Unbound Anthology due in August

Monday!  And I’m back in the office.  Whoo-hoo!  (No, seriously, I’m excited.)  We pulled back into Rock Hill Saturday, giving us all day Sunday to recoup from vacation.  Somedays, I think Guy and I relax too hard.

UnboundI’ll be spending the next couple of weeks with Rachel brushing up the next full-length Hollows novel, titled Black Magic Sanction.  Guy is already putting together the tour Ts, and they look wicked.  (grin)  We’ll have them available closer to the year-end holidays.

But if you’re pining for some Hollows magic, I do have a Bis/Jenks novella coming out at the end of August in the Unbound anthology.  I’ve read all the novellas in this, and it is a fabulous line up of hand-picked authors in the urban fantasy genre.  Vicki Pettersson has a Signs of the Zodiac story you don’t want to miss.  Jocelynn Drake has fleshed out one of her characters from her Dark Day’s series.  Jeaniene Frost has a Bones novella for those who love the guy, and Melissa Marr introduces a new story line. 

I’ve got some very cool, long awaited news to tell you tomorrow.  (No, they aren’t making a Hollows move, so relax.)  😉  –Kim


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  1. Donovan

    I am reading White Witch, Black Curse right now and am almost finished. I am starting to get very anxious about having to wait for the next Hollow installment. I just started reading the series two months ago and was lucky enough to be able to go from book to book to book. I was afraid that this would be the last book, but now knowing the next is on its way has me both relieved and dying from anticipation. I love this series! Thank you so much for writing it!

    • Hi, Donovan. Cool! I hope you enjoy WWBC. I’m on a book a year schedule, but I’m usually able to get a novella in there, too. I hope you enjoy the rest! –Kim

  2. Hi Kim!

    The Hollows as a graphic novel, I can’t wait! Now I can have all my favorite authors novels and graphic novels. (Laurell K. Hamilton, L A Banks, Patrica Briggs and now Kim Harrison)

    I love your writing style. Thanks for sharing your talents with us, the readers. Keep us up to date regarding the graphic novel progress.

    You are such an inspiration, I started writing myself after reading your series.

    Melissa NC

    • Hi, Melissa. Yup! A graphic novel, all new stories. I’m so pleased that you’re enjoying the books. Thanks! I’m honored that my work had a part in inspiring you to write as well. Good luck! –Kim

  3. Akahai

    Hi Kim!

    I’ve just finished off White Witch, Black Curse concluding my six day marathon of reading all seven books. As soon as I was 5 chapters into Dead Witch Walking I had to return to the book store to pick up the others immediately!

    I can’t wait for the next book to continue Rachel’s (mis?)adventures and I’m personally hoping for a happy ending for Rachel and Ivy (as unlikely as that may be… but it’s that 11% that counts right?!).

    Hope your holiday was fantastic and you’re in good health!


    • Hi, Matt.

      Cool! I’m so glad you enjoyed them so much! Holy Cow, seven books in six days? Now the long wait until Feb. (Unless you pick up the UNBOUND anthology at the end of August.) And yes, never discount the 11%.


  4. Lucie

    Hi Kim! Glad that you’re back in the office and excited to work 🙂 You know though …I am so spoiled! I got to read all 7 of your books one right after the other on account of my recent discovery of your series. And now I must wait for your next one. Oh, the torture! lol which is why I’m glad I have Unbound to look forward to. Your series has actually been a huge influence on me, verging on epic. It made me realize a lot of things about myself (we’ll just say I can really identify with Rachel! :p). I never actually read fantasy before as I was an English major and read authors like Faulkner (I am a sucker for southern literature lol) and Joyce, but your series are now my favorite books—ever! I even try to find other books like yours, but there are none that can even compare. I love your stories and I absolutely love your writing style, delicious in its subtlety and diction. I am really looking forward to your next book because 2010 can’t come soon enough! Thank you for sharing your awesome power of creativity! And patience! (Just how many Ivy and Rachel questions have you gotten now? :p)

    • Hi, Lucie.

      Thank you! I really appreciate what you said, both about how my work has caused you to reassess yourself and that you like my writing style. Thank you! (If you like sothern literature, you’ve got to try Gwen Hunter. Her first books are set down south, and are beautiful. Hard to find, too.)

      I don’t mind the Ivy and Rachel questions because that’s exactly what I’m doing, trying to figure out what on earth are they going to do next. It both keeps it a natural flow of events as well as me interested and at the keyboard. I hope you enjoy what’s coming!


    • Brandi

      Im a new fan to!! Hi!! I started with book 7 since the cover caught my attention and the synopsis sounded great! Then I got the first 6 and read them one after the other! I have one other favorite (Kim and her are the only 2 authors I ave found to love this much–and I read A L O T !!!!!) You should ceck out Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series! They are great! Th first one is Dark Fever, then Blood, Fae, and Dream Fever (which is being released on August 18th). Like I said KMM is the only other author who is on the same level as Kim IMO. Let me know if you check them out!

    • Lucie

      I will certainly do that; thanks! Gwen Hunter, check. Karen Marie Moning, check! Now, where’s my wallet? :p

  5. Aimee

    Wow… the life of a writer… when I get back from holidays, regardless of how long, I don’t want to talk to ANYONE for atleast the first three days. Then again, I’m in customer service and I hate it with a fervent, undying flame-type passion.
    But the mind boggles at a Hollows movie… wonder who’d fit Ivy…

  6. Rachel

    i am all for a hollows movie…

    btw kim, loved your maple candy recipe. i made it a dozen times last fall/christmas season.

  7. mudepoz

    *Looks at pay stub. Clicks Amazon*
    Yup, all ordered.

    And speakin’ of order, my house is not. The pixie buppies are 6 and half weeks old. About 3.5 weeks left and four people will get to deal with them stealing water dishes leaving the water behind. And what to do when there are tornado warnings (though I was sure they said TOMATO warnings.)


    • Thank you, Mud! (grin) They keep track of stuff like that. Almost done with the puppies? I bet you can’t wait! It will be a sad day, though, when they leave. –Kim

    • Only a little. The homes they will go to will love them (And I Will Love him and Squeeze him and Call him George). As a breeder (like every 4 years, though it will be earlier because of Chrys daughter being 4 already) it’ the best gift I can give to both bup and family. It certainly ain’t for the money. This litter will set me back about 1,000. It’s worth it.

      Mud, the insane one. Who just discovered AARP offers 10% off at B and N….

  8. Valerie

    Welcome back!! I will have to say I am glad you and Rachel are hanging out. Yeah, I know, kinda selfish of me, but can’t help myself. I like the title, and of course, will be loving to sport one of those t-shirts Guy is planning.
    “Unbound” is in my list to buy as soon as it is released. Can’t get enough of Jenks and his Tink references. News? News? A girl always loves some good news, can’t wait.

  9. Hi Kim, I am a HUGE fan of your work. A good friend of mine brought the whole Hollows collection to me and I have to say I am almost all to excited for your next book, I only have a couple questions. When is the next Rachel Morgan book suppose to be coming out? I will have to be sure to reserve myself one at the bookstore out here. Also, do you have any advice on writting? I am a student in the advanced writing class and sure I can get the paper work done but as my grade and teacher say I am a horrible writer unless it comes to local colour. Thanks for your time your my IDOL!!!

    • Hi, Kayla. Thanks! I’m really glad you’re enjoing my work so much. You asked when’s the next Hollows book? That would be late February of 2010. As for advice on writing . . . If you are producing but not producing the quality you want, you might need to get yourself into a writer critique group where you can get feedback from other writers on how to stretch your skills in writing about things not right in front of you. (like local color) Good luck! –Kim

  10. Phil

    Welcome back, Kim!! You sound refreshed from the getaway, as in a change of pace is good, not that you needed the break! Black Magic Sanction, hmmm! Sounds intriguing. I have the date marked on my calendar!!

    Can’t wait to hear your big news tomorrow. Not asking for hints, but does it have anything to do with fudge, like maybe adding Mackinaw fudge to the goodies you and Guy offer??? grin. ~Phil

  11. Antonija

    Welcome back, Kim 🙂

  12. jeremy

    hi kim, just a two questions i just had to ask you. As im guessing, the cover of the next book won’t be out until around spring, am i correct? And the other question i had is what author do you think is most like you? thanks a bunch

    • Hi, Jeremy. Yes, it won’t be until spring until the cover is released. We have one, but there is some question as to if it’s going to be used or not, which is why I’m not sharing it.

      Which author is most like me? (Grin) Well, there is this fantasy author named Dawn Cook who writes great character-driven books. They are set in a pre-industrial setting, not present day. And they tend to span years, not weeks in the main character’s life. But the balance of good and bad in each character is a lot like how I write.

      Golly, Jeremy, I don’t know really how to answer you. Sorry. –Kim

  13. oh, how i WISH there was a Hollows movie in the making…

  14. Carrie

    Just sat down and banged out the last three Hollows books in 5 days – when tired & pregnant, must read! Plus, it’s nice to have details from the previous book fresh in your mind.
    Anyhoo… glad to see I’ll be able to get a “fix” soon with a new book coming out. I read your FAQ page and was tickled to see you have a total of 12-13 books in store for us! But I just want to say, please don’t make us wait til book 13 for Rach and Trent to hook up!! Seriously! The bickering, the sexual tension, the back-stabbing – they sooo need to bump uglies and see where it goes! Pretty please?!

    • Hi, Carrie. Wow! Three in five days? Do you know how long it took me to write them! (grin) Thank you, though. I’m glad you’re enjoying them. And now I’m laughing! Trent and Rachel, sitting in a tree . . . Mmmm, must write that in somewhere. –Kim

    • Brandi

      LOL!! I did the same thing when I got the books! I was unreachable by my family until I was finished! I have been wondering about her and Trent too, but I get so pissed at his attitude towards Rachels smut that I want to smack him myself! I was thinking that he and Ceri would end up with a HEA instead of Quen and Ceri (I like Quen). I looked at the FAQs and was overjoyed to see how many books may come from this series! I love them! BTW congrats on the pregnancy! Which number baby is it, and do you know what you are having? When are you due? (I have 2, a boy and a girl, ages 2 &4) 🙂

  15. Antonio Rich

    Already have Unbound on order. Looking forward to reading it! Hey, thanks for reccomending Jocelyn Drake. I read Nightwalker in 2 days last week and loved it. When you and others here offered up suggested summer reading, I thought i needed to read another vampire series like i needed another hole in my head. But, the girl can write. i already ordered Dayhunter. Be Good-

    • Cool! Thanks, Antonio! I hope you like it when it finally reaches you. That’s excellent about Jocelyn’s work. I’ve always loved her lyrical savagery. –Kim

    • SeattleRobin

      Hey Anontio, your suggestion for Storm Born in a previous comment came at the right time. The second book in that series is available as a free download on Amazon for Kindles right now. Since you recommended it so highly I went ahead and bought the first one to go with the freebie. 🙂 Now I just have to find time to read them! (Reading Duma Key by Stephen King right now and just finished The Host.)

  16. Mark

    Oooohhh, a title for the next book! 😀 I can’t wait!

  17. Indy

    Hi Kim!!! Welcome back to normal life. 😉 We have vacation coming up, and while vacation is good…this one is jam packed full of visiting friends and family. I’m pretty sure we are scheduled down to the minute. Honestly, I’m tired just thinking about it. I think, like you, I’ll actually be glad to be back to work in about a week or so.~Indy

  18. Well, crap. Now you with the cliffhangers. Kisten at least was wrapped in other things, but you just dangle a worm in front of us hoping to catch our interest.

    Ink stained wench. Wait! Dang, my favorite oath is no longer useful.
    Never mind.

    • Hi, Mud. 😉 If I had been thinking, I would have given you the exciting news on Monday and saved the UNBOUND info for later. Ahh well. Tomorrow . . . –Kim

  19. Chastity

    Glad you made it back safely. Glad your back at work! LOL! Excited about ‘Unbound’ too. My heart is already a flutter for ‘Black Magic Sanction’—YAY! I’ll be sure to check back tomorrow for the NEWS.

    Thanks Kim!

  20. Bob J

    Dear Kim,

    Most people do come back from vacation needing a rest. I know that I am always glade to get back to work so I can rest up from vacation.

    I am looking forward to, “Unbound” I do not usually buy anthologies, but I will give yours a try. Are you going to have a, “Unbound” tour?

    “Black Magic Sanction” sound like someone gets permission, that added to what you let slip in, Dayton. Sounds like a fun read.

    Hope to see you on tour for both, “Unbound” and “BMS” in Dayton.

    Glade that you and yours made it home.

    Best Regards,

    Bob J.

    • Hi, Bob. Oh please give the anthology a try. All the authors have large chunks of text, so it’s not so short-story-ish. I think you’ll like it. Unfortunatly there won’t be a tour for the release. Not enough bang for the buck. But maybe for BLACK MAGIC SANCTION. –Kim

  21. Judi in NJ

    Welcome home!! Thanks for “taking” us with you on your vaca!! Glad I stopped by today!!! Now I’m jumping up and down with excitement!!! News?? Long awaited news??? OOOO!!! I can’t wait!!! You must be psychic, because I was going to ask when in August UNBOUND would be out….the end?….good enough!! Enjoy your week….ttys (p.s. Loving FH’s – or should I say GH’s DD…but still don’t have a clue..not finished yet tho..Ah! I love a good mystery!) Judi in NJ

    • Hi, Judi. It feels good to be back at my desk, and I’m glad you enjoyed the virtual vacation. 😉 No hints from me. You’ll have to wait until tomorrow. 😉 –Kim

  22. Mendi in STL

    LOL! @ that last line. Can’t wait to hear the news…. Oh and welcome back! *VV*

  23. Brandi

    Hi Kim! I am a recent fan of The Hollows and just wanted to say hi! I started with book 7 because I didn’t know it was a series (the cover caught my eye), and then promptly went out and spent a bundle at B&N getting the first 6! You are one of my favorite authors now and I can’t wait to read the next book!!!!! I am unfamiliar with sites like this, so please forgive my ignorance when I ask the next question. Is there any way that you can give a hint as to what will happen with Rachel and Ivy’s relationship, or would that be too spoilerish to give hints? I feel so bad for Ivy! Anyway–I just wanted to say that you are amazing and I love your work!!!!!! Thank you!

    • Thanks, Brandi! I’m glad you’re enjoying the Hollows so much, and delighted that you went out and bought the rest!

      Mmmm, I’ve had a lot of people ask about Ivy and Rachel, and truly I don’t know, but I don’t see them finding their happy ever after together romantically. But you never know. I didn’t see Kisten coming, either.


    • Brandi

      LOL! Well I will be happy as long as they are happy LOL!! (Kisten broke my heart and I cant wait to see Rache and Ivy kick some butt in his name!!)

      WOW! I am even M O R E impressed with you for answering your fans like this!!!!! I stay away from author sites mainly because I hate to feel like a number, so thank you for taking the time to talk to me (us!). I can’t wait to hear what your news is tomorrow!!!!!!