I read the Princess Series and really enjoyed them. I was disappointed there were only 2. I’m also reading the Truth series now. I’ve read the first 2 but my local library and local book store do not have them so my mother (I love her) is getting them via interlibrary loan for me. Yay!
    Madison is on my list for the summer as well but I have yet to get it. (soon I hope). Work always seems to get in the way of my reading. 🙂

    • Hi, Stephanie. I’ve never done a vampire romance anthology, so I’m excited! That is so cool you’ve read the Princess books! I’m really glad you enjoyed them! I hope you like the Truth books. And Madison! –Kim