Before . . .

So . . . this year for vacation, I’m visiting my folks.  I packed two shovels, a bucket, two pair of gloves, a saw to cut roots, and my big yellow hat.  And some clothes, I think . . .

BeforeThey recently purchased a nice home in need of some landscaping.  You see where this is going?  (grin)

So we get there a few hours before sunset, and by the time the sun goes down, we not only have a plan, but we are about a third of the way done.  We finished today apart from the plants (after picture tomorrow) and Tim and I are eyeing the side yard.  (big grin)  We’ve got tons of time, and there’s stuff to do.  Time to go shopping!


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  1. Linda (germany)

    Hey Kim
    One question. You said that you don’t script the relationships. How does that work? You’re writing the story but can’t decide what happens to the relationships of the characters?
    Sorry, I just don’t understand.
    Oh and you welcome. 😉

    • Hi, Linda.
      That is exactly what I do. I write the story and just don’t decide how a relationship is going to go until I put the words on the page. I write it on the fly. I hope that helps. –Kim

  2. Lora

    Hellooooo Kim!
    Hope your weekend turns out happy and nice! =D
    I finally got Ubuntu Linux! I now have it installed as a virtual hard drive on my Mac… and I’ve been playing around with it for a while. Best thing is… ALL THE SOFTWARE’S FREE!!!! Whoop-dee-doo for open source!!!!! ^_^
    p.s. Have fun shopping! XD
    Now I must go eat my macaroni and cheese. ^_^

    • Mmmmm, Mac and cheese. That sounds good. 😉 Congrats on your computer! I hope everything works for you right out of the box. You have a great week, too! –Kim

    • Lora

      Lol! I didn’t get a new computer or anything, Linux is actually a software that you can download off the internet. Fully customizable, and in my opinion, better than Windows anyway. xD
      There’s a WHOLE ENTIRE LIBRARY of free software available for download onto Linux. It’s pretty awesome. 😀

    • Oh! Cool! I didn’t know that. I don’t pay much attention to most of my tools unless something isn’t working. 😉

  3. kaptnjim

    Hi Kim it’s Jim from Youngstown. I hope you are enjoying your visit, I took your asvice and got a gravitar. I shows my master vampire killing kit. I track them in the daytime and whack their heads of while saying Bwa-ha-ha

  4. Linda (germany)

    I’m writing by myself, too. It’s always relaxing, bringing the own emotions on paper, so you can handle them.
    My characters are often different. They’re having an different look to the world around them and to the people. I’ts always hard to let them go throu this stuff, this difficult, hard and painfully way.
    But they’re learning and growing. That’s why I adore your work. Your characters are not perfect. They’re different from the association. They are trying to find there place where they belong to.
    And there own happy ending. It was a great idea, mixing reality with fantasy. When you put the vampire-witches-pixy-elf etc. thing away, you can find the same poeple in our world. You got the point and of cource an absolutly fantastic spelling style, but also characters where we can find our selfs in.

    But I think. I already said this, even if I can’t say it enough.

  5. Jane

    Hi Ms. Harrison. ^^ I’m sure you get this a lot, but I’m a teen reader of your Hollows series and I love it! I found ‘The Outlaw Demon Wails’ at a book sale recently, and bought it. I wasn’t able to understand the storyline, so I bought the first book, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Thanks for writing such a great series. ^^

  6. Setsuna

    Eee! I’d not visited your page in a long time, but I love the new blog. It’s very cool! Also, I keep seeing the book with the Madison Avery short in it on display around here in Sao Paulo! I love the cover. It’s so cool!

    • Thank you, Stesuna! I’ve had a new drama box for about two, three weeks now, and I’m really enjoying it.

      I’m so glad you brought up Madison. You might want to give it a try. It’s not teen romance like Twilight, but it’s still a good, solid, and er, fast, read. 😉 –Kim

  7. Mendi in STL

    Heyde Hey Kim! Thanks for sharing pictures of your “vacation” with us. Looks like a welcome break after all the sudden build up of stress before your adventure began. I don’t miss my computer one bit once I’m outside on a beautiful day. Enjoy being with your family! And would that big yellow hat be like the one Ivy has? 😉 *VV* Take care.

    • Hi, Mendi.

      Oooooh! No! (grin) My big yellow hat is made of straw and is about a size too big for me. Not like Ivy’s at all!

      When I’m in the dirt, I don’t think about the keyboard at all, either. It is my escape. I’m really enjoying my downtime with my family. Thanks!


  8. Linda (germany)

    I always love to see something from the City our favorite charachters are living.
    I’m reading For A Few Demons More again, and I noticed something I don’t really like.
    After Ivy kissed Rachel, Rachel was so damn confused and her thougst went always back to the kiss.
    Even when Kisten touched her. But then it abruptly stopped and it wasn’t a matter anymore.
    I think the chance to find out what she feels about Ivy is gone. In that case.
    Although, she should talk to Ivy and kiss her, without letting Ivy manipulating her demon scar.
    How are the chances that this could really happen? 😉
    Oh and the Cincy zoo is just beautiful.
    Have a nice day.

    • Gollym, Linda. I just don’t know how to answer you. One part of the story that I don’t script out are the relationships, so I don’t know if we’ll get back there or not. Sorry!

      And yes, the Cincy zoo is fabulous. World class.


  9. V^^^^V

    Umm Kim, if this author gig doesn’t pan out, you could always take up landscaping. 🙂 I’m no sure which one makes you happier.

    OO I know, your third series can be about a paranormal landscaper/grounds keeper. 🙂


    • mudepoz

      *Kof* I would respectfully ask that Kim remain an author.
      I have two planks to support my contention:
      1. Landscrapers do not make much money (and I was VERY good at it until I just got too old to take the physical abuse. That’s why Mud doesn’t do gym)

      2. Who would write for us. I for one would languish without having Kim’s strange worlds to let my mind play in!
      Mud. Who really did want to leave this board alone…

    • To tell you the truth, Mud, I bet most landscapers make more money than most writers. 😉

    • Hi, Vampy. I’d love to take up landscaping. And be a potter. And an archologist if I could actually spell the word. And live on a boat. Or an island. Gee, I think I’m going to have to live forever to do all that . . . (grin)

  10. Jenn

    Wow…I can’t wait to see the after picture….(grin) HGTV is my fav channel, if I could only have one, that would be it!

    As for WWBC, I’m devistated….I’ve gotta know what happens! Guess I’m off to the library!

    I don’t know if you are a wild life lover or not, but I am. Last night, I found 2 baby skunks in my front yard…they are so sweet looking…but I think I’ll be upset if they decide to nest right there!

    Hope you have a great time in the dirt!

    • OMGosh, HGTV is all Guy has been watching lately. It makes it very hard to go to sleep. 😉 Ooohhhhh how sweet with the skunks! I hope they don’t stick around, though. –Kim

  11. mudepoz

    The above was a public service announcement, not meant to harass or otherwise besmirch the talent of the lovely Ms. Harrison. It’s a common issue I’ve seen over my many centuries of landscraping.

    Mud. Off to train, and work on rally maps.

    • Grin. No worries, Mud. 😉 I’ve always felt that it was wrong to put a barrier between the dirt and mulch. How is the dirt ever going to improve if you do? –Kim

  12. SeattleRobin

    I’m eager to see the after picture. I’m also eager to see a picture of you in the big yellow hat. (grin)

  13. Valerie

    I know you will do her home justice in the landscaping department. Sounds like you are having a blast scheming and throwing around some dirt. Can’t wait for the “after” pics. Enjoy time with your mom. Me and the hubby are hopping the Harley and hitting the road for the weekend in the morning. Hoping for some cooler temps for the weekend :0) .

    xo val

    • Hi, Val.

      I thought I’d have some after pictures for you today, but we didn’t get to the nursery in time. Maybe tomorrow. And I am having FUN! –Kim

  14. James Fox

    Hi Kim it’s Jim from Youngstown-I hope you have a great time with your folks. I’m going to see my mom next week ( she’s 94) so I value the visits.One thing, I don’t like the blog, I don’t know if it’s me or word press, but I can never find my posts or your answers, if any. Or maybe I’m just teechno-stupid again. My little chinese friend in Singapore has remarked on it and is trrying to help, even if she’s still learning english.

    • Hi, James.

      Mmmm. I can understand your difficulty. You might try making a note of what post you respond to in order to help you find it again. Or . . . get yourself a gravatar, which is a unique picture that you upload yourself. It will show up instead of that pink flowery thing, and you can spot your post easily that way.

      Have fun with your mom!


  15. mudepoz

    I see the need for a LOT of compost. And Slow release fert (like Milorganite) is great for making the turf out compete the weeds. The clover is put in most grass mixes to add nitrogen to the soil, but of course, if the other weeds push back the grass, it takes over. Grass is actually a better competitor than weeds. Whatever you do, don’t put plastic or fabric beneath mulch. Outside of killing the soil, the mulch breaks down and the weeds grow on top.

    I promised myself NOT to write today. I feel like a major pest.
    And for the reader interested in reading material, maybe we could just stick a line it? Currently forced to read ‘Outlander’. Diana Gabaldon. My book pusher is tough on me. Mud

    • Hi, Mud. Compost, and much, and yeah . . . Lots of stuff. Guy and I like using newspaper under new mulch. By the time the paper breaks down, the weeds don’t have a chance to get a foothold.

      Thanks for the info on the fertilizer!


  16. Jessie

    Hey…I’m a young reader(15 years old) of the rachel Morgan series…and I read all of them,includin white witch black curse…and I was wonderin if there will be another one…and have a nice day,hope u enjoy your summer!!!

    • Hi, Jessie.

      Thank you! I’m really glad you’re enjoying my work. There will be another Rachel book, yes. (grin) I’m contracted out for 12-13 total. You have a great summer, too! –Kim

  17. Crystal

    Hi Kim! First, I want to say that I admire and respect your work, you’re a wonderful and talented writer. You make the characters come alive for me, and they seem like real people. I couldn’t find any links to submit questions for the FAQs section, so I’ll just ask mine here, if you don’t mind.

    I’m an aspiring writer. It’s something that I really love to do, I think I’m pretty good at it, and others have told me I am as well. My English teachers in high school told me I should keep writing, and I’ll be going to school for creative writing starting spring semester this year.

    Anyway, my problem is that I can’t seem to stick with a piece of work long enough to finish it. I have an idea, I know where I want to go with it, but I can’t seem to get to the end. When I first start, I’m very into it and I just keep writing. Then for some reason (I don’t know what it is), I don’t touch it anymore. It just ends up being a file on my computer. Have you ever had this happen to you? It happens to me with everything I write. What would be your suggestion…can you maybe point me in the right direction? I’ve heard that if you have a routine everyday, that can help. Do you have a routine that you strictly follow? Are there any writing exercises that can help me?

    I know that you’re very busy, but you seem to be very good at answering questions, more so than any other author I’ve seen. Hopefully you can help me out, I would really appreciate it!!

    Also, I was thrilled to read in the FAQs section that there will be many more Hollows books to come….I LOVE the series!

    • Hi, Crystal.

      Thank you! I’m so glad that you’re enjoying my work. That’s fantastic that you write!

      You said you have trouble finishing your manuscript. That is not an uncomon problem, and the stumbling block for a lot of aspiring writers. I’m going to guess that you lose interest when you lose track of how to get to the ending that you wanted. It also sounds like you’re writing by the seat of your pants, which is a free flowing, chain of events, don’t-know-how-we’re-going-to-get-there sort of a creative process. That’s okay. A lot of writers write like that. For a lot of writers, that doesn’t work. I’m one of them. I need to plot out my work, then allow myself the freedom to break away from the plot to follow a free-flowing idea that might crop up.

      I have a couple of suggestions for you. First, you might try sitting down for a week and hammering out a really rough idea of how you want the story to go–all the way to the end. Who lives, who dies, how they save the princess, everything! A lot of writers will ignore this part of the process because it is HARD. Writing is work, and this is part of it. But if you love it, it becomes easier. 😉

      A second suggestion I have is to become active in a writer critique group. This will give you a chance to share your work and you can draw on the other members for encouragement. Plotting and encouragement might be what you need to get over the hump and gain the confidence to be a more successful writer. Good luck! –Kim

    • Hey Crystal, I know you asked Kim, but I’ll throw my two cents in too, since I am also a writer. A lot of this stuff you’ve probably heard before, but I find it helps me when I get stuck.

      1. Try to write every day. Even if it’s just a writing exercise. If you find you are stuck, take a break and work on something else. Go for a walk. Cycle through some of your older work, and see if you can pick up any threads and continue the story there.

      2. Participate in NaNoWriMo, that’s National Novel Writing Month. It’s every November. Thousands of writers all over the world compete together to complete a 50,000 word manuscript in 30 days. Sounds impossible? No way! It’s a great way to keep you focused, and to get in the habit of writing regularly, as well as showing you that, when you’re working within a deadline, amazing things can appear on the page. And it’s so rewarding when you meet your goal at the end of the month!

      3. Don’t be afraid to screw up. Don’t be worried that it’s going to suck. Chances are, at some point, it will. And that’s okay, because like they say, “Writing is re-writing”. Just because it’s on the page doesn’t mean it’s in stone.

      4. Check out The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron if you are really hard up on finishing a project, or even if you are totally blocked and feel like you can’t write at all. If you can work through the book, I guarantee you you’ll be back on your feet in no time.

      5. Go to writing workshops and classes. Talk and network with other writers so that you can bounce ideas off of each other. It’s so great to have that kind of energy in your life, especially if you find you’re lacking the drive, interest, or confidence to finish something.

      6. And like Kim said, see if structure helps you. I am a combo free-writey and structure person. If I go off on a tangent, I lose my way quickly, and so I have to stop and reroute a plot or a character. Try skipping past a scene that has you stumped and go on to the next stop in your story, especially if you want to maintain momentum. You can always go back and fill in the gaps later.

      7. My new favorite writing book is Naming the World, edited by Bret Anthony Johnston. It’s like a workout book for your writer brain, or a workshop in a book. Anyway, it’s got some amazing exercises and advice from some top authors.

  18. Phil

    Kim, can i please borrow some of your boundless energy!?

    Have fun landscaping and shopping!! ~Phil

    • Hi, Phil. You bet. But you have to get up early every morning and walk around your house and yard. After about a week, your boundless energy will start to show. –Kim

    • Phil

      Thanks Kim, i’m determined to do just that (how could i not heed the advice of my favorite author!!) …. and with the same enthusiasm i have when I hit the bookstore on the day a new Hollows is released!!! ~Phil

  19. Bob J.

    Dear Kim,

    To me green concrete is great for my yard. You do not have to cut the concrete. ( I love the woods, and nature. I just do not like yard work.) The really cool thing I see in your parents backyard is the back up generator. I would be look at putting up a windmill or some solar panels. Have fun with the landscaping and shopping. ( Do you hold black belts in both disciplines?) Are you going to add a fountain, or maybe a Koi pond? Perhaps a pixy house?

    Best Regards.

    Bob J.

    • Green concrete, Bob? OMGosh, I just couldn’t do it, but I understand. And now I’m laughing. Yup, a back up generatior, but no Koi or pixy houses, or fountains. I don’t know where I got the genes for whimsy. (grin) –Kim