We’re going where?

Some how, it got to be Friday.  And I’m not ready for it!  No.  No.  No!  (pouting after my tantrum)  I had an eclectic week before vacation, starting with my last personal rewrite of Madison III before I show it to my editor for the first time, and ending with beginning a second, admittedly light, editorial rewrite for Hollows VIII before it goes to copy edit.  Sandwich in between a heavy dose of computer drama, a serial killer (now caught and killed by police), and an arsonist (still at large) within a thirty miles of my doorstep, and yeah, it’s been a pretty eventful week.

But what’s got me pouting and saying I don’t want to go on vacation is . . . sigh . . . the Hollows.  See, the production schedule needs at least the first chapter rewritten before I go.  Not a problem.  I started on it yesterday, and today I’ll go over it one more time and probably slip into the next chapter before I close it out.  The problem is that the issues I need to address have lodged themselves into my brain.  I’ve started to think about them, see how the additions I need to make are sending fingers of response into the entire story, and damn it, I want to fix them NOW!  

And now I have to go on vacation.

(grin)  And this is okay, because it’s the way I’ve been living my life for the last decade or so.  Writerus Interuptus.  The story will wait, because the family will not.  But you can bet that Rachel, Ivy, and Jenks will be in the back of my thoughts the entire time.

I’ll be keeping up the drama box while gone, but as you can imagine, it’s going to be a little different.  😉  Okay, kids!  Everybody in the van!  Road trip!



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  1. Antonija

    Oh, have you ever seen this fanart of Trent? It looks great!
    Have a fab week!

  2. Taussie

    Hi, Kim. Hope the holiday is going well. Just want to praise and thank you for regular release of your books, have 1 author I’ve been waiting for 6 years to write 3rd book in trilogy.AAAAHHHH! I just want to know the end!!I have been re-reading Hollows books, again, and am still amazed how emotional I get over them, still get soppy over Kisten, but realize how much it opens the way for Rache to grow and could only end in tears for someone, still sad, just loved him. Loving your work, can’t wait for more. Still telling everyone about them & was in bookstore the other day, they now have your books, I had to get them online, a woman was looking at the growing urban fantasy selection and I put her onto yours. She bought first 3! God, I’m good! Go word of mouth!!!
    -Trish, Aussie blabbermouth!

    • Hi, Trish.

      Thank you! I’m glad you’re enjoying the books, especially. I want to know how the story ends, too, which might be why the books come out on that one-a-year schedule. Thank you so much for spreading the word about the books! Wow. Thanks!


  3. James Fox

    Hi Kim. It’s Jim from Youngstown. I hope your’e having a great vacation. I was wondering, do you think some of Rachel’s probs are caused because she is so innocent? She knows her world very well, but still tries to think the best of everyone. Ivy has the opposite prob of course, which is why she’s so attracted to Rachel.Also, since vampires have to buy/extprt magic charmes,spells,etc from witches, I bet Art murdered the witch that made the lock and cammo roells for the door of his obulette. What do you think? I bet if Rynn Cormel has anything of the sort he shmoozed the lady untill she was holding her pants up with one hand while she worked on the spell he,he. After all he Was the president of the U.S., and JFK set the precedent, to cpon a phrase.

    • Hi, Jim. Vacation is going great, thanks!
      You asked about Rachel? Yes, I think a lot of her trouble is based on just that. I’m not sure about Art, but I wouldn’t put it past him. It could very well just be a black witch who doesn’t care, too.

  4. Hey, have fun on your road trip! You deserve it, working as hard as you do. Can’t wait to see pics!

    I am fellow writer, cannot IMAGINE writing as much as you do. Then again, if it was my full time job, probably more feasible. I admire your writing so much, and I wish my characters were as stellar as yours. Do you ever get stuck with them, or have trouble rounding them out/navigating their relationships with one another? If so, what’s your remedy?

    This question is similar in vein to Visual.Kei’s question, I suppose… thanks in advance for taking the time to read this. And have a great vacation!

    • Hi, Kelly.

      Thanks! I’m really looking forward to the next couple of days.

      And thank you! I’m so pleased that you’re enjoying my work. You asked about my characters? I don’t get stuck with them, but I occasionally have trouble figuring out who they are and what their motovations are. Those tend to be my favorite people to work with. In that case, I do a LOT of rewrites as I slowly figure it out. Pierce is like that. I think I finally know who he is, and now . . . we’re good.

      Hope that helps, and good luck with your work!


  5. Heya Kim have tons of fun! Is this another diguised trip to discover new travel routes for Rachel?
    Looking forward to the pics and the order I sent Guy 🙂

  6. Valerie

    I am so excited for the next Hollows book… so glad Rachel, Ivy, and Jenks are going on vacation with you too, I won’t tell *shhh*. Have a great time and when you get back , those fingers can fly over that keyboard and get that book out there.

    Were you going to the sun or elsewhere? Be careful, enjoy the fam, and have fun.

    xo val

  7. mudepoz

    Oh DM, may I hug you. I stay out of the ‘shipper’ wars. As a character, Kistin was fun. He was scary, debonair, a fake, a worm, and weak. In the end, he turned out to have the right stuff, but he had to die to do it.

    It was Kisten’s death that made him a stronger character. And Rachel. I never comment on the characters generally, because I always feel so old when I read other people’s fantasies. Thanks for making me think I’m not alone 😉 *Looks around* well, unless you include 32 paws attached to 4 adult dogs and 4 bups.

    • Mud, you have Kisten exactly right. –Kim

    • DM

      Hugs are always welcome Mudepoz.
      Ofcourse untill the books arrive in the mail (and that is taking forever) I am most likely 2 books behind on you and you probably know all sorts of things that I do not know yet.

  8. Visual.Kei

    I wanted to ask a question about your Characters in the Hollows series.

    Have there been any main type characters that really changed from the time you started them til now? I know how sometimes while writing
    ( through its only happened a couple times with me) there is a point where you notice and think ” Wow, how did they turn into this?! When they started out this way I planed it to be like this but……..!”

    • Hi, Kei.

      Mmmm, has anyone really changed? You bet. Kisten is a good example of that. I didn’t expect him to be anything but an on-of character, never to return. He demanded more page time, and he got it.

      I didn’t know that Ivy was bi until she crawled over the table and almost bit Rachel that first night in the church, either.

      Following those threads of thought is what makes writing fun for me.


  9. dalilahbaby

    Hi Kim!
    I hope your having fun on your vacation!

    Im new to the Hallows series and I just finished book 5… I have to say Im very upset and now can not decide weather to continue on with the series or not. I really liked Kisten and i just cant understand why he had to go. i was wondering if maybe you could shed some light on why Kisten. I realize your way past this book in actual writeing but as I said I am new to the series.

    • So far, Dalilah, I’m haveing a good time packing. (grin) Pictures on Monday!

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books, or at least to book four. I’m sorry about Kisten. I miss him, too, and if it helps, I am working back to Rachel’s happy ending.


    • DM

      I was shocked but by contrast pleasantly surprised.
      Seldom do characters with so much potential die in series like these. Usually authors bend over backwards to keep their darlings alive resulting in very unrealistic situations.

      For me personally, the series came of age in book 4 and 5.
      Rachel becomes more self aware (because she was just north of bumbling idiot at times) and the series starts being more about the lives of the principal characters than the “missions”. Delivery is made on plot promises that have been lurking since book one. In other words, I have had the oposite reaction.
      The fact that Kim could kill off Kisten makes everything wide open again. For me it heightens the suspense. and I can tell you I ordered The outlaw demon waisl and White witch black curse halfway through the book and am just appalled that they delivered the wrong one first. So I’m stuck with a book I can’t read yet and cheking the delivery status daily for the other one …
      But regardless, dalilahbaby, with all the dangers and his decisions isn’t it only right that Kisten paid for his mistakes? Would it have been realistic if he’s just gotten away with it?
      And I am sure there will now be room for new and interesting characters that you can learn to love as much as you did kisten.
      And personally I hope his death will allow for further growth on the part of Rachel Morgan, who still has some growing up to do. But I for one look forward to the journey

  10. Antonija

    Have fun, Kim!

  11. Tammy Dudley

    The Hollows Books are Great!! Just wondering….wouldn’t the gargoyle make a really great familiar?

    • Hi, Tammy.

      He would. Except he’s a person. . . . –Kim

    • mudepoz

      *Squee* Bis is a PEOPLE!
      Yikes. Must go make nice to my gargoyle. And here, I thought that he calmed Rachel the way dogs do when you stroke them.

      I made a TIC on the FB site that Bis was Rachel’s HEA. *That’s a lot of Acronyms for an old lady*
      Looking forward to pics…are the wee dogs with you?

    • Yes! I brought the dogs, b ut right now they are with their “grandparents” while Guy and Thing Two and I spend a few days actually vacationing. –Kim

  12. heatwave316

    Hi Kim!!! I hope you and the fam have a great vacation!!! My brother is in for a visit, so its been a great weekend so far.~Indy

    • Antonio Rich

      Indy! Thanks for the book reccomendation…A coven of Harley riding witches and a sexy,shape-shifting griffin…A GRIFFIN!? Really? That’s a first for me(grin). I’ll have to put that on my “maybe” list(wink)…Be Good…

    • Thanks, Indy! I should have some pictures on Monday. 😉 –Kim

  13. Doug

    Just wanted to say thank you for your Hollows series. You already know how great they are, but they were more important to me (and probably others) than you could guess. I discovered “Dead Witch Walking” when going through a difficult period in life. I loved getting away to visit Rachel Morgan’s life — it’s always such a great time — and your characters feel like old friends. So here’s wishing you much continued success and happiness, and please keep those books coming.

    • Thanks, Doug! I’m really pleased that you’re enjoying the Hollows so much! I love hearing from readers like you who found them right when they needed a good escape. That’s part of the reason I wrote them. Pure escapism. And I’m honored you found that there. More on on the way!


    • Gothar

      If only you get us a chance to return to normal space. I find I simply can’t stop reading them once I open them. Of course, work the next day is very blurry and very long 🙂

  14. Terina

    Hey, a quick thanks for a great read, my first intro to Dawn Cook. Decoy Princess will be a recommendation to my significant blog list and facebook. What a pleasant intrigue without threat of trash and filth lurking round each page. It’s probably too late to hope that all your stuff meets these standards, as I know how publishers are, but I fully intend to find out! Thanks for being my newest hit author!!!!


  15. Chastity

    Hey did you know that I’m just across the state line from you in NC? Yeah, me neither, well until now anyway, so cool!

    Have fun on your vacation!!!

  16. Tosha

    Hey Kim! Just a few random questions. How much is Trent worth? Rachel made it known that Trent is a billionaire. If Al is still pissed about losing his old place, why can’t he just adjust his “new” place to his liking? Or is there a limit to resonable living spaces? Does Pierce stay in Al’s living quarters? Will we meet Treble soon?

    My dad just left for Brazil today and will be there for 2 weeks. Not for vacation though. He bought a boatload of food for me because he doesn’t trust me or my younger brother’s driving abilities. ( im 20 and he’s 18). Robert has questionable braking skills while I’m just plain rusty. . . .

    I hope you have a great vacation!

    • Grin. How much is Trent worth? A lot. I don’t know how much. He’s in the top 5% I guess.

      Space is a premium in the ever-after, and goods are expensive. Pierce has a closet somewhere. (grin) Treble? Maybe.

      Mmmmm, I understand your dad’s concern. It’s hard to be a parent when you’re that far away. Make smart decisions, and he’ll thank you for it!


  17. JAson


    Is this Hollows Book 10 you are referring to? I am excited! I wanted to let you know I just finished the first draft a new book (Dark Fantasy) really thrilled. Next up is the rewrite and beta reads from my critique group, then the first draft of an urban fantasy I have had festering in my head for awhile tentatively titled FROM HELL WITH LOVE.

    I just plan on submitting, write a new one, submit, write a new one. I am now going on my fourth novel now. I know one will eventually stick 🙂 Thanks for being such an inspiration to me!-Jason in FL

    • Mmmmm, I’m touching up Hollows eight. Nine is done, but it’s not ready to show my editor. (It’s going to be a Christmas present! ha, ha!) And if I’m lucky, I’ll have book ten written in ugly draft by the first of the year. If I’m lucky. A lot of writers don’t work that far out from their due dates, but that’s what works for me.

      That’s fantastic that you finished your first draft! Congratulations! Keep it up! Write, submit, write submit is exactly what I did, so good luck, Jason! And stick with those writer critique groups.


    • Kat

      That’s so great that you keep so far ahead of yourself. It must be a great stress reliever. I’ll bet you’re one of those really organized people too–like Ivy (grin). I have always been envious of such qualities in others. I think that it makes life easier. It’s not my nature to be organized, but I try because I see the benefits.

    • Stress and I don’t get along, so I work dilligently to avoid it. And yup, Ivy gets her organization from me, though she takes it to a whole new level, (and for a whole new reason.) –Kim

  18. Jack Martin

    hello Kim,

    I was wondering what your plans were concerning how many more books you were going to write in the hollows series, and when the next estimated release was… I totally understand if you’re not allowed to talk about that kinda stuff with publishers and stuff, but yours is one of those few book series that I doubt will ever really loose its appeal. You could write twenty and I doubt anyone would ever get tired of reading about Rachel and her kick ass posse!

    • Hi, Jack.
      I’m looking at a total of 12 or 13 right now. Next novella release is LEY LINE DRIFTER in the anthology UNBOUND (August 24). Next regular Hollows is February. 😉
      I’m so glad you’re enjoying them! Thanks!

  19. Regine

    So it is starting now….. 😉 Kim conquers the streets. Get out of the way! *hehe* Have beautiful holidays. I think Rachel, Ivy and Jenks will quite certainly accompany you in thought, they are finally head from yours arisen. Sometimes I think of their in certain situations. What would make Rachel? What would Jenks say now? I love such daydreams. It may be a bit crazy. Have a lot of fun. Good journey and pays attention well. Perhaps you can still let me know into which book travel I can agency for the Hollows. *grin* This would be a nice Trip.

    I pay a visit to Trent first. OKI is flirt a bit. *grin* I will wind him round the little finger. *hihi* But then, I pay him back for it because he was so common to Rachel. I will order Jon greetings of Rachel. *hehe* Nonsense make with Jenks! But as a pixie changed. This must be terrific to be so small and to be able to fly. Jenks will look surprised 🙂
    I should Al run over the way, I will needle him horribly so long, until he transforms me into demons. So secrets can be let out better of demon to demon. *grin*
    Turned into one for demons freshly, I move into the church with Rachel und Ivy. Whether they want or not. *grin*
    I want to go out to eat ice cream with Rachel. Yeah 😉 Perhaps we still should look for a date for Rachel? Or jumping into the hereafter anyway?
    This also could be interesting. But only if the way leads home again.
    I still could learn what from Ivy. I am a vain demon. Ivy always looks good. How do I do this? *hihi*

    No worry I keep Rachel, Ivy and Jenks in suspense. You make holiday. *grin*

    V V — Your Regine 😉

  20. DM

    Road Trip!.
    Ah to be an american and be able to travel your country and actually cross timezones, experience changes climate scenery etc. All with a single currency AND a common language.
    Being not only european but dutch, if you get in a car and drive for 2 hours in any direction you’ll either be in Germany, Belgium or the sea.
    And being partial to road trips on land, and having the obligatory hatred of all things german, and disdain for all things Belgian that comes with being Dutch I have to limit my roadtrips to no more than 1,5 hours.
    Ofcourse this is not really true.
    Tiny country, + Lot’s of people + almost equal number of cars = Congested traffic that allows you to spend up to 20x the amount of time you would need to spend if you could actually get and KEEP your care moving forwards.
    Come to think of it… road trip? Hours in a car with nothing to do but enjoy cramping ligaments and whining children… Why did it sound like fun when Kim said it?
    But I am guessing the real fun comes after the reaching of the destination.

    Still beware to keep that laptop recreational, otherwise the vacation becomes… well just a regular working week I’d say… and then you’d still need to take a break later on.
    And just like distance makes the heart grow fonder, perhaps keeping the hollows locked away will allow for creative diamonds to form.
    Then again… If you feel you could just sort of hammer out all the revision, writing and editing over the course of this vacation and move the realease of the new book up by a few months… GO for it!

    • Hi, DM.

      Guy and I took a 2000 mile road trip out to LA last year, then flew back. It was freaking fantabulous. We were going to do it again this year taking a more northern route, but decided to vacation closer to home and family. I’ll be spending most of my vacation, mmmm . . . . you’ll see. (grin) Pictures on Monday.


      PS. I never give my editor a first draft early anymore. She will move it up, occasionally, and it throws my scheduling off. (grin)

  21. mudepoz

    The pixie bups are continuing to grow, but just not fast enough. First day outside Kim 🙂

  22. Stephenie

    Kim, I hope you have fun on your trip! I’d like first to say that I love your books, and since I’m (attempting) to finish my first novel and get it out there, and your books are really helping me do that. I’m realizing maybe there IS a market for me, and I’m not the only person like myself out there.

    Second, i’m moving out to college this fall, and I have a small obsession with posters. I want TERRIBLY to be able to put up a Hollows poster, but you don’t have any! Just a suggestion, but it would make my poor little heart go all pitter-patter!

    Thirdly: I’m also an artist, and I’ve done some drawings of Rachel, and Trent and the gang; my friends all seem to think they’re pretty accurate. Is there a way to send you something, just as a gift? I want to send you a thank you for such a big inspiration you’ve been.

    Thank you for listening to my brain spasm, and I’m sorry it was so long. Enjoy your vacation as much as I enjoy mine!


    • Thank you, Stephenie! I’m glad you’re enjoying the books so much. That’s fantastic that you write. 😉 I hope you stick with it. There is a market for just about everything, and you might have the next big thing.

      Good luck with school this fall. Ahhh, there was some talk of publisher-originated poster or screen saver. You might get your wish sooner than you think.

      You can post your artwork here if you like! I know a lot of people would like to see it as much as I would. Or you can send it by email to vampcharms at comporium dot net, or snail mail it to me at PO Box 36653 Rock Hill, SC 29732.

      Can’t wait to see it!


  23. So what’s this vacation thing everyone is talking about?

    Heh heh, I’m getting some much needed rest soon. Vegas at the end of the month and New Orleans for Hallowe’en.

  24. Bob J.

    Dear Kim,

    I understand how you feel about leaving on vacation when you do not have everything finished before going. The first 10 years of my professional life I never got out of the shop 2 or three days after I was spouse to start vacation. Then I would spend vacation in Dayton. I showed one of my co-workers from Switzerland a vacation picture of a welding table I built. The poor girl said that it was so sad that I spent my vacation working at home. But I had a great time turning a pile of steel in my driveway into something great. The point is that you have your lap top, and you can play with thing on the trip. Besides, after seeing family and friends, it may smooth out ideals.

    God love you, I know how much of a problem being dyslexic can be. I have a different way of solving problems because I find it easer to look at circuits and machines backwards. ( Or is it bass akwards.) I could never write a book, never mind a good set of stories like you. ( My old boss has accused me of writing war and piece and not reports.) Thank you for your great stories.

    Best Regards,

    Bob J

    PS have a great time on vaction.

    • Hi, Bob. I know what you mean about the satisfaction of making something. Sometimes, that’s vacation enough. That’s kind of cool that you’re dyslexic, too. My youngest is as well, (mildly) and he’s starting to see it as a plus. It’s all about how you think. And I bet if you put your mind to it, you could write. I bet you could plot like a wizard! –Kim

  25. Chrisy

    Hey Kim! Wow I didn’t know there was so much pressure for a writer… Have a great vacation! I’m thinking about the Hollows, too (laugh) But I’m not good. The happy ending comes way too fast. I can’t help it.
    Enjoy your joyrides. 😀 – Chrisy

    • Chrisy

      Poor music site… =(

    • Chrisy, you just said a mouthful. The pressure to produce is intense sometimes, which is why you have to love it to put up with it. I can’t imagine doing anything else, but it’s a 50-70 hour work week if you’re doing it full-time.

      (grin) Your happy ending coming too fast, eh? Well, the one I’m working on is way too slow.

      Thanks for telling me about the music page. I got rid of them. It’s amazing what can happen in just a week. Sheesh!


  26. Mendi in STL

    Heyde Hey Kim! Have a fun, safe and most excellent vacation! Mine’s about over and the little bit will be back in school next week, ahhhh! I can’t believe it will be back to “normal.” Take care. *VV*

    • Heyde ho, Mendi! 😉 Thanks! I’m going to do my best to have fun. School next week? Wow! Mine still has over a month to go. 😉 –Kim

    • Mendi in STL

      Ah, yes. Our elementary schools are on a “cycle break” schedule. They get a 3 week fall and spring break, a 4 week Christmas break, and a 6 week summer break. I kind of like it because she starts to get bored right about week 5…. 😉

  27. hapalochlaena

    Enjoy your vacation, Kim. 🙂

  28. Gothar

    And now for something completely different!

    Kim, a question regarding Newt. In FAFDM when Newt pays Rache a call her appearance seems to not really hit on a gender right away. Is this from curse(s) similar to Al’s disguise curses or just insane Newt?

    Enjoy your vacation!

    • Hi, Gothar. That would be Newt, being Newt. She’s nuts, and the gender issue is part of that. She knows she’s female, but she killed her sisters . . . It’s a long story. –Kim

  29. Gail Siuba

    Whoo Hoo…Road Trip and Vacation. Have a Blast, we’ll be here when you get back;-) Happy Trails. ~Gail, St. John, IN~

  30. Phil

    Hi Kim, have a fun, exciting vacation without drama, oh where’s the fun in that! So maybe just a little drama, the fun kind, i hope that makes sense!! Hope you and the fam enjoy, and not to worry, the work will be waiting for you when you get back to SC !! Oh, darn, i just ruined the mood, didn’t i !! ~Phil

  31. Geoff

    Road trip!!!!! wooooohooooooooo

  32. tattoolady

    hiya Kim! i hope that your vacation will be loads of fun with your family! i love raod trips.they let you really connect with the land and the locals. have fun and take loads of pictures-tattoolady

  33. becca

    hey kim
    long time no chat!!hope you and the brood enjoy your vacation!!hope you have a blast and feel refreshed.wish we were off to somewhere other than local this summer(major broken,hubby taken sick time) it hasnt helped the two munckins have gone and got ill can u you belive they have….drum roll……SWINE FLU i cant belive it bloody school thats the only place they ever pick bugs up!!house bound for a week min and the clean up of said illness has not been fun,can i sneak into you suitcase promise to be good and i dont take up much room or eat lots!!
    hugs to all have fun the hollows will always be here when you get back dont stress about it!!
    becca uk

    • Antonio Rich

      Becca – i hope you don’t mind me asking you a question…But, here in the states, BBCAmerica is going to start running the BBC show, Being Human,about a vampire,ghost,and werewolf who share a flat starting July,25th…i’ve seen a few clips on the internet…Have you seen it? Would you reccomend it? Thanks…

    • DM

      I’ve seen it and must say that I was disappointed and didn’t make it past episode 3.
      When they announced it it sounded like a really weird comedy… maybe that got us confused. However the pilot turned out very different but had some promise and then when the series started I just lost interest.
      It is very british… so somewhat slow… Though that isn’t necesarily bad, in this case the series just didn’t push my buttons. I wasn’t feeling the drama and it wasn’t engageing enough to tempt me with it’s sparce action. And the humor was extremely subtle.
      But DO try it for yourself. And be warned that between the pilot and episode 1 2 of the 3 lead characters are recast.

    • becca

      i cant say ive watched it yet myself i didnt even know it was on yet!!it looks ok from the things i found on it i hate short series though 6 eps just not long enough!!proberly be like blood ties,ok and good story but not gripping and hi-tec(like late season buffy etc)hope that helps??

    • Hi, Becca. Thanks! I’m really looking forward to it! We aren’t making a huge trip, butit will be fun all the same.

      The swine flue? OMGosh! It sounds like they are going to be okay. We’ve had some cases here in SC, but nothing serious, and now that school is out, that might help, too.


  34. Jinx

    Hi Kim! 😀
    I just wanted to know how many books are there going to be about Madison?

    Thank you. 😀

    – Jinx

  35. Enjoy! This is one reason I usually visit rellies for long weekends. Better long weekends in Florida then interrupt important things 🙂 and of course, I only have to do a little yard work. Where there are alligators. And pygmy rattlers. And FIRE ANTS. Thank goodness for WI and her winters 😉

    I hit up some of the authors from the antho, starting with first books. I’m still upset with the Ms. Armstrong’s YA who was also on your tour. Her book DIDN’T finish. No wrap. Forced into buying the next, whenever that is, and with CRS, I’ll forget it. I don’t MIND loose ends…but a whole loose book. Sigh. Devices. Well, I guess it keeps us coming back. Mud

    • Thanks, Mud. I plan on wringing every drop of relaxation from this trip.

      Mmmm, I wasn’t aware that Kelley’s book was a cliffhanger, but I think the next one is out on a short turn-around, so that might help.


  36. Heather

    Hi Kim, Have fun on your vacation!