Next Stop, Mackinaw

I couldn’t make Guy spend our entire vacation playing in the dirt, so we took a couple of days, left the puppies with “grandma and grandpa,” and headed on up to Mackinaw!

Mackinac Bridge

Mackinac Bridge

You might notice the different spellings between the city and the bridge.  When I was growing up, they were the same.  Somewhere along the way, they decided to use the French spelling for the bridge and the island, but they are pronounced the same.  Here’s a link to the bridge cam on the St. Ignace side of the bridge.  I like looking at it on the solstices so I can see just how different the sun patterns are when you consider longitude, not just latitude.

Though FOR A FEW CHARMS MORE never went to Mackinac Island, we did,spending the day eating too much fudge, shopping, and walking until my feet were swollen.  There are only five gas-powered vehicles on the island, (fire, ambulance, cop, and I forget the other two) and you get around on foot, bike, or horse.


Here is a shot of some of the cliff houses taken on our carriage ride.  These particular homes are individually owned, but the land is leased from the state for 99 years and can not be passed down to the current owners children.  Because they live on in a state park, and there are restrictions as to who can buy one of these to help insure the upkeep.  Most of the homes on the island are not like this, but a few are.  I was impressed with how green everything was.  The topsoil is thin on a limestone base, but rich.

This is the view down the Grand Hotel porch, the setting for the movie Somewhere in Time.  They are making great strides in restoring it, and after six, they try to restrict access to the porch so the people staying at the hotel can enjoy the feeling of a calmer, peaceful past without the fudgies (tourists) messing up the ambiance.


And yes, it really is that long.  The Grand Hotel sits high up on a cliff looking out on the straits of Mackinac, and it is one of the first features you can recognize as you arrive by ferry.

Our carriage driver took us into the interior of the island, where we found the island’s cemetery, moved from downtown at some past date.  It was peaceful and quiet.  The island was used as a military post in the 18 to 19 hundreds, and there was a lot of history in the ground.


It was race weekend, which we didn’t know when we headed up, and it was wonderful seeing the racing boats that had come in from Detroit.  I tried to get a good shot of them in the harbor, rafted out off one another, but it didn’t show what I wanted, so here’s a shot of two of them coming in, heeled over in the stiff wind that picked up at the end of the day.


This shot is for me and my dad.  😉


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36 responses to “Next Stop, Mackinaw

  1. I just finished reading your book A FISTFUL OF CHARMS, and love that it takes palce in Mackinaw City (60 miles from where I live)! I have many fond memories of the area!

    I have ordered the next 2 books in the series and can’t wait to get them in the mail.

    Valerie McBain
    Charlevoix, MI

    • Thank you, Valerie! I’m really glad you enjoyed it! And that is very cool you live near Mackinaw. I hope you like the rest of the series. I’ve got tons planned. –Kim

  2. April

    Hello! I’m a Mackinaw City/ St. Ignace resident and a big fan of yours. I’m glad you enhoyed your time on the island. Even us locals go at least once a year- it has such a great atmosphere! I love the cemetary there as well; it is so peaceful.

    • Hi, April! Really? That is so cool! I bet you all heave a sigh of relief when we all leave at the end of summer. 😉 Hey, I signed the two books I found at the bookshop in Mackinaw City at the mall. I think the guy at the register kept them, but he might have put them back on the shelf.

      I would have loved to have spent some time at the cemetery, but alas, the horse wouldn’t wait.


  3. Nick Goodrick

    Made it to one of the most beautiful spots in the world—-I love it at night in the summer—NickinColoma

  4. I love the picture of the cemetery especially. It looks like it would make an awesome setting. Or maybe I’ve been reading too much macabre literature. 😛

    Glad your vacation is going well, and amazing work on the gardening!

  5. Gothar

    I have bridge envy. I thought living in the shadow of the Ambassador bridge between Detroit and Windsor was impressive….

    Kim, where you a travel agency in a former life? 🙂

    • Hi, Gothar. Bridge envy. (grin) I like that. The Mac is bigger than the San Francisco bridge, if you can believe it. Me a travel agent? Nahhhh. (grin) –Kim

  6. Brittany

    Hi Kim, I’m a huge fan of yours, I’ve read and re-read all of your books, currently re-reading For a Few Demons More (very depressing, poor kist) I admire your work and I had a favor to ask. Im 19 and in college and recently decided that I wanted to pursue a career as a literary agent, or editor, and a class I’m taking requires I do a dream job interview. I was wondering if there was any way you could help me set up an interview via e-mail with either you or any of the literary agents/editors you know? It would really help me out alot. Thank you and I can’t wait for the next book!

    • Thank you, Brittany. I’m really glad that you’re enjoying the books so much! I’m sorry about Kisten, but it really had to happen to keep the books going.
      You asked about writing. First, congratulations! If it is something you love, never give it up. Let me do some asking around and see if anyone I know in the industry is able to help you out in your assignment.

  7. SeattleRobin

    Great pictures! Thanks for the mini virtual tour with commentary. Makes me want to visit. And so cool you included the hotel!! I fell in love with it when I saw the movie, but had no idea where it was located. I always assumed it was on the east coast somewhere. It’s great to hear they’ve been restoring it because they just don’t make them like that anymore.

    Also, an interesting (to me anyway) factoid about Somewhere in Time. The novel (which I haven’t read yet) was written by Richard Matheson, which I didn’t know until a couple months ago. He’s the one who wrote I Am Legend (read it in high school), which was turned into the Omega Man movie with Charlton Heston. It really surprised me to find out the same author wrote both, since they’re so very, very different!

  8. Monet

    Hey Kim, beautiful pictures, takes me back when I once visited Mac Island. You are one of my fav authors, and I have many. Have a great vacation!

  9. Katrina Wreggelsworth

    Your pictures are wonderful! I grew up in Michigan and they make me homesick to see it again. I am now currently “melting” in Florida. Enjoy your vacation. 😉

  10. Judy Bienvenu

    Hey Kim and Guy,

    The hotel is beautiful! I loved that movie, one of my all time favorites!

    Enjoy the rest of your trip.


  11. Jordan

    Hi Kim,

    I only recently discovered The Hollows – I finished reading Dead Witch Walking only a few days ago. I loved it, and can’t wait to read the rest of the series! 🙂 I’ve been following your blogs, and was very pleasantly surprised to see your pics of Mackinac – my family and I have been going there for a week almost every summer since I was really, really little, and I think it’s awesome that you incorporated Mackinaw/Mackinac into The Hollows 🙂 Thank you!! Little things like that make books all the more special!

    • Thank you, Jordan! I’m glad you’re enjoying the Hollows. That is cool that you go to Mackinac! It’s such a unique place, and I was delighted when it found its way into the books. –Kim

  12. Phil

    Hi Kim, I really enjoyed the pics of Mackinaw (or Mackinac, or whatever, grin, I actually like the French spelling, too, guess I should after immersing myself in French in school, but back to the topic . . . . the pics are great!!! The cliff houses remind me of the Jersey shore where my grandparents had a house and we all spent summers there, lots of cousins! Sorry, TMI

    So, thanks so much for showing what’s on the other side of the bridge and on the island. Like the sailing shots a lot. One of my favorite things to do!!!

    Impossible not to think of Rachel when i see that bridge!!

    Have lots of fun, Kim, and eat lots of fudge, well NOT “lots.” grin. ~Phil

    • Thanks, Phil! We ate too much fudge. OMGosh, it was good this year. Sometimes, they cook it too long, but this year it was fab! I’m glad you liked the pics of Macknac! If the truth be known, I’m a sailor, too. 😉 –Kim

  13. Too much zen in the greenhouses today. I wanted to take the time to thank you for your character development. And, I am glad there is an end to the hollows before it jumps the shark. Normally, people lend me a book, and if I love it, I will buy it and any others the author writes.

    I don’t have THAT many authors I love that way 🙂 Well, a few romance writers, and a friend who I met through Fan Fic who did well enough to be published on her own right:) I can honestly say, a former fav author, releasing at number one, not paranormal, has jumped the shark. Instead of growing, the character has become a sad cartoon. Sigh. I hate it. For her, it will be the library in the future.

    Mud…Who just recieved the first of the Zodiac series, a bit difficult when I kept forgetting to spell the last name with TWO tt’s. Thanks for recommendations…beats working on my genetics lessons for breeders…

  14. Sue, Chicago

    Hey Kim! I absolutely love Mackinac! I haven’t been in ages! When I read FOC, I kept remembering and visualizing my previous visits.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the fudge! But I also love the salt-water taffy that is the other staple of the candy stores up there! Did you get any of that?

    I purposely didn’t give the name of the book when I posted about the Borders listing. I was waiting for the official announcement. I suppose we’ll start seeing the abbreviation soon — BMS!!!!

    Have a great time on the rest of your vacation!

    • Hi, Sue. That’s cool that you’ve been to the island. It has changed a little since I was there last. It seems cleaner, more kept up, maybe. There wasn’t a lot of saltwater taffy that I saw. I hope they still sell it there!

      As for the title of the next book? Yes, it’s out there, so I guess it’s okay to talk about. I’d like to keep the cover under wraps a bit more until I know for sure which one they are going to use. 😉


  15. Bob J.

    Dear Kim,

    The photos are wonderful, I really like the house. Good natural blue and greens. The U.S. flag adds a lot. Good eye. The cemetery is another good shot. Is this the same camera you use on your book tours? The new digital cameras really make it easy to take a good picture. Looks like you are having fun.

    Best Regards,

    Bob J.

    • Thanks, Bob. 😉 I’m glad you liked them. I use the York Cemetery for my cover shots, but flying up to Mackinac sounds good to me. And yes, I AM having fun. –Kim

  16. Chrisy

    Heya Mrs. H.!
    Love the pictures! I never imagined the bridge this big. So cool to see some places from the books.
    I apologize for doing this but I really love this and it reminded me of Rachel.

    You know like the whole grow-up-thing.
    And the guy would be pretty good for Kisten… ^^ hehe
    Hope you’re enjoying your vacation since you mentioned how hard your job is.
    Have fun and thanks for your time =) – Chrisy

    • Hi, Chrisy. Thanks! I like taking pictures, and I’m glad you liked the glimpse into my vacation. I’ll have to go check out your link. Thanks! –Kim

  17. I love it. Gorgeous shots. What a nice vacation! *Scrawls note* Next year, vacation someplace romantic, Victorian, and B and Bish. Find someone to take care of 8 dogs. *Sigh*
    Signed, Envious 🙂 Thank you for those shots! No, never too many pics, though poor Rachel, no wonder her life is so chaotic. She needed to vacate at the island.

  18. Valerie

    Beautiful pics again… wow , that bridge … huge. Love seeing your vacation thru these pics. Thanks again so much for sharing.