Play Time

Big news today is Jocelynn Drake’s give away extravaganza!  She is giving away a book a week until she runs out, and Dead Witch Walking is the first one up!  You have until Saturday to buzz on over to her blog and make a post to put yourself in the running.  More details at her blog.  Good luck!  This is a great way to start your hardcover collection of the Hollows or get your friend hooked if you already have a signed copy.  (grin)

Pioneer SugarAs for my vacation?  We passed the Pioneer Sugar factory yesterday.  If you live in the north, you probably get your sugar from sugar beets, which look like huge, ugly beets and will often be found on the side of the road when they harvest them, but the sugar tends to dissolve better than sugar from sugar cane in my experience. 

We also arrived at our final destination, which is not the sugar beet factory, but my parents’.  (grin)  There are a couple of major landscaping projects I want to help my mother with, and sure enough, I got dirty yesterday clearing out where we want to work.  Today I’m going to divide my time between playing in the dirt and planning out the rest of our time, because there are a few other things to do at my folk’s house other than dig in that wonderful dirt they have there.  😉


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  1. trish

    Your hols are the sort of thing I like, driving around the country, getting back to nature (dirt is good!) and visiting much loved rellies. I was interested in your info about sugar beets as I live near sugar cane land and took the kids on tour through sugar mill last year,then rum distillery for the grown ups! When I was in school we went to one as well -minus the rum distillery;)- and there were some very good smells that sent me back ?years to school. The cane is brought to the mill by really cute trains that fascinate kids of all ages, they are like big toys- so cute. They used to burn the fields at night before harvest and it was an awesome sight but very bad for air and covered everything in ash and is no longer done as of last season. It still was fab to see, though. Continue having a great time and enjoy being with family, building great memories.

  2. Linda (germany)

    When you with other authors. What are you talking about? Like friends or are your books a big subject?

    • Hi, Linda.

      That’s a good question. When I go for coffee with Faith Hunter, I would say it’s about half book, half life. When I spend time with Jocelynn Drake, it’s about the same, I guess. But that’s just me.


  3. A.N.

    Hola Ms. Kim! I read something you write recently. My heart is with you. I read “First Truth”. You amazed me. With that cover I don’t even read the title. But I like your story. I confess I read it out of curiosity because of you. I notice a repetitive theme of little “thing” hovering around the protagonist; Talon, Jenks, Grace. I wonder, why is that? (grin). oh, I also read “Once dead, Twice shy”, of course. Do you have a new contract for more than three books? “I had hurt one of heaven’s angels.” you see, it’s not the reaper not the timekeeper that captures my imagination, it was a human girl hurting an angel. My mind went “WHAT???” (grin) I read “City of soul”. I like Vicki’s storied but… all I’m going to say is I HATE Warren. Next in line “Day hunter”. Have a great vacation, love the pictures (more, more), eat a lot of ice cream, and don’t forget your sneakers shoes… (wink). Be Happy! A.N.

    • Hi, A.N! How you doing? I’m tickled that you read First Truth! And yup, you got me on the small flying thing that helps out my main character. It is one of my things, I guess.

      I’ve only got the three books under contract right now for Madison, but you never know. Oh, I loved that part with Madison and Nakita! (grin)

      I’m having a hard time with Warren, too. What a dirt bag! I hope you enjoy Jocelynn’s. I love her work.

      Talk to you later! –Kim

  4. Juliet

    I wish you a great time at your parents´
    btw. I´ve just received Once dead, twice shy – Maybe, I´m a little overaged, but I really looking forward to read it (AFTER WWBC 😉 )

    Enjoy your holidays!!

    • Thanks, Juliet! I’m so glad that you’re looking forward to reading Madison! I have been having a great time getting her story down on paper. Enjoy! –Kim

  5. Steph in Denver

    Hi Kim,
    happy vacation to you! I had a nagging question….I did look on the FAQ page and no one has asked (i think).
    In the first book Rachel gets 3 wishes, she gives one to Jinx and one to Ivy, and Ivy wont tell her what her wish is….and, well, is that dang unknown wish ever going to be known? I can’t help it, I’m a sucker for tiny details.
    what music do you listen to while you write your addictive-like-crack books?
    Thank you!

    • Hi, Steph. Thank you! I’m having a great time on my vacation. You asked about the three wishes. Just keep reading. It’s in WWBC. 😉 What music do I listen to? A lot of NIN, Garbage, Cold Play, Foo Fighters . . . that kind of stuff. I’ve got an entire page devoted to music on the web site.

  6. Marcus

    Okay, I gotta ask…

    What’s with all the Clint Eastwood movie title sin offs? i.e. “Dead Man Walking=Dead Witch Walking.

    I love your books! Keep them coming!


    • Thank you, Marcus. I’m glad you’re enjoying the books. Why Clint Eastwood titles? I’ve always liked the characters that Clint Eastwood has played, especially the westerns where the guy comes in off the plain, able to solve the town’s problems in a just, not necessarily legal way. I sort of see Rachel like that, if Clint had a pixy instead of a gun, and a convertible instead of a horse. Okay, maybe they aren’t that much alike, but the feeling is there.

  7. Jamie E. from NJ

    I know how much you love music and I have to tell you about a song I just discovered! It’s called SAY HEY (I LOVE YOU) by Michael Franti and Spearhead. I found it on itunes -it’s frivolous and bubbly and I hope you’ll like it. All I know is that I have found it physically impossible to be sad or angry while listening to this song. I also have experienced a compelling need to dance around my house with Sherlock (my beagle). (Fortunately, Sherlock is very tolerant of my occasional idiosyncratic behavior.) Have a wonderful happy day and vacation!

  8. Tosha

    Hey Kim!

    Ah. . . sugar. When i’m bored i usually eat sugar right out of the container! I’m surprised that that i don’t have any cavities. (yet)

    I have “The Black Thumb of Death”, so i can’t grow anything. I live in a city called Claymont which is basically a “mountain of clay”. I’m surprised that grass even grows here. I have a gravel garden in the front yard with a wild ivy patch that has to be trimmed so it won’t take over the yard. . . . Well i think its ivy. It varies from bright green to deep green with light green ‘veins’ on it. It maintains its green color in the winter and weeding it is always a losing battle because its been there for 11 years. . . (sighs)

  9. Jennie M

    Hey Kim. I am re-reading the Hollows and I’m remembering why I fell in love with them (not that I really forgot lol) But I was wondering if Ivy’s mom will ever make it in one of the books? How does she feel about Rachel? Will her and Ivy ever see eye to eye? And how does she feel about Rynn’s interest in Ivy? I was just wondering. Sorry if I’ve bombarded you with questions. They just sort of popped in my head while reading EWWBD. Have a good visit!!!

    • Hi, Jennie.
      Thank you! I’m so glad you’re enjoying your re-reads! You asked about Ivy’s mom? I truly don’t know. Sometimes it’s the monster you don’t ever see that is the scariest. –Kim

    • Jennie M

      OOOOOOH! Your good. That gave me chills. LOL

  10. Phil

    Thanks Kim for the sugar facts!! who doesn’t love sugar (grin) and now i know something my brother doesn’t, he always knows things i don’t, no sibling rivalry there. LOL

    Enjoy your visit with your parents!!!! ~Phil

  11. Heya Kim!
    “Oh heyyyy! *fumbles with package* OH MYYY!!! (unpacks Ivy’s wish coin) Oh wow that’s gorgeous! And ohhhh the bracelet! How cute! and so shiny! Oh wow, you guys are great, you even had some Kisten armbands left! *ties wish coin around neck* Oh cool, the seeds, won’t grow them, cause I don’t want to risk a disease…on the other hand: vampires where are youuu?”
    that was a short sequence of my morning, when your package arrived. Thanks so much for all the great stuff, I love it! Hope you have a great time on your trip and say Guy thanks again! Gotta go now and put on the Madison shoelaces! 🙂
    greetz from germany, aimée

    • Amy! That’s wonderful! I’m so glad you got your stuff! Sometimes we have a hard time getting seeds to Germany. 😉 I’m pleased you’re happy. Enjoy! –Kim

  12. Chrisy

    Hey Kim! I went to my favourite bookstore lately and some guy nearly shouted at me that I had to read Kim Harrison. (grin) I told him I was already addicted – so he let me pass unharmed. (yeah I was really lucky!)
    Cincy sounds like a very cool city! Gets you really exited, eh? The funny thing is – me too. *laugh* You really have the ability to exite people. One of the authors big secrets, probably.
    I hope you’re having a good time and never get tired of taking photos. =)
    … I really start to like this. – Chrisy

  13. Bob J.

    Dear Kim,

    Good to hear that you and yours made it North nice and safe. Sounds like you found a way for your hands
    to get dirty. I know that I do not feel like I have been working when I have to set behind a key board. But, boy is it work. Have fun in playing in the dirt.

    Best Regards,

    Bob J

    • Hi, Bob.

      Hands, nails, feet. Yep, I’m dirty, and loving it. 😉 You’re right that sitting behind a keyboard is work. M-F that’s what I do, and I’m exhausted by the end of the day. –Kim

  14. jeg


    i was reading your blog and see that there are shortstories included in the paperbacks but not in the ebooks and audiobooks.
    i can only read books with big print so will they be published separately or should i go look for an illegal ebook of these stories.
    (i’m sorry to say so but i do it all the time buy a book that is printed to small for me and then read an illegal version. luckily modern authors have legal ebooks)

  15. Valerie

    So excited about the giveaways!! I posted on her blog to add me to the growing list of those who want to win *grin*

    Have fun playing in the dirt and whatever else you have in store for your day.

    xo Val

  16. Whoohoo. Busman’s holiday! Lift with your legs.
    *Wink* the former landscraper…Mud
    If there is a WordPress expert in this group of amazing readers, can you contact me…I can’t figure out what the heck is happening with the bup pictures!

  17. Jenn

    Hi Kim,

    Playing in the dirt is so much fun! However, living in a townhouse where you don’t have much space sucks! This year, I’ve started an organic veggie garden but in pots. My tomatoes are starting to ripen finally woohoo!!!!

    I have a question though, I’m just re-reading the Hollows series & I’m about to die….when does White Witch Black Curse come out in paper back? Did I miss it?

    I hope you are having a fab time at your parents despite all the work, Kim!


    • Hi, Jenn.

      I don’t know how I’d relax if I didn’t have dirt to play in.

      You asked about WWBC? It will be December when it is released in paperback. It might be released with two different covers. Stay tuned. 😉