Kim Harrison’s Hollows Goes Graphic

Ta-da!  (big silly grin)  It’s been a rough month, but I finally feel comfortable singing the news from the rooftops.  Contracts are signed, and I actually have the first story written at what would be my “dialog” stage if I was making this a normal novella.  The Hollows is going graphic!  Whooo-hoo!

I want to try to do the scrip myself to preserve as much of the original feel as I can, (not to mention the new media is facinating), so I’ve been studying graphic novels the past month to try to get a feel for how comic books are put together.  There is a pattern, just like everything else, and putting it all together is kind of daunting.  But I love it.  There is a huge freedom in this media that you can’t get in traditional prose.  It will be the first time that I can write with an omnipresent point of view, which means I can show things that the main character doesn’t see.  I’m having a blast with it.  Totally.

Best part?  I’ve discussed it with my editor, and we are going to tackle this from Ivy’s point of view.  I swear, the woman scares me, but it’s been a couple of years since the novella in DATES FROM HELL, and I think I’m ready to try it again.

Um, and Kisten is still alive.  (grin)

I’ve no idea when this is going to come out, but Del Rey wants the script like now, so it’s moving.  And I’m so-o-o-o excited.



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  2. April T.

    YES YES YES!!!!!!! I am so freakin excited. Kim, you are just my favorite! I loved it when Laurel K Hamilton’s Anita Blake series went graphic. AND NOW YOURS!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Kisten (swooning).. LOL and Ivy has been my favorite character since Book 1. Congrats Kim. I know you love the challenge!

  3. Stephenie




    May I just say I am very excited… and THANK YOU!

    I suppose Kisten is only alive for the graphic novel? Not the series? I keep hoping Rachel and Ivy hallucinated the whole thing and he’s just on a cruise somewhere.

    I cried for three and a half hours straight when Kisten died, it was one of the most depressing things of all last summer. I have trouble dealing with the fact that these are fictional characters and not real people. (They are fictional right? You would tell us if they’re real?) 😀

    I’m excited to see how it all turns out, being an artist and a writer aesthetics always frighten me, but I’m very very excited. Especially since it’s from Ivy’s pov.

    -Stephenie O.

    • Thanks, Stephenie! I’m glad you’re excited! Yes, Kisten is alive only for the graphic novels. It’s sort of a prequel, so he’s still around. I’m so sorry his death hit you so hard. I cried every time I had to work on that part, so I know a little how you felt. –Kim

  4. Janette


    Ummm, as excited as I am about another Hollows novel, I guess I’m one of the few people that aren’t all that crazy about graphic novels. Sorry, just me. I was never a big comic book reader when I was a kid either.

    So, my question is: is this going to be the trend of all future Hollows novels, or just this one story? I’ve noticed that they’ve done a graphic novel for Harry Dresden and for Mercy Thompson also.


    • Hi, Janette. No worries. I’m trying to write something that you won’t have to read in order to follow the regular books, so if you miss them, it won’t impact your enjoyment of the others. I’ve got two planned right now, but they are unique stores, not the old ones rehashed. –Kim

  5. Suni

    OMG!!! this is the GREATEST news i have heard in all my 21 years! i love all your books i have read so far and they just keep getting better and better. i just started reading the 5th book. I’m on the 8th chapter and WOW it is getting s-o-o-o GOOD! I’m blaming you for my late nights! i just can’t seem to put your books down and hearing about this news, I’m for sure not going to be able to sleep now because I’ll be thinking about this 24/7 ‘when is it going to happen/come out’


    P.S the characters are the best EVER! they kick ass (#l_)

    • Hi, Suni. Wow, thanks! I’m tickled that you’re excited about it! We’re looking at a Fall 2010. Just a little more than a year. Whoo-hoo! –Kim

  6. David Fitzgerald

    This is beyond awesome! I can’t wait to tell my friends who read the Hollows but not the website.

    Think you’ll reissue early swag like the tokens with orders?

    Also will you be autographing these too? (Why break a 100% record in my collection 😉

    • Hi, David. Thanks! I’m excited, too. I don’t think we will be doing swag. It’s expensive, and I’m saving my budget for the regular books. But you can bet I’ll autograph them! Looking forward to it! –Kim

  7. Kristen

    Good lord. I was having quite the stressed summer due to my new job but this just made up for months of exhaustion. I’d been praying for this to happen, as I always wondered what it’d be like to have my favorite novels graphic style. I’m a bit of a manga freak and I’d read the LKH graphic novels too, so naturally I was wishing for this to be turned, and low and behold here we have it!

    Not only that, but being told by Ivy’s point of view? My most favorite novel character ever?

    When I was reading this I thought I had died and gone to my own little personal heaven. The wait for the graphic novel to come out is going to be torture, but one well worth the pain of impatience.

    • Kristen, I know what you mean about the wait. It’s going to be a long time before it comes out, and I can’t wait. I’m so pleased that you’re already waiting for it. Thanks! –Kim

  8. WOW!! Kristen is BACK!! I don’t care Graphic, paper, film, whatever! I cried so much when he died that I take anything that has he ALIVE and bringind SEXY BACK! Thanks Kim! You’re the BEST!


  9. Heya Kim so did I get it right that it won’t be just like the DWW in graphic form but a new storyline? This is so cool! And we can finally stop to wonder how they look to you when you paint them! That’s awesome, have a great weekend! aimée

  10. Debbie

    YES ! Thank You, I need more Kisten, More Rachel, More Ivy, Jenks… more Hollows ! I am so addicted to yoir charcters and their stories and can’t wait for teh graphic novels. Del Rey has some very good graphic novels. Do you know how many may be in the series ?

  11. Stan

    OMG Kim! I totally missed this blog since I’m on vacation with limited access, but you just made my year! I’m so excited to read this! 😀 😀 😀
    Mark, LV

  12. This is amazing news! Yayyyyy! I am so happy right now, i can’t wait to see this.

    Ohh Kim this is such a great news that the words are failing me *grins*

    • Thank you, Caroline! I’m really excited, too. It looks like we have a Fall 2010 release. Dude, I gotta really get moving on this. (grin) –Kim

  13. Chrisy

    Hey! Kim! How cool is that?!
    Wow I’m exited! Do you know who will draw the pictures yet? Damn how I’d love to do that… yeah but I’ll probably never get a chance. I hope the artist is good and won’t mess your art up. I’m a little worried… Anyways…
    Thumps up and good luck for the new format!

    • Thanks, Chrisy! It’s been a wild few weeks sitting on this until I knew for sure. We don’t have an artist yet, no. I think they are waiting to see the script. Hey, don’t _ever_ squash an interest you have. It grows depending upon how much time you give it. 😉 Kim

  14. Kira

    WOW! thats great news Kim! i cant wait! so, do you get a say in how the characters look? or do you just judge someone elses pictures? i really cant wait! you really gotta get them to make a movie….all the best Kim. =D

    • Hi, Kira. Thanks! I’m really excited, too! I do get a say in the characters, giving the artist a description to work from. We’ll see just how successfull I am at it. It’s a skill like everything else. As for a movie? I’d love to see it, but I personally don’t feel ready for it? Timing is everything. –Kim

  15. Aimee

    Ivy scares you?!? No way!! Rachel scares me heaps more – I’d feel a tiny bit safer with an angry vamp covering me.
    But I haven’t read your latest yet, so I don’t know whether that may have changed…
    It’s been so long since I read the others – I’m re-re-re-re-re-reading them. Tee hee.

    • Absolutely! Ivy scares me more because of the mental and physical abuse she is working thorough. She’s really hard to write, and it has an impact on my mood. Very cool on the re-reads. Thanks! I’m delighted that you’re enjoying them so much!–Kim

  16. Kneosha


    I was at my friends house looking after her son and had nothing to read so i was browsing her book collection and saw she had Prom Nights from Hell and read the Madison short story. I liked it so much that I checked my bank account and then headed to Hastings and picked up Once Dead Twice Shy and I’m falling in love with Madison. The hollows going graphic? And a from Ivy’s point of view? *Head explodsion* 😀 oh i can’t wait for that!


    • Hi, Kneosha. Wow, that’s too cool! I love hearing how people find the books. I hope you like ONCE DEAD, TWICE SHY! It’s the first of three, so everything won’t be wrapped up in that first one.

      As for the Hollows? Yup! We’re going graphic, and I’m really excited about the chance to see things from a new way.


  17. Matt Johannesen

    sounds exciting i had never read a comic either until Buffy Season 8 came to comics. It will be interesting to see how other people percieve the characters. I’m especially looking foward to see Ivy and Kisten.
    Do you get to choose/ approve of the illustrations?? Like if you think the characters dont look like they should?
    Again Congratulations everyone is loving the hollows 🙂

    • Thanks, Matt. I’m really excited about it. I’m trying to be very flexable in who is working with me on these, but yes, I do have a say. There is no way that anyone artist can satisify everyone’s mental immage of one, let alone all the characters, so I hope that my readers relax and enjoy the books for what they are instead of picking at them to death and making the experence ugly. I do feel confident that when the product is done that _I_ will be happy with them. 😉 –Kim

  18. SeattleRobin

    I don’t really have anything new to add, so I’ll just say congrats along with everyone else! Very exciting news! I’ve never been into comics or graphic novels much, but have enjoyed a few of them. Been collecting the Buffy Season 8 books which has been fun. So that will be good priming for some Hollows books. 🙂 I think doing prequels is an excellent way to go for this project! This news helped make being hot and cranky a little more bearable. (It’s wayyyy too hot here in Seattle!)

    • Hi, Robin. Hot? In Seattle? How odd! I’m sure it will cool off soon. We seem to be getting your rain, and though it’s muggy, it’s great to not be in drought anymore.

      I’ve never been one to collect comic books, either, and I’ve enjoyed expanding my reading tastes this last month. Some of the artwork is stunning. –Kim

  19. Jenn From Louisana

    Congrats Kim on the graphic novel. I can’t wait to get my hands on one. I can’t wait to see Kisten again but does this mean we’ll have to relieve his death again? I hope not though if they go on for awhile I guess that we would have too.

  20. Kiraglade

    Yay more Kisten – I miss him, he was so much fun.
    Ivy’s POV should be nice and twisted =)

    • Hi, Kiraglade. Ivy is very hard for me to write from her POV, but I think I’m up to it. It’s been a couple of years since the novella in DATES FROM HELL. I miss Kisten, too. 😉 –Kim

  21. Aja

    I just finished reading “Once Dead, Twice Shy” and I just wanted to tell you how great it was! Not only was this story great but I love all your work! I’ve never had a lot of self-esteem but everything I read by you makes me feel like I can do anything!

  22. Judy

    *does the happy dance* How exciting! Kisten alive again (if only for the time being – I’ll take what I can get! 😉 ) and the story from Ivy’s POV!! Can’t wait to read it! Keep us posted!

    Speaking of Kisten … today on LJ there was a writer’s block question ( asking which vampire you’d most want to get bitten by and Kisten was at the top of my list! 🙂

    • Hi, Judy. I’m doing the happy dance right along with you. As for Kisten, he’s still dead, but since this is a prequel, he is alive!

      Ooooh, thanks for the link!


  23. Chastity

    YAY Kisten! Oh, I mean YAY the Hollows is going graphic! (grin) Seriously, this is so cool! I can’t wait! For so many different reasons, but mainly because I want to hear more from Ivy’s P.O.V. When can we see samples of the artwork? Who is doing that part?

    Please keep us posted as it progresses and again, Congrats!

    • Hi, Chastity. (grin) You can cheer for Kisten if you like! I sort of missed him. It’s going to be a while before it comes out, but I’m excited! Samples of the artwork? Golly, we’re not even sure who’s going to do it, yet! 😉 –Kim

  24. Alicia Halll

    I cant believe this. I dont usually reread books but I would love the chance to start back from the begininng with something new. Thanks!!

  25. Angela

    This is the greatest news I have heard all year! Love the series and can’t wait to see the new graphic novels! I loooove Ivy and am one of the people pulling for Ivy and Rachel! I think it would be great if the novels took place when they first meet in the IS. Keep us posted!

    • Thanks, Angela! It has put a spunk in my step, that’s for sure. I’m excited to be using different creative muscles, and the ideas are just flowing. –Kim

  26. *Head up, feet flying, snoopy dancing*
    *Trips, stumbles over bup*
    *Buppy shuffle dance*
    Yes, I really am happy with this. And I liked the Del Rey link. Greg Bear too.

  27. hapalochlaena

    Woohoo! Congratulations!

    Will we be seeing Rache and Ivy’s first meeting? It’ll be a blast!

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  28. lemonade

    You are mentioned a thumbnail above the halfway mark of this newsletter. You are right above “coming soon”. This is really exciting. I take it you don’t know who will be doing the graphics yet? Can’t wait to find out. And it seems like it won’t be like a regular comic book, but similar to those manga mini books that I see at the bookstore? Is that correct? I can’t wait to go shock the guys at the comic book store by being an estrogen laden human coming back in for more comics! LOL!!! (I have the LKH ones). It’s always gratifying to confuse an entire room full of men. I might even get girlied up for the occassion. ;D Thanks for the update. So happy for you!

    • OMGosh! Thanks, Lemonade! I didn’t know that was there. Whoo-hoo! No, we don’t know who will be doing the graphics yet. I think they want to look at the script first. If it comes out like I think it will, it will be a hardcover of about 190 pages, full color, the footprint about the size of a traditional comic. I’m thrilled. –Kim

  29. *Home*
    *Sits at computer*

  30. alfadir7

    Hi Ms. Kim! WOW! Great News. Congratulations! I’m happy for you. Can you share more of the process and your participation in this “new” adventure? Do you have power over how they draw the character? … the cover? Be Happy! A.N.

    • Hi, A.N.! Thanks! I’m excited, too. I don’t know a whole lot right now, but as soon as I do, I’ll pass it on. I will have a voice in the artist, yes, and I’m excited about it. –Kim

  31. Julia Constantin

    Wow, that is just awesome. Congrats! 😀
    Do you already know who’s going to design them? And Kirsten back. You just made my day. – Julsch

    Btw I liked ODTS, but I had a feeling that the first book was like a huge introduction and that the real action is ging to start in he next one. So, it wasn’t that satisfying, but it made me crave for more.

    • Thanks, Julia! I’m just thrilled. I won’t know much more for a while, yet, but yes, Kisten is still alive since it’s a prequel. I’m so pleased you liked ONCE DEAD, TWICE SHY! Thank you! You’re right in that it was sort of an introduction, but when you take into consideration that all three novels equal about one Hollows, you might understand why. I’m tickled you’re ready for more. –Kim

  32. Bob J

    Dear Kim,

    That is really cool, and telling things from Ivy’s point of view gives you the chance to fill in the holes that Rachel does not see, and does not want to know. Like what did Ivy do with the sword and all those stakes? Do you know who is going to be the artist? If you have the time check out, “Hellsing”, I think you would love it. Based around the vampire, “Alucard” (Check out the spelling.) with werewolf, manufactured vampires, Nazi’s, and mad priest as supporting characters. Alucard’s side kick Seras Victoria is more than a little scary. Add in all the guns and violence, I am afraid that this series has a lot of splatter, but has a really cool plot. You can catch the English episodes on You Tub. But, the books are better. Even if you have to read them backwards. (The problem with all Manga’s.)

    I did pick up hotter than hell and TODW from e-bay in paper back. So I got to read “Dirty Magic”, and “The Bespelled” last night. ( Have all your books on audio. It is easier for traveling. ) Both are good reads. But I really liked TB. Al really need to have head handed to him. I know, Al is a demon, and Ceri was playing with fire… But still, what a @$$. (That could mean both parties.) Very good stories for the darker side of the hollows. Buy the way, was Ceri in UK, France or Switzerland. Ceri does speak English and uses Irish words.

    Best Regards

    Bob Jacobs

    • Hi, Bob.

      OMGosh, I’ve no idea where Ceri came from. I never gave it much thought! Maybe I should. 😉

      Thanks for the suggestion on “research.” I’ve been expanding my reading lately, and I can always use another.

      I’m so glad that you picked up and enjoyed the shorts! They add a lot to the background, I think.


  33. WOFFIE

    Good Lady I would have to say this is great news! I was going to ask if you were working on an Anime project but this is better! The fact that you are thinking about doing it from Ivy’s viewpoint is even better! I hope you guys will not have to pull punches though… Thanks for the great news! *wags*

    Cold nose and wet licks


  34. Heidi

    That’s amazing!!! I can’t wait to get to ‘see’ more of Kisten!!! I’m so excited!!!

  35. Brandi

    Congrats on your new venture Kim!!!!! Im not into graphic novels but I will check yours out since I love your work so much! I also love me some Ivy! I never read the story that was from Ivy POV though, so maybe I should check that out. Will this work be like a second entity, or be considered The Hollows (sorry if that is a stupid question, but since you said our Kisten will be back I wasnt sure).

    • Hi, Brandi. Thanks! I’m excited to see how this goes, and I’m thrilled that you will check it out when it finally gets done. 😉 It will be more of a prequel to the books, but it is definitly Hollows.

      Ooooh, go check out DATES FROM HELL. It gives a lot of insight into Ivy.


  36. Phil

    AWESOME news, Kim!!! i knew it had to be bigger than fudge (grin) and from Ivy’s pov, too!!! i actually haven’t got into graphic novels but i’m not exactly going out on a limb to say yours will be fun and exciting!!!

    Do you have total say in depicting the characters the way you have in the books? You know what they say, You can’t improve on perfection!!!

    Wishing you best of luck on the new endeavor, and looking forward to seeing it in print soon!!!! ~Phil

    • Thanks, Phil! Yup, it’s bigger than fudge! I was never big on graphic novels, either, so it might be a little . . . different. (grin) I have quite a bit of say in the characters, yes. 😉 I can’t wait to see how it works out. –Kim

  37. That has to be one of the best news i got this week. I knew you would come up with something amazing with the Hollows after the WWBC heat cooled off. A graphic novel?! *faints* From Ivy’s POV??? *faints for good*

    I know i told this before, Ivy is my absolute favorite. Because you love even though she scares you, because she needs all the love in the world, heck she deserves it, because she loves/scares/protects/frustrates/angers Rachel… Do i need to go on really? You know all this better than we do.

    Mine might not be the popular wish here, but i am not so eager to see your work as a movie, for i fear they won’t follow the script and massacre it to fit the Hollywood’s take on morals and profits. Then there is the casting bit that has me worried. It is possible that i pictured them far too perfect in my mind >_>

    Let’s not forget other examples of book renditions. Tolkien fans didn’t like the cuts and changes to the story, to put it simply. Neither did Harry Potter fans (i, for one, don’t), excepting the “general audience”, which is what Hollywood will aim for in the first place. I really don’t want to see your magnificient work sacrificed for this.

    A graphic novel though, is swell! Could you give some hints about the topic? You said you would write about how Rachel and Ivy came to meet and work together. Dates From Hell ended right when Rachel was assigned under Ivy’s supervision. Will you start from there? Can’t wait to see it!

    • Brandi

      I love the HP books, but I will not watch the movies! The 3rd movie was a joke, and in that regaurd I agree with you for The Hollows. What is the WWBC? What heat?

    • WWBC is short for White Witch Black Curse, and the heat i was referring to was it’s coming out to the shelves, even though i didn’t get to see it here. Kim traveled and promoted her book all around the US, i believe. That’s what i meant.

      Well, i stopped buying the DVDs after the fourth and stopped watching after the fifth, so that makes me either more patient, or more naive.

    • Brandi

      Thanks for clearing that up for me LOL!!! I get it now! Blonde moment for the day. 😉 I about died when Ivy planted a kiss on her! I feel bad for SKimmer too–she saved Ivy from Piscary and Rachel should have been more grateful.

    • Brittany

      hi ezgi i was reading your comment and i got alittle confused, have they made movies about the hollows or thinking about it?

    • Brandi

      As far as I know there isnt any plans to make Kims work into a movie, this was just speculation. 🙂

    • Hi, Ezgi. I hear you about your worries concerning the relax-they-aren’t-going-to-make-it movie. I wouldn’t worry about it. There are so many other things that really need that energy.

      You asked for a hint? I’m aiming at the time Rachel and Ivy worked at the I.S. Whoo-hoo! I can’t wait to see it finished, either. –Kim

  38. Very exciting stuff. It will be interesting to see how all this plays out.

  39. Yurri

    Oh Whoa!! Very cool! and from Ivy’s perspective? WOW! And double WOW! Some of my favorite books are graphic novels like the Sandman series. It’s probably too early to talk about artists, huh? Ahhh, so excited, can’t wait for more updates, or for the publish date.

    As a fan of your works, I definitely will grab a copy when it comes out!

    • Thanks, Yurri! I’m really excited about the chance to work with Ivy again so closely. And yes, it’s too soon to talk about artists. I think they want to see the script, first. I hope you enjoy it when it FINALLY comes out. –Kim

  40. Antonio Rich

    I knew this was coming, but it’s still exciting. I mentioned Blood:the last Vampire recently and you gave me one of your famous “Hmmmmm….” replies. For people who ache for a movie, I would tell them there is no greater source than graphic novels/comics. This isn’t a detour. A graphic novel will focus your great characters into a tight plot-driven “graphic” depiction. I always thought Ivy/Rachel first year would be the obvious starting point for a movie anyway. And your books are always so graphic to me anyway, like your writing a television script. It’s going to be perfect material for the comic art form. Can’t wait. Congratulations!!!

    • Hi, Antonio. Timing is everything, right? 😉 I’m feeling very positive about it, and I hope that that enthusiasm carries all the way through. I’ve had the same thought as you about graphic novels being a source for movies. I have just scratched the surface, but I can see a flow of structure that lends itself to a visual medium, and I’m having a blast stretching and developing new ways to see my familiar characters.

      Thank you. I’m excited.


  41. Roger

    Graphic novel. Great news!
    How long will we wait?
    Single or series?
    Bound hardback?
    Variant covers?
    Roger – Illinois

    • Hi, Roger. I’m excited, too. I’m not sure when this is scheuled, but as soon as I know, I’ll pass it on. Right now, I’m sitting on two, but we’ll see. Hardback. Don’t know about the covers. (grin) I’m having so much fun. –Kim

  42. 😦 ahhh i didn’t like kisten.

    maybe there isn’t a huge lesbian following and im of few readers who actually WANT there to be something between Ivy and Rachel. Kisten impedes on this! 😦

    However, graphic novels are the ish, and i would love to see the end product!

    • Juliet

      You´re not alone. I´m hoping for a good ending for Ivy and Rachel, too…

      But I don´t think Kisten is the major problem in this case. Rachel and Ivy are the problem themself!! 😉
      IMO it´s a little odd, that Kisten will be in the story (because he is already dead in the books) but it´s ok for me…

    • Brandi

      I want to have Rahce and Ivy together as well, and Im straight LOL! Its the first time I have ever felt this way about loved characters, but I get really agravated waiting on Rachel to realize that Ivy is so good for her! LOL! But I do love Kisten 🙂 I thought for sure there was going to be a threesome like he wanted LOL!!!

    • Straight and cheering for them. You are not alone either.

    • Brittany

      hey brandi, ezgi is right you are not alone. I’m striaght and im rooting for them too. lol.. im getting really agravated about it too. i also thought the same thing about rachel and Kisten he was one of my favorite characters. I was so sad when he died i actually cried. lol…

    • Brandi

      I cried too. I cried when Rachel took the Focus into her because she thought Jenks and Ivy were gone. 😦 She needs to wake up and stop torturing Ivy LOL! I remember when I first started reading the series how brave Kim seemed to take this route. I havent read any other books that have this kind of dynamic, be it lesbian or gay, and I think its great that we can have such strong woman be romantically linked and not have it distract from the stories! Who better to take care of Rachel than Ivy (except of course Jenks)! Im glad Im not alone 🙂 Thanks ladies!

    • Brittany

      I konw i cried too when she took the focus into herself when she thought they were dead. I was like WHAT!!! LOL…
      And i agree she does need to stop torturing Ivy.
      I’m right there with you I havent read any other book that have this kind dynamic either.I also agree that kim is brave to take that kind of route. And i think its great that she will go there. Its a good thing to have an open mind and broaden your risens on different points. At least thats my opinion.

    • Hi, Sharell. Don’t worry. Kisten is still dead in the main series. This is more of a prequel. What’s happening with Ivy and Rachel now . . . well, I’ll be showing the roots of that in the graphic novels, and I’m excited about it. I hope you like it, too. –Kim

    • Sabrina

      Hell, I want the two of them together so badly that it hurts. They do not necessarily have to end up as a couple, but some Ivy on Rache action would really make my day. And I’ve stopped thinking completely straight ever since Ivy made her first pass at our little witch. Well, ok, that happened long before 🙂

  43. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I’ve mention before my, um, father was in publishing. Before he landed with the publshing houses, he worked for DC. I learned how to read with comic books. Graphic novels didn’t exist back then, but I admit…I adore them. LKH mentions on her blog that hers are very difficult as she does the lettering.

    So, are these totally NEW stories…and what is that going to do to your writing schedule with the Hollows. I know Madison is more or less completed, so is this what’s going to fill your time?

    *Squee!* Okay, so I’m an AARP member…I’m as old as mud. But you have just made my day and it was a worthy cliff hanger!

    Did I mention I love you?
    Mud, who tells that to my PA’s and Grad students when they make me coffee…

    • Hi, Mud. Yes, these will be brand-new stories, nothing canned or rehashed. No worries about my work schedule. It’s all fitting together really nicely. 😉 I’m so glad that you’re excited! I am, too! –Kim

  44. Suzi Lazear

    Wow! Graphic novel. Squee. Congrats! Not only does that sound amazing, but now you’re the coolest mom on the block, lol.

    So i guess you’ll be doing the San Diego commic con next year? *grin*

    Glad to hear your vacation went well. Thanks for posting your pics and such. It sounded very relaxing.

    The RWA national conference was *amazing.* I learned cool things, met cool people, and who knows *grin* maybe something very cool will come out of it. I’ve been working like mad trying to get everything out to those who want it while making sure it’s in the best condition possible. LOL.

    The tot wants to know if your “comic book” is “baby approporate” LOL
    My guess is no. Hmmm…what about an “adventures of the burnning bunnies” graphic short….

    ~Suzanne and the tot

    • Hi, Suzanne. I’m thrilled. I hadn’t thought about the coolest mom on the block angle. Mmmm. 😉 I’m not making any plans for comiccons, but I’m sure I’ll be going to another soon. As for being baby safe? Probably not. (grin)

      That’s fantastic that you had a great conference! Good for you making the most of it!


  45. Setsuna

    That’s awesome! I’m so glad to hear that you’re writing the dialogue!! I love comics (and manga)! If you get a chance, check out some of the Japanese-translated ones too! CLAMP does some awesome work- X, Holic… =P

  46. Kathy

    I do hope you continue your books too. I’m excited for you for trying something new, but unhappy if it makes us wait longer for Hallows books.

    • Hi, Kathy. Oh, you bet! I’ve got 12 to 13 books total to get to the end, and they are well in hand. There won’t be any delay in their release because of the graphic novels. No worries! –Kim

  47. stormy

    Awesome i love comics and the hollows. but really couldnt he just be dead and buried???

  48. Indy

    OMG Kim!!! That’s awesome news!!! 🙂 I am also a comic junkie with Spiderman, some X-men, and Buffy. Are they going to be novels or like a monthly series? Plus, from Ivy’s POV…I do love Ivy. Although, I’m really interested in seeing how the graphics of the characters relate the pics I have in my mind. Congrats!!! I can’t wait. Tell your publisher I’ll pre-order mine now.~Indy

    • Hi, Indy. Isn’t it fabulous? I’m thrilled, and I can’t wait to get back to work on it. Very cool that you’re already familar with the genre. If it goes as planned, it will be a graphic novel. Whoo-hoo! –Kim

  49. jamie, from Nashville

    So GREAT!! I can’t wait for the announcement on a release date… It will be interesting to know how you see Ivy, Kisten and, of course, Rach but Jenks and Al and the cops, and The Hollows and… *deep, cleansing breath…exhale slowly* Okay, got it back under control… Congratulations! YOU so deserve it – and so many more great, great things. Don’t work too hard but HURRY UP! 😉 VvvV

  50. Jessica

    That’s pretty good, I guess. But your still gonna continue the Hollows series, right? Don’t get me wrong, I think its great your trying something new. But I think I would cry if the original series died. I’m a big fan and your books are what turned me back onto reading. Anyway, good luck with the new venture.I’m sure it will be great!

    • Hi, Jessica. OMGosh, yes! I’m not done with the regular Hollows books, and they are progressing right on schedule. 12 to 13 to finish out the series. –Kim

  51. Candace

    You know, this just might turn me into a fan of graphic novels!! 😀 Woohoo, congrats! I know it’s probably going to be a bit of time before they are available to the public, but I can’t wait!

  52. Scott S, Clovis CA

    Kim, Congrats (and it’s about time!). I’m certain it will work out well. It has for other writers I enjoy such as Jim Butcher and C.E. Murphy — their graphic novels have been very popular. So enjoy the experience. We will.
    Scott S., Clovis, CA

  53. Brittany

    hi kim,
    Wow that is so awsome i cant believe the hollows are going graphic. congrats. any im really enjoying them the first time i read them it took me two weeks to read the first seven and now im dying for the eigth, could you please give us an estimate on when it will be out….
    Anyway i just love these books, its my favorite series.
    A fan, britany

    • Hi, Brittany. Thanks! I’m excited, too, and I can’t wait to see it as a real piece of work. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books. It won’t be until Feb before book eight comes out, but there’s a Bis/Jenks novella at the end of August in the UNBOUND anthology. –Kim

  54. Juliet

    Can you tell us by now, who will be the illustrator?? Such great news, I love graphic novels…congrats to you!!! 🙂

  55. Teri

    Kist is still alive!!!! Doing my little happy dance. Can’t wait for it to come out!

  56. Mendi in STL

    O WOW! Way to turn a ho-hum Tuesday into at whoo-hoo Tuesday Kim. Just when I thought I only had one comic to follow. You do know how daunting it is becoming to get a good comic this days, right? Just know that I will be having quite a journey to the local shop but every minute will be well worth it! Picking out just the right one and then getting the little archival sleeve to store it in….rubbing hands together. AHHHHHH! Ivy’s POV too!!!! Hey you can do it, she’s a big ol teddy bear…with fangs. Can’t wait! *VV*

  57. Sandra

    I’m probably the first person who is not excited. I think your work is much better than a manga or anime comic. You are in the same league as Charlaine Harris and her Sookie Stackhouse books. You too should have a TV series that really shows the characters and sourroundings of “the hallows”… not some cheesy anime comic that target base is 12 year olds.

    I’m not saying its not good for you to expand your fan base, cause it is. I just think that your work is meant for bigger and better media.

    • Hi, Sandra. Mmmm. I’m writing a graphic novel, not manga or anime targeting 12 year olds. (But I wouldn’t be opposed to it with the Madison series.) You might want to take a look at some of the artwork that goes into some of these. Some are very sophsticated. I’m not doing this to expand my readership. I’m doing this because I’m excited to see the Hollows in a new format.

  58. Linda (germany)

    That’s awesome. I don’t know what to say. Really I….god. I really don’t know what to say. I’m just…yeah.
    I can’t belive it.

  59. CMS

    This is so awsome. I love graphi novels, and on top of that it is from Ivy’s point of view. This is going to be great I just know it. I’m looking forward to your next anthology ( your work is always something to look forward to) and the next books in the Hollows and Madison series.
    I just resently finished Once Dead, Twice Shy. The novel was awsome and what was as good as I expected it to be. Thank you for a wonderful read.

    • Thanks, CMS! I can’t wait to get back into it. I love the story. Now if I can just get it in the boxes. (grin) I’m so glad you gave ONCE DEAD, TWICE SHY a try. Thanks! I’m pleased you liked it! –Kim

  60. Sabrina from WV

    Wow, I had a feeling the news was going to be exciting but this? This is beyond awesome, Kim! Congrats and I cannot wait to get my hands on it *grins*

  61. RebiNkc

    Awesome. Now maybe my husband will read it too! Congrats Kim this is great news. And I can’t wait for the next book. I just finished the Signs of the Zodiac. Hungry for more. Guess it’s time to escape to the world I’ve created for awhile. Congrats again. Can’t wait for the Graphic Novel to come out! Oh boy oh boy, if I had a tail, it would be wagging.

    • Hi, RebiNkc. Ha! Do you think he might? I’m hoping to expand my readership, but that’s not why I’m doing it. Very cool that you liked Vicki’s work! Doesn’t she tell a good story? –Kim

    • RebiNkc

      Absolutely my hubby will read it. He won’t be able to keep his hands off of a graphic novel. He said he would get it for me when it comes out. He’s nuts about GN formats. What can I say we’re just a couple of geeks (and proud of it).

      Yep she tells a good story. One author leads to another leads to another and I just can’t get enough. It’s a great way to escape this ho-hum stressed out world. I hope she gets published in hard back soon! Looking forward to August

    • Hi, RebiNkc. I’d love to see Vicki in hardcover, too. Everything took a hit with the economic slowdown, so here’s hoping tht it’s soon. Kim

  62. Jen D.

    Someone slap me cause I think I just died and went to heaven!! Congratulations Kim!!

  63. Denise

    YAYYYY! Sounds awesome! What is the timeframe of this as it relates to the books?

  64. Joy

    Sorry to post a second time but every time I think of the title of the next Hollows I keep hearing Santana’s Black Magic Woman! Great song. Great title for the next book.

  65. *squeaky fangirl scream*

    It will be really nice to hear Ivy’s viewpoint again. She’s scary, but so rich and yummy as a character. NOM NOM NOM. And yay for Kisten being alive again.

    Yay yay yay yay yay yay! *does a little Hollows graphic novel dance, which looks a lot like the mashed potato*

  66. cat

    Woohoo! Sounds like all kinds of awesome! Great news and something else I will certainly auto-buy!

  67. Valerie

    Yes.. yes… yes… More Kisten and in pictures and everything. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Thanks for sharing this news with us. I will be paying close attention to when this is released, as I am sure you will be keeping us updated. Wow… Rachel, Ivy, Jenks all in color.

    I have read the Novella in Dates from Hell and I agree. Ivy can be scary, but it will be a fun trip for you into her mind again I am sure. This is wonderful news and I am glad you are having fun with it.

    Keep up the great work… thanks again for the exciting news!!!

    xo val

  68. Antonija

    Kim, that’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo damn wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You must be kidding! AWESOOOOME!!!!
    A grahphic novel with Kisten still alive? Oh, I’ve missed this guy soo much!
    Thank you, Kim! That are great news!!

  69. Nick Goodrick

    Nice setup kim–Can I still comment here of only on facebook now? Any way cool new drama page and graphic hollows–SWEET!——–NickinColoma

  70. Brandon

    Very excited! I’ve never been in to comics at all, but this I will definitely be getting.. Actually, since graduating like 8 years ago your books are the first I’ve read. I bought “For a few demons more” at first, and then realized that it was amazing, and that I knew what had happened and was already 4 books in to the Hollows series. But, since then I’ve bought all of the Hollows books, and will continue to buy ANYTHING Hollows.

    • Thanks, Brandon! I’m honored that you might try out a new genre because of my story. (grin) I am going to put my utmost into it, you can be sure. That is so cool that you went back to read the first couple. Thanks! –Kim

  71. Joy

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Dude is it my birthday? Did Christmas come early this year? So just having the story from Ivy’s POV is AWESOME!!! But…KISTEN IS ALIVE!!!!!!!! I have missed my favorite vampire so very very much! Thank you for bringing us this story but also for making my year by allowing Kisten to grace the pages once more!!! I am so freakin’ excited I don’t know if I will be able to sit through work all day!! Thank you soooooooooooooooo much for venturing into a new media for us. Have a wonderful day!! You certainly made mine infinetly brighter.

  72. Sue, Chicago

    Hey Kim! Kisten ALIVE!!!!! OMG, you just made my day! I was never much for graphic novels/comic books, but I had a college professor who actually assigned us a paper on 10 specific comic books! I wish I could remember what the theme was, but that was almost 30 years ago! I understand that it’s from Ivy’s perspective, but will Rachel be a part of it? Or is this from before Ivy and Rachel met?

    BTW, Welcome Home! I’m glad you had such a relaxing and fun vacation! Thanks for bringing us along! Those of us who aren’t getting a vacation for awhile really appreciate it!

    • Sue, Chicago

      Sorry for posting again, but I have a question on how the process works. Do you have any say-so in how the characters look? or is it how the illustrator sees the characters? I wouldn’t want to see some busty sex kitten as Rachel! It just wouldn’t fit! Hopefully this will give us a chance to really see the characters as YOU see them!

    • Phil

      Ditto to that!!!!! I was thinking the exact same thing, though i don’t think we have to worry with Kim doing her creative best!!!

    • Hi, Sue. Yup, it takes place before he dies, so . . . I may as well have him show up. And yes, Rachel is there, too. (grin) That sounds like a fun class you had.

      I had a great vacation, thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed the pics! –Kim

  73. Jemma

    *BOUNCES* Oh Miss Kim you have made my day, or more honestly, my last few months, you know things haven’t been great for me lately and I actually just went to a introductory therapy session with this woman and had a big cry but this news has perked me right up. Wooo!
    I love my Hollows, I love my comics/graphic novels and I love my Ivy so this being form her POV makes it even better. And of COURSE the fact that YOU are scripting it.
    I’m so happy for you and very excited about this.
    I reeeeeeeeally wish you were going to DragonCon this year. What with it being a kind of goodbye visit to Jess I’m not sure I’ll be in the states again and I always missed your signings before because my uni schedule meant I couldn’t take a holiday to the states. Oh well, I WILL see you face-to-face someday.

    • Hi, Jemma. I’m so glad that I could brighten your day! It’s been pretty bouncy around here, too, and I hope you like it when it finally becomes a reality! –Kim

    • cipote12

      I’ve loved your books too. Yahoo, kisten is alive, yumm yumm. just wondering, did a miss a book? when did Ceri and Newt enter the picture? i keep thinking I’ve missed one? help. Love all your charactes though. can’t wait for more.

    • Thanks, Cipote! I’m really glad to hear that you’re enjoying them! You might have missed a book or two. I have them and the anthologies listed in order over at the Books page at the website.