Kim Harrison’s Vacation. First stop: Cincinnati!

Okay, campers!  Day one of my vacation, and our first stop is . . .  Cincinnati!

Cincy Skyline

I swear, I just can’t stay away.  I’ll be doing some research for a few days, and then I’ll move on to the next stop, but for today, I’ll be having fun in Cincy

More pictures after the cut.

If you’ve been watching the news, Gaffney, SC has been in the news for a serial killer, fresh out of jail and on a killing spree.  This took place less than a 30 minute drive from my house.  Gaffney is known for other things.  Like wonderful rugs, and peaches.


If you look close, the water tower looks like a, uh, peach.

We had to drive through the Smokey Mountains to get from South Carolina to Ohio.  They were green from all the rain, and we went through a tunnel, which I have always thought was kind of cool.


I’m not sure where I, Guy, thing two, and the pups are going today, but I’ll have pictures tomorrow.  Loveland Castle?  Carew Tower?  Fountain Square?  Or maybe Eden Park. . . .  😉


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44 responses to “Kim Harrison’s Vacation. First stop: Cincinnati!

  1. Linda (germany)

    I’m writing by myself, too. It’s always relaxing, bringing the own emotions on paper, so you can handle them.
    My characters are often different. They’re having an different look to the world around them and to the people. I’ts always hard to let them go throu this stuff, this difficult, hard and painfully way.
    But they’re learning and growing. That’s why I adore your work. Your characters are not perfect. They’re different from the association. They are trying to find there place where they belong to.
    And there own happy ending. It was a great idea, mixing reality with fantasy. When you put the vampire-witches-pixy-elf etc. thing away, you can find the same poeple in our world. You got the point and of cource an absolutly fantastic spelling style, but also characters where we can find our selfs in.

    • Thanks, Linda. I really appreciate your words on the characters not being perfect. I make at least three mistakes between the bedroom and my office every day. (grin)

      Here is to a happy ending!


  2. Ravvenn

    I thought a editor went through the work and fixed everything? I guess I should educate myself better on writing books. Is there a program you use on the computer to double check your work?

    Have you ever done any role playing? Like e-mail or through the messenger online? Most of my ideas for stories come from playing with others by e-mail or chatting online. Last vampire character I had was five years ago. My characters are always aggressive but I am working on it and have gotten better on making them passive.

    • Golly, Ravvenn, it sounds like you’re pretty disgusted at the editioral process. A lot of authors are, too.

      I’ve not done any rol playing, no. I sat in on one once, and it just wasn’t for me. I think it’s a control issue.


  3. Linda (germany)

    Just too cool.
    I always love to see something from the City our favorite charachters are living.
    I’m reading For A Few Demons More again, and I noticed something I don’t really like.
    After Ivy kissed Rachel, Rachel was so damn confused and her thougst went always back to the kiss.
    Even when Kisten touched her. But then it abruptly stopped and it wasn’t a matter anymore.
    I think the chance to find out what she feels about Ivy is gone. In that case.
    Although, she should talk to Ivy and kiss her, without letting Ivy manipulating her demon scar.
    How are the chances that this could really happen? 😉
    Oh and the Cincy zoo is just beautiful.
    Have a nice day.

    • Thanks, Linda! I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures. I love taking them, and I always worry I share too much. You mentioned Rachel and Ivy? I really can’t say. I just write ’em, not try to figure them out. (grin)


  4. DM

    I’m taking 6 friends with me to a themepark for a week in 2 weeks time, but your trip and pictures make me long for a proper holiday.

    And as for something entirely different… How come some people get to choose there pictures here… How do I become one of those?

    • hapalochlaena


      Go to , register using the same email address that you use here, and upload your picture to that site.

      Your avatar will follow to to every site that supports gravatars as long as you’ve registered there with the same address.

    • d4rkm41d3n

      Can I just say:
      I got a cool pic now 🙂

    • mudepoz

      DM, where on this fine Earth do you live? Obciously a wasteland where fine literature is not as easy to obtain. I think I prefer ‘holiday’ over vacation. Then again, ‘day off’ is sounding good to me.

      *Snort* I think that there should be a petition to make book rate lower. Here the world wants people to be more literate, and then makes it more expensive to ship books than the books coverprice!

      Mud, who’s bestest friend lives in England. Come to think of it, most of her friends live there, and it’s very difficult to share books since many aren’t easily obtained by one or the other of us. You should have heard the furor when I got a personally autographed book recently. 😉

    • d4rkm41d3n

      Hey Mudepoz,
      If you have a magnifying glass and a really big map you can look it up:
      The Netherlands… and I sorta live smack in the middle.
      Actually I just found out it’s been shipped, and I have the books shipped to a friends store so when I visit him for his birthday tomorrow I’ll be able to pick up the last 2 installments of the Hollows series (as well as the first 3 ’cause I borrowed those from a friend first time around but now that I am in love with the series I want them all!)
      Actually we have here (a sorta amazone deal) where books are fairly priced, cheaply shipped and basically I buy all books and cd’s from them.
      However when you only order the books AFTER you started in the prequel so to say… you invariably have to wait a bit.
      It was my own fault. Also they delivered them backwards White witch first demon wails now. So i left them waiting for me at my friends… Nothing worse than the temptation of a book you want to read but really shouldn’t.

      Autographed copies huh? All the good authors are over there… We don’t get many book signings here…
      => Kim : feel free to take that as a hint 😉 For book signings in The Netherlands, make certain the breaks on your transportation device (plane train automobile) work, or you might shoot past us into a bigger country.

    • Hi, DM. Cool! You got your gravatar! I like! Have fun on your day out with friends. That sounds like a great mini-vacation to me! –Kim

    • PS. I’d love to get to the Netherlands. Truely. Maybe someday. –Kim

    • d4rkm41d3n

      It’s a mid-week… 4 nights and 5 days 🙂

    • d4rkm41d3n

      I’m messing it up and responding to the wrong response… but:
      If ever you do let us know! It would be great.
      But probably you’d have to be on an extended european tour, because the 7 citizens of holland (indeed I’m taking the entire country to the themepark) make it a place that is easily over-looked

    • Phil

      DM, hi… the Netherlands is tiny but i actually visited a few years ago and made a friend who lives near Utrecht!! hope i spelled it right.
      I’m happy you got your avatar! ~Phil

    • d4rkm41d3n

      Utrecht is the best! (ok so it’s where I live… you get me!)

  5. Hello from Cinci! May I suggest a vacation visit to the Cincinnati Zoo? They’ve finished some construction in the last year and the new entrance on Vine Street is just lovely. It would be great to see it in the pages of a favorite book sometime in the future! 😉 (I was there myself last month. Promised the niece she could ride the train for her b-day.)

    • Hi, Melissa. You win! That’s exactly where we went! You are right. The Vine Street entrance is wonderful. We had great weather, and the animals were out and active. Whoo-hoo! –Kim

  6. heatwave316

    Hi Kim!!! Sounds like a good start to the vacation. I always forget that the places in the books are real. As you can tell, I’ve never been to Cincy. 🙂 Take pics. I did pre-order Unbound, and B&N assures me that they’ll ship when available.~INdy

    • Hi, Indy. Most places, but others I make up. Oooooh, cool! I’m glad you got UNBOUND ordered already. They pay attention to stuff like that. Thanks! –Kim

  7. Sara

    Hey Kim! Have fun on your vacation! I’m living vicariously through your trip to the cooler north. It’s *hot* here in the south, 106 today, 105 the past few days. Guh. My poor herb garden is taking a serious beating.

    I agree with the first poster, I’m not sure I could make it through Cincy without being constantly on the lookout for that red convertible, black motorcycle, or a black limo/beemer occupied by two or several elves!

    • Thanks, Sara! I’m having a great time so far. I’ve been watching the weather, lately, and yeah, it looks like you’re baking down there. I hope you get some relief soon.

      You’re right about Cincy, though. I sparkle when I’m here, just because. –Kim

  8. Phil

    You’re going where??? Isn’t that like JK Rowling going on vacation to Hogwarts??? LOL. I’ve never been to Cincy but hear it’s really nice. Is there really a Carew Tower or just in the books? And what about the revolving restaurant? I was guessing it’s something you invented for the series?? but really cool either way!!!
    Have a fun vacation Kim, and if you cross the bridge to the Hollows watch out for the Troll!!! ~Phil

    • Hi, Phil. There really is a Carew Tower, and they really will let you go up to the roof. No restaurant, though. Just a wish on my part. Mmmm, I’d not thought about a big troll. Mmmmmm …… –Kim

  9. Alex

    Ah,it’s good to finally get time read again. I was expecting to drop this in the old drama box, but this is just as cool. Just another one of your fans simply thanking you for ever writing in the first place. Rachel may get the short end of the stick when we start reading, but it’s just to good to put down!

    Have fun on your trip!

    Heh,having just finished that little meeting in Carew Tower,I’m with Candace on that one. You should go. =p

    • Hi, Alex. Good to see you here! I sort of miss the old drama box, but this is starting to feel like home, too.

      And now I’m grinning. Carew Tower is one of my favorite spots to stop at. I just wish they really did have a revolving eatery up there.


  10. Candace

    I vote for Carew Tower!! 😀

    The new Harry Potter movie is out on Wednesday; is that anywhere on your list of things to-do? I’m going to a midnight showing with my friend!

    • Hi, Candace.

      Carew Tower! That’s one of my favorites. I was just there a few months ago durring the YA tour and got some fab pictures. You can bet that where ever we are tomorrow, we will be watching HP. Guy is an HP junkie. –Kim

  11. suzannelazear

    Have fun on Vacay! Writurs Interuptus, lol. Story of my life too. But you’re right, the story will wait, the family will not. Enjoy. I’m getting ready to leave as well, not on vacay, but to the RWA national conference (I’m nervous about those pitch appointments). The tot and the hubby are being left behind so I’ve been buy, busy being a good mommy, shopping, doing laundry and all that stuff, so they have clean clothes and food while I’m gone. LOL. The tot says “hello.” We were in the bookstore saturday and she said “mommy, step away from the vampire books.” LOL. That’s my girl. Have a fun and safe vacay. ~Suzanne and the tot

    • Hi, Suzaane. Thanks! I’m having fun so far. 😉 Good luck at RWA! That is a fabulous conference. Good idea leaving the tot and hubby home so you can concentrate! Oh, too funny about what happened in the store! You have a safe trip, too! –Kim

  12. V^^^^V

    Howdy ma’am.

    When you guys road trip, do you take turns driving? Who controls the music? I love having music to drive by.

    On a long trip from say here to Kentucky, about 750 miles, my sister and I alternate as we make gas and pit stops. We both like the same music but I like it louder than she does. we always have a good time on the road but it always wears me out now these days.

    Have fun on your trip, I wish I had a “Author on Board” sign to give you for your window.


    • Hi Vampy. Guy drives. Pretty much always. It leaves me to think about stuff. Music . . . we both like the same thing, so it’s not an issue. We’ve been listening to a lot of Chill lately, but will dip into Octane or Alt Nation.

      Author on board? Don’t give Guy the idea! He’ll make it up to look like one of those handicaped signs. I swear, me driving is not a good idea. –Kim

  13. This is cool. I’ve lived in 38 states (Father’s job, although mostly in NY, meant some trouble shooting at agency’s). However…never visited Cincy. I think it will be ‘neato’ to see the buildings you’ve described.

  14. Scott S, Clovis CA

    And don’t forget that your trip to Cinci can be tax deductable as research for your writing. Scott S., Clovis, CA

    • Hi, Scott. Yup. It sure is. At least my food and lodging. I don’t know if I can deduct the zoo passes or not. 😉 –Kim

    • Scott S, Clovis CA

      Don’t forget transportation, too. Assuming it’s you and Guy in the car, mileage should be allowed, at least that distance between home and Cincy (both ways). So you and Guy are going to brave the crowds for HALF BLOOD PRINCE? Brave indeed! I’ll wait a week or two to avoid being trampled to death!. Enjoy your trip. Scott

  15. Valerie

    Oh how fun… gotta love research!! Go check out our girls in the Hollows and tell Jenks I said hey. Happy vacation and be safe.

    xo val

  16. Bob J.

    Dear Kim,

    Two places you mite wish to check out. First off is Anderson Ferry. It is a working ferry crossing on the Ohio river. It has been running since 1817. It is on Anderson road, and you can find it of the Internet. ( It runs every day. The second place is in the Hollow’s. As you cross the Ohio river on I 75/71, off to the east you will see a old three story night club, called Jilly’s. It has been close for a number of years. So Rin, may be hanging out. I don’t know if they ever had pizza? Being a Dayton by, I stay up north for the most part.

    Best Regards

    Bob J

  17. Sue, Chicago

    Hey Kim! I hope you enjoy your vacation! It must be neat to drive through Cincinnati. I know if it were me, I’d be looking everywhere for a sassy red convertible and dark-haired, leather-clad female motorcycle rider! To be honest, I don’t think I could go to Eden Park. I think I’d probably end up crying on the bridge, thinking about my favorite vamp, Kisten, and looking in the water for Sharps!!!!!

    • Hi, Sue. Thanks! Guy and I always havce fun on the road. Oh, now you have me grinning. It is fun to drive downtown and think about the Hollows. It’s like coming home, almost, like a part of what I make up is real. –Kim