And the winner is . . .

Last night we had dinner with one of my writer friends, Jocelynn Drake, where I signed a couple of books for her GIVE AWAY EXTRAVAGANZA!  Dudes, she finished her editorial rewrite, and as promised, she’s giving away signed copies of a bunch of urban fantasy authors.  I’ll have more tomorrow, but my give-away runs only until Saturday, so buzz on over now if you’re interested. 

Jocelynn and I had a great time, managing to take thirty minutes to get to the restaurant across the street.  Don’t ask.  But we were up bright and early this morning and headed for . . .

The Cincinnati zoo!  Yup, I, Guy, and Thing two spent the day at the Cincinnati Zoo, and did we get tired!.  We ate too much zoo food, but I think we walked it off.  Cincinnati has a world-class zoo, so if you ever get the chance to go, go!


We parked on Vine and used the new walkway.  Very cool.  The Vine Street entrance is still under construction, so I guess I’ll just have to go back next year when it’s done.  (grin)  First stop after the elephants was the bird zone, where we fed the lorikeets.  Next door, I took this shot of the scarlet Ibis

More pictures . . .


I think this is an American Black Bear


Two Cheetahs.  Very playful!



Not a chimp but a Bonobo.  Eerie.  The primates, especially, seemed to be out enjoying the weather.  It had been raining in Cincy most of last week, but our day at the zoo was sunny!


Guy really likes the cat house–even if it does stink like, er, male cats.  Here is a shot of a Geoffery Cat.  It’s about the size of a small house cat.  He had just eaten, and was very perky.


Bob, the bobcat, also at the stinky cat house.

polar bear

And of course, polar bears.  They are all together here, but they have a huge enclosure.


They were cutting a tree down next to the wolf enclosure, but it didn’t seem to bother them.  The way they have their area set up, I was able to take this from fifteen, twenty feet away.  Spectacular.


They are hard to see behind their mom, but there are tiger cubs! 

Diana Monkey II

Monkeys named after my editor . . .  Mmmm.  By then, we had eaten all the zoo food we could handle, walked the trails we could walk, and suffer no more my toes being run over by strollers.  (Yep, it really happened)  So it was time to go back to the hotel and call it . . . THE END.



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  1. Sabrina

    Vacation…sounds great. Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait until october for my next one. But we do have a zoo and your pics really gave me an idea there… I finally got my Hollows hardcover copies and I’m really in love with them! It was difficult to get one of FFDM, as it seems to have gone out of print, and now I have to put up with a remainder mark marring it. Big sigh. I thought about giving away my paperback copies to spread the love 😉 but it seems that I can’t let go of them. My friends are too lazy to read in English anyway. One question: any idea when you will hit us with this Ivy short you’ve been telling us about? I’m really looking forward to it! Enjoy your holiday and family time, Kim, and thanks for sharing it with us! Sabrina

    • Hi, Sabrina.

      Vacation is going great, thanks!

      Yay! I’m so glad you got your books! And now I’m grinning. I’m just as bad about givng up my paperbacks. It’s like you’re saying good-bye to the emotional attatchment you make with the story.

      Ivy short? Stay tuned . . . Too early yet.


  2. Kat

    Absolutely love the pictures—especially “the end”! My family and I were just on vacation too…The dh and I went biking around Santa Barbara while the son was attending a basketball camp at UCSB.

    I recently finished WWBC. I just wanted to tell you that I was very happy that Kisten was able to take down his attacker. I was sad to see him go of course, but he died honorably.

    I do have a quick question. Can Elves and Witches procreate? Not sure if you can answer or not…but I do have a soft spot for Trent. I was wondering if with all that genetic manipulation some things may have been made possible?

    Hope that you have recovered from all that Zoo food! 🙂

    • Thank you, Kat. I’m really glad you enjoyed WWBC. It was a hard one for me to write, but as you said . . . Kisten. He needed to have his story end respectfully.

      You asked about elves and witches? No, they can’t procreate normally. But with genetic minipulation, who knows?


  3. Bob J.

    Dear Kim,

    I was just reading your responses from yesterday. ( You do a great job.)
    Didn’t you know, their is a revolving restaurant on the Hollows side of the Ohio river. Clarion Hotel in Covington is of traffic on south Interstate 71/75. The address is, 668 W 5th St # 18, Covington, KY 41011. It is not to fare form Jilly’s. I just assumed that you knew about it and moved it out of the Hollows. ( The low rent side of the Ohio river. ) Their are some real nice places on the KY side of the river. I have never been to that restaurant, like I have said, I am a Dayton boy.

    Best Regards,

    Bob J

  4. Phil

    terrific pics of the animals, Kim!! Cincy has a really nice zoo! Thanks for sharing!! Sounds like you’re all having a fun and well-deserved vacation. Is that a rhino at the “end”? If you get to Carew Tower, maybe drop a hint about how awesome a revolving restaurant would be?? they could even name it in your honor. LOL. Have loads of fun!!! ~Phil

    • Thanks, Phil! I’m glad you like the pictures. That is indeed a rhino. 😉 I’ve been campaigning for a revolving restaurant for years! So far, no takers. (grin)

  5. tosha20

    Hey Kim! I went to get a new avatar, but i don’t know if it worked. Love all the pictures you took!

  6. I would like to go to that Zoo someday. Thank you for sharing the pictures! The Zoo looks beautiful from those pics.

    I didn’t get a chance to comment on the entry a few days back about the book Skinwalker. As a Navajo girl I get a little.. erm.. wary about reading books with skinwalkers. My culture is very important to me and this subject always erks me in a strange way. Do you think I should give it a go? I love your Hollows series, so maybe I’d like it if their vampires are not so “sparkly.”

    • Hi, Sharelle.

      The Cincy zoo is FABULOUS. Everything is gracious where the animals are concerned, and the viewing is wonderful.

      Sharelle, I know that Faith would be thrilled to hear your reactions to her work. She has a connection to your culture, and she wants her work to be respectful. I would give it a go. Faith always tries to treat old cultures with respect. Her vampres are not sparkly at ALL.


    • Thank you, Kim! I saw it in the bookstore last week and was slightly intrigued. I’ll definitely read that this weekend.

      You know, I’ve never known any other authors to willingly interact with fans. This is awesome!

  7. becca

    hey kim
    the trip to the zoo looked so much fun,my tots were very intrested in the piccs!!loved the ‘the end’shot totally you!!;-)
    i also wanted to say thanks for the faith hunter recommendation would you belive that ive won a signed arc of her new release!!!!wooooohoooo i never win anything!!!!
    hugs to the pack
    becca and crew

    • Becca! That is so cool! I’m thrilled you won! I hope you like her work if you’ve not had the chance to read Faith Hunter yet.

      I’m glad the kids liked the pictures. 😉 I tend to take a lot more than I share, not wanting to overload you guys.


  8. V^^^^V

    Howdy ma’am

    We went to the Cinci Zoo one when i was just a little kid. It was a great zoo then but nothing like the zoos we have today.

    I made a little Author On board sign for you. I don’t think images will show here but I’ll try. I’ll post a link just in case



    It’s not much but you may like it.

    Have fun.


  9. Chrisy

    Hey Kim! Wow this is so interesting! I thought by myself many times that authors have to do this kind of research to be more realistic. Must be lots of fun for your readers in Cincy… Obviously I’ve never been there. Literally a long way to go ^.- But if I’ll ever go to America I’ll stop by there. Does exist there a little church with a graveyard full of herbs, too? Ah bad english… time to stop.
    Have fun and keep sharing the pics, please! I love to see anything!
    – Chrisy

    • Hi, Chrisy.
      I don’t know actually if a lot of authors get this involved in their adopted cities, but I just love Cincy. Love it in all its messy roads and steep hills. I swear, there is something there, an knot of energy if only because so many roads, rivers, and railways connecting. The city kept a lot of its gracious old buildings, and some really do still have gargoyles on them.
      There’s no little church, but maybe I’ve not searched enough of Covington and Newport. When things slow down, I’ll post some Cincy pictures.

  10. Tina in WI

    Thanks for sharing your vacation pics! Hope the rest of your trip rocks too! Keep posting the pictures as you go, if possible. Did Guy and thing two get any toes run over, or just your unlucky toes? LOL!

    • Hi, Tina.
      In a gross miscarriage of injustice, Guy and Thing-Two did not get anything run over. (grin) I’m glad you liked the pictures. Thanks! –Kim

  11. Hey Kim! Glad to hear you’re here in Cincy. If you’ve got a moment, you should come down to the brand spanking new Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg, IN (Where Argosy used to be). It’s a gorgeous new casino that rivals just about anything in Vegas, and I’m a dealer there. Just be sure to leave any bomb-toting vampires at home 😉

    • Hi, James.

      OMGosh, I do not gamble. Gambling and I . . . it’s weird. So I just don’t do it. I could come down and watch like a goober, though. (laugh)


  12. Chastity

    Pics look great and it sounds like your having a blast!

  13. Hmm. Love the zoo pics! We need to get you back up here, I got to do some of my grad research running gels on penguin blood from the Brookfield zoo, and of course, Milwaukee has a wonderful zoo 🙂 I had hoped to see a pic of Carew, and picture the old Hyatt restaurant on top … guess I’ll stick with the Peach tower. If you head towards Duluth, there were two towers, one marked Hot the other Cold.

    That sounds like a cool pictoral book, as my bup -caused sleep deprived mind cogitates without cogs. Water towers across the US. We’ve got the peach, the hot and cold, and the rose in Illinois.

    Mud, trying to get a day off, and finding colleagues ALREADY requested it. May I borrow your Wahmabulance?

  14. JaylanPHNX

    Glad to see you’re having fun. That’s what my wife and I want to do when we retire, travel around the country visiting zoos (with side trips to local food festivals). I can’t imagine a better time than hanging around with fellow urban fantasy writers. I’d be on dork overload (probably RPGing with Jim Butcher)! Don’t work too hard at not working too hard. 😉

    • Hi, Jaylan.

      We’re having a great time, thanks. But good times don’t just happen. You have to work on them. I’d love to travel around to zoos. Unfortunatly I don’t usually have enough time to get to them when I’m on tour.


  15. trisha

    those are some great pics how many tiger cubs were there? it looked lik 2 i am glad you are having a great time

    🙂 trisha

  16. John

    Hola, Kim, buenos tardes. I was reading ur post earlier today and I looked at the pictures. It looks like u had a fun time. I find your “toes being run over by strollers” seriously hilarious…I mean its not good for your toes to be run over by anything and havta suffer for it but you really look like my aunty and everytime her toes were run over (she spends ages and wastes a lot of money in salons) she would throw a hissy fit. I remember her toes were run over by a shopping trolley and she kept swearing non-stop afterwards. It was a good thing she swore in our language. phew… anyway enuf of my non-sense blubbering.

    PS. when is the 8th book of the Hollows series coming out?
    PSS. is that an elephant’s butt? sure looks wrinkly.

    Adios. Hasta luego.

    • Hi, John.

      I just felt really stupid when he ran right over my toes. His choice was run over me, (who’s back was to a fence) or ask a eight year old to move out of the way. Go figure. The parent was conviently oblivious.

      Book eight is scheduled for February, but there’s a Bis/Jenks novella at the end of August in the anthology Unbound.

      That’s the rear end of a rhino, by the way. –Kim

  17. cat

    That last photo is priceless. Great shot!

    I am so beyond thrilled to discover this blog! Especially since I tend to gush all over you on my own blog. *cough* I shall not, however, gush all over you here.

    Enjoy Harry Potter and the rest of your vacation!

    • Thanks, Cat. I get my humor from my mother. (grin)

      I’m glad you found the blog. It’s slowly taking over as my drama box, and I think I like the format.


  18. Joy

    It looks like you and the family are having a blast! Thanks so much for sharing your pictures. I really enjoyed the one of the Geoffery Cat. I hope that Guy enjoys Harry Potter!! YAY MIDNIGHT SHOWING!!
    Have fun! Joy

  19. Valerie

    Oh my gosh!!! Those pics are great and who could expect less of Kim Harrison to “end” the pics with a true “end”. So funny. Oh and the “not the chimp” really looks like he was posing for that pic. Almost in a centerfold sort of way, too funny. It looks like it is the start to a fun time. Headed over to the link to check out the extravaganza . So glad you got to have lunch with a fellow urban fantasy writer. Got my Madison sneaker give aways in the mail today. Cute!! Putting them next to my Hollows mug and bus token so Madison gets representation on my “shelf of all things wonderfully supernatural”. Thanks for sharing your vacation with us *smile*

    xo Val

    • Thanks, Val! I like to take pictures, even if it’s only on my little rinky-dink everyman’s camera. All the chimps needed was a remote and a beer, and it would have been everyone’s uncle. (grin)

      Very cool you got your Madison sneaker! I had more fun putting those together.


  20. Awesome pictures. I’m glad you had a great time and that the weather was nice for your visit. Have a great vacation!

  21. Ooh, love the bears and cats! Especially the Geoffery – hadn’t heard of it before, but I want one 🙂

  22. Bob J.

    Dear Kim,

    Very cool, I hope you had a good run.

    Best Regards

    Bob J